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The Billionaire's Heartbeat - Episode 7 & 8




The Billionaire's Heartbeat - Episode 7 & 8

Theme: Blazing affection

By Terri Savage


"What is that?" Myles smirked as he shut the door behind him. He heard her voice shouting loudly in the office, and he kept smiling as he walked towards the elevator.

"Anaconda!!!" Jennifer shouted.

The veins in her neck were popping out so badly as he kept yelling angrily.

Who dare him?

"Seriously? Tomatoes helps in giving sense, so Myles want to say I'm senseless, how can someone be this rude?" She shouted, and Kingsley rushed in, he practically ran here when he heard her shouting.

"Boss, what is it?" He asked, and Jennifer turned to him sharply.

"Do you hear anything about tomatoes being a supplement in giving sense?" She asked and he looked confusingly at her, nevertheless he answered.

"I haven't heard about such boss" He answered, looking at her.

"Auuuh!!" Jennifer grunted.

"Are you okay?"

"Trash this" She said, pointing at the bag of tomatoes.

He walked to the table and picked the bag, he looked into the bag and saw tomatoes, he wanted to say something but knowing the kind of person Jennifer was he kept quiet.

"Throw it and get me lunch" She said, and he nodded before leaving the office.

Jennifer roughed her hair, and started biting her nails as her mind went to Myles. This is the first thing someone will be this rude to her apart from her half sister. Who exactly is he? How can he be this bold? He is not even afraid to get sacked.

Where did he come from?

She sat back on her chair and she continued biting one her nails as she thinks about ways to punish, and she suddenly smirked when she got many of them.


Newton kept staring at Sloane as she served a wealthy customer.

She bowed after she finished serving her, eyes she started walking to the kitchen when she saw he staring at her.

She just continue walking but he walked after her.

"Hey" He smiled, and she looked back.

"Hey" She said.

"You look tired, why don't you rest?" He asked.

"Rest? You want me fired?" She asked, and he chuckled.

"You won't get fired, I will get you covered"

"Why do you care so?" She asked.

"Maybe I want to care or it's because you are the prettiest waitress here" He replied, and she scoffed.

"You won't get tired of that line?" She rolled eyes, and he smiled.

"I can't stop telling the truth" He answered.

"Can we eat ice cream together after work?" He asked, and she faced him excitedly.

"Really?" She grinned.

"Yeah" He nodded.


"You lost the contract to Jennifer again?" Mr Adams stormed angrily into Ceres office.

"Daddy" She stood up..

"I don't need your greeting, you lost the contract to Jennifer again? Are you even fit to be the CEO of my company?" Mr Adams snapped.

"Dad, are you blaming me now?" She shouted.

"Why won't I blame you? You are so incompetent, she has been getting all the bigger contracts" He replied with a yell.

"Try and be like her"

"Stop comparing me to her" She snapped angrily.

"Then if you want me to stop, start acting like her" Mr Adams said, and walked out of the office.

Ceres threw the pen she was holding at the wall angrily.

"I hate you so much Jennifer, I wish you can just die, I hate you!" She growled.

She took her phone and dialed a number, immediately the number answered, she said what she wanted to say and end the call.

"Let's see" She uttered.


Everest and Paige walked out of the meeting hall after its conclusion.

He was walking behind her and she didn't say a word to him till they got to her office, she wanted to go in but he pulled her back on the arm.

"What?" She snapped sassily.

"You won't compliment me on the presentation?" He asked.

"And why would I? Not like there was something special about it"

"Every director love my presentation, well I shouldn't expect you to appreciate something good, something you yourself can't even do" He said, and she seethed.

"Maggie was better than you" She shouted.

"I checked her record, she was good, I don't want to brag, I have some work to do, call me when you need me" Everest said, and sat on his chair.

Paige glared at him before entering her office.


Everest came into Paige's office and saw her already getting ready to leave.

"The billionaire's party is now" He said.

"I'm not daft, I still know" She said rudely.

"I'm just doing my work as a secretary" He shrugged.

"Good night" He said.

"Everest" She snapped.

"You know my name, wonderful" He smirked annoyingly.

"We're going together" She said.

"What! I'm so tired, you should go without me" He said.

"I have to be there with my secretary unless you want me to fired you" She said.

"I have been working all day, I need to rest too" He frowned.

