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Revenge-Episode 34


Revenge-Episode 34


Chief Odogwu was still in shock over what just happened, he walked home in a hurry intending to find out if what Nina had said earlier was true. When he got home he saw his wife and two children sitted outside, His wife told him how he was pushed outside and locked out. Chief Odogwu was confused, he had no idea what to do, he had no friend in the village except for the king and now the king was no where to be found. He decided to rally around some chiefs if anyone could help accommodate his family for the time being, pending when he would meet with the king and reclaim his properties. He even went as promising whoever they helps him a whooping amount of money, nobody was ready to accommodate him. Luckily for him the former warrior head finally agreed to help him. Odogwu was relived. In the evening they sat outside his hut to discuss.

Odogwu: something is not right

Warrior head: how do you mean

Odogwu: the queen, the igwe’s wife. How did she become the queen?

Warrior head: I dont get you, how do you mean how did she become the queen? She married the king and became the queen.

Odogwu: but how is it possible?

Warrior head: his do you mean? A man and a woman met, and they married, that’s how it was possible.

Odogwu: you don’t understand my friend.

Warrior head: what is it I dont understand? Make me understand.

Odogwu: you see the kings wife, that girl sitting on the throne, your new queen is a maid.

Warrior head: you are confusing me the more, how can the Queen be a maid?

Odogwu: she is a maid. Or she was a maid. She was a maid to my step brother the late king Obama of Ekeh land.

Warrior head: Ekeh ke,

Odogwu: yes EKEH.

Warrior head: which Ekeh? The same Ekeh?

Odogwu: thesame Ekeh

Warrior head: its not possible.

Odogwu: what do you mean its not possible. I am telling you she is a maid you are saying not possible. She served my brother and me, I recognise her well.

Warrior head: but its not possible, I led the battle against EKEH and I made sure everyone was killed.

Odogwu: And I tell you its not everyone. That wretch of s maid survived.

Warrior head: But how’s that possible? I oversaw the killing of everyone myself.

Odogwu, you should be the one telling me how it is possible. Because that girl I saw is the same maid. And if she is the queen then she is hiding something, then something is really wrong and we might just all be in danger.

.warrior head: who is we? Why would we be in trouble.

Odogwu: Are you seriously asking that?

Warrior head: I have to speak to the king.

Odogwu: that’s the problem. She will not allow you or anyone see him. Imagine the witch locked me up for two days after stripping me of my entitlement. She won’t allow me speak to the igwe .

Warrior head: no wonder she wouldn’t let us see him when we went to complain to him on our polluted seas and streams.

Odogwu: am glad you are beginning to understand.

Warrior head: but are you sure,because if you are not.

Odogwu: I am very positive.

Warrior head: I will confirm and speak to the king, if he is not available for chats, then I, will speak to the Prince himself. ..

To be continued!

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