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Pregnant For Mr Pompous-Episode18


Pregnant For Mr Pompous-Episode18

Theme: He Raped Me

Written by Simrah Saeed


" Are you saying I should turn back ? " I asked demonstrating.

" Yes please you don't want anything happening to your baby do you ?" She asked and I thought for a while .
We've come a long way from home and she just want me to like do a U-turn? She's kidding me right?

" That's not happening Adrianna, I'm taking you to the hospital and it's now " I said calmly, even if it's not for anything but for the fact that she said she's carrying my baby ..

That's enough reason I should respect her at least

" E...Ethan ...y..you..know ..I don't lie when it comes to this but..we can go tomorrow please " she pleaded in fear ..

I don't get why she's scared of conducting another test, I mean she shouldn't be afraid if she's really pregnant for me ..
I'm beginning to doubt her .

" We are going that's period! If anything should happen on the way, I will protect you trust me " I said and started the car bringing the engine back to life ...
She's shivering and looks so scared to death ..

Anyways, it shouldn't be any of my business though. All I know is that we are conducting the test today

" E..Ethan.. .please.. "

" Shut up, if you talk again I will make sure I throw the baby out of you this minute. I'm sure you know how I will do it after all, I never wanted a baby with you "
I yelled and she kept quiet.. I hate rubbish


" What's the result doctor ?" I asked curiously staring at him.
He shook his head without saying a thing . Is he normal?

" Doctor Zach, I ask you again. What's the result of the test ?" I snapped. His silent is beginning to piss me off .
He glanced at Anna who's head was hung low then at me

" Uhhmm, she's not Pregnant sir " he announced and I almost fell off the chair..

Sh.she is not pregnant? Then why did she have to lie to me?
My head snapped at her to see she was already in tears ..

" Are you sure ?"

" Yes sir, I can conduct another one if you wish " he said

" No it's okay, you can go to your office. I will see you tomorrow over the hospital's affairs "

" Yes sir " he said and left ..

I held her roughly landing a slap on her cheeks . How dare she try to pin me down with a fake pregnancy...
I kept slapping her angrily till she fell to the floor with blood coming out of her mouth ..
Well, as the CEO of the hospital, I have my office and we are there so no one can come in without my permission even if I'm killing someone unless they want to be fired instantly

" I ..am sorry please forgive me "

" Why did you have to lie huh? What was your plan? How did you plan on achieving this? "

" Answer me you fool " I flared kicking her so hard ... She brought back my anger, the anger I have tried so much to control..

Is this how she would have fooled me if mum never knew about this?
I really have an empty brain, I thought as much.

She can't even be pregnant for me in the first place...
I put a call across Jack and he was here in a matter of time ..

I held the strand of her hair circling around with her ...

" Ouch! E..Ethan I'm sorry, I have always loved you but you didn't seem to care about me except having sex with me. I thought this will make you love me please.. I'm sorry " she pleaded tearfully

" How selfish you can be, what will you gain in being with me ? I know it's for your own desires. You want to be with me to get fame isn't it ?"

" Next time, don't ever try this again. I'm sure you will learn your lessons when I'm done with you "

" Take her away Jack, beat her till she pass out and wake up again. Don't let her escape amd you can only release her only if I say so "

" Yes sir "

" You know where to keep her right? "

" I do sir "

" Good, take this fool out of here before I murder someone, I will gladly face the jail term "


" I hope you didn't come back with that lady " Mum asked as Ethan entered into the house...
She insisted on staying till Ethan was back just in case I will get bored

" No mum, I didn't and how's my angel doing ?" He asked smilling at me and I threw my face away .why didn't he come back with Anna or maybe he bought an apartment for her

" You didn't expect her to answer you Ethan " mum said and he sighed

" I Know mum but I'm deeply sorry"

" Say that to her not me but before then, maybe you should be dealt with " she replied and held his ear twisting it so hard while he winced in pain..

" Ow.. mum you are hurting me " he said turning around with mum..
I couldn't help but laugh at him

" I am never doing this so you could enjoy it Ethan " she replied twisting it the more..
His face looks so funny right now though he's still cute

" Ouch! Wifey you won't beg her on my behalf ?" He said giving me a puppy eyes .
As much I want to ignore him, I just can't resist him .. He's so charming

" That's for making baby girl sad " she said releasing his ear ..
Aww, she did that for me ..

Ethan held his ear which looks so red and I pity him... It's painful but he deserves it

" But I said I'm sorry " he groaned

" What of her ?" Mum asked and I stared at Ethan to answer the question..

" Her? Who's her ?" He asked and mum hit his arm

" Don't ask me that silly question Ethan, I mean that slut that says she is pregnant for you"

" Well, she left already " he replied and I narrowed my eyes..
How can he allow her go with his baby? Is he crazy?

" That's a Good news but how about the pregnancy?"

" She isn't pregnant mum " he said and I choked on my spit ..
What? She's not pregnant? But... Why did have to fake a pregnancy?
I hieved a sigh of relief as my heart did a happy dance ..

" I knew it, she was just trying to fit in. I'm glad she's out of the way now"

" Anyways, since you are back, I will have to leave now and make sure you make peace with Olivia because the next time I will come here and she isn't happy, I will kill you... Take care baby girl " she said and hugged me pushing Ethan out of the way ..

" Am I not your son anymore? I'm pained " he said dramatically and I chuckled..

" Maybe you are not but my daughter first" mum replied playfully

" Extend my greetings to dad mum and I love you " I said and she nodded and entered into the car ...

" Angel " Ethan called holding my hand. I tried jerking away my hand but his grip was strong

" I'm really sorry, please forgive me. I have changed " he pleaded

" How sure am I that you are changed ? Please let me be " I said

" Thanks last time I had sex with any other lady apart from you was uhhm that party night.. but ever since you came into my life, your love has blinded me to even look at another woman believe me  "

" Okay, I believe you but you are hurting my hand " he released me immediately seeing that my wrist has turned red ..

" I'm sorry angel"

" It's okay "

" So am I forgiven? "

" Just the last time "

" Yes! Thank you so much angel " he said kissing me

" I'm taking you somewhere, go get dressed " I stared at him and rolled my eyes..

" Where are you taking me to ?" I asked

" Just somewhere, just go dress up "

" Are you indirectly taking me on a date? "

" Maybe " he said and shrugged


" You like it ? " He asked as we got to the restaurant .
Who wouldn't like this place?

" Of course, I love it "

" I'm glad you do, so take a seat " he said and sat down while I sat opposite him..
It's a VIP reservation..

" I will just go to get our orders so it can arrive quickly " he said and stood up while I nodded..

" Don't move okay ?" He instructed and left ..

This place is amazing, Only the decorations will make you fall in love with it..
Wealth can do many things..

I stared around not minding if people are staring or not... It's my first time here ..

" Hey cupcake, is this really you ?" My heart race rapidly... Cupcake? The only person that calls me that is not here anymore..

My head snapped at the voice's direction and I was not wrong. It was him..
My heart clenched in fear while he smiled widely at me .... My body became sweaty as my eyes almost bulged out of it's sockets

" Mario? " I called shivering with fear ...

" The one and only " he replied and took Ethan's seat..
He's really back, oh my God! This isn't happening....
I ..thought he was dead ?!...
My body began shaking visibly... He shouldn't try to hurt me again please

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