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Pregnant For Mr Pompous-Episode19


Pregnant For Mr Pompous-Episode19

Theme: He Raped Me

Written by Simrah Saeed


My body trembled as my mouth turned cold ..

" Surprised to see me cupcake? " He asked smirking.
I couldn't say a word, all I wish right now is for the ground to open up and swallow me..
Mario is my worst nightmare I wish never to see in life ....

" Wow! Wow! Is someone pregnant?" He asked staring at down at my belly and I shifted in fear..
I don't want any harm to come to my baby

" Well, after you hit me and ran away thinking I was dead, I never died. I can't just die like that you know and I promised to come back for you "

" It's good to see you again cupcake and I haven't forgiven you for what you did. You have to pay " he said and fear engulfed me..

Mario was our neighbour and then, he do make sexual advances towards me till a day he tried to rape me..

Flashback .

Mum, Dad and my sisters went for a welcome party of one of dad's friend who came back from California.
I was left alone at home to do the chores. It's something I'm used to after all that's my work here ..

After I was done cooking, I proceeded to clean the house...
When I arrived at the sitting room, I spotted Mario comfortably sitting on the couch ..
Ho..how did he get in here? I can remember I personally put the door on lock and key .

I have been scared of him all my life even if we grew up together. He's a drug dealer and equally makes use of it which made me more scared of him ..
I don't just like it when I'm alone with him

" Hey cupcake "

" What are you doing here Mario and how did you get in? " I asked

" That's not important cupcake, I just saw your parents and siblings going out and decided to pay you a visit "

" For what ?"

" Don't pretend you don't know what I meant cupcake, I want you " he said and pulled me towards him making me fall on top of him ... God! He smells like he's taken some cigarettes...
He help my waist very tight and I was unable to escape from his grip

" Mario..p..lease stop this " I begged as he placed his lips on my neck

" Not now cupcake " with that he brought out an injection and my eyes widened ..

" Wh..at are you doing ?" I stammered blinking my eyes continuously

" Relax , it's just an injection " he said and I shook my head..

" No...no please don't do this to me I beg you " I pleaded in tears to no avail

" Since you don't want me to taste your honey pot, I will do it forcefully but with your eyes opened " he said and injected me with the string .
I screamed in pain and passed out in his arm..

I woke up feeling weak as I stare at my sorounding trying to recall what happened..

This isn't home, Mario brought me here.
I stood up weakly and went for the door but unfortunately, it was locked..

" You are awake cupcake " I startled upon hearing the voice..
How did he get in? But I'm standing at the door...

" Why did you bring me here Mario, what did you want?" I asked almost yelling. I was scared to death. Let it not be what I'm thinking ..
I've gone through a lot to add the trauma of being raped

" You know why I brought you here so stop asking and be a good girl. All I want is your sexy body and that's all, you will be free to go "
He pushed me to the bed and climbed up on me...

" M... Mario.. please don't do this to m...me "

" Shut up " he removed his belt while sucking my b**bs .
Why always me? I can't allow this happen to me

Ah! Thank goodness! A pistol was on the drawer closer to the bed ..
I stylishly grabbed it and with a shaky hand, I hit him with it on the head ..

He groaned and fell off me holding his bleeding head. A key fell from his pocket and i quickly took it guessing it should be for the door..

He was now in his own pool of blood while I fearfully stood up...
The blood was becoming much and that frightened me ..

" O... Olivia you won't go with this " he said faintly and gave up ...

God! I didn't mean to kill him, I only wanted him to pass out so I can escape..
I fearfully opened the door and ran out...

End of flashback ....

" Earth to cupcake " he said snapping me out of my thought

" Uhhmm I...am really sorry Mario, I never intended on hitting you. I did it for protection please forgive me and don't hurt me again "

" And you did protect yourself and I am not back for revenge but you have to taste you for payback. I don't care if you are pregnant or not "

" What's happening here?" Ethan asked coming and I sighed in relief. He's here now and I can say my safety is guaranteed..
He glanced at me then at Mario, he shouldn't think of anything please...

" Uhhmm, I uhmm"

" Riri?" Ethan called and I stared confusedlyat him .
Did he know him from somewhere?

" Ethan? You, oh my God " he said and they both embraced each other. What the hell?

My worst nightmare is friend with my fiance?

" Where have you been? Since we graduated from the University, I haven't seen you "  Ethan said..
Oh! There were course mates maybe...

" Well yeah, i travelled out of the country "

" I really missed your bad boy gang " Ethan said and they laughed..

His eyes turned towards me and he furrowed his eye brow...

" This is my fiancee Olivia, I guess you might know her from somewhere " he introduced and Mario's face darkened..

" Your fiancee? " He asked and I went closer to Ethan. He's a psychopath amd can do the unimaginable

" Yeah any problem with that ?" Ethan glanced at me then at him... I wish I can read his mind right now..

" Ah! Not at all man, she's a good girl amd she used to be my neighbour " Mario replied and Ethan shrugged..

" Anyways this is Mario my very good friend from the University. We were course mates and eventually became friends " Ethan said and I nodded

" So when did you come back? " Ethan asked sitting down on the 3rd chair

" I just arrived and decided to grab some food before going to look for an hotel to stay in for the 3days I'm spending here in a business " he replied..
I couldn't even look at him... Why did Ethan have to be friends with someone like him? Mario of all people. A gangster?

" Why will you stay in a hotel when you have me here? You can move in with us for the 3days " Ethan said and my eyes bulged out..

What? Stay with us? No! No! ..
I gave him a pleading eyes to take back his words but he wasn't understanding..

" I will be glad man, thank you so much " he said with a smirk plastered on his face..

" It's nothing, so our order will arrive right away after which we will go to home to my place "
How can I stay under the same roof with a devil?

Our face met and he passed me a body language inform of ' be ready '
My body tensed up..
He didn't even ask for my opinion....
I'm done for....


The next day....

I practically avoided Mario throughout yesterday night and now Ethan wants to leave me with him in this house?

" Please Ethan, I.. can't stay here " I pleaded.

" Look angel, I'm going to work. I don't get why you are scared of Mario,  he won't hurt you or is they something you wish to let me know?" He asked and I shook my head..
I just can't explain the problem I have with his friend..

" Then, just stay okay, I will be back earlier enough. I promise he can't hurt you " he assured and I sighed..

" I just want to follow you to the office " I said and he chuckled..

" Stop being a scary cat Angel, I will be back before you know it "

" Okay, can you drop me off at my dad's? It's been a while I saw them " I said convincingly but he isn't buying it ..

" Angel" he called and groaned..

" We both will go there tomorrow but for now, I want you to go in and rest " he said and pecked my forehead

" I love you babes "
With that he left leaving me....
I face palmed myself, knowing that Mario is in here with me scares the hell out of me..
I began walking back into the house when I head some footsteps..
I flinched and staggered back..

"Calm down Olivia, it might be some of the maids " I said to myself and resumed walking very fast to my room..
The best thing is to lock myself...

The footstep became clearer and I saw the person was approaching my door ..

" You can't run away from me forever cupcake "
My heart almost jumped out of my throat..
His sight is enough to scare me... God please let the guards show up ...

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