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Exclusively Yours - Epilogue



Exclusively Yours - Epilogue

Subtitle; {Please, Love Me}

Olivia's POV 

"Does it fit?" The question is out of my mouth the second the item touched on my head. 

"Yes, if you'd stop moving." Asia sassed. 

Never in my life did I think I would be sitting in front of a mirror, checking out a tiara on my own head. Yes, I played with dolls when I was kid, but I never once thought or dreamt of being royalty. Now, it's a new story because I just so happen to be one. 

"Being queen suits you." 

"It suits you better because you're a model." 

"Oh, please, have you seen yourself? The way you talk, walk, eat, and everything screams 'hey, look at me, I'm royalty', I swear." 

"You're lying." 

"I am not." 

"You are, too." 

She let out a resigning sigh, giving me a tired-out look. "You win, I give up." 

"Yay!" I cheered. "Hey, by the way, I have something for you." 

"What is it?" 

Standing up to my feet and trying keep the tiara steady on my head, I walked over to my handbag on the bed and brought out a small lilac box. 

"When I went to the house Dad, Mum and I used to stay before, I found this in their room." I gently placed in her palms like it's a golden egg and laughed at my action. "Well, the thing inside was in another box, but it wasn't pretty anymore, so I changed the box and touched up the thing a bit to your color." 

"What thing?" 

"Open it and see." 

Her brown eyes I didn't notice was so similar to mine when she was a bítch searched my own eyes, looking for answers she didn't keep and is inside the box in her hand. Jutting my head, the tiara fell off and we both chortled at it or something, I don't know. 

"Seriously, what is in the box, Olive?" 

I used to hàte that nickname, but now, I love it because she's the only one that calls me that. I haven't found one for her yet. 

"What's in your hand?" 

Her brows scrunched up. "A box." 

"Good. Now use those hands you were blessed with and open the god-damnéd box."

"You're not supposed to cursé." Asia sternly said. "Fine, here goes nothing." Her fingers slowly opened it and like she was expecting something to jump out, she ducked her head. 

"Hey, what's that supposed to mean?" 

"Sorry, can't be too careful." Her eyes locked on the item in the box before it started welling up. "It...your...me..." 

I put my arms around the sister I have thought I had, but yet do and nodded my head. "I know, right? It's pretty." 

"It's a replica." She whispered, or maybe it's because of the tears in her eyes. 

"I can see that. I saw it with other stuffs that was obviously kept for your arrival, but..." The words diéd in my mouth. "Your name was supposed to be Dahlia." 

She looked at me. "That rhymes." 

"What rhymes?" 

"Our names, Olivia and Dahlia." 

"I guess it does." I felt my face lift up in a smile the same time my tears stung. We faced each other to see that tears were flowing down. "You would love them so much. They loved you." 

She might not believe it, but I know the stuffs I saw in my parents' room. It was all packed in this giant box with the name 'Dahlia, our beautiful Moon' engraved on it. 

I also found out they had her whole room all of those times I was a kid, but I was too clueless to have noticed. I have the key and I plan on giving it to her to see herself before anyone else. 

Right now, the box in her hand held a necklace exactly like mine. The only difference is mine is a star pendant, hers is a moon. And it's beautiful, just like her. 

"You're sure it's mine?" Asia asked with a tearful face and a hiccup escaped through her lips. 

"Pretty sure. Like one hundred percent sure." 

"Why did you bring it to Switzerland, though?" 

"You don't like my surprise?" I feigned an húrt gasp. "I just thought maybe I should give it to you in the place our Mom was born, right in the room she stayed." 

"Thanks." She breathed out. 

"You have the best sister ever, don't you?" I beamed at her. 

"Yeah, the best." 

"I know, right?!" I exclaimed. "Oh, wait. I have one more thing." I go in search of the key in my bag and when I found it, I jiggled it in her face. "It's a key." 

"Wow, I would have never known." 

"Was that sarcasm?" 

"Was it?" 

"Another one, stop it. Anyway, it is your room key." 

"Room key?" 

