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Exclusively Yours - Last Episode



Exclusively Yours - Episode 66

Subtitle; {Please, Love Me}

Author's POV 

"That was dúmb." Riccardo muttered, walking over to the bed to pick up his child. He beamed at the exact replica of himself but way, way younger. "Wasn't it, Kalix?" 

Olivia looked over her shoulder to him and asked. "Is...that will kíll her, right?" 

"Definitely. We're on the top floor, Sunshine. There's no way on Earth she's surviving that fall." 

"The police..." 

"They will take care of it, let's just go, I'm starting to feel uncomfortable here." 

Olivia still had doubts in her mind and heart that Jade wouldn't just take her life like that, so she decided to take a look herself to confirm. The sight she saw sent a shudder down her spine, even causing her to stumble back. 


"Right, let's go." Dropping the knife and gun on the table, Olivia and Riccardo exited the room with Kalix, of course. "Oh wait, I need to be somewhere else." 


"Room 606. I made a friend and I told her that I'll come see her before I leave." 

"Should I wait for you in the car?" 

A hum drawled out of her mouth as she quickly came to a decision. "Why don't you follow me? I bet she'll love to see Kalix." 

"Sure. But you go with Kalix, I've to see the police and confirm something." 

"She is deád, yes?" Olivia asked. 

"I sure hope so, Sunshine." 

"That's mean, but me too." 

Riccardo's lips twitched in a small smile before he leaned down to kiss Olivia's temple. "Be down in ten." 


"Who is it?" The familiar voice of Willow leaked through the door as Olivia waited at the other side of it. 


"Olivia?" Willow asked, or more like said, unlocking the knob. Their eyes met and a grin pulled up on both of their faces. "Is that your son?" 


"Can I hold him?" 

Olivia hesitated for a second before smiling. "Yeah, sure." 

"Come in." Willow cheerily said. "Let me wash my hands first." 

"Your mum, she isn't here yet?" Olivia asked after throwing a quick glance around the room. "Have you eaten?" 

"Yes and no. Can I have him now?" 

"Sure. Sit first." 

The two were so engrossed in talking that Olivia's phone has to remind her that time is up. After ordering Willow some home services, she's up and left, bidding her little buddy goodbye. 

"Christ, I need a massage." She muttered to herself as she waited for the elevator. With Kalix in her arms, she continuously kept patting his back to lure him to a nap. 

Soon the elevator door opened and a lady with a baby stepped out. They exchanged polite smiles and greetings before going their way, Olivia inside the elevator and the other lady outside. 


It didn't take long for the Torrence to forget about Jade's unfortunate but stúpid deàth. Things were finally getting back on tracks for them and they wouldn't have it any other way. 

Today was a Saturday and unlike every other Saturdays, Olivia and Riccardo decided to have a little get-together with family and friends on a picnic instead of staying home. 

"You're a good mum." Axel's voice startled Olivia as he said beside her. She looked up at him with a playful glare. 

"I try my best." She replied back, a kind of feeling of relaxation in her words. "And don't sneak up on me like that." 

Axel traced the direction of her gaze and it landed on only one possible person. That one person that can brighten up her day with just a word, that person that makes her eyes light up in excitement or adoration, that one person that makes her whole and completes her - her husband, Riccardo. 

He could almost hear the sound of his heart breaking all over again and all he could do was tear his own gaze away from the sight. "I am jealous." His voice unrecognizable even to him. 

Olivia's brows knit together as she brought her eyes back to him. "Sorry?" 

"The way you look at him, it's like your world revolves around him." Broken but still keeping a smile on his face, Axel said. 

"Well, maybe because it does." 

"No doubts. It's quite evident in your eyes and everything you do to or for him." 

"Thanks? If I didn't know better, I'd think you're actually jealous." She let out a chuckle at her statement. 

"What if I am?" 


"Liv, we've known each other for years. And in those years, I might...no, I have grown to really like you. And no, I don't mean as friends." 

Confusion and disbelief coated every inch of her face and she didn't even know why her mouth worked on its own. "What are you talking about?" 

"Yes, Olivia, you heard right. So yeah, I'm pretty jealous of Riccardo because he got to have you as a life partner and he should better know how lucky he is to be your husband." 

With the surprise still lingering in her, Olivia's attempt to reply was stopped by Riccardo beating her to it. "Ah, thanks, I know how insanely lucky I am." His hand coming to wrap around her and Kalix gently. 

Axel so badly wanted to roll his eyes at the smugness underlying in Riccardo's words, but ignoring him seemed like a better option, so he did just that. "I will be heading to Denmark by Monday. I hope by the time I visit, Kalix would have a little sibling." 

"You can count on that." 

Olivia stomped on Riccardo's feet and he groaned. "Stop that." Facing Axel, her face melted into a sad look. "Denmark? I didn't know about your transfer." 

"Me neither, until this morning." 

"Oh. In that case, I will miss a lot. And never mind me, there are lots of pretty girls in Denmark, you'll get over me in a snap." 

"Yeah, doubt that." 

"Get over who?" Felicity asked, joining the conversation. She wordlessly took Kalix from Olivia's grasp. "Who's getting over who?" Letting out a dramatic gasp, she faced Riccardo and Olivia. "Are you two getting a divorce?" 

"Yeah, together with Lucas and you." Riccardo said. 

"Hey, not cool." 

"Oh, really?" 

The two were busy exchanging words and glares, meanwhile Axel and Olivia were having serious adult conversation. 

"How will you handle this two?" Axel asked. 

"The best solution is to ignore till it stops, it's better that way." Olivia replied. 



"Is that like a mom tip?" 

"Nope, just a wife/best friend tip." 

"Good enough." 


"Sunshine, about what we discussed a few days ago, when will you tell your aunt and your grandparents? I'm kind of excited to hear and see their reaction." Riccardo expressed as the couple were seated on the sofa, watching a late night movie, all cuddled up together. 

Well, Olivia is the one coiled into a ball while her head rest on Riccardo's shoulder with the world's biggest blanket on top of them. 

"You excited, I'm nervous. I'm new to that type of thing." 

"You'll do great, I just know it. And I don't think there's anything my wife can't do." 

"Is your wife a kind of a genius know-it-all?" 

"Something of sort." 

"Nice, you're a very lucky man then." 

"Oh, so lucky." Riccardo breathed, hugging her body to himself. "So, so lucky, my love."

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