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Johnson Jr.2 - Episode 1




Johnson Jr.2 -  Episode 1

Written by Sadiq infinity

NoticeThis story is Rated 20+  f_ul languages and $ex in writing.


 The Legend returns 👑!!! 

A year had passed when I entered university, Life at this stage had changed, Lectures were tough, lecturers were bullying us, the whole thing was a scam, but it is the key to a better life. 

My cousins had entered a different university, so I had no one to talk to, I no longer chased or fucked ladies anymore, I had cut off all contact with everyone except family. Weeks ago, I heard that my $£x slaves had given birth to my kids, I mean all of them, Vivian, Ifeoma, Felicia and even Kate. It was a long time since we talked so I never bothered to check on them, even when I went for semester holidays, I still didn't look up on them, I wanted to move on and start anew. 

So during my first day, in my 200level I moved to the hostels, and to make things better, every students had his own room, so no invasion of privacy, I moved in and packed in my stuff, life was good and I was looking on for a good semester this year. 

After I packed and arranged my stuff, i came out to have some air, as I was standing enjoying the silence, A weird guy walked pass me, He had this dreadlocks like Naira Marley, he walked funny and dressed funny, He was my neighbor, I entered his room and later came out with a bucket asking for me water! 

Zombie ➡ Hey, man! Ya got some water? 

Johnson ➡ No, just parked in! 

Zombie ➡ Sorry for my misconduct, my name is Jeffrey but call me Zombie. 

Johnson ➡ Mine is Johnson, nice to meet you! 

Zombie ➡ Pleasure is mine, nigger! 

We soon got along and talked about alot of things, though he may be weird but he was an interesting fellow, but he had one strange habit, whenever he was talking, he would be rubbing his hair backwards, What's up with that?. 

Zombie ➡ I seen you before! Always minding ur business, its good man! But you need to have some fun! 

Johnson ➡ Trust me, I've had lots of fun before coming here, I just want to study! 

Zombie ➡ Come on man! You mean you see all this s+xy @$$ walking by and you don't wanna knock in and enter. Babes here love big dicks. 

Johnson ➡ Sorry zombie, but I like the way, I am! 

Zombie ➡ Okay man! Suit urself, there's a party tonight in the Girls hostel, if you wanna join,  just call me! 

Johnson ➡ Thanks! 

As we were talking, A fair and attractive babe entered the place, God, She's what you call a complete Ashawo! She wore a small mini skirt with panty hose which was visible, She wore a white shirt with a writing on it "Slut" her boobs were big like melons even bigger than BigBam, her hair was dreadlocks like zombie, Seeing her made my dick kick! She came towards us and jumped on Zombie, he held her in his arms kissing and massaging her ass, Seeing them do that made me horny! They were Just kissing and touching eachother like they were going to have sex right there and then. 

They stopped what they were doing and Zombie introduced me to his Slut. 

Zombie ➡ Johnson, meet my cum dump, Vixen! Shes my whore, fuck her brains every now and then, Baby, this is my new homie, Johnson. 

Vixen ➡ Hi, Johnson, you look hunky, if you want I could hook you up! Its free no pay! 

Johnson ➡ No V, I'm good! 

Zombie ➡ Okay, Homie, I need to get busy, Vixen here is hungry for some thick milk drink! See you later! 

He took her up in his arms and entered his room locking the door, I also entered my room to lay down! Before I knew what was happening, Vixen was shouting and moaning her lungs out, Zombie was really doing a number in her pussy, I heard crazy loud smack sounds! What kind of d+ck does this guy have? He groaned as he fucked her c+nt, I tried to listen to some music to block out the sounds but Vixen was really shouting loud, the sound of yes, yes, yes, filled the place! Those that heard the sounds were hailing and urging the f+ck to continue, My d+ck was already erect, I needed to cool and chill my self, I don't need this kind of distraction now! 

I laid down on my bed, enduring the sounds, but soon I had had enough, Vixen moans and screams were getting louder and louder, The smacking sounds of their flesh also increased! I wanted to see what he was f+cking her with, the sounds were just unreal. Vixen continued screaming saying rubbish as Zombie banged the life out of her. 

"Yes, yes, f+ck me you son of a bitch, fck my c+nt, yes, yes ohhh, God even my 12inches rubber d+ck can satisfy me, yes, yes, Bang that Pussy, F-U-C-K!!!! 

That was enough, I went out of the hostel and went straight to the school shop to buy something, as I reached the shop, no one was inside, I called the shop owner but He wasn't answering, I waited for him to return but still he didn't come, Soon I heard moans behind the shop, I went around quietly to check, as i arrived, I saw the shop owner, Oga Jones banging a small girl, from her looks, she was like those level 100  types student, The fat toad grabbed the girl's hip and was shoving his entire d+ck, The little bitch was enjoying it, she moaned pushing her @$$ for Oga James! I watched them enjoying themselves, In not less than a minute, He came inside the girl! Without any condom strapped to his d+ck, I quickly went back and waited for him to come, Soon he came sneaking quietly, sweating 💦 like he had run for miles, He froze as he saw me! 

Oga James ➡ Johnny na wetin u dey do here? 

Johnson ➡ I wan buy something! How come you dey sweat? You fight? 

Oga James ➡ No, I just dey Uhm, ease myself! 

Johnson ➡ hmm, okay give me one bread and sardine! 

Oga James ➡ Okay. 

He gave me the items and payed him off, The pig had a wife at home, with grown up kids like me! But instead of thanking God what he has, he's here screwing a small girl and if she gets pregnant now, he'll deny it. I walked slowly back to the hostel, The banging had stopped and I could relax, I laid on my bed wondering about earlier, my phone started Ringing, I picked the call without knowing who it was! 

Johnson ➡ Hello Johnson speaking! 

Unknown ➡ Hi, Johnson, long time no see! 

Johnson ➡ Uhm sorry, who's this? 

Unknown ➡ So you've forgotten huh? Its me, Kate! 

Johnson ➡ Kate??? 

To be continued.... 

Hi, everyone, Here's the next adventure of Johnson 

Hope you enjoy it!

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