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Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 15




Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 15

Theme: He's My Father's Killer

By Racheal Dennis

Tags: Mafia, deaths, love, s*x, kidnap, betrayals, jealousy, revenge, lust.....



I narrowed my eyes, impatiently waiting for Lucifer to tell me who exactly this woman standing in front of me is.

"Luci, what am I to you?" She asked, holding Lucifer's hands and staring in his eyes.

I rolled my eyes.... this is the repercussions of his whoring around.


Lucifer removed his hands from hers and wrapped them around my waist.

"Anika, you are my friend...."

"Friend?!" She interrupts.

"Yes. You are my doctor and friend.... No, you are more than my friend... You're more like my sister, my younger sister" he said.

I don't know why, but my lips curved in a small smile.... It's almost like I felt relieved at his words.

"Luci, how can I be your sister? I don't wanna be your sister, I...."

"Alright, Anika, go wait in the living room"

"No! I.... "

"Don't get me angry!" He grits out.

Anika glared at me maliciously before stomping out of the room. When I'm sure she's out of hearing, I push myself away from Lucifer and sat on the bed with my arms crossed across my chest.

I found myself fuming in anger.... don't ask why, cause I also don't know.

Lucifer knelt in front of me and starts massaging my legs gently.

He looked at me and smiled nervously.

"Baby...." I throw him a glare and he gulps loudly. "Er... Are you angry?"

"Humph!! You tell me if I am!"

"I'm sorry about that... though I don't know why you are angry, but I'm sorry"

I slaps his hands away from my legs and moved a little away from him.

"You don't know why I'm angry? Didn't you heard her call me a bitch?!" I said angrily.... Catherine, why are you being angry.

"I'm sorry, I'll talk to her about and let her know who you are to me"

"And to think she was the one being bitchy.... " I scoffed. "I don't blame her anyway.... She's scared I'm gonna snatch her bedmate from her!!"

"Her bedmate? What do you mean?"

"I mean, she's scared I'm gonna snatch her boyfriend from her"

He chuckles lightly.

"Ok, baby, I don't know what funny thoughts are really running through your head.... Me and Anika? Bedmates? Boyfriend?" He snorts. "It's impossible!"

"What do you impossible? You wanna deny you haven't slept with her?" I pass him an accusing glare.

Oh my goodness.... Why do I sound like a jealous housewife? It's not as if I like Lucifer or something!

"I swear, I haven't sleep with her yet"

My eyes grew bigger.

"Yet?! So you are thinking of sleeping with her?!" I asked in an alarmed tone.... calm down, Catherine! I scolds myself mentally.

"No! No! No! I'm not thinking of sleeping with her! I will never ever think of sleeping with her..... I promise!"

I didn't say a word, I simply kept my long face on. But I'm actually feeling happy hearing those words from him.

He sat on the bed and move closer to me, he leans forward and I felt his hot breath on my neck.... Making me shiver.

"And besides.... I have you now..." He wrap his arm around my waist and lifts me on his lap.... He nuzzles his nose on my neck and takes a deep breath.... Like he's sniffing me.

What is he now? A dog?!

"..... And besides, you can satisfy my hunger whenever I'm feeling horny.... like right now!" I quickly pushed him back on the bed and got up.

"In your dreams!" I said... I'm feeling so flustered right now.... like my whole body is on fire.

He laughed.

"Oh, baby, in my dream we already have eight kids!" He said.

I point my finger at him....

"You....you....." I'm speechless...like he's driving me crazy.

"I what? In my dream you're already pregnant with the ninth one...."

I pulled him up and begin to push him towards the door.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"Get out!"

"What? Are you asking me out of our room?"

"Yes, get out! Since you're not gonna say something sensible!"

"Wait....so you admit it's our room now?" He asked teasingly.

I narrowed my eyes and put my hands on my waist, he quickly steps out.

"Fine! I'm out!"

I slammed the door on his face and rest my back against it...my lips curved up in a smile.

Why am I smiling? What's funny?


# Anika .

That bitch! How can Lucifer get married to another woman..... I have been by his side all these years, patiently loving him silently... Hoping he'd realize my feelings.

I can't let that bitch stay.... She must leave!

"Anika!" Lucifer called from behind me.

I quickly got up and rushed towards him.... I went for a hug but he stopped me.

I frown.

"Luci, who is that woman?"

"I already told you... She's my wife!"

I shake my head.

"I don't believe you... You can't settle for one woman, she must've seduced you... You... "

"Anika!" He cuts me off. "She didn't seduce me, she is really my wife and we've been married for long"

"But.. "

"Listen, let me make it clear to you.... You are just my doctor! I allowed you free access to my mansion because we've been together since childhood.... Your dad is the reason I'm alive today that's why I have always kept you by my side.

But you must know your place. You are my doctor and she is my wife! I expect you to give her equal respect as me!"

"Lu.... "

"I'm not done! One more thing, I'm no longer living alone.... Don't barge into my room in the future!"

I scoffed mentally.... This is not Lucifer, he has changed. The Lucifer I know won't lecture me for a mere whore.... I know what to do.

I'll make her leave... I'll do frustrate her life!

"Anika! Are you listening?!"

I forced a tight smile on my lips.


"Good! Now the reason I called you is because... I want you to run a little test for my wife, she seems to lost her memories and I wanna know why!"

She lost her memories? I smirk.... Now things just got easier for me.


"Go on! I'm gonna make a call"

I nod and hurried upstairs.


# Catherine.

Few minutes after Lucifer left, the door open and Anika came in. She glared at me.

What's her problem?

"Hey bitch! Don't think I'll let you have Lucifer.... He's mine!"

I ignored her.... I don't wanna say any foul words and commit sin.

"Here's a little warning for you, Lucifer doesn't do relationships... Whatever you think you have with him is just a joke to him! So stop wasting your time!"

Humph! Like I care about Lucifer... If only she knew I'm thinking of ways to escape from here.

She dropped her medical kit and sat on the edge of the bed.

"What are you doing?"

"To kill you!" She growled and I flinched back.... Is she being serious?

"W-what.... Y-you..." I stutter not knowing what to say.... I mean, I'm too young to die.

She grabbed my hand and stabbed the syringe in.... withdraw a little of my blood out and got up.

I look at in confusion.

"What do you want with my blood!" I asked alarmed.

She smiled evilly and I kinda cower away.... But she shakes her head.

"Your blood is no importance to me... Lucifer wants me to do some tests for you"


"But I'm warning you, stay away from Lucifer!"

Hmm... This woman is evil, if Lucifer ends up with her.... I don't wanna imagine what will become of him.

I know I don't like him... But I can't let him end up with this woman... She'll totally destroy him. I will fight for him... I must fight for him.

"Lucifer is my husband! I can't stay away from him... You are the other woman here, so, you back off!" I challenge her in the most intimidating voice I could muster up.

"Are you challenging me?!"

"I'm not! I'm only claiming what's Mine!"

"You... I... Ugh! Just you watch and see.... I'll make you regret your decision!" She picked her kit and storms out angrily.

I released a breath I didn't even know I was holding. Why did I just said I'll fight for Lucifer? Can I really?

Wait.... What is wrong with me?

I said I don't like him... but why do I wanna help him get rid of this woman?!

Catherine! You must be losing your mind! .

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