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Be My Woman - Episode 45 & 46




 Be My Woman - Episode 45 & 46

 Theme: (His•Baby•Mama...)

By: Naomi Cindy B.


Donovan began struggling, trying to get his face out of the toilet but the more he struggled, the more Roman shoved.

"It's ok now, Roman let's leave..." Rosy said slowly.

She saw a bit of this side of him that day at the cinema when he beat up the man who tried to take Iris, but it sure wasn't as wild as this. His eyes are looking like he could kill right now.

"Roman...he's gonna die if you keep his head down like that" she said again, and he slowly turned to her.

"I don't care Rosy, he hurt you! No one is allowed to touch even your smallest finger and I'm only just starting. I'm gonna scathe him in the face with the iron" he replied and finally pulled Donovan's face up from the toilet.

Donovan began gasping for breath,  looking pale as he forced himself to breath.

"Roman...we don't have time for that, my back...it hurts" Rosy said in an attempt to stop him, and it worked.

Roman looked at breathless Donovan spitefully before letting go of him.

He went flat on the ground, vomiting some of the water he gulped.

"Let's go, and you're never coming back here" Roman told Rosy before sweeping her up in his arms.

She held his shoulders for support as he walked out with her, and her eyes never left his face.

He picked the photo book with an hand when they got to the door, and cops poured in.

"We were alerted of domestic violence" they said, and Ann showed up.

"I called them when I heard Rosy's cries, Rosy are you ok?" She asked innocently, and Rosy rested her face on Roman's chest, so her bleeding back came to view.

The cops look so shocked, and no words were said as Roman took her away.

Donovan was taken away by the cops.



Rosy is currently in with the doctor, getting her back treated while Roman waited in the outside ward.

His knuckles got treated and bandaged by nurses already.

If Rosy hadn't stopped him, he'd have killed Donovan and won't even think twice about it. He wasn't thinking and anything could have happened.

Immediately he saw her bruises and wounds, he lost it and went bunkers, Donovan's life meant nothing...he messed with the mother of his child.

He was still waiting for Rosy when his phone rang, and he sighed when he saw it's Liam calling.

He took a deep breath, making sure his rage cleared off , then he cleared his throat before picking.

"Hey boy" he smiled.

"What's up Dad? Mum's line isn't reachable anymore. The call got cut almost an hour ago and I've been trying to reach her but...

"I don't think we'd be coming home tonight" Roman cut him off.

"What! Dad! Is mum fine? Put her on phone right now I need to hear her voice to be sure that...

"Her neighbor had an accident, and she's the only one who can stay with her. I chose to keep her company, she's currently in with the neighbor" Roman lied.

"Huh? Is the accident that bad? Is the neighbor ok?" Liam asked worriedly.

"Stop worrying, the doctor said she'd be fine before daybreak so we'd be back tommorow morning. I'll call mum to come stay with you" he said.

"Ok dad, Tell her i love and miss her already, and she should come back before I'll go to school tomorrow" Liam replied.

"Sure, don't fire the maids" Roman said.

"Depends on my mood" Liam replied and hung up.

"That attitude again" Roman smiled, turning around to see Rosy.

She's out of the inner ward already, treatment complete and she's wearing the hospital uniform.

"Are you ok now? How's the back?"  He asked, walking fast to her.

"I'm fine, but you lied to him" she said.

"If you go home with your back like that and he detects, then he'd cry till daybreak" Roman replied, and Rosy smiled as she gave him a hug.

"How're you feeling?" He asked again, stroking her hair.

"I promise I'm really fine, i was injected with pain relievers, so I'm ok except for some slight pains" she replied, and he kissed her hair.

"I'm sorry I came late, you wouldn't have gotten so wounded if i came earlier, I feel bad" he said, and she looked up at him.

"Don't feel bad. You saved me and that's all that matters" she said, and he smiled lightly.

"But I'm not staying here tonight, there's no way I'm sleeping in an hospital" she said, and he chuckled, brushing her hair with his fingers.

"Really?" he said, and she nodded twice like a kid, making him smile again.



Matty's car drove in, and he stayed for a minute in the car, looking at Betty who's already waiting for him.

She actually called last night and told him to meet her here, and he has been wondering what might be up.

He sighed and came out of the car, walking up to Betty who has a small smile on her plump lips.

"Why are we here?" He asked.

"I see you're in a hurry so I'll make it short cos I have no time to waste too. Stop distracting my sister" she said.


