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Devil's Secret - Chapter 40




Devil's Secret - Chapter 40

The Mexican Drug Lord

Authoress Jennifer


Liam Pov

"How can you tell me this happened under y'all watch"I fired angrily

"How did he even know where the apartment is located "I asked

"sir I think it's Mavin"he replied

"what does he have on Mavin that his making him do all his dirty works"I asked

"I don't really know but from what we have been investigating it's seems he wants her before her birthday " Rio replied

"what do you mean"I asked

"I don't know why he wants her so bad on her birthday but there are only two things on my mind"he replied

"which are"I asked

"maybe he wants to have his way with her on her birthday "he replied

"what do you mean by that's,it's doesn't even make any sense ,if he wants that he would have done it a long time ago"I said

I quickly dismissed the others guys since it's her personal life we are talking about now

"well maybe his among those type of men who wait till a particular age before do anything besides I think she's a virgin"he explained and my cheeks heated up

oh no

Not now ,bad timing

this isn't me,what the hell is happening

"Liam are you ...

"I'm not anything , focus on the matter at hand"I fired trying to sound angry

"you're blushing"he half yelled and I felt like snapping his head out of his neck

I scoffed and began taping my phone

"stop assuming or imagining things Rio"I said

"you've actually done something with her and couldn't tell me about it "he asked

I rolled my eyes but the memory of the other night came flashing in my head

it's wasn't s$x it was love making and the best I've ever had

I'm glad I claimed her to be mine

"you're even thinking about it ,damn you're whipped"he said laughing which I totally ignored

"Did you check all the evidence from Mavin's house"I asked him

"yeah and I found the Logo"he replied making my expression change.

Daisy Pov

After taking everything I needed along we Ciara,we entered her car and drove out

"Are you sure you're okay Ciara"I asked and she nodded

"I'm fine "she replied gently

"Don't you like the idea of going to her house again,I promise we will go back if you're not comfortable with it" I said

"No that's not it.....I....I.... missed my period"she said gently

"okay ..ermm ,,,let's just wait and see maybe it's just coming late "I said trying to cheer her up

"I hope so Daisy ,let me just give it a few days and see "she said and I nodded

I just hope it's not what I'm thinking

I turned up the music to lighten up her mood a bit and thankfully it worked


we arrived at the apartment area and parked some meters away

We carried the things we will be needing and made our way in

She used something to remove the glass from the windows quickly and we slide it

The inside was massive and extremely quiet

I followed her gently because she looks like a really huge armed robber

She signaled me to go a different direction and she did same

I wonder why I haven't heard anyone

The first room was locked while the second one was a bit open

I peeked in and saw its a girl kind of room

I heard the shower running and I knew she was in

I quickly went in quietly and began searching for anything helpful

my eyes went to the standing mirror and that was when I saw something that made my throat went dry

A yellow ribbon with buttercup written on it

that was Anna's favorite ribbon and I was the one who gave it to her

I felt tears gathered in my eyes instantly and Ciara signalling me that we need to leave I instantly

I couldn't move

She grabbed me by my hands and we began running

it's like someone else knew we where I. the house

I couldn't ask Ciara what she saw or who she saw began my head was filled up and spinning at that moment .

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