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Bane's Blade-Chapter Six


Bane's Blade-Chapter Six

Genre: action, romance.

©Bunmi B. Gabriel.

I opened the door to our room, the big painting on the wall greeted us first. A beautiful painting of all four of us on the wall with our selected group name, almost like it was a photoshoot. Ji-Seon wowed with mouth open, the painting was nice.

'You guys did this under the thirty minutes we were gone?' I asked in awe.

'I'm surprise myself,' Jin-Ju smiled. 'She's a very fast painter, just painted like she was some kind of robot. I only covered up Ji-Seon's painting before she finished the rest.'

'Wow,' I breathe again. 'We are so in trouble.'

'We're bad asses, things like that shouldn't bother us,' Ji-Seon smirked. I smiled, glad I got a good teammates that spoke me.

'We should retire to bed, we must be awake as early as 6am.'

'To do what? Are we going there to see Angel Gabriel,' I scoffed.
'Better don't wake me up Cyraila.'
'Expect to be awaken by 6:29am,' she looked at herself. 'Now I must rid myself off this chemical stench and groom myself in new scent.'
'Eh?' Jin-Ju asked puzzledly.

'She said she wants to bathe,' I explained with a chuckle.

'Why not use normal none confusing words?'

'Trust me Yoon Ji-Seon, this is as easy as I can speak.'

'How did you know my full name? Jin-Ju did you tell her?' Ji-Seon asked frowningly. Jin shrugged.

'I don't know what you're talking about, I'm as surprise as you are.'
'Can we just all go to bed?' I asked exasperatedly. 'Tomorrow she will certainly wake us up at that exact time...'

'I haven't eaten,' Jin-Ju whined.

'I bought bread,'

'Seriously?' Jin asked plainly. 'You know I hate bread.'

'You know I don't care,' she smirked. I looked at Cyrai, we understood eye language a lot.

'Can't you at least try to be more normal?'

'I'm sorry Lyiris Shindler, it is easier for me when I'm not living with them but now I live with them and you know pretending doesn't go too well with me.'

'Just fucking behave yourself, these girls look very smart and will discover us quicker than expected if we are not careful with our words.'

'This error will not repeat itself Lyiris Shindler, I swear on my motherboard.....I mean, I promise because I'm not a robot.' I rolled my eyes away with a smile. Day 1 amongst people, here we come.

Jin-Ju (Apple)
Cyrai sang loudly as she bathe in the shower, she woke us up earlier, made sure we got ready and did the chores which weren't much before going to shower. Ji-Seon huffed and puffed as she searched for her lucky bra, according to her, it brought her good luck. Iris was smearing black lipstick on her lips as she tapped her foot to the song in her head. Me, I was stuck deciding what colour of shoes to wear with my outfit.

'I can swear I kept it here,' Ji-Seon huffed. 'Where did it go to?'

'Jin, did you borrow my bra again?'

'If I borrowed it, I would have been wearing it, wouldn't I?'
'It's not here!'

'Are you sure you brought it along?'

'It is always the first thing I carry, you know that.'

'Just chill and find it. When people get upset while searching for something, it never comes out until the person chill,' I looked at her head which I have been glancing at gigglingly. 'And BTW, your bra's on your head.'

'What?' She touched her head and screamed, bringing the beautiful lacy peach bra to her face. 'You stupid bra! You couldn't even say I'm on your head!'

'Are you okay Ji-Seon? You are usually calm and collected, what's up with you?'

'I don't know, nervous. You know if we don't succeed in this school, dad will send me to England for business school and will betroth you to that egoistical Japan bastard, I can't let him separate us.' She said sadly. I sighed, that was the real reason we came. Our dad's heart is as cold as stone, he doesn't believe anything good can come out of female children and our mother support that motion. They both wanted two sons but got stuck with three girls, yeah we are triplet, one before me.

Her name is Jin Ae, she's not into music and art like we are, she's dad's duplicate both in mind and heart, just nicer and a better conscience. Dad don't like us, our parents don't and that is why no one knows whose daughter we are. Jin Ae have worked herself out trying to prove to them that we could be useful, that she could be useful but they still saw nothing good in us. She is clearly the rightful heiress to his empire because of how business minded and workaholic she is but he insist Ji-Seon take over while the rest get married off. After fighting about it, we made a deal, we get our own means of livelihood and he leaves us alone. That way, Jin Ae's dream of becoming the heiress will come true and he will see how useful we are.

