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Be My Woman - Episode 47 & 48




 Be My Woman - Episode 47 & 48

 Theme: (His•Baby•Mama...)

By: Naomi Cindy B.


Slowly, he started pulling down the right strap of her br@.

He returned his face to hers, and their eyes locked as he pulled it lower and lower, making her nervousness climb up.

Her nervousness reached the top, he could feel it, and he suddenly leaned in.

She closed her eyes when she felt his breaths on her face,but then he went for her neck instead, kissing that spot deeply again .

She has been wondering why he loves that place, but she found out after the neck kiss at the office. The spot has her birthmark, the one Liam shares with her.

Her eyes went shut as he kissed, and she started pulling him closer, diving her fingers into his hair. He suddenly stopped, but before she could catch her breath, he gave it a lick and began sucking, making her body heat up.

What the hell is this man doing to her? If just a neck kiss is making her feel this way, if that subtle touch is making her body heat up like this, then what'd happen if he goes deeper ...

Her eyes flew open at the thought, she's definitely crazy.

He broke the neck kiss, and his face came back to her, so f*+*king affectionate and crave-full, she clearly saw hunger as his throat moved.

His eyes went down to her almost open b*+*bs, and he smiled before leaning in to kiss her cleavage.

"Roman.." she moaned, holding her breath.

"Aww, that sounds cute" he said, looking up at her with a slight bite on his lip.

"What are you doing?" She muttered breathlessly.

"If I show you the secret places, then your back won't heal anytime soon, so I'll give you time" he smiled.

"How much time?" She asked, and he smiled widely.

"How eager are you, mama?"

"I dunno...I just... you're... You're making me feel things I've never felt before when you touch or hold me in new places, and I just....I can't explain it but...it's...

"Enough already" Roman whispered, and before she could take another breath, he captured her lips hard, kissing her so deep that she forgot how to breath for a moment.

She shut her eyes and hugged him to herself, kissing him back just as deep.

It felt like dewdrops on a spring day, and a warm sensation rippled through her when he touched her naked thigh.

He devoured her deeper, and she could swear that she has never felt so wanted. Her heart pounded as she gave herself over to him.

Their tongues danced, not a waltz but a tango in it's most pure and sensual form.

It felt like the air was set on fire as she pressed her br3ast to his chest, surrendering herself to the moment.

"Hmm" she moaned again, and Roman smirked into the kiss, caressing her thighs slowly.

It's like no matter how close he is, she still can't feel enough of him, and that made her crave for more,she wants everything.

She slithered her hands under his shirt, moving her butt on his laps so he had a better hold of her @ss.

"Naughty" he whispered on her lips, and she slowly broke the kiss, breathing so hard with him, their wet lips looking so inviting.

She hugged him, kissing his neck too in the process.

Roman placed his lips on her hair, and she smiled.

"Tonight is my happiest night" she whispered.

"I'm glad I'm part of it" he replied, glancing at her back from her shoulder.

"It doesn't hurt a lot, does it?" He asked.

"You're here, no" she replied, and he smiled.

The ringing of the doorbell interrupted, and Roman didn't bother to drop her.

Like that, he carried her like a baby. Her head stayed on his shoulder and her legs on his waist as he stood from the chair and left the closet.

He went to the door and opened up, meeting their assigned chef by the door.

He's with a movable table containing their dinner.

"Sorry about the delay sir, we were...

"No I actually like the delay" Roman cut in, and he smiled before pushing the table in.

He left after setting the dishes on the table, and Roman made to drop Rosy on a chair, but she tightened her legs on him.

"I want to be in your arms for three more minutes" she whispered.

"As you wish" he replied with a big smile, adjusting her body.



Dinner has already been consumed, and right now the parents are at the balcony.

Thanks to the classical services, there's an auto bed there for leisure before bedtime, so they're both laying on the bed beside each other.

Rosy had to lay down with her right side cos of her back, Roman supported her with an arm, bringing her head to his chest with that.

There's a bowl of ice cream she ate from time to time, then several bowls of snacks.

"So...when did you learn to fight that professionally?" She suddenly asked.

"Back then when I was a taxi driver, I got beaten up twice by thugs and they tried to take my taxi those two times, but i escaped miraculously. When I finally got a job and stopped being a driver, i made it my priority to learn how to defend myself, and I trained for a year." he said.

"Where is that taxi now?" She asked.

"It's in my park at the mansion, can never throw it away, my dad's only gift" he replied, and she smiled.

"I'm glad you eventually made it, and i wish he was here to witness it" she said, resting on her elbows to stare at his face.

"You and Liam are enough for me, I want just you both, and I have mum too" he replied, and she smiled before taking her ice cream to eat again.

