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Be My Woman - Episode 49 & 50




 Be My Woman - Episode 49 & 50

 Theme: (His•Baby•Mama...)

By: Naomi Cindy B.


"She died!!! Bro!!!" Bishop started shedding fake tears, going on his knees.

Angelina couldn't help but burst into an hysterical laughter at the ongoing drama.

Ann staggered and fell on her chair shakily, but her butt missed the chair when she landed on it, so she slipped and landed on the ground, and the chair swivelled away from her.

Immediately Bishop saw that, his fake tears turned to a really massive laughter, he couldn't hold it.

He had to hold his tummy as he let it out, and Angelina is just as worse.

Ann quickly stood and rushed out of the office in embarrassment, then Angelina wiped the tears in his eyes.

"Wait Bishop...I think she really passed out. Let's get her to the medical room" he said, and Bishop stood, holding himself by the sides.

He stopped laughing already, but the moment his eyes met with Angelina's, they started laughing again, scattering the whole office.

"Let's get Miss Reporter out of this office" Angelina finally said.

They managed to stopped laughing as they jointly carried Betty out of the office.

They were on the hallway that led to the medical room when she opened her eyes and shook herself off their hands.

She fell on the ground with a loud whimper, but she stood immediately and rushed to the nearest elevator, escaping the office.

"Gawd! What was that?" Bishop grinned.

"I think she only pretended to faint cos of embarrassment. Isn't this company the sweetest company in this country? I love dramas" Angelina said.

"You can say that again, Landmark to the world!" Bishop shouted, and they smiled at each other before facing the screen beside them where the kiss is still ongoing.



Roman was starting to feel so high on her lips, and it started getting harder and harder to keep his hands to himself.

He wants to touch her, but they're being watched, so he broke the kiss and turned off the cameras, then he came back to her and tried reigniting the kiss, but she bent back slightly.

"What?" He asked impatiently.

"What are you planning? Daddy why did you turn off the cameras?" She asked, and he smiled, his lips so pink with her lipstick.

"I wanna touch you" he replied flatly.

"Here? Broadcasting room Roman, what if...

He was already kissing her again before she could say another word, and he was about to get a hold of her @ss when she broke it again...


"Tonight" she smiled, and his eyes lit up.


"Sure, daddy" she replied, caressing his brows.

He hugged her, giving her neck a deep kiss.



Betty was raging as she came in, and the first thing she threw away was her heels.

She pulled them off and threw them at different directions, breaking the TV screen with one of them.

Her bag followed, and that one landed in the center of the living room.

She dived her fingers into her hair afterwards, going back and forth as hot, heavy breaths escaped her nostrils.

"And here's to the mother of my son, to the woman i cherish most in this world, to my baby mama" 

Roman's announcement resounded in her head, and she almost uprooted some of her hair as she pulled at it.




Matty was looking so downcast as he came out of his dressing room, all dressed for today's shoot.

He's got two sessions, but he had to cancel one cos his mind kept drifting, and he couldn't concentrate, all because of what Betty told him last night.

"You haven't been smiling, Matty is everything ok?" The director asked.

"I'm fine" he faked a smile, stepping on stage.

It's a slightly dark concept, and he's shirtless as he sat on a chair and relaxed completely, still looking sad.

"Matty you're supposed to look hot and s*xy, not sad. Can you adjust your expression a bit?" The director said as they set the cameras.

Matty tried to give that look, but the director sighed when he noticed the sadness is still there.

"Matty you're not...

"I'll just cancel this session too. Find another model I'm not ok" he stood and walked out of stage.

He changed back to his clothes in the dressing room and left the studio, driving straight to Era Studio.

It's packed with busy models as usual. It's the most classic and popular anyways.

He made his way to Fiona's dressing room and knocked, but no answer so he opened up and met emptiness.

She must still be busy on stage, so he decided to wait for her.

Immediately he took his seat, Lola came in through the other door.

"Matty!" She smiled, and he stood.

"Is Fiona in? She might be busy on stage so I haven't tried her line" 

Lola heaved and dropped the bag she's holding on the table, then she started walking slowly to him.

"Do you really think she's worth the attention you're giving her?" 

"What do you mean?" He frowned.

"She has another guy, the guy she went on a date with instead of you. Kay" she replied, bringing out her phone.

She played the kiss video and gave her the phone.

Matty's collarbones hardened immediately he started watching, and his throat became parched.

"Check the date I recorded it so you can know it's for real. You should leave her alone and...

"Fiona the session is not over yet!" The director's voice interrupted her from the door.