"Yeah, at home. Like where I lived before with them." I waited for the words to sink in her brain first before continuing. "It's for you when we get back to the States. I just thought you'd need it for whenever you feel like going to the old house on your own. It has the house key and your room key." 

"This is overwhelming, but thank you, Olivia." 

"Nah, it's nothing. It's all yours." I breathed out an exhale. "Now, I've gotta go see my son and his Dad." 


I was making my way to the room I'm staying in with my husband and child when the sound of my phone getting a notification pinged in my dress pocket. 

Stopping to check it out, I try not to marvel once again at the exquisite designs of this whole house, especially the hallways. 

Did I say 'house'? 

Sorry, I meant castle. Because it's a literal castle and it's so freaking beautiful. 

I can't believe my mother grew up here and didn't get to tell me stories about her childhood here. I would have loved it. 

My finger tapped the notification only to see that Riccardo uploaded a new picture. There was no way I could stop that overwhelming but totally validated feeling from flooding my heart and soul. 

It's a picture of both father and son dressed in the same sky blue tuxedo, even their hair were styled in the same way. And its caption reads, “Yay, I found my twin!” 

“Stop, that's adorable” I quickly commented before rushing to the room. 

One and the half years down the line and the feeling of being a mother is still so brand new, I still I'm obsesséd with my son. Immediately his eyes landed on me, he ran to me with his two small feet, his shoes tap tap tap on the floor. 

I crouched down, awaiting his hug and when he did, I wrapped him in a bear hug. "Look at you. You're looking so cute, I'm jealous." 

Kalix stared up at my face with a big toothy smile. "I am dressed." His voice babyish and not sounding fully right. But I am Momma and I hear everything he says.

"I can see that, love." 

"Dada dressed me." 

"He did a nice job." 

"So, do I get a kiss?" I lifted my head at the sound of Riccardo's voice beside me and a smile pulled up on my face. 

"'Course you do." Standing up, I brushed my lips slightly on his. "You are breathtaking, I fear I might have to cover you up or put you in my pocket." 

"You're the one looking breathtaking." 

"I'm not even dressed yet." 

"Oh, didn't even notice." His thumb lifted my chin up as he clasped his lips on mine. My eyelid fluttered close at the feeling of his soft lips against mine. 

It felt right. It always felt right and I refused to admit it from the beginning. If this all happens to be a dream, I don't want to wake up. 

I never dreamt of this life, not once, but it came and I love it. It's quite maddening how much I love this man over here. 

"My beautiful Sunshine." He whispered against my lips. 

"Mamma is Sunshine." Kalix's voice said. 

Riccardo looked down, picked him up and replied. "Yes, she is. The most beautiful one, am I right?" 

"Totally." He enthusiastically nodded his head. "You too." 

I smiled at his words because it was true. "I know, right? Dada is too gorgeous." 

"And your Mama is a Queen." 

Ah, that's right. I forgot to say that I agreed to the numerous pleas for my grandparents, especially grandma after much thoughtful consideration. 

And today is my coronation to be officially swore in as the Princess and next-in-line to the throne of the great Switzerland. I'm honoured as well as terrified for the future, but I can do this. Right? 

"You're going to do great, I believe in you." Riccardo's soft and assuring voice gently brought me out of my own head. 

"Me too." My son added, beaming his dad's smile to me. 

This...this is life. This is what happiness feels like and I'm loving it. Oh, I said that already. 



It's done. 

Yet another title has been added to my name. First, it was Olivia Donovan, then Olivia Torrence, and now, it's Princess Olivia Torrence. 

It has a nice rhythm to it, don't you think? 

"You are totally eating this up." Asia nudged me with her shoulder, grinning from ear to ear. 

"I can't believe I have a friend who is a princess. Am I like royalty now?" City also said beside her. 

A hum drawled out from Asia as she shook her head. "I don't think it works that way." 

"Why not?" 

"As if you will be able to handle it." 

"What's the héll is that supposed to mean?" 

"That you're a loudmouth and you don't do well under pressure." 

"And you do?" 

"Yes, infact, I do." 

City scoffed, rolling her eyes. "You're lucky I like you." 

"Yeah, so lucky." 