"It's none of my business" She said and started walking out.

He groaned and followed her.

He took out his phone and dialed Sloane's number while walking beside her.

"Hello, I won't be coming home os early, take care, I love you" He said and hung up.

"Girls really have bad taste" Paige scoffed loudly.

"What?" He asked.

"I'm not talking to you" She replied.

"Better" He muttered it was silent till they got out. The guards opened the door and they went in together.

"How do you feel sitting in a car worth 400m?" She asked with mockery in her voice.

"Feel like puking, like I'm addicted to my poorness" He replied, and she frowned, looking away.

He smiled.


Jennifer met Myles in the car playing music, and she shouted immediately she got in.

"How dare you play music in my car?" She asked coldly.

"I only played music, I don't think that's a crime miss Jennifer" He replied.

"Pause that music" she snapped, and he paused it.

"People who have private jet still allow people to play music in there" 

"Go and work for them, drive me to glory hall" She said, and he was about to start the car when grandma Patricia's call came in.

"Hello baby" He smiled after answering the call.

"Not that early, I missed you, I will be back soon" He said.

"I pity your girlfriend" She said from the back, and he looked back.

"I pity yours too, that young innocent man will be passing through a lot" He said, and she gasped.

"Anaconda" She shouted.

"Phyton" He called, and started the car.

Her mouth and closed back speechlessly.

He drove out, and she kept staring at him.


Expensive cars were parked there, well it's a billionaire party and less shouldn't be expected. Lastest expensive cars were lined up and the hall was looking rich and luxurious.

It was filled up with business men and women, entrepreneurs, company owners, rich influencers. You must be a billionaire before attending this meeting.

Two cars stopped there at the same time.

The doors were opened, and Jennifer came out.

Paige came out too, and immediately they saw each other, they screamed and rushed towards each other, hugging tightly.


"You look so cute" Paige said, checking Jennifer out.

"You are delicious baby" Jennifer said, and Paige smiled.

Ceres got there too, and immediately she came out she started going inside.

Her eyes met with Jennifer and they stared hatefully at each other.

"Tonight won't end well with her here" Paige said.

"I'm ready for everything, let's go" Jennifer said, and they went in.

Everest and Myles were left outside and they kept leaning on the cars till their eyes met.

They stared shortly at each other before Everest moved to Myles.

"Hey" He said.

"Hey" Myles replied.

"I'm Everest Armstrong, Paige's new secretary" He introduced himself.

"Myles Kennedy, Jennifer's new driver" Myles introduced himself back.

"Wow! We work for two brats" Everest said, and Myles smiled.

"I'm not an easy one" Myles said.

"I'm not easy too, let's be friends" Everest said.

"Sure, let's have each other's contact" Myles said, and Everest gave him his phone.

He typed his number on Everest's phone before giving it back to him, Everest dialed the number and his phone vibrated.

"Friends" Everest said.

"Friends" Myles smiled.

A phone started ringing inside the car, and Myles looked back.

"A phone is ringing" Everest said.

"I think she left her phone" Myles said, and opened the door, truly Jennifer left her phone on the seat.

He wanted to ignore but the phone started ringing again so he picked it.

"Let's go in, I will give this to her" Myles said and Everest nodded.

They walked to the door but a guard blocked them immediately, they brought out their ID cards and they were allowed to go in.

Jennifer and Paige were chatting as they had a drink in their hands, all eyes were on them, being the richest got them the attention.

Ceres saw them walking together and an idea came to her head.

She stood up and started walking behind them, she got to them and purposely bumped roughly into Jennifer.

Jennifer gasped as she started falling but someone got there in nick of time and caught her.

She looked up and saw herself in Myles's arms.

"Myles" She said called, and he dropped her.

He faced Ceres.

"I saw what you did" He said.


"You intentionally bumped into her" Everest said.

"Will you two lowlifes stop accusing me?" She snapped.

"We are lowlifes but we're more sensible" Myles said, and everyone gasped.

"What?" Ceres flared and slapped Myles on the face.

"I always thought about how it will be teaching a billionaire a lesson" Myles smirked, and his eyes caught a server passing with a tray of drinks.

He quickly took two cups from the tray and threw it at her face at once

👥 OMG!!

👥 What boldness!!

Another one came pouring on her hair, and this one was from Everest.




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