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Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 55 & 56




Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 55 & 56

SUBTLE: Ruthless Heart

THEME: His Little Bride

GENRES: Dark/Couples Romance/Action/Erotica

TAGS: Contract Marriage,Mafias,Deaths,Bloody,Suspense,Secrets,Cold Hearted,College,Jealousy,M*rders,Love Triangles,Rivals,Age Gap,S£x.

Written By, Summer Gold R.             



"I love you ice" She whimpered. 

She embraced him for such a long period of time that Ace fell asleep on her shoulder. She didn't move either,she made sure she was comfortable and deeply asleep before dropping him carefully on the couch,she took off his shoes and placed his legs on the couch also. 

Lily had to touch his forehead to discover that he was running temperature badly,in reflex to that,she rushed into the kitchen and grabbed one of the towels,she soaked it with cold water and rushed back onto the living. She squatted right beside the couch and placed the towel on his forehead,she heard Ace grunt a little and she sighed.

"I wonder what happened to him"  Lily said in a low tone filled with worries and sadness. She touched his face,starting from his full eyebrows,then his lips. 

"Did he hear my confession or not??" Lily sighed out and gently placed her head on Ace's chest trying to find some sleep that way also. 

It was almost one hour later that Ace opened his eyes but he couldn't move,he was surprised to see Lily's head on his chest sleeping. 

'I love you Ice' Lily's voice rang in his head and he sighed out. 

"Don't love me,it's dangerous" He muttered as if Lily was listening. He focused on her pretty face for a while before gently getting up on the couch,he carried Lily in a bridal way and went straight upstairs,he entered Lily's room and dropped her on the bed,after covering her with the duvet,he left the room. 



Lily woke up the next day to find herself on her bed,in her room. 

"How....did I get here??" She grumbled sleepily trying to remember but nothing came. 

She was still stretching and closing her eyes when her phone rang out loudly,she groaned and stretched her hand to pick it on the bedstand table,on the screen was written Best Roxanna. Lily answered the call. 

📞 Are you on your way?? It's almost 9am...Not lecturer class.

Lily scoffed,Ace probably won't attend the class right??

She haven't even answered Roxanna when the door opened and Madam Hope entered. 

"No class this morning?" She asked. 

"Where's he??" Lily also asked. 

"Sir Ace left home about an hour ago" Madam Hope replied and Lily's eyes widened. 

She immediately hung up and rushed into the bathroom,she shouldn't risk it or the students will start getting suspicious. 

That morning,Lily has a quick bath and rushed back into her room,she opened her closet and settled for joggers and crop top,she wore her sneakers and grabbed a jacket before rushing out of the room with her bag,she didn't even bother brushing her hair. 

As she rushed down the stairs,madam Hope appeared. 

"I'm sorry,I will eat breakfast in school!!" Lily said loudly and ran out. Roger and Walter were waiting already,Roger opened the door for her as if he knew she was late. 

"Thanks Roger" Lily breathe out and Roger answered with a simple nod and a slight smile before joining Walter in front. 

Lily started arranging her hair with her fingers when the car started. 

She checked the time and it's just 8:30am,the ride to school is about forty five minutes. 

"Gosh" Lily groaned and roughed his hair,she bite her lips and decided to accept her fate. 



Razor opened his phone message and checked out the countless messages from Roxanna.

💬 HEY!!



The emoji made Razor chuckled but then sighed. 

"This won't end well" He muttered. 

"What are you thinking about?? Do you have a girlfriend now?? Who??" Scar joined him.

"Are you stalking me??" Razor asked without looking at her. 

"Do I look like someone who can stalk you??" Scar scoffed. 

"Who knows" Razor muttered. 

There was silence for a while until Razor spoke up. 

"Are you going to give up on Ace??" He asked. Scar looked up at him and breathe up. 

"Isn't that what y'all wanted??" She asked and Razor brought his face close to hers.

"What are you doing??" Scar asked,looking at his lips which is now close to hers. 

"That's what I want,because it's the right thing to do,nothing else" Razor said and smiled before moving his face back. 

"I won't keep quiet if you do that again" Scar rolled her eyes.

"Why?? Did I make your heart race?" Razor smirked. 

"In your dream,I can't like any other guy" Scar said and Razor smiled. 

"You're not my type either" he said.

"Probably,I know" Scar scoffed.

"Glad you know" Razor smiled. 



