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Exclusively Yours - Episode 65



Exclusively Yours - Episode 65

Subtitle; {Please, Love Me}

Olivia's POV 

My heart dropped to my stomach as a smirk grew on her face, her eyes void of any emotions except insanity, if it could count as one. 

I made an attempt of taking a step forward, which had her bringing out a scissors and walking to the window. Jade rested her back on the wall, her hand which held the scissor going out of the window, slowly inching to the rope. 

"Stop!" The yell broke out of my mouth and she grinned widely. "Jade, that's a baby." 

"I know. Yours and Riccardo's baby." 

"J-just let him go." 

"Okay." She said with a shrug, bringing the scissor to the rope again. 

"No! Not that." 

"But you just said I should let him go." 

All the boldness I thought I had before was slowly departing from me, leaving only a mother's fear of losing her child. 

"Jade, he's a baby. Leave him out of this, please." I pleaded, tears forming in my eyes. 

"Unfortunately, I cannot leave him out of this, especially when he looks so much like Riccardo." She tsked thrice, her eyes scanning me from up to down. "I just don't know what he saw in you. I mean, what is so special about you?" 

"I don't know, go ask him yourself." 

Jade tilted her head to the side with a devilish smile. "I have an idea." 

"And what is it?" 



"If you díe, I can take over and be Riccardo's wife and Kalix's mother." Her words sounded foreign in my ears and I tried my best not to move an inch because she was still with the scissor. "Oh, sorry, I meant stepmother. Wouldn't that be fun?" 

A reply was about to leave my mouth when I heard my baby's cry from the window. My eyes grew wider like as if I didn't know he was there. 

"Ah, look who's up." Jade drawled out. "He had a nice nap, didn't he?" 

I felt a lump or bile grow in my throat. My legs also decided to act funny as it wobbled. "Can I please have him?" 


"Jade, what's wrong with you? That's a baby who has nothing to do with our issues. Let him go, and don't try acting like you don't understand what I mean by that." I snapped, my patience running thin as his cries continued. 

Kalix has always been a good boy since the day he was born. He only ever cried when he is hungry or need a diaper change, otherwise he is an happy child. Hearing him cry while not in my arms broke my heart in an unexplainable different level. 

"You are stressed out, why don't you have a drink of water?" Jade said, her eyes searching for something in my hand. "Where is the water?" 

"What water?" I asked, confused. 

"The water you were given at the reception desk." 

My eyebrows narrowed as I tried to get over how she said that. It was almost as if she wanted me to drink the water. 

But why? 

Did...did she put something in the water? 

Oh God, I'd have drank the water if not for Willow. She indirectly saved me without knowing it. 

"Let me have my son and I'll leave you alone." Taking a brave step forward, my voice firm. "I won't have to call the police on you for attemptéd múrder, two times kidnappíng, and múrder." 

Jade's face scrunched up in confusion, of course. "Múrder? And who did I kíll?" 

"No one. But lies could rise at any point, can't it, Jade? The police will definitely believe me..." I took yet another step subtly. "Why, you may ask. Erm, because, one, I'm Olivia Torrence. Two, you're mentally unstablé." 

"What? No, I am not." 

"Like I said before, lies could be formed. Let my child go, Jade." 

A sigh escaped through the small gap between her mouth and I tried to remain calm as I watched her retrieve the rope, and held Kalix in her arms. "Here." 

She is Jade Rodriguez, of course she has a plan B. But because my child was involved, I marched forward and took him in my arms. Showering Kalix with kisses, I hugged him to myself, allowing him to feel my warmth. 

"Aww, such a cute sight. It makes me almost not want to shoot you two." My head snapped to her as soon as the words left her mouth, and unsurprisingly, she was with a gun. "Ah, made you look." 

On my hand, my brain was telling to just go out. I mean, the door is less than ten feet away from me. While on the other hand, my heart was telling me not to try that because she might shoot me when I'm not looking. 

Hissing as I am conflicted about which to choose, I quickly made a decision. After making sure that Kalix is securely kept on the bed, I stood up right, brushing my fingers through my hair. 

"You know, even if you manage to kíll me, Riccardo will still not choose you. And if you even try harming a hair on Kalix's head, he will definitely make you pay the price. Whatever you do right now will determine Riccardo's reaction, so why don't you prove that I'm wrong in calling you mentally unstablé and let us go?" 

She tried to hide it, but it was visible in her eyes that she was contemplating on it. Jade Rodriguez was falling for my tricks. 

"You have an amazing career many will kíll to have and you want to throw it all away because of a man doesn't want you. I mean, can you blame him? Men don't like desperate ladies. We have to play hard to get for them to fall helplessly, that's what I did." Her fingers shuddered and I paused thinking she wanted to pull the trigger. "There are so many other ways of making Riccardo leave me for you, and trust me, this is not it." 

"You're lying. You are playing with my head. Riccardo wouldn't leave you even if there's a gun to his head." Jade snapped, killíng the distance between us. With the gun aimed at me, we kept our gaze locked together. "That man is so in love with you and I don't see the reason why. But if I end your godforsaken life here and now, then he'll be as miserable as I am right now even if I don't get him." 

My heart raced, my palms grew sweaty and I took a step back. 

"I have just two bullets here. Who should I kíll first, you or Kalix?" 

Just when I thought I was out of options, my eyes met the table just beside my legs. And the godsent of a table happen to hold a bowl of fruits which also held a knife. 

"Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock. My time is limited, Olivia." 

Oh, she has no idea how true that statement is. 

Her finger teased the trigger and just when she pressed down on it, I swooped down to take the knife. A gasp evaded my mouth the same time my body flinched as the bullet hit the wall. 

One down, one to go. 

A humorless laugh broke out of her lips as her eyes flickered from me to the weapoñ in my hand. "What are you going to do, stàb me?" 

"Drop the gun." I ordered. 

"No. Drop the knife." 


With a shrug, she repointed the gun to Kalix. "Guess he's going first, huh?" 

I scoffed and sent a kick to her side, which landed her on the floor. Picking up the gun, I faced her with a smirk. "Oops, sorry." 

Jade glared at me from the ground where she belongs before standing up to her feet. "You bítch, how dare you?" 

"No, how dare you?" I rasped. "You did not only kidnàp my child, you also put him in a very risky situation. I swear, you are going to rut in jail, if I don't end up killíng you right now. So, it's your pick; jail or deàth?" 

"You wouldn't dare." 

I honestly don't know what or who gave her the impression that I can't do what I said, but she is going to have to reset her head sooner than later. 

"You'd be surprised." The sound of the door opening made me turn my head, and a sigh of relief left my mouth when I saw it was Riccardo. 

His eyes scanned the room, only relaxing when he saw Kalix and I, and yet he still asked. "Are you fine?" 

I nodded. "The police?" 

"Outside." He said as he wrapped his arms around me, pressing a kiss on my head. "God, I thought something happened to you." 

"I am..." The words instantly stopped when Jade threw herself out of the window. My jaw dropped in complete shock as I froze, staring at the window.


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