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Johnson Jr.2 - Episode 2




Johnson Jr.2 - Episode 2

Written by Sadiq infinity

NoticeThis story is Rated 20+  f_ul languages and $ex in writing.


Kate calling me was surprising, How did she get this number? Maybe from my cousins probably but I didn't bother asking! We talked about lots of things and the times we had fun together, It turns out she and Felicia were still staying together raising my kids, she even sent me their pics, they looked alot like they mother, Too bad I couldn't get to see them, After she insisted we meet. 

Kate ➡ We should meet sometime like old times

Johnson ➡ Yes Kate, but I'm busy studying so I'll call you to let you know! 

Kate ➡ Okay johnny boy, see you around! 

It was nice to hear Kate's voice, and I really miss those times when we were together, I laid on my bed looking at the ceiling, Why did life turn out like this? Before babes were at my disposal and I would f+ck them anyway I want but now...... 

I remembered Zombie's offer to go to the party, He was right, I need to have fun! I went to his room and knocked but it was opened by his Sl**t, turns outs she's still there, as I entered the room, this Smell of Shisha filled the room, Zombie and his b+tch were smoking their lungs out, not only do they look like Marley but they act like him. 

Zombie ➡ Johnny my man! Come to join me? 

Johnson ➡ No, just came to tell you, I'm going to the party! 

Zombie ➡ ehn! Now you're talking! This party is gonna be wild, babes everywhere, you can choose whoever you like. 

Johnson ➡ No just going to have a drink,  that's all. 

Zombie ➡ Hmm, johnny even female lecturer come in disguise to have fun, their husbands don't have time for them anymore so I get young blood like us to screw their brains out! 

Johnson ➡. Really? Okay, well I'll see you there. 

Zombie  ➡ No man, you and I are going! Together! 

Johnson ➡ Okay oo later. 

I went to  room to cook something to eat, what Zombie told me was fascinating, So even those Hardcore lecturers are joining, I just wish I could see my course lecturer Miss. Linda, I would f+ck her out. 

Miss. Linda is in her mid-forties , She looks serious and doesn't tolerate any students, She doesn't even give a extra mark if a student is not the verge of failing and she never gives another attendance if you miss one, But to be honest, that lady is hot, despite being older her body looked like she's 20, Smooth c-rvy hips, moderate br+asts and the big @$$, God! Looking at this lady always make me h+rny, Her husband is a professor in the same university but they pretend they don't know each other, what's up with that? 

And the second lecturer, was Miss Bisi, the woman was even more terrible than Linda, at the outside she looks nice and all but when it comes to any school activity that lady is a demon, the times when she's more wicked is during examination malpractice cause if she catches a student that means 👋 Bye! 

But though she may be nasty, but her body be  fyn bobo, She always wear short skirts which reveal her silk s+xy legs, her @$$ may not be a thing too watch but her br+asts, Oh my God! Milk factory is at work! She loves bouncing her b👀bs when she walks among male students or when she teaches in class, Every guy in that department wants to  grope her br+asts! 

So seeing this bitches in this party would be good time cause it would be an opportunity to make them slaves to my d+ck! 

Later, Zombie and I dressed and went for the party, in the girl's hostel, the matron was brides so she didn't mind the boys coming in, Zombie was right, it was wild and filled with Girls, s+xy looking b+tches of every size and shape! Not only that, the students were taking some kind of drugs, so I asked Zombie about it. 

Johnson ➡ Bro, what are they taking? 

Zombie ➡ That's Night shade! 

Johnson ➡ Night shade? 

Zombie ➡ Yes, its powerful, take too much of the stuff and you'll be dead within seconds! 

Johnson ➡ So who's making it? Who's the supplier? 

Zombie ➡ Don't know man! But I hear rumors that the ladies supply them! But don't tell anyone you heard it from me! 

Johnson ➡ Why? 

Zombie ➡ My bro, students die because of that stuff, 3yrs ago, the students school president was killed for trying to expose the drug supplier, so don't even try to snoop around or you're next. 

Johnson ➡ Thanks for the advice. 


I didn't say anything after that, who's wants to be a hero anyway? That's the movie's job not mine, So we continued going around the party, looking for chick, Some had already started having fun, Some were f+cking while some were giving each other blow+job even Gays were present at the party, F+cking fools! A bit later, Zombie was dragged off by his sl_t, and I was alone, so I went to the refreshment table to get a drink as I served my self, A girl bumped into me making me slip the drink, I wasn't mad, but she quickly apologized, I saw her and Damn! She was hot, she was fair and lovely, Though she was skinny and looked short but her assets were in order, everything perfect! 

Helen ➡ Sorry oo, i'm so sorry 

Johnson ➡ No p, don't worry, its just a mistake! 

Helen ➡  Look let me get u another drink! 

Johnson ➡ No don't worry, 

Helen ➡ Pls I insist! 

Johnson ➡ Okay! 

We went to another place of the party, we went to the school Shop and bought me a drink, we sat and began to talk, She was funny and stammerer, after that we introduced ourselves! 

Helen ➡ My names is Helen from marketing department! 

Johnson ➡ Nice to meet you Helen 

Helen ➡ So what's ur name? 

Johnson ➡ My name's Johnson Jr, but call me Johnny! 

To be continued...

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