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Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 17




Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 17

Theme: He's My Father's Killer

By Racheal Dennis

Tags: Mafia, deaths, love, s*x, kidnap, betrayals, jealousy, revenge, lust.....



# Authoress .

Andy paced back and forth in his office.... according to his men's report, the security in Lucifer's mansion is too tight for them to get in.

"Arghhhhhhhhhh!" He growled angrily. "You are all useless! Cowards!" He kicked one of his men.

Don got up and held him back to his chair.

"Andy, calm down... don't blame them too much. We both know Lucifer is a dangerous man, hell, I'm even hiding away from him!"

"Then how do I get Catherine back?! I can't let her live with Lucifer....the drugs will wear off soon, what if she remembers and find out what really happened? She saw me remember?" Andy said panicking.

Don sighed....he also knew they'd be in big trouble if Catherine remembers, not only will she hate them but Lucifer will come for them.

"I don't want her to hate me, Don!" Andy grumbles.

"She won't remember.... she's being on those drugs for far too long. It won't be easy for it to wear off just like that...."


"Yeah...I mean, we've being drugging her for years, since we were kids"

Andy nods..now he's got some assurance.

"You are right!" He said somehow happy.

"But should we tell grandma about this?"

"No!" Andy answered quickly. "Telling grandma will only complicate things... she'll push us to kidnap Cat and that might land is in Lucifer's hands!"

Don nods.

"We've got the company, we should be patient...soon, we'll get those documents too!"

Just then, his office door slams open and a female came in.

"You are both here!" She rushed to hug Don. "Hello, brother!" She said.

Don smiled and kissed her forehead.

"Janice, how is Mom doing?" He asked.

"She's fine!"

"Does she knows you're coming here?"

"No, she wouldn't let me if she knew... You know she's so against your mission"

"Yeah, thankfully, she doesn't know our enemy is Lucifer else she'd have told him about us right away"

Andy cleared his throat to get Janice's attention.

"Well, you can forget about your favorite cousin!... it's no big deal"

She rolled her eyes and left Don, then move closer to him.

"Andy, how come I'm seeing Catherine in Lucifer's mansion? I thought they weren't supposed to meet.....also, I hate seeing her in that place!" She complained.

"Quit whining....keep an eye on them and inform me when there's a chance to get her back"


"No but.... keep an eye on them....also, have you gotten any clue about where the documents are?"

"No, Lucifer doesn't talk about any documents, I don't think he have them"

"Hmm, he must have them...be more observant!"


"Also, Janice, don't let your Mom know you came here"

She nods, waves at Don and rushed out. Don taps Andy's shoulder.

"Be calm, I'm sure we'll succeed soon!"

Andy simply nod...just then his phone rings... it's one of his men.

"Hello?" He answered it.

"Boss, they are gonna leave the mansion soon...what should we do?"

"Follow them...fight by every means to get Cat from Lucifer!"



# Catherine.

Lucifer kept staring at my face as we eat, which makes me feel kinda uncomfortable.... maybe I have something on my face. I wiped but nothing.

I glared at him.

"What?! Why are you staring at me as if I stole something from you?!"

"Well, you did steal something" he replied.

I narrowed my eyes.

"Can you kindly tell me what that is?"

He reached for my hand on the table and rubs it gently...he stared straight in my eyes.

"You stole my heart"

I withdrew my hand from his huffed.

"Cliche!" I rolled my eyes.

He chuckled and his gaze moved to my empty plate.

"Are you done eating?"

"Yeah, you can say I'm overfed right now!"

He nods and got up, he walked to my side and carried me in his arms bridal style.

"W-what are you doing?"

"Carrying my baby to the car" he answered simply.

"Why? Where are you taking me?"

"Church! Remember you want me to confess my sins" then he mumbled coherent words but I kinda catch a few words.

They sounds like...."even though I'm not ready to repent yet!"

I hit his chest and he grunt. "What's that for?"

"Nothing! Just felt like hitting you!" He shakes his head and head out.



Finally, we are on the road. I yawned sleepily and feel myself dozing off....I guess it's because I ate too much food this morning.

"Baby, you can sleep, I'll wake you when we arrive" Lucifer said as he takes a turn.

I nod and close my eyes....



I don't know how long I slept but my eyes suddenly snapped open at the loud sound of gunshots.