"Why is your lips not stained tonight?" He said.

"Why? So you can kiss away the stain?" She chuckled.

"Is it obvious?" He asked, and she laughed, feeding him some ice cream from her spoon.

She topped it up with a kiss on his lips, and he closed his eyes.

"Damn, i love your lips" he said, and the sound of her laughter could be heard echoing in the balcony, the stars cheering beautifully above them in the night sky.



The driver drove in the limo, and immediately it got to the park, Opium stormed out and waltzed into the mansion.

Donovan came out of the car too, unable to open his mouth cos of his lost tooth.

He branched at the hospital with Opium though, and he got treatment for the teeth to stop the blood, but the pain still persists.

He was wincing repeatedly as he opened the door to the mansion and stepped in.

Of all his four brothers, only two are in... Kay and Tyson.

"And why are you back here?" Tyson asked, looking pissed just by seeing him.

"Look I know we hate each other, you and I are the deadliest enemies in this mansion but now that I'm back from the streets, you should talk to me cautiously cos I don't know what I might do" Donovan glared.

"Wait...what ate your teeth? Oh I heard Roman beat you up, he's a friggin legend" Tyson grinned, lightening himself a smoke.

"Shut your mouth Tyson!" Donovan fired.

"Or what?" Tyson drew out a gun, and Donovan sighed.

"Don't get on my nerves" Tyson scoffed, going upstairs.

"And why haven't you been talking? Are you mute now?" Donovan sat beside Kay.

"I have a problem at hand, i barely see you" Kay replied.

"Girl problem? Just do what you always do" Donovan said.

"She's not an easy one. She's not someone I can kidnap and rape that easily" Kay said.

"Whatever" Donovan started going upstairs.

"Welcome back home anyways" Kay said, lightening a cigar too.

"Fiona ... You're right we're all psychos here, and I'll show you how psychos operate" he grinned madly, blowing smokes.



Olivia arrived and met the other stylists outside the shop, and she was starting to wonder why they're not going in when she suddenly saw the padlock on the entrance.

She rushed to it and started pulling at the lock relentlessly...

"Who the hell did this! What's happening! Why is the shop locked!! Is it because it's month-end? Tell the owner that we're ready to pay for the month no one said we're not paying!" She shouted, facing the others.

"She sold it out to new owners, says our rent is not enough to fend for her anymore" one of the others replied.

"What!" She gasped, and a Benz halted in front of the shop.

Angelina came out with Bishop, and they both stuck their hands in their pockets as they walked in.

The stylists made way for them till they got to the front and faced them.

"We're the new owners" Bishop said.

"And sorry for the delay. You all can continue your works, and the rent comes to us from now on" Angelina said, opening the shop.

They all started going in, but when it was Olivia's turn, they blocked her.

"Sorry, everyone except you" Bishop said.


"A girl who coveted her best friend's boyfriend does not get to use this building. Find another shop, though I can bet no one will wanna rent you one cos we made sure to spread the news of your betrayal to every shop" Angelina said.


"Yes, slut" Bishop said.

"Wait...I saw you guys with Rosy the other time at her house. You're working with her. How dare you both!!!" She ranted.

"How dare you both!!!" The guys said in her voice, and they started laughing afterwards.

Olivia rushed away from the shop, calling Rosy's name repeatedly with rage.

"This is sweet" Angelina sighed.

"I know, right?" Bishop replied, and they smiled at each other before driving away.



"What! Twenty staffs submitted resignation letters just today?" Stefan shouted as his secretary dropped the envelopes in front of him.

"You didn't pay last month salary, and this month ends today too but no cash in the company account to pay, so...

"Aren't you aware of my deal with Roman Lawson? Once it's done I'm gonna pay them more than I owe them, can't you talk to them? Huh! I'm suffering too! so much that I even had to come to work in a cab this morning, no money to buy gas in my car!" He yelled, and she slowly brought out her own resignation letter too.

"What is that?" He muttered.

"I'm leaving, too" she replied.



Liam was already waiting at the door when Roman drove into the mansion.

Immediately Rosy came out, he flew down and jumped happily on her like he hasn't seen her for years.

"Goodmorning baby, did you sleep well?" She smiled.

"No. I kept thinking about you and I missed you mumsy, so much" he replied, kissing her cheeks.

"I missed you more" she replied, and he hugged her dearly.

"How is your neighbor doing?" He asked.

"She's good now" she replied.

"Dad" Liam went from her to Roman.

"Thought you forgot about me" he said, and Liam kissed him on the lips.

"Told you to stop doing this Liam!" Roman laughed.

"Mummy!" Little Iris's voice interrupted, and they turned to see her coming out of Matty's car in front of the mansion.

Rosy actually called him to drop her here this morning.

