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Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 51 & 52




Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 51 & 52

SUBTLE: Ruthless Heart

THEME: His Little Bride

GENRES: Dark/Couples Romance/Action/Erotica

TAGS: Contract Marriage,Mafias,Deaths,Bloody,Suspense,Secrets,Cold Hearted,College,Jealousy,M*rders,Love Triangles,Rivals,Age Gap,S£x.

Written By, Summer Gold R.             




"This is really unexpected,how can there be a new lecturer??" A lecturer said,they are all waiting for the chancellor. 

"I know right? Too sudden" Another one scoffed. 

"I don't think this should cause problem between us,at least you wouldn't be paying him" Prof Nana,another young lecturer In her early 30s said. 

At that moment,the Chancellor appeared with Ace behind him,his two hands inside his pocket. 

Everyone became quiet immediately and some looked at Ace with shocking looks,obviously they were not expecting him to be that young. 

"Morning everyone....." The chancellor was still saying when Ace sat down and crossed his legs. 

Everybody exchanged glances. 

Ace looked up. 

"Any problem?" He asked. 

"Of course not" The chancellor smiled.

"Please meet our new staff,Professor Ronnie,he graduated from Harvard with a first class degree" The chancellor said proudly and everyone gasped. 

Ace scoffed when some of the female lecturers started giving him flirty looks.

"He will be based on psychology for the final year students,please welcome him" The chancellor Finished his introduction and they started clapping. 

"How about a drink after today? We should celebrate Mr Ronnie's first day......"

"Can I see my office?" Ronnie cut the lady talking off and she took her lips in. 

"Of course,Miss Nana,please take him to his office" The chancellor said and immediately Nana stood up. 

Ace also got up and followed Nana out. 

"I'm not in for this new dude" One of the male lecturer said. 

"Why?" The chancellor asked. 

"Isn't he too young to be here?? He's obviously just about thirty years old...." 

"He's twenty six" The chancellor cut in.

"What?!!!" They all shouted. 

"You can now rest and mind your speech" The chancellor said and walked away leaving everyone speechless.

"He's rude" someone suddenly said. 

"Obviously" Another prof agreed. 

"You are just jealous" The ladies said and started leaving one after the other. 

Prof Ben who have been quiet also got up and walked out. 



"Here we are" Nana said and Ace looked around the office before nodding his head. 

"Cool" He said and sat down on the seat with his two legs on the table. 

Nana stood there looking at him until Ace raised his head to see her staring. 

"What else??" He asked. 

"Did you really graduated with a first class degree in Harvard?" Nana asked. 

"Why? You want evidence?" Ace asked. 

"I'm not saying you're lying" Nana immediately said. 

"Even if that's what you mean,I have no evidence to show you" Ace said and Nana bite her lips

"Well,I'm sure you will love the school,our students are really intelligent,and by the way,I'm Nana" Nana said,stretching her hand for a shake. 

Ace shook hands with her and she smiled. 

"See you around" Nana said and turned to walk away,Ace's eyes followed her shaking @ss. 

"Nice @ss" he said and Nana turned.

Ace smiled. 

"Thanks" Nana said before going out. 

Almost immediately,Razor's call came on the phone. 

📞 What. 

Ace rolled his eyes. 

📞 What do you mean what?! You know Godfather mustn't hear about this sh*t you are doing dude!

Razor yelled. 

📞 Maybe your scream might alarm him,he want me to kill Garrett son. 

Ace said. 

📞 Then do that and get the f**k out of there before you blow covers.

Razor said. 

📞 He's Lily's friend,I can't just kill him without her knowing the kind of person he is,she might hate me,I don't want that. 

Ace explained.

📞 Dude you're giving me headache,you can expose him without going to that school.

📞 Let's talk later .

📞 Don't you dare hang up!!

Ace hung up and dropped his phone. 

His mind went to Lily's face when she saw him earlier and he chuckled. 

"Cute" He muttered. 



"What do you mean by Ace is in school??" Scar appeared behind Razor's back as soon as he dropped his phone. 

"It's nothing" Razor muttered and Scar frowned.

"What do you mean? Tell me what's going on,aren't we friends anymore? You're going to abandon me just like Ace?" Star asked and Razor groaned. 

"What are you talking about?? It's just something that I shouldn't let anyone know" Razor said. 

"I'm not anyone" Scar snapped.

"Fine" Razor muttered and explained things to her. 

"Is he crazy? That can be dangerous,those people will come for him sooner than we expected" Scar said. 

"Don't worry about him,you know he's not weak...."

"Of course I know he's not weak,but he almost died last month if he wasn't smart enough,does that wife of his even know what Ace is doing for her,he should just leave her to focus on her stup*d bestie" Scar hissed and walked away angrily. 

"Wow" Razor muttered and chuckled,staring at Scar as he walked away. 


Blondie sat down beside Nicki at the arena,she was the only one there before. 

"Are you also here because they don't want you near the meeting room?" Nicki asked and Blondie nodded. 

"I think there will be an exchange tonight,and obviously we wouldn't be among. I don't know how to convince the boss anymore that I am totally okay" Blondie sighed out. 

Nicki also sighed out. 

"I'm fed up,not doing anything for weeks is making me go crazy." she muttered. 

