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Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 53 & 54




Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 53 & 54

SUBTLE: Ruthless Heart

THEME: His Little Bride

GENRES: Dark/Couples Romance/Action/Erotica

TAGS: Contract Marriage,Mafias,Deaths,Bloody,Suspense,Secrets,Cold Hearted,College,Jealousy,M*rders,Love Triangles,Rivals,Age Gap,S£x.

Written By, Summer Gold R.             



"I want to f**k you here" Ace smirked and Lily's eyes widened. 

"What are you talking about?? This is a school" Lily said. 

"So what??" Ace asked with a flirty smile. 

Lily quickly jumped down from the desk. 

"Why am I here??" She asked. 

Ace sighed and sat down,he took a paper and checked it out. 

"I have no business with your class today" He muttered and Lily nodded.  

"You should be prepared tomorrow tho,don't you dare miss my class or you're dead" Ace said and Lily chuckled.

"It's funny seeing you act like a lecturer" She said. 

"Tell your mates too,I'm subtracting two points from your GPA once you miss one of my lectures" Ace said and Lily's eyes widened.

"What?!!" She screamed. 

Ace stood up and took his car key. 

"See you tomorrow" he smiled at Lily before walking out of the office. 

Lily immediately ran after him but he already walked a mile away.

"Is he being serious right now? The students will hate him" She muttered and bite her lips. 

"Lily!" Roxanna called from behind and Lily turned to see her and Leo. 

"We are going for lunch before the next class,come on" Roxanna said. 

Lily smiled and immediately ran to join them. 

"What happened with the hot lecturer?" Roxanna asked as they walked together.

"Nothing much,just know that when you miss any of his lecture,you lost two points from your GPA" Lily said and Roxanna grinned which made Lily frown.

"Are you really grinning right now?"

"Why not? I don't think it's a hard task to do,coz I'm not planning to miss any of his classes,even if it's midnight" Roxanna smiled and Lily rolled her eyes.

"You know him right?" Leo suddenly asked and Lily looked at him.

"It was that guy...the other night" Leo said and Lily nodded. 

"What? You know him?" Roxanna asked in surprise.

"He's......like an elder friend" Lily touched her hair.

"Older friend?" Roxanna asked and Lily nodded. 

"Does that mean he's like a brother? Then you won't have to worry about your grades...."

"Roxanna!" Leo shouted.

"Sorry" Roxanna muttered and Lily chuckled.

"I'm just curious" She said.

"What if someone hear you? The rumors will go around and you know that" Leo scoffed and walked away,Lily followed him. 

"Geez" Roxanna scoffed before she also ran after them. 


Ace got into his car and dialed Razor's number first,he answered at once. 

"Did you get Pinkie's location?" Ace asked. 

"I told you I was right,that bitch is in X-MOB right now" Razor said.


"What if she spill out sh*ts to them?" Razor asked. 

"I will take care of that" Ace muttered and hung up at once. 



Pinkie was in her room,it was all quiet. She sighed as she stared out of the window but nothing cool to watch,she closed the curtain back and at that period,her phone rang,she quickly took it and answered thinking it's Leo.

📞 Hello??

📞 You're such a drama queen. 

The familia cold voice said and Pinkies hands shook that the phone almost fell from her hand. 

📞 A...Ace??" 

📞 Yes it's me,you must have been expecting someone else. 

📞 Why are you calling me?? After trying to kill me again?

📞 I'm calling you because I still want to kill you.

Ace said and Pinkie kept quiet.

📞 But for the main time you're out of sight,don't try any sh*t there. 

📞 What if I do??

📞 I will send the video of how your family get killed..

📞 Don't you dare!

Pinkie shouted. 

📞 You know I love keeping my promise....I will start with the knife,after tearing their bodies,then I will throw them into a furnace.....or maybe a lion's den,that will be more sweeter to watch,don't you think??

Tears rolled down Pinkies eyes. 

📞 I know you're crying right now......but you shouldn't have messed with me in the first place,like you always said,you know me more than anyone else. You should know I can also do everything I'm spilling out right now,I'm a devil,like you always call me. Don't try to act smart,eyes are watching you. My regards to Garrett. 

Ace hung up and Pinkie fell on the floor,crying. 

"I should have known.......this is not going to help me....it won't" Pinkie said in tears. 


As soon as Ace dropped the call,he looked up to see the last person he wanted to see...yeah....his mom walking toward her car but she wasn't looking good at all,she's not in a good state,that was when Ace looked up to find out she was coming out of the hospital. He quickly stopped the car and watched her open her car carefully,it took her a while before she finally drove off. 

"How can you be sick in this situation??" Ace muttered and almost drove off but then he suddenly stopped and got down from the car. 

He walked into the hospital and went straight to the nurse in sight.

"Hello" The nurse immediately greeted. 

"Where's the Doctor?" Ace asked. 

"Oh,you want to see the Doctor?" 

"I'm sure you heard me" Ace said.

"Oh...please come with me" The nurse said and Ace rolled his eyes before following her,he hate coming to the hospital so much. 

They continue walking until finally the nurse stopped in front of the office.

"Please wait here I will....." Before she could finish,Ace opened the door and went in,he closed the door and the Doctor looked up.

"Who...are you??" He asked. 

"I'm not a patient,I'm here to ask you a question" Ace said.

"What question??" The Doctor asked. 

"The patient who left just now,why was she here??" Ace asked calmly walking toward the window.

"You mean...Lady Maria??" The doctor asked and Ace nodded,that's his mom's name. 

"I'm sorry but....I can't disclose that to anyone" The Doctor said and just like that,Ace appeared behind him. 

