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Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 16




Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 16

Theme: He's My Father's Killer

By Racheal Dennis

Tags: Mafia, deaths, love, s*x, kidnap, betrayals, jealousy, revenge, lust.....


NB: please this is a short episode... mostly chris pov...his scene with Valerie.

# Lucifer .

"Alright, deal with it whichever way works!" I told Chris.

"Yes, boss!"

"So, how are the boys doing in the penthouse these days?"

I sat on a sofa and lit my cigarette, I close my eyes as I inhale the smoke deeply.... Savouring the after taste.

"They are good, but they've been slacking off a little... I guess, you'll have to come over sometime and remind them why they choose to follow you"

I nod. Just then Anika came down, she looked angry... She's breathing heavily.

She sat on a sofa opposite me and turned her face away from me. I sighed.... I guess she's still angry at the fact that I'm married.

"Are you done?" I asked her.


"So, why did she lost her memories?"

"I don't know yet, I'll take her blood sample back to the hospital to do proper test... And I'll get back to you tomorrow!"

"Thanks.... well, about Catherine.... "

She got up and flung her bag on her shoulder.

"I will be on my way!"

"Ok, Chris, see her off!"

"Don't bother!" She said and stomped out angrily.

Maybe I was too a bit too straight forward with my rejection. But what do I care....

"Boss, I don't know if we can trust Anika with this" Chris said.


"Er... don't you think she's too emotional?"

I frown.... Confused.

"I mean, it's clear that she's in love with you and now she's found out you're married.... who knows what she might do. Remember, her dad was once a Mafia King!" He explained.

Hmm, he made a point.... Her dad was also ruthless before he died.. but can Anika really be like her dad and harm Cathy?

"Let's just be careful for now... let's watch her closely, we can get another doctor if I'm not satisfied with her work"


"Master!" Valerie greet me with a little bow. I simply nod at her and she heads out... A bowl of water in her hands.

"Erm... Boss, if there's nothing else, I'd be on my way" Chris said looking towards the door Valerie just went by.

I smirked.

"You may go!"

"Thank you, boss" he rushes out quickly.

I got up and head towards the kitchen.... I need to inform Ms Jones not to add salad to today's breakfast.


# Chris .

I step out and look around... searching for Valerie but I didn't find her.

*She just got out, where could she possibly have disappeared to?*

Suddenly, I heard someone singing... I head towards the voice and there I saw her.... watering the flowers.

I move a bit closer and listened to her angelic voice.... she looked so innocent and sang with no worries.

I'm mesmerized.

She turns and stopped when she saw me.

"H-hi... Chris... No! Mr Chris..." She stutter.

I chuckled softly... She seems scared... am I that scary.

"Hi, Valarie, right?" She nods and I noticed her cheeks turning red... She quickly covers her cheeks with her hair as if hiding her blush.

"You have a very nice voice" I compliment her.

"T-thank you!" She bends her head... she's shy.

I like her... No, I love her but how will I tell her? I can't just say, hey Valerie, I love you! Be my girlfriend, right?

"Valerie... er..." I scratched the back of my neck nervously. "Are you busy this weekend?"

She thinks for a few minutes.

"I.. I don't know yet"

"Oh, ok. I'll ask boss for a day off for you later"


I smiled at her gently.

"I'll let you know when he's agreed!"

"O-ok!" She replied and avoid making eye contact with me.

"Well... Carry on with your work, I should get going"

She nods and quickly turned back to the flowers and continue watering them.... I can feel the heat of her blush from where I'm standing.

I will court her patiently and make her love me back.

I turned and continue my patrol. Just as I turned a corner, I saw a figure rushed towards the small gate at the backyard of boss's mansion..... a female to be precised.

I quickly followed.

Hiding myself in a corner I watch her. She looked both sides, she opens the gate and runs out when she thought no one saw her.

I frown.... isn't that Janice? Ms Jones daughter...why is she acting suspicious?

Reaching for my phone...I dialed one of the boys' number, he picked on the first ring.


"Ms Jones daughter just left boss's mansion... follow her up and inform me where she went!"

"Yes, sir!" I hang up.

She better not be a spy in this mansion....or I can't imagine what boss would do to her.


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