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Pregnant For Mr Pompous-Episode17


Pregnant For Mr Pompous-Episode17

Theme: He Raped Me

Written by Simrah Saeed


" Mum, you didn't tell me you were coming " I said hugging her as she stared down at me ...
Huh? Why's she staring at me?

"Mum? " I called

" Hmm, are you okay ?" She asked which made me stare at myself.
Am I not okay ?
I gave her a confuse and nervous look

" I.. I'm okay mum " I replied nervously..
Or wait, did she see that lady downstairs?  Oh God!

" Okay, we will get back to that later but for now, sit " she commanded and I sat on the bed with her

" How is my baby girl and grandchild doing?" She asked

" We are fine mum, hope everything is fine at home that you paid us a surprise visit ?"

" Everything is fine hunny, just decided to surprise you and my son only to meet a lady more of a slut in the living room " she said and I almost chuckle. I'm glad she doesn't like her at least I have people at my side

" Mum! She's not a slut, she's just someone who's.... " I said

" Pregnant for my son? A girl like her can't be pregnant for my son, I can agree my son was into women but not after he met you. I don't believe the pregnancy is for Ethan . It can't just be " she snapped and I sighed
But it can be so anyways, the last time I saw them together was at the party 5months ago and the pregnancy ought to be protruding like mine if it's really for Ethan unless they met after then ..

The thought of that does nothing but breaks my heart. To think that my husband to be cheated on me when he stated clearly that he loves me, probably he just sugar coated me to get me ...
My head spinning..

" Don't think about that Olivia, you know I will always love you and only you shall remain my daughter in law. Even if the pregnancy is for Ethan, she will deliver and go or I will take care of it trust me baby girl " she patted my shoulder and I nodded ..

" I'm just happy you are fine, else Ethan will be dead " she said and I laughed

" Let's go downstairs mum, I will prepare something for you myself "

" Really ? I don't want you to stress yourself hunny, I'm okay if the cooks prepare it "

" I insist mum "

" Only if we do it together then, I will let you "

" Oh my goodness! I will be glad mum, you know I've always wanted you to teach me some of your cooking skills "

" Let's get started already "


" It's yum " I said munching the pizza ..
Seriously of all foods, I don't know how to make pizza if not as mum just taught me .
Despite she's married into a rich family who have lots of people working for them, she knows how to cook, she makes the best meals ever . She has the number one talent in cooking . I wish to be like her.

" I know right , but eat slowly I don't want you choking on it "

" I won't mum, you know what, I'm very happy you taught me this "

" And I will teach you many more "

" Mum " I called pouting like a baby

" I know this look Olivia, you need something " she chuckled.
She just knows me too well and I'm happy I am very free with her...

" Yes mum "

" Okay, I'm at your service " she replied playfully

" I want ice cream "

" Is that all? I will order it immediately " she said and I shook my head

" No, I want the ice cream done by you " I said with a puppy eyes..
She stared at me for awhile

" Just for you baby girl "
Yaaaayyyy! I have the best mother in law ever ..

" I love you mum " I said side hugging her.  I don't want my baby to get hurt a bit.. I've come a long way with it

" I know that, you sing that all the time" she said chuckling and I smiled .

What is marriage without the love of your husband's family? I'm not even married to her son and she treats me like a daughter ...
I just pray this happens to people out there too and not only me ..

You will have peace of mind if you have a mother and father in-law who got your back and support you even if it means lying their son flat ...
Imagine she took side with me over Ethan impreganating another lady and even threatened to deal with her son if he that gets me angry ....

I so much love this woman, she's not only a mother figure but also my role model ..
And Ethan? I haven't seen him since mum arrived here, maybe he went out with his mistress. You can't tend me to be his mistress too because I am officially engaged to him

I just hope all this and Anna lady shouldn't become a tool to destroy us. My heart believes it when he says he loves me but my mind isn't agreeing to that ...

In all, I hope I find happiness at last or I will just move in with my mother and father in-law... I will find peace there than staying here to watch that lady's drama.

" You will have to be my apprentice "

" Of course mum, you are the boss " I said and we laughed ..

" Okay, bring the denser " she instructed and I went to get it

" Mum, will it turn ice immediately? " I asked childishly and she burst out laughing

" You seriously don't know how to make ice cream too? " She enthused and I shook my head.
What a shame ......

( A novel by Simrah Saeed )


I drove by myself for yhe first time taking Anna to the hospital.
I don't want to believe the pregnancy is for me anymore, I mean take a look at Olivia. She has a protruding belly and she? It was that very day I last had sex with her so why is hers still flat ?

I glanced at her through the rare mirror and saw she was nervous, she hasn't said a word since we entered into the car and that only means one thing.

I just can't wait to see the result and I hope it will turn out the pregnancy isn't for me ..

" Ouch !" She shouted and I turned to her

" What's the problem Anna ? " I asked
She held her head and shouted loudly..

" Are you okay ? "

" E... Ethan, I don't like this feeling I'm having " she said fanning herself and I narrowed my eyes at her..
What's she saying? And what feeling did she not like ?

" What are you talking about?"

" I feel there's danger ahead, I don't want anything to happen to my baby " she said touching her stomach and I chuckled ...

" What are you insinuating ?" I seriously don't understand a thing from what he's saying

" Let's go back home "

" What? Are you kidding me? We are half way to the hospital already "  I said

" Don't you get it? There is danger ahead, you know my mum do tell me I can see vision of some things. I don't want anything happening to my baby "
Vision really? She once mentioned that but.... Should I believe it ?
But this has nothing to do with any vision..

" But..." I tried talking but she cuts in

" Let's go back home please, we will go run the test tomorrow " she said...

Morning Lovers

Hope this Anna girl is not up to something!
And Ethan should better wise up o. My baby sister won get sense pass him now

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