I look around frantically and noticed a car following behind us....they are shooting at us....my eyes grew wide and I froze in fear, my breath quickens immediately.

"Baby, what are you looking at?! Duck!!" Lucifer yelled over the noise.... he's shooting back at them occasionally with one hand and trying to drive away from them with the other hand.

"Stop looking!! I said duck!!" He yelled again.

He stopped shooting and concentrate on the road, increasing his speed. He reached for his phone and dialed a number quickly.

"Chris, a car is firing at us; take care of it quickly!!"

Just then, the back glass breaks and a bullet came flying past my head....I screamed loudly and bend my head.

"F**k!! Baby are you ok?!" He asked me, I couldn't reply him cause my whole body is shaking in fright.

"Chris, bloody stop them now!!" He growled into the phone.

Suddenly we heard a loud sound from behind our car and Lucifer growled angrily.

"Holy sh*t!! The back tire is on fire!!" He exclaimed.

I feel myself panicking....I'm scared of fire, I don't know why but it has been that way since I woke up from that coma.

"S-stop...stop...car..." My breath quickens and I grabbed the seatbelt tightly.

"Okay, okay, baby calm down... I'll stop the car now!" He stepped on the brakes but the car didn't stop.

"Bloody hell!! Why is the brake not working?!" He growled.

I turned back and saw the fire is growing bigger....thick smoke is fuming out.

That's it.....I can't breathe...I gasp for air.... panickly I grab the door and tried to open it so I can jump out but it seems like nothing is working....the door refused to open.

"Fire! Fire!!" I chant as I feel a severe pain strike my head...I held my head in my hand and cry out in pain. "It hurts...it hurts...fire...help..fire!!"

Why does it feel like this is a repeat.... it feels like I've experienced something like this before.

"Baby, calm down... nothing will happen to you while I'm here....I promise I will protect you, we'll be fine....I... " I tune off his voice as I feel myself slipping into darkness.

But I called a name before darkness consumed me....

"Khalid... Khalid....help me.... Khalid save me...." then it's darkness.


"Khalid... Khalid....help me.... Khalid save me...." She called weakly.

I freezed when I heard her called my name.... My real name.

Does that mean she remembers me?

Then, realization dawned on me.... Our car is on fire... the fire is growing, soon it'll consume the whole car... I need to find a way to get us out before then.

I don't know if that car is still behind us as the smoke is blocked my view.... I lost control of the car and it suddenly hits something.... I don't care what it is.

I rushed to Catherine and removed her seatbelt. I tried to open her door but it didn't open.... Same with my door.

What the f** k is happening?!

"Baby...baby can you hear me!" She doesn't reply.

Then I felt it... something I haven't felt for years....that pain that strikes my heart when I saw my parents trapped in that fire....fear!!

I'm scared of losing the only family I have left....I'm scared of losing my wife!!

I must find a way to save her....I hugged her tightly to myself and punch the glass on the window and it breaks.

I carried her past the window gently but she falls off my hand and lands on the ground outside.... Instinctively, I rushed out too and cradle her in my arms.... I ran a few ft away from the car and watched as it exploded.

I looked down at Catherine.

"Baby! Catherine! Catherine, can you hear me?! Catherine!" I called anxiously but she doesn't reply.

I'm scared right now... honestly, I have never being this scared in my life....I have always been ready to die, I was never afraid of death....but now I'm scared.

I'm scared of Catherine leaving me alone....

Just then, I saw Chris and some of my men running towards us.

"Boss, they've been dealt with!" Chris reports.

"Get us a car!!"

"Yes, boss!!" He made a call and within seconds a car came and I quickly carried Catherine in my arms and got in the car.

"To the mansion!!" I ordered, I turned to Chris. "Call Anika, tell her it's urgent!!"

He nods and types on his phone furiously..I turned back to Catherine and caress her cheeks.

"Hang in there, baby, you're gonna be ok"

Those a**holes better pray I don't catch any of them....I swear I'll make them pay for trying to hurt my woman!!


# Anika .

I smirked as I hold the test results in my hand...hmm, so this is why she doesn't remember anything.

She's been consuming narcotics for such a long time....how can she be that careless?

This could only mean two things...one, either she's trying to forget purposely...or someone is drugging her. I'll inform Lucifer of this immediately, who knows this might make Lucifer hate her and chase her away.

The possibility of her regaining her memories is very slim.... perfect opportunity!

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