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Revenge-Episode 35


Revenge-Episode 35


The next day the warrior head decided to visit the igwe as early as possible, before the Queen would wake up, and so he set out on his way to the King’s palace.
Suprisingly , he saw Nina sneaking our of the palace. She was dressed in casual clothes but the warrior head recognised her, he wondered why she was dressed like that and where she was sneaking to at the early hours of the morning, and so he decided to follow her.

Nina walked past the forest deep down through thick bushes, and finally she got to where Chimamanda was patiently waiting. The warrior head continued to follow until he saw her talking with another young girl, he wanted to have a hood view of the girl to be able to identify her and also to hear whatever it was they wanted to discuss, and so he went a little bit closer and his himself carefully behind the leaves. He could hear them greeting each other clearly and exchanging pleasantries.

Chimamanda: How is Azaza?

Queen Nina: Dying slowly in my wardrobe.

The warrior head was shocked to hear this. So the king was dying he thought to himself, no wonder the Queen had hidden him from being seen by his people. The Queen must be so evil. But who was this girl she was talking to?

Chimamanda: that’s very good. Azaza will pau for his wicked deeds. What about the villagers how are they coping without water?

Queen Nina: my princess, not good, animals have begun to die from lack of water, the crops are dying and even the people have started falling sick.

Chimamanda: They will suffer for the choices they made. They chose to stay with their wicked queen and so they will suffer with him.

Queen Nina: my princess , will the water ever be healed?

Chimamanda: I have what I van use to restore the waters back to life, but not now. Let them all pay for their wickedness.

Queen Nina: But there are some innocent persons that are suffering along side the king.

Chimamanda : (,looks at her in a funny way) innocent ones like the Prince? (Nina kept her head down in silence) listen Nina whatever you are enjoying while in OKU , you can share with anyone you feel is innocent the prince included. I trust you, that is why we increased the portion of everything we brought in for you, water and food. If they aunt enough you can always order for more.

Queen Nina: Thank you my princess. So what’s the next plan of action.

Chimamanda: we take away their gold. For those gold, our land was destroyed, now we will take away everything from them. Do you know where they keep their treasures?

Queen Nina: not really but I do have an idea. I have seen the king before lock up one of the chambers in the palace with strict warning for no one to go close. I believe the gold is there.

(The warrior head knew that Nina was very right. The gold of OKU was safely locked up in that chamber. He understood that Nina and whoever this lady she was talking to is was both from EKEH, and he has heard all their plans. As he was about leaving he saw chimamanda remove her gloves.)

Chimamanda: The king still has my royal ring. You must get it from him. That ring is a symbol of the kingdom of EKEH.

QUEEN Nina: That is no problem at all, I will get it.

(The warrior head quickly understood everything, this girl was the same princess of 11years ago whom he had ordered Aguyi to kill. He saw her fingers that was chopped off.)

Warrior head: (to himself) I mist go back to the prince ad rescue the king and tell him all I’ve heard. (He turned to leave but a mighty wood hit him on his head and he fell to the ground, the sound attracted Nina and chimamanda, who quickly ran to the direction where it came from. They saw the warrior head, and they saw Ikenna standing over him with a big wood in his hand)

Ikenna: I guess he followed you from the palace, he has been eaves dropping. Thank the gods I caught him here if not all our plans would have been ruined.

Queen Nina: so what do we do with him now.

Chimamanda: dont you worry about that, you return to the palace, Ikenna and I will take care of him.

Queen Nina: okay my princess. (she hugged Ikenna once before she turned and hurried back to the palace, because it would be dawn soon and she wants to get back before anyone notices that she was gone.)

To be continued!

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