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Devil's Secret - Chapter 39




Devil's Secret - Chapter 39

The Mexican Drug Lord

Authoress Jennifer


Daisy Pov

I know I'm not really good at this but you should know I'm really protective when it comes to my belongings "

"Daisy will you be mine"He asked

"ye....yes "i shuttered

His lips collide with mine as he kissed me passionately


He kissed me down my neck line and I moaned

I was ready to be his

I know I was taking a risk considering the type of person Liam is but at this point I care less

My clothes hit the floor and that's when I snapped out of my thoughts

it's was really happening

I was finally giving my virginity to Liam ,A Mexican Drug Lord.

His Lips landed on my erected n*pples and I moan loudly

After fiddling and sucking on both of them he began kissing down to my stomach

I felt butterflies explode in my stomach but then nervousness hit me when he touched my cl*t

The memories of my father flood into my head as I began to panic

"Hey Hey"

"Daisy " Liam called staring at me

"Calm down it's me ,,it's Liam"

"You're safe with me"

When I finally calm down he kissed my forehead

"I'm ready to wait till anytime you're ready"he said worriedly

"I'm ready now "I said and he shook his head

"you don't have to....

I didn't wait for him to complete his statement when I crashed my lips on his

if there will be perfect time ,this is it

We continued kissing passionately till his lips met with my p*ssy

"Liam" I moaned out

He sucked on them gently till I felt something building up within me

My legs shivered as I let them all out moaning .

Liam removed his brief revealing his full erected d**k

I blinked severally starring at the size making him chuckle

He claimed my lips back making me relax

He rubbed the entrance of my p*ssy with his d*ck before he slides in gently

Tears trickle down my eyes a little as I adjusted to the size

After a few seconds he began going in gently and increasing his pace

The pain was replaced with pleasure little by little till it turned to pleasure and moaning

He emptied himself on top me and kissed my forehead.


I woke up when I saw Liam staring at me intensely

I looked at my body and noticed I was naked so I quickly wrapped my hands around my body

My cheeks were red and Liam laughed

It was amazing to hear and see him laugh ,I couldn't believe it

"Stop covering yourself"he said removing my hands and I let him

He s*cked on my erected nipples a little before pulling away

"You're irresistible"he said making me blush

"come let me bath you"He said carrying me up

"You do know I can walk and bath myself right"I asked

"I know but I want to do it myself"he replied placing me in the bathtub.


After another makeout session in the shower making me feel more sore in between,Liam carried me to the bed and giving me one of his T shirt to wear .

"Your phone is ringing"I half yelled as he used the towel to dry his hair .

He picked it up and his mood changed instantly

His jaw tightened and a cold expression formed on his face

"Is everything okay"I asked him

"yeah ... something came up ,I have to take care of it "he replied

He walked into the closet and wore his clothes quickly

I felt worried because whatever made Liam's expression like this,it must be pretty important

"Promise to call me"I asked and he smiled making me felt a bit relieved

"I promise to call you"he replied

"Be careful "I added and he kissed me passionately before leaving

I just have a feeling that whatever is going on has a connection with me

Who could it be .

Tonight was the night Ciara and I where breaking into the apartment I wonder what I'm going to find

I checked a few messages from Ciara on my phone and blushed

she's crazy.

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