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Bane's Blade-Chapter Seven


Bane's Blade-Chapter Seven

Genre: action, romance.

©Bunmi B. Gabriel.

Jin-Ju (Apple, the younger twin with green hair dye)

I whimpered as I tried to walk behind my imaginary Seo-Jun, (member of K-I-S-S) he's so cute and almost real. He was walking too fast, too fast for a sick girl like me. Oh I'm going to die, oh I haven't been loved very much like I want yet, all my boyfriends didn't love me to my satisfaction.
'Oppa,' I sobbed, my feet hurts.'

'What is it?' He asked coldly.

'My feet, my stomach, Oppa please carry me.'

'I thought I wasn't real,' he hinted out with high mockery in his tone.

'Please, I can't walk anymore, my stomach hurts so bad.' I stopped walking and sat down, I had branch over ten times to stool which would have been embarrassing if Seo-Jun was real. I fart sometimes too and threw up thrice, my breathing was short and wheezy. I folded my legs and rest my face on my palms. He was still walking away.

'You will die here,'

'Yeah, thank you selfish annoying bastard, I pray you die in depression.' He halted, his shoulders tensed just as his hands clenched into a fists.

'What did you just say?'

'I said I pray you die of depression, what else? Go away imagination, I don't need you.'

'Fine, happy funeral you ugly green haired sicko!' He yelled, turning around to face me. I snorted and smirked.

'Is that suppose to affect me?' I asked with my smirk. That seemed to infuriate him as he glared at me like I was the most disgusting meat on earth. I winked at him despite myself... My pain.

'Gosh! You are annoying!' He yelled and stomped away, I laid on the ground, might as well die here or see if he would come back. I was out of energy, I couldn't even move if I tried. I was still trying to get myself when I heard his footsteps, like he was running.

'I knew you had a heart in there, tiny but....'

'Run!' I stood up, he was running, very fast. He got to me and without any effort, yanked me up and dragged me along.

'Why?' I asked trying to stop running.

'Python! Three, coming...' He said under his breath, my energy returned from wherever it disappeared to. I ran with all my might, all my energy, everything I had and before I knew it, I was half a mile away from him or something like that. When my brain registered that I left him behind and I was safe, my stomach ache returned in great force. I fell to the ground like a wet rag, my breath knocked out of my lungs.

'I left him to die.....mtcheeeew, he's an imagination.' I rest there, thinking about my life, my sisters, I don't want to die.

'Of course you won't die, you are going to get eaten.' My stupid subconscious mocked. What's the difference? I ignored her and remained there for minutes before I heard hissing sound, I raised my head sharply and froze, my throat becoming as parch as a dessert. A large yellow snake as long as five blocks of flats in a street and as fat as my head was curled up ten feet away from me, looking me in the eyes.

My funeral song already started playing in my head, I could see the inscription on my headstone. Why carry us to such dangerous island?
I felt like peeing, like literally I was at the verge of peeing on myself. It stretched up, ready to make a move.

'Duck!' I heard someone yell and I ducked instantly, I looked over my head, a big dagger flew gloriously in the wind and pinned itself to the snake's head. I was too afraid to move again, not until he pulled me up and flung me on his back like I was a twig. 'Death is a fascinating thing, you ran faster than me.'

'And now my breath have been knocked o....you carry that around?'

'You can never know when you will need to stab someone in defense or anger,' he shrugged, the motion bouncing me up a little. I rest my head on his shoulder, wrapping my hands around his neck tightly. 'Don't choke me, I won't drop you that easily.'

'Thank you, thank you very much and sorry for saying you will die of depression, I was upset.'

'You are the first person I know that ever apologize after calling me depress or frustrated and miserable. Why do people say that to me?'

'What have you done all your life? You are always moody, quiet, grumpy and so mean. You don't smile, you don't laugh and when anyone talks to you, you glare at them like you can kill them.'

'That's not true,'

'You don't believe me?'

