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Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 12


Forcible Wedlock- Chapter 12

Theme : The village Girl


I stood by the road crying. How could I be that stupid... I embarrassed myself and worst of all. Alex is very angry with me.

As I wipe the tears off my cheek, the sun disappeared. The cloud became dark, branched lightning lit up the sky, hissing and buzzing. They trembled with the anger and cracked aloud like a whip.

People started to run for cover, cars honk and hoot, umbrellas were opened as cloud spat out their beads of water. The rainfall was getting heavier, my clothe was wet already and I was shivering because of the cold.

A cab pulled beside me. "Going somewhere, ma'am? ". Is he blind? Can't he see I do.

"Yeah, Delight Estate, house 10". I told him as I got into the car. I wiped off my tears, luckily my phone was not that wet. So I just cleaned with a towel I found in the car and swipe the screen and entered my videos. Am a lover of comedies so I have lots of it. Anytime am down, I always watch it and my mood would brighten.

The rain has stopped when i got home. I alighted from the cab and opened my purse to pay him. I brought out N1000 note and handed it to him.

"No my dear,just keep it. I dont know what you going through right now but i want you to know, no matter the situation that you're facing right now,just always remember that everything happen for a reason.

Never allow battles to drag you down,Just keep on trusting God with all your heart because problems are just stepping stone for you to stand firm and to be a better person in future". With that he drove away leaving me speechless.

Hmmmm am so speechless. I knocked on the gate and the gateman opened.

"You're welcome ma".

"Thank you sir Adams". I replied as I walk into the house through the kitchen. I got in my into and went straight to the bathroom to shower.

I found something simple to wear and went downstairs. I met the maids watching Zee world.

"Oh my God, I hope I haven't missed much". I rush to one of the chairs where Gina sat.

"Not really but you've missed an episode of Mehek and The heir".

"Oh oh..... I'll just watch that later at night". I said and focus my attention on the TV and crossed my legs on the glass table.

Few minutes later, I heard the door open but I did not bother to look because I knew it was as Alex but I turned to look when I heard the sound of a Female's shoe.
" Whats going on here? ".

"Am so happy right now, I feel on top of the world. You're carrying my child! Am gonna be a father soon". I kept dancing.

Nora smiled at me. I move to her and hugged her tight. "Thank you so much for making my dream come true. I've always dream of you becoming my wife and birthing my kids. Yes we did not marry but you are carrying my baby". I said and disengage from the hug and screamed again dancing.

"Am so happy too my dear, I just notice I have been throwing up and feeling dizzy this past few days so I decide to go for a test and boom! The doctor said am a month and few weeks gone".

"Thank you so much Nora, am so happy. You won't understand how happy I am right now. I can't wait to have a beautiful daughter who looks exactly like you".

"Am not gonna give you a girl but a heir".

"A heir? ". I asked a bit confused.

"Oh am just trying to say, i'll give you a baby boy so you won't have to love your baby girl than me".

"Oh now I understand, you jealous am gonna love her more?
Listen...... I love you so much and no child can come between us rather it will make my love for you increase, my mom will be so glad to hear this".

"Just your mum? I wonder why your dad doesnt like me at all.
Because of the past, it bygone already". She said sadly and I held her hand.

"Listen baby...... My dad will love you now, he's gonna accept you with his whole heart. You're carrying their grandchild". I assured her.

"And your wife? ".

"Forget that one, she'll leave for you, my love". I said meaning all my words.

"Now let's go pack your stuffs, you're moving in".

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