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The Billionaire's Heartbeat - Episode 5 & 6




The Billionaire's Heartbeat - Episode 5 & 6

Theme: Blazing affection

By Terri Savage


"What?" She shouted, raising her head up.

The papers slipped from her head, splittering to the floor.

She looked up with angry eyes, staring at Everest who was looking at her with a nonchalant look.

"Are you dumb?" She yelled, hardening her veins.

"I didn't do it right?" he asked.

"How dare you place the papers on my head?" She replied.

"You asked me to put it on your head, I was only obeying an order" He replied, shrugging.

"You don't know when sarcasm is used in a sentence, gosh! You are so dumb"

"Point of correction, I'm not dumb" He said.

"You are not even remorseful, no sorry from you?" She yelled.

"If it's worth saying sorry I would have said it without you reminding me" He smirked, and she glared, her eyes raining fire.

"Pick up the papers" She said.

Everest bent down and picked the papers, placing it on the table.

"You are just twenty four and you are this rude, I'm twenty six" She looked at him.

"I'm not here to drag age with you, what should I do next?" He said.

Paige took the papers and started checking them out, her eyes widened at the accuracy but it got wider when she saw the presentation he made...Gosh!! In just twenty minutes, he was able to do this, the pages were neatly arranged, the edges perfectly trimmed, and the ink was so bold.

Is he a machine?

"Any comments about the presentation paper?" He asked.

"Take these files" She said, placing bundles of files on the table.

"What's it?"

"You will have to study these files before this week ends, they are my schedules"

"Anything else?" He asked, and she looked up.

"Leave" She said arrogantly, resting back on her chair.

Everest took the bundle of files and walked out.

"You will have a hard time working here, I bet you" She said.

Everest got to his office and dropped the files on the table. He took a seat, and he started studying the files immediately. He's a fast asimilar so it won't take long for him to assimilate everything in there.


This is where Sloane works, Everest's elder sister.

She was panting as she walked into the restaurant backdoor.

Traffic delayed her on her way, and she was praying silently for her boss not to find out. 

She was tiptoeing like a criminal when someone touched her from the back and she gasped shockingly. She stood frozen as she thought of her boss.

"Why are you walking like a criminal trying to barge into a house unnoticed?" She heard the familiar voice, and she turned immediately.

"Netwon" She called, sighing relief.

"Trying to sneak in without the boss seeing you?" He laughed, and she flattened her lips.

"Traffic delayed me, is the boss around already?" She replied.


"What? Did he ask of me?" She gasped.

"He did but I cover up for you" he replied, and she smiled.

"Thank you Newton" She said.

"You look beautiful" He smiled.

"I'm always beautiful" She rolled eyes at him, and started leaving.

He smiled and followed her.


Myles stopped the car in the company, and he came out.

"Are you not going to open the door for me?" She shouted.

"I'm your driver not your guard" He replied, and she glared at him.

"You work for me" 

"But it has limitations" He uttered.

"What? Myles" She groaned.

"You can keep staying in the car if you think I will open the door for you" He said, leaning on the car with his arms crossed.

She kept quiet and started glaring at him, a guard opened the door for her, and she came out still glaring at him.

"Your number" She said, and he raised his eyebrows.

"For what?" He asked.

"You are my driver, it's common sense for me to have your number, you should be grateful my phone is going to contain your number" She replied arrogantly, and he made to say something but he stopped.

He called out his number to her and she typed it on her phone.

"Don't leave this place" She said and started going in.

He smirked arrogantly.

His phone started ringing again, and without checking he knew who was calling so he didn't pick up.


Roland was walking with a perplexed look on his face as he kept dialing Myles's number, it kept going through but he hadn't picked any of it.

"Roland" The manager called, and he turned.

"Boss" He said.

"What is up with Myles? He's not picking my calls" 

"I don't know what is wrong with him, he's not picking my calls too" Roland replied, and the manager sighed.

"Our sales is reducing, the customers kept leaving as they didn't see him today" 

"Excuse me" A lady said and they turned.

"Miss" Roland smiled.

"Where is Mk?" She asked.

"He went out but he will be back in a minute" Roland lied.

"Okay, I will come back in a minute" She said and walked away instantly.

"You see what I'm talking about? You don't know his house"

"I'm the closest to him here but we haven't reached the level of knowing each other's house" Roland replied, and the manager walked away.

"Myles, where are you?" 


Myles received a text on his phone, and he checked.


He read the text and he hissed.

"What again?" He said and came out of the car.

He walked into the company, and the female workers in that floor started losing concentration.

👥I need a boyfriend like him

👥I can stare at him all day without getting tired

👥 He's so handsome

He entered the elevator which took him to Jennifer's floor. He came out of the elevator and started walking to her office.

The ladies couldn't stop talking about his handsomeness till he got to the office and entered.

Jennifer was working on her laptop, and she looked up.

"You don't know how to knock? Do you think this place is your house? Oh! Sorry you don't even have a house" She said, jesting him

"Why do you call me?" He asked, her words got him but he ignored it.

"Buy me lunch" She said, throwing some cash at him.


"What? Why are you surprised?" She questioned.

"Do I look like a servant to you? Your secretary should be the one to buy you lunch, not me" He replied.

"I decide on who to send since you work for me" She smirked arrogantly.

"I'm not buying you lunch" He replied, and started leaving.

"Walk out of that door and I promise you I will send everyone packing out of that house" She said, arrogance displaying on her face.

He stopped and looked back at her.

"Your choice" She said and he squeezed his fist.

He came back and picked the fallen cash, glaring at her as he left the office, and she started laughing.

"I'm just starting with you Myles, you are a tough one" She said and stopped laughing. Her face became blank.


Everest groaned after he finished with the tenth file on his table, Paige kept sending files upon files and he has come to realize that she is doing it intentionally to make him overwork.

His eyes were beginning to be heavy, he was feeling hungry too but he can't leave his work to go and eat, he can't give her that satisfaction. He took the next file, and started editing it.

"Gosh" He groaned, tapping his forehead.

A female worker came out of Paige's office, and she smiled when she saw him working.

"Hi" She smiled, and he looked up.

"Hi" he returned the smile.

"You look tired" She said, and he nodded.

"I need to finish this" He said.

"Why don't you eat lunch with me, you can continue later?" She requested.

"No, thanks" He politely rejected.

"Okay, take care handsome" She said with a flirty smile before leaving. He continued working.

Ten minutes later, Paige came out of her office, and she smiled when she saw him working.

An alarm beep beside him and he dropped the pen. It's time for the meeting with the proposals.

He looked up and he saw Paige staring at him.

Without saying a word, he took the necessary files, and stood up.

"You won't say something?"

"Do you love hearing my sweet voice?" He smirked, and she scoffed.

"It's not easy working with me, you will regret being rude"

"Let's see then" He said.

She began walking to the meeting hall, and he went after her.


"What is taking him so long? Not like he's going to trek" Jennifer groaned, looking at the door.

"He's giving me more reason to harden his tasks" She said.

She took her phone, and she was about to call him when he came in.

She dropped her phone and faced him.

"What took you so long?" She snapped.

"It wasn't easy getting lunch" He replied with a creepy smile, walking to her table.

He dropped the bag on the table and she pulled it to herself. 

She looked up and saw him smiling so she became suspicious.

She dipped her hand into the bag, instead of bringing out a lunch park, she brought out raw tomatoes.

"What? What is this?" She snapped angrily.

"Scientists said it helps in giving sense, you need it , enjoy" He replied, and without waiting, he started leaving.

The veins in Jennifer's neck came out red visibly.




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