'You don't know me,'

'I'm a fan, pretty sure I've watched all the episodes of K-I-S-S me daily.'

'I just read books....'

'And type on your phones.....no, that's Kris. The point is that you are never happy so you are seen as depressed.'

'Wow,' was all he murmured. I closed my eyes and snuggled comfortably into the side of his neck. He smelt like heaven, his soft golden hair brushed against my cheekbone, it was amazing. I closed my eyes and slowly dozed off.

Kris (Leader of K-I-S-S)

Seo-Jun is missing! The search party had searched everywhere, he didn't go back home, we've checked. There was another girl missing, her sister who dyed her hair purple (Ji-Seon, Raven) was freaking out, we couldn't find them. She was pacing around talking about how her parents would kill her, how she can't live without her sister. She's pretty, very pretty but don't really care.
'We are doing everything we can, they must have both wandered into the forest, we forgot to put up the electric gate.'

'Yeah, you forgot.' Ivan (the crazy youngest member of K-I-S-S) scoffed.

'If anything happens to Seo-Jun, you are as good as dead.' I said upsettingly. A girl in hood stride to us with short relax steps, her hands shoved into the front pockets of her crazily ripped black jeans. I don't understand her outfit but it is as well as hell as crazy as her vibe.

'Any luck?' She asked the purple girl.

'This hopeless set of buffoons have nothing to assist me with me,'
'Eh?' Shane (the last member) asked in shock.

'Yes! You are all hopeless and useless!' She yelled.

'Chill,' the girl covered by a pink hood said nonchalantly. (Lyiris)
'How can I chill! Why will I chill!'
'Come with me, Cyrai have picked up her tracks,'

'Really?' She squeaked. 'Let's go!' She dragged the hood girl away.

'Instinct says I should follow,' Shane said standing up. 'So off I go.' He walked off, we can't stop him so we followed with some guys. We were led deep into the forest, to a lake. A girl dressed exactly like the pink one stood there with hands in her back pockets.

'Cyrai!' Purple squealed. 'Where's my sister?!'

'Can friend Ji-Seon be calm while I study?' The gray hood asked, her voice was beautiful but just sounded off, almost robotic.

'How?' The camp manager asked. The gray hood pointed to a spot we could see nothing.

'Two tracks, one of a girl's and the other a boy of size 6½.'

'That's Seo-Jun!' Ivan shouted.

'They headed that way,' she tilted her head. 'They are heading towards a pack of coyotes and will be killed in exactly....' She looked at her wristwatch. '25 minutes so we have 20 to get to them and they are two miles away.' Our mouth fell open, how did she know that? She looked at the pink hood.

'It's okay, our friend is in danger. Go.'

'Go where?' Purple asked, before any of us could blink, gray hood was far away. Everyone turned to the pink haired for answers.

'She was raised by a military general to be an agent but later forfeit it,' that doesn't explain her speed. I looked around, everyone except me bought the story, I'm going to find out what this girl is.

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Jin-Ju (Apple)
Seo-Jun stroke my hair as I rest my head on his laps, his back against a tree which acted as shade for us. My stomach ache had reduced but I was cold and afraid, my body was shaking one kind. The strange howls weren't helping.

'Are you cold?' I nodded, snuggling closer to him. He shifted back a little and removed his jacket. 'Here,' he wrapped the jacket around my side shoulder, I felt warm again. 'Better now?'

'Thank you,'

'I'm not bad, aren't I?' He asked pettishly, I giggled.

'Yes, you are more gallant now,' I adjusted my head up and looked into his glowing green eyes. 'Why so cold? Everyone have a reason to be.'

'I come from a long line of marine generals and withstanding female barristers and judges, I'm the only idol so what's up?' I chuckled.

'That explains a lot, are you really an only child?'

'I have three older brothers who work in different law force, navy, marine and one is a secret agent. Dad don't want anyone to know about them, to even know where I come from. Everyone thinks I'm an orphan, I'm not.'