"I really can't continue, I need to clear my head for an hour or more" Fiona replied, entering the room.

"Matt!" She smiled, walking straight to him.

She didn't bother to take off her sponsored gown before hugging him, but he didn't hug her back.

"I missed you, you didn't pick my calls last night" she said, breaking the hug.

Matty's face remained hurtful, and the video is still playing in his hand.

"What's that?" She said, taking the phone from him.

She gulped fearfully immediately she saw the video, and the phone fell from her.

Lola quickly caught it midair and walked out of the room.

"Matt, i was... I wasn't...

"You weren't thinking? Is that gonna be your next statement? Forget it" he said.


"Just last week, you ditched me for Kay. You went on a dinner date with him instead of me, and you came to me after that to say I'm the one you're attracted to. I let it go, and even though we were just starting to know each other, I told my mum about you already and she's impatiently waiting to meet you. Last night your sis warned me to stay away from you and i couldn't even concentrate on my sessions. I had to cancel the two to come here for you only to see a video of you kissing this same Kay guy three days ago...are you just... toying with me?" He said hurtfully.

"No! No Matt I'm not toying with you. I've never for once thought of you as a plaything and I've...

"Then why are you doing me like this? Is it because I'm young? You're 28 and I'm 24? Betty is even older than me? I still spend my late dad's money meanwhile Kay is a rich businessman and a son of the Mendez family? Because I'm not popular like you? Because...

"Matty stop!! It's not like that and will never...

"Wait i don't even have the right to act this way cos we're nothing to each other. We're not in a relationship so let's just stop deceiving each other, I'm done here" he said and turned his back.

He started walking out, and Fiona started crying...

"Matty don't walk away! Don't turn your back on me! Matty!" She ran after him, but he shut the door at her face, and she fell on her knees, crying slowly.

"Matty... don't... don't go..."

Lola peeped out from the second door and smiled satisfactorily.



20 more staffs submitted their resignations, and right now the available staffs might not be up to 50 anymore.

Stefan was sitting on a couch in his office, smoking with the right hand while playing with the lighter on the left.

He's obsessed with the sharp sound it makes everytime, it calms him down according to him.

The door flipped open, and Olivia barged in.

"I think you need to find a leash and tie your ex-girlfriend down cos if it continues like this then I might just kill her for real!" She shouted breathlessly.

He kept smoking without a reply, and she snatched the stick from him to fling.

"That was my last piece of cigar, I don't have cash for another one till the deal with Roman Lawson comes through!" He snapped.

"Your girlfriend just chased me out of my shop and all you care about is a darn cigar? She's hell-bent on ruining me!" She yelled.

"She did what?" Stefan stood slowly.

"I don't know how she did it but she bought the whole building!" Olivia shouted, and Stefan started laughing, annoying Olivia more.

"The Rosy of right now is totally different from the Rosy of back then, now I want her more. Is she really just a PA? How did she get cash for that huge building?" He said.

"You're an hopeless motherf**ker, trash!" Olivia spat and started leaving, but she suddenly came back and spread her palm


"I rode a taxi here, my car ran out of gas" she replied.

"Same here, so get your legs out and walk it" he said, and she pushed his chest before walking out furiously.

Stefan sat back and resumed flipping the lighter cover again.

"I should meet Roman" 



"Roman!" Rosy rushed in with her laptop, and he looked up from his system.

"Hmm" he smiled and when she got to him, and dropped the laptop on his desk, but he immediately pulled her to his laps.

"You can report from here" he said, and she smiled. He wrapped his arms on her tummy, head on her shoulder.

"Here, the article about the real land the government is buying, I dunno but I think someone knowingly posted it on our website" she pointed at the screen 

"Must be Jeffery" he replied.

"But he resigned and left the country already" She replied.

"That's just how he is" he said.

"And the good news is that the land is the land surrounding Zuma sea, it belongs to our company" she faced him.

"Yeah, that was the last land I bought with Jeffery before he left" he replied.

"Yes!" She jumped up from his laps excitedly.

"The article should be out in a week, and by the time Stefan realizes what hit him, no one will be ready to buy Jumbo district from him for even half a million" Roman said.

"Aren't you a genius?" She replied, and he swivelled the chair to her with a light chuckle.

"Come here" he extended an hand.

Before she could step back, he pulled her closer and his hands went to her chest.

Her upper button is open, revealing a poppy part of her b**bs.

He did the button, and she felt her heart racing as his fingertips made contact with her skin.

He was smiling naughtily as he gave her a flirty stare.

"Somehow, i can't wait to see the color of your nip...

