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Devil's Secret - Chapter 13




Devil's Secret - Chapter 13

The Mexican Drug Lord

Authoress Jennifer



After burning a few sticks I heard and loud scream from inside

it was Daisy voice

Her scream were filled with pain

I rushed and saw her screaming with her eyes closed

This is one hell of a nightmare

"Daisy "I called softly lifting her up

"it's okay you're safe,it's just a bad dream" I said stroking her hair

She stopped screaming and her body relaxed



it's been weeks now and I haven't spoken to Daisy again

Ciara came and thankfully her presence is really helpful ,she spends time with Daisy even if Daisy didn't open up to her immediately

Daisy still doesn't talk much but at least she smiles sometimes only to Ciara

The reason why I was close to her at first was because of what she was going through but now I drew my steps back

Even though her eyes keeps drawing me to her...... just pretend I didn't just say that .

Daisy Pov

The past week have been hell for me

I can't close my eyes and sleep without having a horrible nightmare so I just stopped sleeping

Ciara and Rio have been by my side ,they always try to make me happy

most especially Ciara, everything about her reminds me of Anna

they're both caring and funny too

Every night before I go to bed I read the note Anna left for me

it seems that note has been the one keeping me alive and making me smile

As for Liam I barely see him ,he goes out very early and comes back late

He barely say anything to anyone even his own sister or Rio his best friend

Even if he never agrees to that

All his just focused on is work and work,never smiles his face is always plain and hard.


I brushed my hair down before going into the closet to pick up something to wear

Ciara suggested to go shopping with her since there are alot of things I needed

Mostly new clothes ,shampoos , lotion and other stuffs

"Alright let's go"Ciara said and we made our way outside

"ma'am you guys can't go out alone "one of the guards said to us

"who's orders "Ciara asked

"Sir Liam's order"he replied

"well guess what ,I don't give a f*ck ,,do me a favor and get out of my way else I'm going to cut off your balls and feed them to my dogs" Ciara snarled angrily

I could see his expression changed immediately and he moved out of the way making me chuckle.

"he really love his balls"Ciara whispered in my ears while I tried to control my laugh


Ciara kept picking out really expensive dresses and shoes

She didn't even ask me if I could wear heels before buying them

I can't walk in them at all

I saw a red dress that caught my eyes so I decided to look at the price tag ...my throat went dry immediately so I dropped it

we entered Victoria secret even if I still don't know the reason why am here.

Ciara kept picking somethings and didn't allow me to see them

we shopped for hours and I'm scared I'm going to pass out very soon

Ciara is a freak

"one more please "be begged before picking out a Dior handbag

Finally we were done and started making our way to the car when we saw a pair of red eyes staring at us

it was no other person than 'Liam'

if not that I'm with his sister ,I would have thought his here to kill me.

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