"Will you stop ever stop bickering?" I had to ask because they never stop arguing about one thing or another. 

"She started it." 

Asia also let out a scoff, giving her own eye roll. "So mature, City." Then, she's out. 

"I'll go give her a piece of my mind." And before I can say a word, City is also gone. 

A feminine laugh made me turn my head as my eyes met a pair of beautiful ocean blue eyes. And because I'm greedy like that, I let my eyes scan her fully. The mint green dress she was wearing just hugged her right in every curves. Her sandy blonde hair was expertly styled in bun and her smile can literally make one's day a lot better. 

It was then I realized that I was staring. A little bit too much, I might add. 

"That must be stressful." And as if she wasn't already blessed with everything, her voice also sounded soothing to the ear. 

"What?" My brain went on vacation. 

"That, being in the middle of two cat and dog." Her accent is so evidently British. 

"Oh." I looked at the direction that Asia and City went, remembering that they were here moments ago. "That. I'm used to it." 

"Yeah, perks of being the sensible one." 

I laughed. "I wouldn't call them dúmb, but you are right." 

Her smile came again. "Right. I am Adrianna King." 

"Olivia Torrence." I took her handshake. "King? As in the Duke of England granddaughter?" 

"Yeah, that's the one." 

"I also heard you've a little sister." 

"I wouldn't call her 'little'..." 

"That's because I am not little." A girl—who looked just like her except the hair—snapped. Her gaze shifted to me and I'm left debating whose eyes is prettier. "Hey, I am Genevieve, her favorite sister." 

"She's my only sister." Adrianna said. 

I smiled, taking another minute to notice the contrast of their dressing. Adrianna is dressed in such a nice dress that definitely make heads turn, so did Genevieve. The only difference is that the latter lean more in the gothic vibes. 

"I love your outfit." I told her, still taking in her black dress. 

A rare type of shine gleamed in the depth of those eyes. "And I love you. See, she knows fashion." 

"I do, too." Her sister argued. 

"Nah-ah, you don't." 

Adrianna pinched Genevieve's arm and faced me with her signature smile. "So, I heard you're an editor in America, how true is that?" 

Woah, news sure fly around fast here. 

"One hundred percent." 

"What type of books do you specialize in?" Genevieve asked. 

"All, but especially, fictional books like all genres." 

She gasped, her eyes sparkling again. "So, do you read?" 

"Like a lot." 

"Oh, no." I heard Adrianna mutter, but before I could ask her what it's about, her sister stepped forward. 

"Me, too. Physical book or Kindle?" 

Without thinking long about it, I answered. "Both." 

"Ah, have I told you I love you?" 

"Yeah, Genny, I think you have." Her sister replied. "By the way, Olivia, I wanted to say you have a nice family." 

"Thank you. I'm sure you do, too." 

As if I just said the biggest joke of the century, both Adrianna and Genevieve bursted into laughter, then shook their heads. 

"Sure we do." They both said.  

"Mama!" My body instantly turned to the direction of that voice and my face didn't even fight the smile. "Mama." 

"Here you are, sweetheart. You good?" 

My Kalix nodded once. And then Riccardo's arms snaked around my waist from behind me. 

"Miss me, Sunshine?" He whispered in my ear and I nodded. "How much?" 

Well, considering we've been in the same place for the last two hours of this coronation party, I should say zero. But why should I? 

"Like an hundred." I replied, turning to face him with Kalix hand in mine. 

"Good, because I miss you like a million." He claimed my lips in an instant, kissing me right there without minding people's stares. And as a very good soon-to-be Queen of Switzerland, I gave my subjects a good show. 

Hehe, subjects. 

Turning off my brain, I leaned further into the kiss, forgetting the world around us. His lips on me, telling me how much he loves and adores me is what I will never get tired of. 

"At this rate, baby number two might just be made right now." I could swear it was Genevieve's voice and I smiled in the kiss as Adrianna shut her up. 

Like I said in the beginning, I knew I wouldn't want it any other way or to escape this reality. In my life, I will be the one to do the psychopàthic stalking, it'd be fun, wouldn't it?

                            ★ The End ★

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