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Devil's Secret - Chapter 11



Devil's Secret - Chapter 11

The Mexican Drug Lord

Authoress Jennifer



Running through the hospital towards the exit I bumped into someone be it was Rio and Ciara

She looked at me with a pained expression before hugging me tightly

I hugged her back and cried on her body ,she was crying too because I was feeling her tears on my neck

if only this day didn't come

I feel like joining her already


Right now we were sitting at the back of the car while I stared outside

Rio was driving to the airport ,I could sense his really angry too

I can't believe Liam can be this heartless , despite the loss of my sister he didn't allow me bury her or anything

I didn't even freshen up or change right from the hospital he ordered Rio to bring me to the airport

I was still felt numb my head was blank

Universe should just take me now.

Liam Pov

I watched as the car arrive

Rio had a pained expression and I know why

He called me earlier and told me Anna passed away

Today was the day we were leaving for Mexico and I was already waiting at them airport

I knew it was so wrong of me to force her into going back with us to Mexico but I have my reasons

There are alot of things Daisy don't know about and she's not in the right frame of mind to hear them now

She stepped out of the car looking pale and lost

Her sparkling eyes no longer sparkle .

Rio held her into the plane and she sat down ,she didn't even notice my presence or looked at me

Her eyes were open all through the flight and I couldn't help looking at her every minute

We arrived Mexico and entered the car that will take us to the apartment

We arrived some minutes later and Rio helped her out of the car and said something to her while she stared at him

she didn't reply instead she stared at him blankly

"I hope you have a better explanation for what you just did"he asked and I nodded

"I have to go take care of things and I don't know how long I will be gone "

"I just hope she gets through it because she looks beyond broken" he added

"if anything comes up call me"he said before leaving

There's an emergency that's why we came back ,Rio is the one in charge of that area so he had to go take care of it before things gets out of hand

I don't really know how I'm going to manage till he gets back because I'm not really good with people

I tired touching her and thankfully she didn't push me away

well that's a good start right

I held her small hands in mine and somehow they fit perfectly ,I led her to the guest room

I helped her lay down and used the duvet to cover her

if anyone would tell me I will get this way with anybody I will say it's a complete lie

I left her room and closed the door


it was night already so I went back to her room to check on her

she still lay in that same position with her eyes wide open staring at the ceiling

I dropped her dinner and left, maybe she needs some space


It's been three good days and Daisy hasn't moved she's scaring the shit out of me

she hasn't eaten or had her bath ,, I've searched the internet on how to console someone but it isn't working

I don't know why I wanted her to be okay ...I don't really care about people but with her it's different

"okay enough ,you need to stand up eat or something "

I carried her to the bathroom and turn of the shower

"just take your bath I will be outside " I said

It's been almost and hours the shower was still running and she hasn't stepped out

I bad no option but to go it

I opened the door and she stood under the shower with her clothes still on and be blood dripping down

I have seen blood countless times and shot people ..I don't really care but seeing blood from her made me freak out

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