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Devil's Secret - Chapter 38




Devil's Secret - Chapter 38

The Mexican Drug Lord

Authoress Jennifer


Liam Pov

"Liam I have to tell you something"she said making my heart skip

I knew it's nothing good.

I listened to her as she explained everything to me

How dare Mavin

I put a call across to Rio and he told me everything is being taken care of

His going to regret touching Daisy despite all the warnings I gave him in the past

Mavin and I had a past together which didn't end up well

And all of a sudden his Daisy's close friend and that isn't a coincidence .

Daisy Pov

I stared at Liam ad his jaw tensed

His eyes grew cold by the second and his fist tightened

"Why didn't you tell me earlier"he asked coldly

"why didn't you tell me earlier"he yelled and I flinched

His eyes soften when he noticed I moved away from him scared

"you should have just told me I would have handled it"he said softly

"I was scared "I replied back

"is there anything else you want to tell me"he asked

I swallowed the lump in my throat as I shook my hair

I was lying and he knew I was lying I didn't want to tell him about Anna yet

I knew Mavin have a connection with Anna and I don't know how but I'm going to find out

What if Liam had a hand in all this that's why he ordered me to come to Mexico without even mourning my sister

"what about you ,is there anything you want to tell me"I asked and I could see a flash of shock on his face

"why would you think am hiding anything from you"he asked

it's obvious his lying ,I know it and he just confirmed all my suspicious

There is definitely something he isn't telling me

" I just wanna know you're not keeping things form me "I replied and he nodded

"we should go "he said and I nodded

we entered the car and he played Lewis someone you love

I relaxed as Liam placed his hands on my lap

The silence wasn't awkward and I really enjoyed the dinner except for the part that I know his lying to me

we reached the apartment and he led me to the guest room

"the date night isn't over yet "he said making me smile

The room door opened and my jaw dropped

the whole place was decorated with blue lights

And popcorn with other of my favorite snacks dropped on top the bed

it's looks like a cinema a really romantic one at that

"it's beautiful"I said

"I'm glad you like it "he replied leading me to the bed

we sat down on the bed and began eating as the movie went on

This is the best date ever.

The movie ended with Liam and I laughing loudly

"Come"he said and I followed him to his room

The door opened and my jaw dropped

How many surprise am I getting in just one day

The bed has red roses sprayed on it in shape of hearts

There were candle light at different Conners of the room

I know it's all Ciara's doing and she really did a great job

My heart began pounding as it hit me

He pulled closer and kissed my forehead

"I want you to be mine Daisy "he said and I stared blankly at him

"If you don't want it please let me know

"if I make you mine Daisy you won't let any guy touch you the way I do Daisy

"I won't look at any other girl Daisy "

"I know I'm not really good at this but you should know I'm really protective when it comes to my belongings "

"Daisy will you be mine"He asked

"ye....yes "i shuttered

His lips collide with mine as he kissed me passionately 

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