"We should talk to Razor,he can help us talk to the boss....."

"Sorry but I'm not in" Razor said as be walked past them.

Nicki and Blondie looked at each other and groaned. 

"You two should try going out and have fun instead of thinking about mission which obviously you won't be a part of" Whiskey said as he came in with Hermes. 

"Don't make things worse" Nicki said. 

"I'm just saying the truth" Whiskey sat down beside Blondie. 

"You should try washing your hair Blondie,it's becoming annoying" Hermes said. 

"Stop talking like you don't know her arm isn't strong enough dude" Nicki snapped.

Blondie stuck out here tongue out at Hermes. 

"I can help you wash it" Whiskey said and Blondie immediately faced him with a smile.


Whiskey nodded. 

"Can we go now??" Blondie asked. 

"Of course,sure" Whiskey said and Blondie immediately got up,Whiskey followed her. 

Hermes and Nicki exchanged glances. 

"You should take a rest" Hermes muttered and turned to go. 

"Hermes" Nicki called and he stopped. 

"Do you need anything?" He faced her. 

"Why are you so awkward around me these days??" Nicki asked. 

"What are you talking about?" Hermes smiled. 

"Fake smile" Nicki said and Hermes bite his lips.

"You don't even look at my face anymore,you don't talk to me like before and you always try to avoid me...why?? Did I do something wrong or what??" Nicki asked. 

"I'm trying to get over you" Hermes said and Nicki looked at him. 

"I've never told you before but....I like you a lot,and you're obviously not feeling the same way" he said. 

"So...avoiding me works?" Nicki asked softly.

"It might take time,but it would. So don't worry about me" Hermes said and walked away. 

Nicki bite her bottom lip. 

"How stup*d" she mumbled. 


Flash was sitting on the rooftop alone when suddenly a can of drink appeared in his face and he turned to see Spudz. 

"Spudz?" He called.

"Do I look different?" Spudz scoffed. 

Flash smiled and took the can from her then she sat down.

"I'm just surprised" He said. 

"About the drink?" Spudz asked,also opening her own. 

"No,surprise because the girl I've been trying my best to make her like me but never gave me attention is now sitting beside me without me asking" Flash said.

"You're crazy" Spudz scoffed and Flash chuckled.

"Why do you think I always come to you? Isn't it obvious?" He asked. 

"I'm not your type" Spudz muttered,sipping from her drink.

"Do you know my type?" Flash asked. 

"I don't want to know" Spudz muttered and Flash sighed. 

He also uncapped the drink and sipped. 

"Thanks for this anyway" Flash muttered.

Spudz secretly stared at him before looking away. 



Lily walked slowly as she approached Ace's office,a junior student came to call for the course rep and unfortunately she's the one,she doesn't even want to see him today at all,she was f**kimg nervous.

Finally she stopped In front of the office and knocked gently. 

"Come in" Ace's voice came on and Lily scoffed before opening the door and went in. 

Ace was on his phone but then raised his head to see Lily. 

"Oh wow,you're the course rep??" Ace asked. 

"Seriously? Are you going to pretend not to know me?? Mr Ronnie?" Lily asked and Ace smiled. 

"Come here" he gestured his hand. 

Lily pouted and walked closer to him. 

"What are you doing in my school? You didn't tell me a thing..."

"It's a surprise" Ace smiled. 

"You call this a surprise? What do you want to teach?? Are you a lecturer?"

"What do you mean?? I told you I always top my class during my school days,you don't believe me??" Ace asked. 

"That doesn't answer the question,why are you here??" Lily asked. 

"You will find out later,not now" Ace muttered.

"Then you must follow whatever I'm about to say now" Lily said. 

"What? You're giving me rules or what?" Ace asked. 

"Yes I am" Lily replied and Ace chuckled. 

He got up and held Lily's waist,he carried her and dropped her on the desk.

"Someone might come on" Lily said.

"I will shoot the person's eyes..."

"Are you telling me you brought a gun here or what?" Lily frowned.

"No I didn't,you can start talking" Ace said.

"Okay....stop smiling when you are in class" Lily said and Ace raised his brows.

"The chancellor said I shouldn't appear mean..."

"Appear mean,you hardly smile at me when we are in the house,don't smile,the girls in my department are talking about how sexy your smile is and it's annoying" Lily said and Ace chuckled.

"Okay,noted" he muttered. 

" they said your voice is sexy too,can you change your voice when you're in class??" Lily asked. 

"Are you serious right now?? How can I change my voice??" Ace asked.

"I don't know okay?? They talked about your walking steps too....."

"Okay okay,I will do everything you want,can I talk now?? I also have something to say" Ace said. 

"Don't tell me to stay away from Leo" Lily said.

"But....why?? I obeyed yours..."

"You're going to make it obvious,nobody must find out about us,that's going to be a disaster now that you're here" Lily said and Ace nodded with a sigh. 

"Fine" He muttered.

"I'm sorry,I will make it up to you" Lily said 

"You can make it up now" Ace said.

"How??" Lily asked. 

Ace touched the desk.

"It's quite flat and tall" He said and Lily raised her brows. 

"What are....you trying to say??" She asked. 

"I want to f**k you here" Ace smirked and Lily's eyes widened. 


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