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Revenge-Episode 33


Revenge-Episode 33


Queen Nina ordered for Odogwu to be released after spending two days in the palace cell. When hr was brought before the Queen. Hr quickly knelt down before he would be imprisoned again.

Odogwu: my Queen I am so sorry for my behaviour the last time, please forgive me.

Queen Nina: look at me

Odogwu; My Queen please forgive me, I am not worthy to look at you

Queen Nina: I said raise tour head and look at me.

(Odogwu raised his head and looked at the Queen, and then he recognised her, memories of her as a maid flooded his mind, he quickly jumped to his feet)

Odogwu: what is the meaning if this rubbish? (turning to the guard) what is this maid doing sitting on the queens seat?( a quick slap in his face brought reality to him)

Guard: Dont ever talk to the queen like that?

Odogwu: Queen? What Queen? This maid? (Another slap landed on his face and it dawned on him that something was happening)

Queen Nina: it’s obvious that you have gone mad. Now listen to me, you have been a bad boy, a very bad boy, for this reason the king has asked me to strip you of your title and take away all the entitlements and benefits he gave to you.

Odogwu: what is the meaning of this? What are you trying to do.

Queen Nina: From this moment, the lands given to you by the king are no longer yours. The house where you currently live in is no longer yours. Your wife and children have already been thrown out as we speak. You are to live as a commoner, in this land and the day you dare challenge or talk to anyone anyhow in this village you will be banished. (Prince Nnamdi stepped in just as she was finishing up her last statement)

Prince Nnamdi: what is going on here?

Odogwu: oh thank the gods! Thank the gods you are here, I dont know who this little maid thinks she is, she….

Prince Nnamdi: excuse me,(he shouted at odogwu) you will address the Queen with respect!

Odogwu: Queen? Queen? But how can that be? How can this maid be Queen?

Prince Nnamdi: chief Odogwu are you okay? I just told you to address the Queen with respect and yet you are still talking nonsense?

Odogwu: but how is it possible? How is she the Queen?

Prince Nnamdi: well, it is what it is, this is queen Nina, my father’s new wife, and so she is the queen of this land and you will address her with respect.
(Odogwu was shocked at this revelation, he didnt understand what was going on, he turned to leave but he suddenly stopped and talked to the Prince)

Odogwu: But she is taking everything from me, she is rendering me homeless and penniless.

Prince Nnamdi: yes Nina, sorry , tour majesty, what was that? I heard you say something before I came in.

Queen Nina: it is what the king wants.

Prince Nnamdi: But how can the want that, he and Odogwu are friends, for a long time now.

Odogwu: yes! Good friends.

Queen Nina: well I dont know, but that’s what he wants.

Prince Nnamdi: well I have to speak to him, I have to understand why.

Queen Nina: But you can’t speak with him.

Prince Nnamdi: and why is that?

Queen Nina: Because he doesn’t want to be disturbed

Prince Nnamdi: well that’s bullshit (and he started walking towards Nina’s room, odogwu was happy, Nina had to do something before the Prince finds out what she is doing, she quickly ran and blocked the entrance to the door before the Prince could step in.

Prince Nnamdi: what are you doing?

Queen Nina: well you can’t go in there.

Prince Nnamdi: why?

Queen Nina: Because the king is naked, (Nnamdi stared at her) yes! The king is naked, we just finished making love and I told him I needed those titles taken away from Odogwu and he agreed and told me to go ahead and tell him.(the Prince looked at her for sometime, disgusted at her attitude and then walks away to his own room)

Prince Nnamdi: I thought you were different, but I can see you and my father are a perfect matchc. (He walks away)

Odogwu: (to the Prince) but what about me?

Prince Nnamdi: do as your queen as ordered.(he walks away)

To be continued!

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