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Johnson Jr.2 - Episode 3




Johnson Jr.2 - Episode 3

Written by Sadiq infinity

NoticeThis story is Rated 20+  f_ul languages and $ex in writing.


We continued talking and drinking till we were both tipsy but not complete, As we talked she was staring at me with lust in her eyes, biting her lips like she was attracted to me, I pretended not to notice but she made the move! 

Helen ➡ Let's get out of here! 

Johnson ➡ Are you tired? 

Helen ➡ No, this place is tiresome, let's go do something fun! 

Johnson ➡ What do you have in mind? 

After a couple of minutes, we ended up in my room in the hostel, We were both kissing each other like savages, I quickly removed her skirt and tore out her p@nts and her p+$$y came into view, it was hairless and it looked cute, so i f+ngered her, She let out a mo@n, her c+nt was tight  She m+aned harder as I continued f+ngering her c+nt, her body twitched as she came on my fingers, I pushed her on the bed, and quickly removed my trousers, my d+ck came dangling out as it stood €r€ct, She gasped when she saw my d+ck, holding it in her hands! 

Helen ➡ Jesus, ur d+ck is big! 

Johnson ➡ I see you like big d+cks! So take care of it. 

She came close and swallowed my d+ck inside her small mouth, she sucked it hard like she was trying to rip it out, She swallowed my d+ck deeper inside her mouth, I could feel my d+ck pulsing inside her throat, I also pushed my d+ck inside her mouth, She took my whole d+ck inside her mouth like a pro, her throat was squashing my d+ck, The pleasure was too immense, So I came deep inside her throat, she almost choked as I came. Where did she learn to suck d+ck like this? 

Helen ➡ Wow, you c+m like a horse! 

Johnson ➡ yeah, so enough talk, spread ur legs bitch! 

She giggled as she opened her lovely legs, her p+$$y looked so tempting and it looked so pink. I came close to her adjusting my d+ck, I slowly rubbed my d+ck cap at the entrance of her p+$$y, She m+aned as her c+nt was dripping wet, Slowly I plunged in, Her c+nt was too tight, it was like she was a virgin! She m0@ned as I continued pushing my d+ck inside her, soon my whole d+ck was inside and started thrusting her slowly, Her p+$$y was squeezing my d+ck tight, Fucking a tight p+$$y was no easy job, I started sweating 💦, So I  removed my shirt and continued drilling her, As time went by, I started f+cking her faster, Her c+nt was dripping wet like crazy, her body was twitching as I f+cked her, She wrapped her legs around my waist, and her hands scratching my back, I hammered her c+nt faster and faster, Helen m0@ned like crazy, with every thrust into her, her body jerked violently, her b👀bs looked so refreshing as they  bounced, I sucked them, biting her n+pples, She screamed hard, begging to f+ck her harder! I rammed in deep, shoving my d+ck with every ounce of energy, Helen eyes were teary as she looked at me, she looked so cute and we kissed, I continued ramming her p+$$y, till she came hard on my d+ck, I continued fucking her till  I also came into her c+nt! 

Her body was heaved, as she gasped for breath, she looked so hot, my d+ck was still hard, so I adjusted her and f+cked her @$$, 

Helen ➡ What are you doing? 

Johnson ➡ Ur @$$ is so tempting, I want to pound it! 

Helen ➡ Stop, I've never f+cked like this! 

Johnson ➡ Don't worry, it won't hurt! 

I tried pushing  my d+ck into her tiny @$$, It was hard and tight to penetrate so I rubbed some lotion around my d+ck, lubricating it, I grabbed her @$$ cheeks and shoved my d+ck into her @$$, She screamed as I entered, her @$$ clenched tight onto my d+ck, She was really crushing my d+ck, I hammered her fast and deep, Helen screamed with every thrust I made into her @$$, My thigh and her @$$ made smacking sounds as they collided! Helen's scream filled the room, even my neighbors could even hear us, and as it turns out Zombie was back from the party, he heard Helen's scream and hailed me. 

Zombie ➡ F+ck her, man! That's the spirit, break her c+nt and @$$, make her walk like someone pregnant, fill her c+nt with semen, Knock the bitch up! 

You all hear that, that's my friend, Johnson! 

I continued f+cking her @$$ for some minutes, Helen began to cry, my thrusts into her became faster as I was going to c+m, I quickly removed my d+ck and shoved it into her p+$$y and C+m deep! She held onto me as I came! After I came, I slept besides her, Helen looked amazing with her small body, her p+$$y was the right size for my big d+ck! 

She kept on dropping tears from her eyes, so I decided to console her! 

Johnson ➡ Sorry Helen! 

Helen ➡ Don't touch me! 

Johnson ➡ Pls I'm sorry for hurting you! 

Helen ➡ You were rough, I would have allowed you to take my @$$ but that doesn't mean you should destroy my b-tt, it still hurts. 

Johnson ➡ Sorry Helen! You were so amazing, and sweet, ur body made me loose control, you're just toi tempting! I'm sorry and I promise never to hurt you again! 

Helen ➡ Okay, so does that mean we get to be  together? 

Johnson ➡ Yes baby

We kissed warmly, I grabbed hold of her tiny body, it was all mine and It was my own personal fuck toy! We slept off together till morning. As morning came, We both took bath together, As I was kissing and massaging her br+asts, she was stroking my d+ck! 

After the bath, She wore her clothes and went off, She couldn't walk properly cause of the assault on her @$$, Poor bitch, but before she went off, she gave me her number! Wow, I already have a girlfriend, sweet life! 

I went out to throw away my trash, Zombie bumped into me! 

Zombie ➡ Damn! Man, you totally destroyed  that little bird, see how she's walking! 

Johnson ➡ You know her? 

Zombie ➡ Helen? Of course little chic with nice body, She was deflowered a week after she started this school! Since then she's been keeping away from boys, some say she's a l+sbian! 

Johnson ➡ oh, I see, (no wonder her c+nt was tight) 

As Zombie and I were talking, we saw students rushing to the trash dumping area, There was a large crowd over there, even the school security guards were there, we quickly went to see what was happening, and as we arrived, We saw a dead body, the corpse was stinking, a whitish stuff came out from his mouth and in his hands a little wrapper of some kind! 

After we left the place, everyone started talking, some were even murmuring, it turns out that the guy that was found dead, died as a result of the drug, Zombie told me about, The Night shade! 

Just what the hell was happening in this school? How can everyone keep quiet when people are dying because of this drug? Something has to be done! 

To be continued..

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