Ji-Seon and I don't really care much, we just want to get away from them but Jin Ae will gladly die trying.

'We'll succeed Ji-Seon, I know we can.' I said confidently.

'Hopefully,' she murmured. I looked at Iris who was knotting her shoelace like she wasn't hearing our discussion. I love the way both girls don't interfere or nose poke. 'Now what are you doing staring at both shoes?' I glanced at Cyrai who came out of the bathroom all dressed up, wow.

'First of all, what are you wearing?' I asked her with a frown. She looked at herself.

'Is anything wrong with my material clothing, Yoon Jin-Ju?'
'Yes!' I dropped the shoes and clicked my tongue. 'This is fashion blunder, you can't go out looking like that, nuh uh.'

'I believe what I wear is casual and not wrong, isn't that right Lyiris Shindler?'

'Looks normal to me,' Ji-Seon said as she wore wore her bra over her bare chest.

'That's the problem!' I yelled upsettingly, stomping my foot on the ground. 'It's normal and casual. I'm in charge of what we wear to look stunning and I say this trash isn't classy enough, not okay. The materials are so last season and the shoes! Ew! You must change it.'

'Does it matter?' Cyrai asked without a smile.

'Of course it does, we need to stand out. Iris, you look gorgeous with what you are wearing, points out the wildness in our name. Ji-Seon, you are always perfect and so am I but you! Change that.'

'I do not understand your point Yoon....'

'Can you please call me Jin-Ju or Apple? Don't you get tired of calling people's full names?'

'I cannot get tired of what I grew up with,' she glanced at Iris. 'If changing will please you, then find me what to wear.'

'Yes!' I squealed, fist bumping the air. 'I will make you look like a dark mistress but secondly, which shoes should I wear?' I picked up the two pairs of shoes and showed them. 'Pick one.'

'If my eyes aren't failing me, I am hundred percent sure the two pairs are exactly the same thing.' Iris said with amusement in her tone.

'Not exactly, there is 5% difference between them,' Cyrai said without even looking at the shoes. 'One has more glitters than the other.'

'How can you tell?' I asked because I'm pretty sure the difference is more than that.
'I'm a genius,'

'But the differences is that one heels are higher than the other and the green in this one is paler.'
'Yoon....' I raised my index finger.
'Repeat after me, Ap-ple.' I pronounced slowly.

'I am not a toddler Apple Yoon....'
'Apple,' I corrected.



'Let m...'

'Apple,' I interjected again. She sighed.

'Okay, Jin-Ju,' she said. 'The only difference there is the glitter.'

'What shoes should I wear? Green or green?'

'Jin-Ju!' Iris and Ji-Seon snapped, what?

I grunted as I tried to pull up my boots, why is this shoes so tight! I whimpered and stared at Seo-Jun.

'Don't even bother,' he said coldly not taking his eyes off his book. I averted my eyes to Kris who was combing his hair.

'I'm busy, why not wear your own size of shoes and not those.'

'It's my size,' I scoffed.

'You are wearing your mom's shoes Ivan,' Shane chuckled.

'Her shoes are my shoes so what are you guys talking about,' I snorted.

'Suit yourself,' Seo-Jun said with his usual coldness.

'Can we go now? I'm suppose to be at my class in ten minutes. Teaching all those people how to sing well with their teammates will be stressful.'

'I thought we were teaching them how to yodel,' I said puzzledly. They all looked at me like I said something stupid. 'What are you all looking at me for? Can one of you help me with my shoes?'

'Again, your mom's.'

'Ryu In-Su, go take off those shoes, now!' Kris commanded, I whimpered. They never let me wear what I want.

'You all never let me wear what I want,' i whined complainingly.

'Because if we let you, your mom's bra will be on your head as a hat.' Seo-Jun deadpanned.

'Now go change that thing you call shoes and let's go.'

'You are all unfair,' I whined stomping my foot. 'I'm no longer a kid, I'm 20!' They looked at me emotionlessly, right. 'I'll report you to my mother!' I ran to my room, they are so unfair.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I muttered to myself as I walked into the suppose open ground the 100 people were to be addressed. I could see Kris's girlfriend and her friends sitting on their reserve chairs on the platform. We were ten selected to tutor the students during their first two weeks. No one dared scream because of the rules but that sure won't stop the girls from throwing themselves on us. I sat down on my chair still grumbling.