"Lily!! Over here!!" 

Lily heard the voice as she was rushing to the class and she turned to see Roxanna and Leo. 

"What? You guys didn't enter the class?" Lily asked looking at Roxanna and then Leo.

"We can't go in without you,especially when you will loose some points,let's loose together" Roxanna said and Lily chuckled.

"Did Leo really agreed to that??" She looked at Leo who nodded gently before grabbing Lily's hand. 

"Let's go" he said softly and started walking with Lily,Roxanna smiled and also followed. 

"O..M..G" Roxanna gasped as they approached the class,it was totally filled up.

"I knew it" Roxanna said. 

Ace was already standing in front of the class but not teaching,his two hands in his pocket,there was total silence In the hall except the girls whispering to each other about Ace. 

Roxanna entered with Lily and Leo and all eyes fell on them,the moment Ace turned,the first place his eyes went to was Lily and Leo's locked hands. 

He scoffed inwardly and could see Leo looking at him,he obviously did it intentionally. 

"We are sorry......"

"Go on" Ace muttered.

"Thank you!!" Roxanna said loudly. 

Lily released her hand from Leo's grip and followed Roxanna,Leo and Ace's eyes met and Ace smiled at him. 

"Come on,go and sit down" Ace said. 

👥 Awwwn!!

👥 He's so nice

👥 His smile me killing me

👥 I just love that mole on his face. 

After a minute,Ace finally moved up and turned on the board. The topic came into view. 


"Is there anyone with the idea of what social psychology is?" Ace asked and there was silence. 

"Wow,is this your first time attending psychology class??" He asked. 

"I'm just here to stare at your handsome face lecturer,I'm not for this class" A girl In front suddenly said with a smile. 

The students started murmuring immediately.

"Silence" Ace said Coldly but also calmly. Immediately the students kept quiet. 

Ace came down and stood in front of the girl who just talked,she was still smiling.

"Stop smiling" Ace said and the girl stopped. 

"The next time I see you in my class,I will take your existence in this school as a joke too" He muttered to the girl's hearing.

"Now stand up,take your bag and get out" he said calmly too.


"Get out!!!" Ace shouted and the girl gasped,the whole hall became even more quiet. 

The girl got up and rushed out of the hall.

"Is there anyone else who's here for my face??" Ace asked loudly but no one answered. 

"If you're here to play,don't do it with me. Don't let my face deceive you" he muttered and moved up to the stage again. 

"He's so cool" Roxanna muttered.

Lily on the other hand was feeling down,Ace probably saw Leo holding her hand,what if he's angry?

"Since y'all don't know what Social psychology is" Ace started.

"Social psychology is the scientific study of how thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are influenced by the real or imagined presence of other people or by social norms. Social psychologists typically explain human behavior as a result of the relationship between mental states and social situations, studying the social conditions under which thoughts, feelings, and behaviors occur, and how these variables influence social interactions."

There was silence,students taking notes as he spoke with calmness and order. 

Lily couldn't believe her eyes,Ace is really teaching?? 

"We will be checking out the history,theories and concepts on this........" Ace continued. 



Ace walked out of the class and there was disorder immediately.

👥 I'm falling!!!

👥 I'm dead!! The way he was speaking with coolness and I understand every f**king thing.

👥 I'm never missing his classes,never.

"He's really amazing" Roxanna said. 

Leo scoffed. 

Lily sighed out and stood up.

"I will be back" she said,before Roxanna could talk,Lily was out. 


Ace was walking to his office when Nana joined him. 


"Kim Nana,Nana for short" She smiled.

"Oh yeah" Ace returned the smile.

"How's your first class??" Nana asked.

"Perfect" Ace said.

"I can imagine,the class will probably be filled by girls" Nana said and Ace smiled.

"You got that right" he said. 

All of a sudden,Lily appeared In front of them and they both stopped.

Lily's eyes on Ace.

"Is there a problem?" Nana asked. 

"I need to talk to him" Lily said and Nana raised her brows.

"You can come back to see him,as you can see we are having a conversation" Nana said and Lily frowned. 

"Class rep,I have no business with you today. I will call you when I need you" Ace said and Lily's eyes widened.

"Do you mind having lunch with me??" Ace turned to Nana. 

"I was about asking you that" Nana said and Ace smiled.

"Let's go" He said and they walked away. 

Lily stood there staring at them angrily till they were out of sight. 


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