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Devil's Secret - Chapter 12




Devil's Secret - Chapter 12

The Mexican Drug Lord

Authoress Jennifer



I opened the door and she stood under the shower with her clothes still on and be blood dripping down

I have seen blood countless times and shot people ..I don't really care but seeing blood from her made me freak out


Sh*t I cursed under my breath and I stared at the cut from on her hand

I ran my hands through my hair in furstration

I can't believe I'm actually doing this

I began removing her wet gown revealing only her panties and bra

I felt my head spin staring at her naked body ,this can't be happening right now

Why isn't she stopping me

"Alright I'm going to completely undress you "I said hoping she would say something but she didn't

I removed her bra with my eyes facing the floor and covered her with a towel, next I removed her pants and carried her out of the shower

I didn't even bring her clothes ,I went back to my room and searched for my big t-shirt

I wore her the clothes on her began treating her wound

"I know you're hurting but this has to stop okay"I said walking out of her room


it's been a whole week and Daisy is still same , thankfully Rio is coming back and I asked Ciara to come also come stay

Maybe she hates me so much that's why she doesn't want to talk to me

Finally I saw her walk downstairs and my eyes lit up ..why was I excited

Her eyes has eye bags and her hair is messy

The next thing I felt was a sharp pain on my cheeks ....she slapped me

okay I think I totally deserved that

"it that the only thing you've got"I asked her and she punched me really hard

She needed to release her anger and pain

"c'mon are you playing or what*I asked in a mockery tone

she sent me another punch and I was scared if she would break

she looks thin and pale

she kept punching me till she got exhausted and started crying

"it hurts so much and you hurt me too"she finally spoke

The next thing was her body wrapped around mine ,she hugged me tightly and cried on my shoulder

what do I do now .......what do I do

arrrrh I'm not good at this

finally I wrapped my hands around her carefully not to break her

she looks small and fragile as my body wrapped her

she stayed that way so I lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist

I sat down in a way that we both will be comfortable

I heard her snoring gently , finally she's asleep

I didn't move so I won't wake her up


I opened my eyes immediately when I heard slight noise

"this wasn't what I was expecting to come see but I totally love the sight "Rio said making me roll my eyes

"woah and she's wearing your shirt" he added

"keep quiet "I muttered and he pressed his lips against each other hold back his laughter

she was still asleep ,I carefully lay her on the couch before dragging Rio out

"what you saw is nothing" I said first before explaining the whole event to him

"i asked Ciara to come over since they are pretty close"I said and he nodded

"she's really been through alot "he said

",did you get the files from the hospital that I said"I asked and he nodded

my phone began ringing and I picked it up

"any trace "I asked the caller

"yes sir the last trace was at the airport and now his in Mexico"he replied

"what the hell is he doing in Mexico ,how did he even know we are in Mexico "I asked angrily

"I don't really know sir "he replied

"keep an eye on him and left me know every single step he makes in Mexico"I said ending the call

I brought of a cigarette stick and light it up

I really need to calm my nerves

After burning a few sticks I heard and loud scream from inside

it was Daisy voice

Her scream were filled with pain .....

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