"Yes! She has someone she loves but you're spoiling everything! Look I want a better future for my sis so stay away from Fiona, she's not even your mate so what were you thinking? She's four years older, she makes her own money and she's a popular chic in the modelling industry but you're still a newbie model and a kid who depends on his late father's money to survive, I'm even one year older than you so you see? Fiona is not your level! You should focus on your sick mother in the hospital instead" she said all at once, and Matty couldn't believe his ears, he only gulped emptiness.

"You're a cute boy you'd find a college student who'd fall for you" Betty patted him and smiled before getting in her car.

She left, and Matty remained standing like he has been drained of all the blood in his body.



Roman drove into the park and faced Rosy who's sitting beside him.

She held his hand nervously, and he gave her a reassuring smile.

He got a call from the cops on his way to the hotel, and he had to branch here.

"I'll be fine, chill mama and just say here for me" he said, and she nodded.

He gave her face a slight caress before leaving the car.

He entered the station and met Donovan with the cops, he has a white piece of clothe in his mouth which he's taking the blood from his broken tooth with, and the white turned red already.

But the craziest thing is the second person in there...Opium Mendez, the head of the Mendez family himself, Chairman of Mendez Group, he's in there with him.

"Welcome Mr. Lawson, sorry to call you in this late at night but Chairman Mendez almost caused a scene and we had no choice" the cops said, and Roman faced the grey-haired man.

"Yes?" He said simply, and Opium stood.

"I've been wishing for chances with you but now that it happened this way, it's not that bad. How dare you wound my son to this point!" He yelled, standing well on his walking stick.

"I heard you disowned him cos he slept with your wife, and now you're here to defend a disowned son? I'm touched" Roman smirked.

"He might be a disowned son but he's still part of my family and he's still my son! No matter what, a Mendez is always a Mendez!" Opium barked.

"And a motherf**ker is always a motherf ker!" Your son is a bastard!" Roman spat.


"Yeah man, and if you're planning to use this against me then I'm all ready but just warn him about one thing" Roman muttered and came closer.

"If he comes one meter close to Rosy again, I'll end him" he whispered heatedly and walked out of the station straight.

Opium scoffed evilly as he watched him walk out.

"You started the war, Roman. You'll get wounded"



Lola sent tommorow's photoshoot schedules just now, and Fiona started checking them out, walking to the freezer at the same time to get herself a bowl of ice cream to keep herself awake.

"4 sessions? 2 hours each? C'mon Lola I know I wanna become richer but isn't it too much?" She muttered, taking the ice cream.

She went back to sit and dialled Lola immediately.

"Hello Miss Fiona" Lola's voice came.

"Knock out two from the sessions, right now" she ordered.


"Lola!" She snapped.

"Fine, I'll do it" Lola replied, and she hung up.

"Finally some space" she muttered and was about to open her ice cream when the doorbell rang.

"Betty are you playing tricks on me?" She stood, going to the door, but she was surprised to meet Kay.

He's standing there with a bouquet of sweet smelling flowers and a shopping bag, then a big smile.

"Kay?" She said surprisingly.

"Betty told me your address since you refused to, here" he handed her the flower and bag.

"Come in" she smiled, and they stepped in together.

"Hmm! Smells nice" she sniffed the flowers.

"Open the bag" he said, and she looked at him curiously before opening it slowly, only to meet a box containing a pure diamond hairpin.

Her eyes widened, and she quickly dropped it.

"No I can't take this" She stood, but he spranged up too and pulled her back.

"Kay I can't...

"Anything you want, you'd have. Even if you don't model for ten years, so far you're with me, you won't suffer, I'll give you everything and...

"I'm not after money, Kay. I'm living fine with modelling and...

"Swear to me that you don't want this 12M pure diamond hairpin. There are only two pieces in this country right now and the second one is still not sold out. You want it and...

Fiona slapped him before he could land, and his eyes widened.


"Wait...you think I'd say yes to you cos of a 12M hairpin? What do you take me for? A pauper? I might not be from a rich family but at least I make my own money! I'm the highest paid female model in this country and no one can beat that!" She shouted.

"I'm sorry Fiona, I didn't mean to talk to you like...

"Get out when you're done, I'm the foolish one who's too blind to see. You're a Mendez after all, and all of you in that family are psychos" she cut him off and rushed upstairs.

Kay looked at the ring on the table, then he smiled knowingly and touched his red cheek.

"Thankfully you know we're psychos" he said, took the ring and walked out of the house.



Roman and Rosy came out of the elevator hand in hand, smiling at each other as they walked to their room door.

It was Roman who opened the door with a key card, and they went in together.

"Oh my gawd! It's like a home!" She shouted, looking around.

"That's why this hotel and HQ are the most classic, they're literally homes" Roman replied, and she faced him slowly with wide eyes.