"Sweetheart!" Rosy widened her arms, and Iris rushed into it.

"Mummy I missed you!"

"I missed you too Iris" she replied, wrapping her arms on her.

"Where's Matty?" She asked when she noticed the car leaving already.

"He told Nancy's driver to drop me, he went to the studio very early" Iris replied.

"Hey Iris!" Liam waved from Roman.

"Hey, big brother" she waved back, and he smiled.

The parents held the kids with an hand then they held hands with the other as they went into the mansion.



To keep Liam's suspicions down, Rosy had to come to work despite her back.

Though it's healing already, but Roman would have definitely preferred she stayed at home if not for Liam.

They came out of his wine coloured limo at the basement park, Rosy looking so cheerful and colourful in her short skirt and matching button top, hugging her body moderately.

She's on white thigh-high boots, and a matching bag.

Roman knowingly wore new white suit to match up with her, and she smiled when he took her hand and made an interlock with his.

They entered the company hand-in-hand, and though they're late, no one would dare to talk anyways.

The staffs kept their greetings coming till they got to his private elevator, only for him.

"You should use this from now on, don't tuck yourself with the staffs in the other elevators" he said, and she looked up at him.

"Sure, baby daddy" she said, and he smiled sweetly, hugging her to himself.

She crossed her bag behind him, hugging him back.

"Your heart is beating pretty fast" she said.

"Maybe because I'm with you" he replied, and she looked up at him again.

"Yunno I like the fact that even on heels, you still can't match my tallness" he teased.

"Are you saying I'm short right now?" She replied.

"Aren't you?" He said, and she turned her back on him, pretending to be angry.

"Hey, mama" he touched her shoulder, but she shook his hand away.

He hugged her from behind, and she smiled secretly.

"Choose a number" he whispered into her ear, and she immediately turned to him.

"I knew it!" He laughed, and she hung her arms on his neck.

"I love money" she said.

"What about me?" He held her slim waist.

"I love your big eyes" she replied, and he lifted her, swaying her.

"Roman!" She squealed happily.

The elevator door opened at their floor, and he dropped her, arranging her hair before stepping out with her.

Surprisingly, they met Betty at the assistances office with the rest 

"And I'm telling you Rosy has an hidden child! She had a one night stand with a stranger as a prostitute that she is, and she got pregnant and...

"Boss is here, talk to him directly" Bishop said, and Betty faced them immediately.

"Good, Roman...I mean.... Mr. Lawson, this b**ch right beside you has an hidden son somewhere and she is a prostitute who had a one night stand! Leave her before she ruins you" Betty said hotly, and Ann smiled.

Donovan told her about it already, and she has been waiting to tell Roman too.

"Ros.. you really have a child somewhere?" Roman faced Rosy with a knowing smile.

"Is she talking about our Liam?" Rosy replied.

"What!" Betty blinked.

Ann's eyes widened.

"And you had a one night stand?" Roman said, still smiling.

"She's talking about that night with you at Bang-Bang bar" Rosy smiled back.

"What!" Betty gasped again, and her gasp was ended by Rosy's palm on her face. She slapped her!

"That's for calling me a prostitute" she said, slapping her again.

"That's for calling me a b**ch" she added, and Betty held her face shockingly.

"For revealing this, you'll get a gift too" Roman said, lifting Rosy up from the ground.

Like a baby as usual, he carried her out of the office to the broadcasting room, placing her on a table before turning on the cameras, so everyone in the company is watching them right now.

He parted Rosy's legs and sneaked into the middle, then he wrapped them on his waist just the way he likes.

Rosy nestled her arms on his neck, and they shared a heartfelt smile.

"And here's to the mother of my son, to the woman i cherish most in this world, to my baby mama" he said, holding her face as he leaned in.

Rosy closed her eyes when she felt his lips on hers.

She folded completely into him, allowing emotions to flourish through her as her heartbeats drummed.

She kissed him back, even biting his lips. Roman caressed her tongue with his own, tasting her possessively and devouring her deliciously like a sweet candy.

The whole company scattered already, staffs screaming around as they watched them on wall screens.

Meanwhile, back in the assistances office, Betty is still standing on her spot, watching their kiss on screen like a frozen fish.

Ann's eyes are still wide as she watched, she was shaking and sweating.

Angelina smiled brightly as he watched.

"F**k, finally we reached the crazy romance parts, can't wait" 

"Wait...is Betty dead?" Bishop said when he noticed her stillness.

He walked to her and touched her with a finger.

Automatically, Betty went down, falling unconscious on the ground.

"She died!" Bishop shouted dramatically.

"She died?" Angelina laughed.

"She died!!! Bro!!!" Bishop started shedding fake tears, going on his knees.


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