"Even with a gun on your skull?" He asked and the Doctor froze.

Ace chuckled.

"Don't be scared,I'm not going to bring it out if you cooperate with me" he said and sat down in front of the Doctor who was shaking.

"Stop shaking if you want to live" Ace frowned and the Doctor managed to sit down comfortably. 

"Now start talking" Ace ordered. 

"Okay....lady Maria....has been my patient for ....ten years now" The Doctor started.

"She's suffering from...dementia" The Doctor said and Ace looked at him more closely.

"Explain more deeply" he said

"It's a brain disease that causes a slow decision in memory,thinking and reasoning skills" The doctor said.

"Did you say...you've been taking care of her for ten years??" Ace asked and the doctor nodded. 

"And still,no solution??" Ace asked.

"She said she don't want a surgery" 

"Why!!!" Ace shouted.

"She said she have the belief that she might still get the memory of her son back" the Doctor said and Ace could feel his whole body becoming weak. 

"What....what....did you just say??" He asked.

"I'm saying the truth,believe me please that's all she told me. I think she lost her son and can't recognize him....."

Ace got up and the Doctor shifted back in fear but Ace rushed out of the office making him sigh out loudly. He immediately dialed a number through the office line phone.

📞 Yes Doc

📞 Don't allow anyone in my office again!!!

He yelled out and cut the call,trying to catch his breath. 



"Welcome boss" The guards all greeted but Ace only ran pass them and went inside,he kept on ignoring everyone on the way till he got to Loretto's suite,he opened the door at once,Razor was just coming out.

"Oh you're here...."

"Move" Ace snapped and walked out of Razor's sight.

"What's with him?" Razor turned,he could see sadness and anger written all over his face. 

Ace entered Loretto's office and Loretto looked up.

"Who made you mad??" He asked. 

Ace got closer to the table and pushed off every little thing on the table angrily. 

"What are you doing?!" Loretto shouted angrily. 

"Don't.....make me more angry than this....Loretto" Ace said one after the other,his hands shaking on the table with his veins visible,it's obvious he was so f**king angry. 

"What happened" Loretto asked. 

"What did you do to her" Ace asked still trying to calm down.

"Who are you talking about......."

"What did you do to my mom!!!!!" Ace yelled pushing the table away and Loretto's eyes widened.

"You met with Maria......"

Ace grabbed Loretto's collar and dragged him up,his eyes are so red right now.

"Tell me...no....don't tell me...it was you....behind her brain disease...please don't tell me that" Ace said. 

Loretto looked away.

"You found out quite too late" he muttered and Ace lost his remaining strength. 

He released Loretto and balls of tears rolled down his eyes,his hands still shaking uncontrollably.

"Why....why....why did...you....why..."

"You think a mother in her real state of mind will release her child?! You're the fool here..."

"You told me she abandoned me!!!" Ace yelled.

"And you believed me!!!" Loretto yelled back. 

Ace shifted back,more tears falling from his eyes 

"I never forced you to believe me son....."

"How sure am I ......that you're even my father?? How...how could you...do this to your son's mother?? How??" 

Loretto scoffed. 

"You look horrible when you cry,when you're done,feel free to leave and come back,I will postpone the mission till tomorrow so be here tomorrow" Loretto said and walked out of the office. 

"Ahhhh!!!!" Ace groaned out painfully,he was hardly breathing,his whole body was feeling so hot and he felt like dying. 

Thinking of how much he had hated his mother his whole life make him wanna die.

He started punching the hard wall,while crying out bitterly. His hands were bleeding so badly and the wall was stained with his blood but he didn't stop,he kept on punching,hurting himself in the process. 

"Ace!" Razor rushed in and grabbed him from the back while Across tried pushing Razor away.

"Stop it!! You will break your bones!" Razor yelled and pushed her to the floor. 

Ace continue crying loudly,Razor sighed out as he stared at him,it's his first time seeing him cry so bitterly.

"I.....I want to die" Ace muttered.

"Is that the solution?? You should go to her....."

"I can't......I....don't....deserve to be her son" Ace cried. 

Razor sighed.

"Do you want me to start crying too? Stop crying dude,I hate tears" He said but Ace didn't stop.  



Lily was pacing round the living room,the house was quiet already meaning most people are asleep aside the guards but Lily couldn't even sleep. She kept on trying Ace's number but no answer from him,she was deeply worried that her heart was beating fast,she doesn't even understand why she was feeling that way but all she wanted that moment was to see him,nothing else. 

She was still pacing when suddenly the door opened and Ace came in,but a different side today....he was totally drunk. 

"Ice!!" Lily's phone dropped from her hand and she immediately ran to him.

"Why are you so drunk? What happened??" Lily asked,holding him tightly. 

Ace smiled.

"Were you waiting for me??" He asked. 

Lily's eyes went to his two hands bandaged and she gasped almost tearfully.

"You got hurt again?!!" She shouted and finally dropped him on the couch.

"What the f**k happened to you??" She asked and touched his phone,she didn't know when tears started falling from her eyes.

"I told you not to get hurt,I hate it so much when you're in pain" She sniffs. 

Ace touched her face and wiped a ball of tears from her eyes. 

"Run away from me kitten" he said. 

"And why should I do that??" Lily asked.

"The truth is....I'm scared" Ace said.

"Scared?? Of what??" Lily asked.

"I'm scared.....he might do something to hurt you too......I don't want you to get hurt.....I might just die if that happens,so leave....."

"That's nonsense,I'm never going to leave you,never,don't force me" Lily said and hugged him. 

"I love you Ice" She whimpered.


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