"There's a balcony too! A balcony!" She gushed, rushing out to the balcony.

"Cutie" Roman chuckled and followed her there..

"Aren't the stars closer from here? They're so pretty!" She gushed, and he smiled, looking at her.

"Yeah, really pretty" he said, still not taking his eyes off her.

"I wish to stare at this all night" she muttered.

"You can do that after changing that hospital uniform you're putting on" he replied, and she looked at herself.

"I can't believe I'm still wearing this" she looked up, and he took her out of the balcony.

"What do you want for dinner?" He asked.

"Steak" she replied, holding on to his arm.

"Done" he replied, going to the telephone beside the bed to make the call.

He made the order, and Rosy stood beside him throughout, not letting go of his arm.

"Order made, it'd be here before twenty minutes" he said.

"Yes captain!" She said, and he laughed.

"You look too happy" he said, holding her face with an hand.

"That's because i finally got out of my paper marriage, and i became a mother to my baby. He loves me and I love him most, and... typically I'm slightly rich, then... Stefan will soon run mad when he realizes our plan, and I'm starting my revenge with Olivia tommorow, and...and..." She stopped talking.

Roman looked curious, still holding her face.

"And what?" He asked.

"And you're right here beside me, and I can't ask for more, the happiness is too much that I feel like throwing a party. I might just die of happiness" she replied, and he smiled, leaning in to kiss her forehead.

"You deserve every good thing in the world mama, and like I said, I'm only just starting" he said, making her smile.

She hugged him so tight, and he returned the energy, though she cringed cos of her back, and he quickly released her.

"It'd get better tommorow morning, sorry for the pains mama" he whispered, and she pouted.

"I'll go change this hospital uniform" she replied.

He gave her forehead another kiss before releasing her.

She entered the closet, and her eyes widened again.

It's filled with varieties of both needed and unneeded clothes for male and female, even shoes and accessories.

"Now I understand what he meant when he said classic" she smiled.

She took off the the uniform and started looking for pyjamas, but then she sighted a blue shirt and went for it.

It's same as the one she wore at Roman's mansion the other time when it was raining.

She smiled, biting her lip slightly before putting it on, though the sleeves covered her arms completely but it's effing cute.

It's not long enough to reach her mid-thigh, it's shorter this time, but that only made it s*xier on her.

She wore white socks and white slip-ons before stepping out of the closet.

Roman is sitting in bed, pressing his phone, but then he looked up when he heard the door open, and his eyes widened when he saw her in the shirt.

Is she trying to drive him crazy? Well it worked.

Rosy smiled cutely, standing still on her spot as she felt his eyes raking her body intently.

 It became tensed, and she started blushing. She likes when he stares like this.

Roman suddenly stood, and she locked eyes with him as he strolled to her, but surprisingly, he walked past her, and her eyes widened.

Did he just... ignore her...

She was proved wrong when his arms suddenly grabbed her from behind.

A sharp gasp escaped her lips as she landed in his arms, and the slip-ons fell from her legs, leaving her in just her socks as he carried her into the closet and dropped her on a chair.

She was looking up at him as he rested his palms on the armrest of the chair, staring down at her.


"When you wear that, I think dirty" he whispered, and her heart skipped a beat.

"Dirty things like?" She whispered back, their gazes burning so intensely

"Kissing your lips... and the secret places on your body" he whispered, and Rosy gulped before talking again.

"Secret places like... like where?" She stuttered, and he gave her a short, naughty smile.

"You don't wanna know" he replied.

Before she could ask another question, he stood straight and started walking out of the room.

"I... wanna know" she said boldly, and he stopped walking.

"Secret places like...where?" She asked nervously, and he slowly turned back.

"Fine, don't scream though" he replied, and her eyes widened.

She took her bottom lip into her mouth as he walked back to her and pulled her up from the chair.

He sat on the chair instead, then he brought her to his laps to straddle him, so she's facing him, and her hands grabbed his shoulders.

He smiled the naughty smile again before starting to unbutton her shirt.

Her eyes widened when he undid the first button, and she swallowed hard when she undid the second, revealing her brà straps.

She held her breaths, feeling more and more nervous.

The worse is that she doesn't feel like standing up from this man's laps,, and the craving naughty look in his eyes as he did it...it's crazy..

He undid the third button, and she could feel her heartbeats coming f**king rapidly in her chest.

"Roman wait...

"Shh...Ros..." He looked up, leaning into her ear with a naughty smirk.

"You asked for it" he whispered, and she gulped again.

He undid the fourth button, revealing her caged b*+*bs to him inside her white br@ cups.

Slowly, he began pulling down her right br@ strap.


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