He hasn't finished talking when she pushed his head back.

"I can't believe you, pervert!" She shot, grabbed her laptop and rushed out of the office.

"Cutie" Roman grinned.


"Has it been confirmed?" Angelina asked immediately Rosy came out of the office.

"Yes!" She replied, and Bishop stuck hands with Angelina.

"Yunno I don't regret the day I choose to work in this company, there's no single setback since the establishment and I'm just so happy for boss" Angelina said.

"Many thanks to you guys too for all you do" Rosy replied, hugging them individually.

"Now that you bought Olivia's shop, what next?" Bishop asked.

"I'm buying her house next, did you find out her address for me like I asked?" Rosy asked.

"Yes, she stays at an apartment at Gobs, and she's not staying alone. She stays with her junior brother who's an highschool student" Bishop replied.

"I almost forgot she has a brother. I guess I'll start from there first" Rosy smiled, crossing her arms on her chest.

"I don't follow" Angelina said.

"She betrayed me, I'm turning her brother against her, she needs to feel what she made me pass through" Rosy replied.

"Cool, anything you want we're here" Angelina smiled.



Fiona's tears stopped already when she got home, but the redness in her eyes would give her away that she cried a lot.

She dropped her heels and bag below the stairs, , then she went upstairs slowly.

She opened the door to Betty's room and met her making a video call with her friends in the US.

"Sis!" She waved from the front of the laptop, not bothering to move.

"Did you meet Matt last night?" She asked weakly.

"Oh...yeah...we only talked about random thing and nothing more...

"And you think you have the right to tell him to stay away from me cos you're my sis? Who do you think you are!!!" Fiona yelled angrily.

Betty smiled and got down from the bed, walking to her.

She held her hands...

"Sis, I want the best for you and Matty is not your level...

Fiona slapped her angrily, and she staggered in shock, her hair covering her face.

"Sis!" She held the face.

"Stay away from my affairs from now on, else I'll have to remind you of who you really are" Fiona glared and stormed out of the room.

She went to her room and was pacing as she dialled Matty's line again.

He has not been picking up, but this time his line is off 

"What should I do? What should I... do" she squatted and started crying again.



Ann came down from a taxi right in front of the mansion, and the security guards blocked her...

"Why are you here?"

"Oh...to see Don, I'll just call him" she replied, getting her phone to dial the line.

She dialled for three times, but he's not picking.

"I'm not a stranger to him, he was my neighbor when he was still...

"You can't come in if none of the sons recognize you" she was interrupted, and she sighed.

"Who might that be?" Tyson asked, coming out of the gate.

The guards stepped back for him, and Ann smiled.

"Aren't you Tyson? The third son" 

"And you are?"

"Ann, I'm here to see Donovan" she replied.

"That bastard went to fix his teeth, he's not in" he said.

"I'll wait for him then" she quickly chipped.

Tyson looked at her curves and smiled knowingly before facing the guards.

"Let her in"



It's ten minutes to closing hour, and pupils are already preparing to leave school.

Liam tucked his pen box into his backpack and was about to zip it up when Nick appeared.

"Kendra told me your mum came back, is it true or is she just bluffing?" He asked.

"Are you looking for trouble again?" Kendra replied, walking to them.

"I'm just trying to confirm what you said, how is that causing trouble?" Nick smiled.

"I don't have to explain anything to you, seeing your face everyday is already so annoying" Liam rolled eyes.

"Wait...is she ugly? I mean your mum, is that why you're so edgy about it? Maybe she's not what you were expecting!" Nick said loudly, and the class went silent, waiting for Liam's answer.

"Liam" Kendra called, knowing what's gonna happen next

Liam took his snacks box out of his backpack an was about to throw it at Nick when a pair of thigh-high white boots stepped into the class.

"Babe!" Rosy's voice came, and Liam's eyes widened.

His ears recognized her voice immediately, and the pupils turned to the door where Rosy is standing with a pretty smile.

"Mumsy!" Liam shouted in all excitement, dropping the snack box on the ground.

He pushed Nick out of the way, and Nick fell on the ground as he ran fast to Rosy.

He jumped into her arms, and the pupils gasped.

👥 She's so fine!

👥 She's prettier than Nick's mum!

👥 Her dress sense!

Liam poured kisses on Rosy's face, and she chuckled.

"Shall we go home?" She asked as the driver came in to get his backpack.

"Sure mumsy" Liam said, and his his eyes met with Nick who's just standing.

He stuck his tongue at him before firing...

"In your face Nick! Can your mumsy ever?"


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