'Good morning students,' the camp director greeted counting us with his eyes. 'Where's Bong-Ju?'

'Still sleeping,' his friend replied, that lazy guy.

'Well, since the idols are all here, almost, shall we get started?'

'Yes!' Everyone of them shouted.
'Are you still sulking?' Shane asked in a whisper.

'Yes, leave me alone.'

'I'll play videogames with you if you stop brooding,' I looked at Kris who was whispering to his girlfriend, Darcy. I wonder what he sees in that good for nothing girl, he's blinded by her what? She's not even beautiful and lack manners and respect just like her friend Mei. That girl won't leave Shane alone.

'I want to play with Kris and...'
'Never happening,' Seo-Jun interjected.

'Can't you be nice for once in your frustrated life?' Shane asked humorously, at least to him it was.
'I was born the day nice died,'
'Or you were born the day frustration and misery sent their blessing throughout earth,' I murmured. He slammed his book shut and glared daggered at me. 'What? It's sort of true.'

'I'm not frustrated,'

'Yes, he's jinxed.' Kris joined in.
'Because I don't like talking doesn't mean I'm frustrated, you guys have lived with me for seven years, you should know.'

'Yeah,' Shane smirked. 'Still frustrated.' Seo-Jun inhaled, so easy to annoy.

'I'm not frustrated or jinxed or miserable. Guys, please ignore me for today and don't frustrate my sorrowful life...'

'Aha!' We exclaimed.

'I'm not frustrated!' He yelled out angrily getting everyone's attention. The director stopped talking. 'What are you all looking at!' He lashed at the campers. 'I'm not frustrated.' He growled and stood up, he punched my arm before stomping off.

'Aah! Oppa, he have paralyze me,' i cried.

'Who are you calling Oppa?' Kris asked swatting my head. Ow!

I was so angry I stomped off and got lost, I looked around the corpse of trees, every turn was the same. I cursed under my breath, there was no reception at all so how the hell was I going to get out! I turned and followed a roll of trees with daffodils under them. The place was quiet, very quiet... Almost. The chirping of birds and sound of squirrels were all to hear. As I walked closer, I could hear a singing voice.

'Finally, somebody,' I followed the voice to a lake, a girl sat there skipping rocks. Her back was turned to me so I couldn't see her well, she was wearing a hood over her head. She wore a green and black sportshirt, black skinny jeans with three slashes and green sneakers. She was vocalizing, no words in her song, just vocalizing and it was beautiful.

I sat there resting on the tree as I listened to her, her voice brought me so much peace, too much. She stopped singing and turned around.

'What are y....Kim Seo-Jun?' She asked incredulously, she's beautiful. My mouth fell open slightly. She looked back at the lake and wiped her eyes. 'I knew I shouldn't have drank that spoilt milk, this throat...' She strangled her neck. 'You won't kill me...' She hit her head and turned around again. 'You're still here?'


'Am I hallucinating?'

'Maybe,' I chuckled, she's cute.
'Where are we?'

'What do you see?'

'Are you lost?'

'Are you?' She asked back. Is she seriously asking me questions back? She ought to be squealing.

'Do you know who you are talking to? Who's sitting behind you?'
'Kim Seo-Jun, why? Should I squeal? I don't have strength.'

'Why?' She pouted and clutched her stomach.

'I drank the spoilt milk unnie said not to drink, I'm going to die of stomach churning and I'll stool to death. She'll kill me if she finds out.'

'Is she aware that you are here?' She shook her head negatively. 'Won't she be worried?' She nodded. 'You should go back to her,'

'Aigoo,' she cried clutching her stomach harder. 'I'm going to die.' I stood up, her face was pale. I walked to her, she was seriously in pain.

'I'm lost, do you know the way out so I can take you to a hospital?'

'I hate antiseptic, I'm allergic.'

'Where's the way out?' She whimpered and burst into tears. Urgh! I hate tears. 'What is it?' I asked disgustedly.

'I don't know, I was running to get away but then I got lost.' Oh boy!

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