'Wow,' I breathe. 'How are your brothers like?'

'Annoying, one shot me in the arm when I was twelve.' I sat up slightly.

'What?' I asked dazedly. 'He shot you?'

'And the second one threw me down a balcony three years ago, I almost died.'

'Why?' I asked in shock. 'Aren't you guys related?'

'They think I'm weak, insult me and make my life very miserable. I keep trying to prove that I can be cold too and I guess that will explain me.' I laid back on his laps.

'And your parents?'

'Mom is never around, always in court and dad don't care.'

'My parents thinks my sister and I are useless, because we are girls.'

'Ouch,' he chuckled. 'Are they poor?' I turned the crest on my ring so it will look the way it ought to. I showed him the ring, his phone torch was our only light.
'Yoon?' He gasped.

'Yup,' I popped, turning the ring back.

'But they are childless,' he said incredulously.

'They don't want anyone to know about the disgrace they bore. My older sister and I used to try and impress them but then we stopped caring. We got to understand that you can never really satisfy human or get them to understand you, the only person that can understand you is you. Why do I need to change who I am because of them? If they don't care, then why should I? That is how we stopped caring and our lives have never been more fun.'

'So I should stop caring?' He asked boyishly, looking down at me with a certain glow in his eyes.

'Your cold attitude should be directed at them, not the people that cares about you.'

'Oh I know that, my eldest brother is in a coma as we speak,' he smirked with satisfaction. 'I ran him over with my car....'


'He shot me in the arms, twice!' He yelled in his defense. 'I paid him back but then the second tried to break a bottle on my head, I shot his legs.' He explained with so much pride.

'You paralyzed your brother!'
'Temporarily, only for a year or two.'

'And you are comfortable about it?'

'Shouldn't I be?' He asked confusedly. I sat up again and shimmed into the jacket, he was watching me curiously.

'Now imagine they died...' He shrugged.

'I attend their funerals, problem solved.' I face palmed myself and swipe it down.

'And your parents are good with it?'

'Dad believes it helps us get strong and mom don't care much. She focuses on my sisters more.'

'I blame your parents. And the third?'

'He doesn't hurt me seriously, just few punches so I don't relate badly either.'

'You are all mad,' I laid back on his laps. He ran his hand into his hair.
'Yeah, we know.'

'Okay, how many girls have you dated?'

'I'm a virgin.' He deadpanned. I burst into laughter, that was hilarious.

'Virgin my tits,'

'Hmmm,' he smirked, his hand sliding up my stomach. Where is it going? 'Tits, huh?'

'Don't touch me,' I swat his hand away, my cheeks heating up. He laughed and pushed his head back into the tree.

'Does that answer your question?' I blushed. 'I pay the girl that service me, I don't date.'

'I do, dumped too many guys.'

'How many and why?'

'36 and they don't love me enough, some turned out to be broke, very brainless and most suck in bed.'

'Wow, wasn't expecting that from you,'

'Cool, right?' I smirked. He stayed quiet, staying into my eyes in amusement.

'You are too truthful for your own good,' he pinched my nose, making me giggle. 'We better get some sleep for our own good.'

'Can you sleep?'

'Of course, if on.....' We both got alarmed by the heavy breathing of a dog or worse. 'Oh boy,' he murmured gently helping me up. 'Bad day to not carry a gun.' I screamed when a huge coyote jumped out from a bush.

'Run!' He pulled me along, very tightly so I won't escape him again. Another coyote blocked our way, I felt dizzy. 'Is this how I die?' He asked himself. Both coyotes dropped dead, we were both startled.

'Don't just stand there, follow me!' I turned to the voice of Cyrai.

'Cyraila!' I cried running to her, I hugged her immediately. 'You came!'

'We must leave, come on.' She pulled me along, Seo-Jun ran behind us.

'Do you know the way out?' He asked loudly.

'Just keep following and you will see.'

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