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Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 11


Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 11

Theme : The village Girl


I growled at Tiwa, how could she be this stupid! She had hit her glass hard against others and it smashed with the others spilling all over the table. She had ruined everything on the table. I went ballistic.

"Are you crazy?!! ". I yelled angrily. She flinched and tears started pouring out of her eyes.
"Calm down, Alex please". Rotimi said to me. "Amaka come and clean this place".

Taiwo held tiwa who kept crying. "How could you be so careless, see how you hit the glass like stone and ruined everything. Not like you we dont have it at home. For God sake!! You attended secondary school!!! ". I yelled.

"Calm down please, she's sorry. Not like it was intentional". Taiwo pleaded still consoling Tiwa who kept crying.

"Wash a dog, comb a dog, a dog will always be itself. And you're just nothing but a pig too. No matter how you treat a pig, it'll still yearn for dirt".

"Thats too much, Alex". Taiwo said giving me pleading eyes.

I moved to her side and drag Tiwa by the arm forcefully leading her out of the house. Rotimi kept calling after me but I dont give an are. I pushed her into the car and got into the driver seat and zoomed into the street.

She kept crying in the car annoying me the more. "Shut the fuck up!! Shut that stinking mouth of yours. You might think it me, you embarrassed but Nope. N-O-P-E Nope it not me. You fucking embarrassed yourself, witch".

"Am so sorry, I swear it was a mis.........

"I say just the hell up!!!! ". I screamed at her and almost ran into a coming vehicle but fortunately the driver was quick enough to avoid it.

"Bastard!!!!! Oloriburuku!!!!! ". The driver cursed.

"You nothing but bad luck everywhere you are!!!! ". I yelled at her as I pulled up by the roadside and drag her out of my car.

"Get out, you bad luck!!! ".

"Please dont do this to me". She cried.

"You can go home yourself ". I said to her as I got in my car and sped off. Fuck her!!!

I need to go to Nora, she's the only one that can calm me right now. I made a U turn,the sun suddenly disappeared and the cloud changed like it was gonna rain and there was lightening. A slow patter of rain started to thrum. I saw Tiwa crying by the roadside but I dont give a fuck like I said earlier.

I parked in front of her apartment and alighted. I saw a guy coming out of her house looking very angry. He glared at me as he pass. What could be wrong? I walked to the door and knocked softly. I heard the knob turning.

"What the fuck do you want again, I thought I warned you to........... ". She stopped when she saw me and flashed a smile. "Hey Alex, you did not tell me you were coming around".

"Who is that guy that just left and why was he looking angry". I asked as I walk into the house.
"Oh that's my cousin. I scold him about his recent behavior at home". She replied closing the door.

"I dont know him though". I mumbled settling in the sofa bed and I suddenly remembered the shit that happened earlier and I hissed loudly.

"Whats up with you, Alex". Nora said as she laid beside me. "Is it your wife? ".

"That Mom para! I dont wanna talk about her right now, am so pissed off".

"Oh well then..... I have a good news for you though".

I turn to face her and she smiled at me.

"Am carrying your baby".

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