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Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 10


Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 10

Theme : The village Girl


Alex pressed the doorbell softly. "Coming". I heard Rotimi say from inside, his footsteps became audible, after 20secs. The door knob turned and opened revealing Rotimi who grinned at us.

"Wow... Wow... Welcome guys, please come in".

Alex shook rotimi, I said hello just like Alex has told me to in the car and I trailed behind Alex into the beautiful house. Well it wasn't big like ours but it beautiful and okay.

"Welcome Tiwa, come have a seat". Rotimi gestured us to seat. I settled in a sofa opposite Alex who crossed his legs.

"I'll be back soon, let me go get my wife". Rotimi said and climb the stairs up.

"Dont forget what I warned you about, dont put up any kind of shit here". Alex said sternly and I nodded.

I heard footsteps coming from the stairs and I saw a beautiful fair lady with heavy pregnancy with Rotimi who helped her down the stairs.

She smiled at me immediately we made eye contact and I returned the smile.

She should be in her late 20's, she's a really pretty lady. Her hair was weaved in cornrows.

"Wow finally, i met your beautiful wife, Alex". She hugged me with her side cos of big bump and sat beside me while Rotimi sat with Alex.

"Am so sorry I couldn't come for the wedding, I can't travel with this big tummy of mine".

We all chuckled. "Am so glad to meet you in person, have heard alot about you but trust me you look prettier in person than pictures".

I blushed. "Thank you, you so pretty too". If only Alex appreciate what he has.

"You've been talking about her, what about me? ". Alex pouted and we laughed

I've never seen this side of him before.

Rotimi's wife giggled again and faced me. "Am Taiwo".

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"Wow lovely name, well I have a beauty shop. You cn always come to make your hair and other stuffs".

"I brought this for you, it cookies". Alex said

whilst smiling as he dropped a carrier bag on the table.

"Awwn thank you so much, Alex". Taiwo smiled revealing her gap tooth.

"Sweetheart you really gonna enjoy it". Rotimi said to his wife. "I bet you enjoyed yours too Tiwa? ".
"What?". I asked confused.

"Welcome sir and ma, food is ready". A lady who I assumed to be a maid said from the kitchen doorway.

"Will your maid ever change? I swear if she were working under me, I would've fired her. How can a maid just stand far from me and be telling me food is ready". Alex and smirked.

"Common man, she's a good girl and we enjoying her service
Let's move to the dinning". Rotimi said and we stood up.

Taiwo held my hand gisting me and kept flinging questions at me.
 She gave me no time to answer. Well she's seem nice and cool.

We got to the dinning and we both sat opposite our husbands. Strong aroma waved through the air. The maid opened each pot revealing hot white rice, stew and sauced chicken.

My stomach grumbled at the sight and I was glad nobody heard. The maid served us, Taiwo led us in prayer and we started eating.

"You're so lucky to be married to someone like Alex, he's a real caring man". Taiwo said to me while I just faked a smile.

There's no luck in marrying Alex except bad luck. I bet she doesn't know what am passing through. How am being treated by him
"And you Alex, do and make babies with your wife so my kid can have someone to play with".

"Yeah that's right man". Rotimi added. Alex did not say a word, while I just munched my chicken lap.

Rotimi stood up and went for the cocktail wine on the table, he popped it making some splil on the table and his wife clapped happily. He filled each glass with little portion before sitting back.

"So i'll like to make a toast to the latest couples". Taiwo said smiling like a baby.

"Uhmmm.... I hope it not alcoholic? ". I asked.

"Not at all dear, I won't dare give my pregnant wife an alcoholic drink". Rotimi said and I smiled at that.

We raised our glass up and boom!!! I dont know how I handled my own glass against the others and it all shattered.
Everythingsmashed, making all broken into pieces on the table. Ben growled at me. Am in trouble. What have I done???

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