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Bane's Blade-Chapter Eight


Bane's Blade-Chapter Eight

Genre: action, romance.

©Bunmi B. Gabriel.

It was morning already, we barely had enough chance to sleep because of how late Cyrai brought the others. Jin-Ju (Apple) was still sleeping, the crazy part was that she still thinks Seo-Jun is her imagination. I can't wait to see her reaction when she finds out otherwise. I yawned as I stretched, my eyes scanned the empty bed of Cyraila, where did she go to?
Kris (leader of K-I-S-S)
I tied my bandana around my head as I jogged out of our wooden house, my earphone in.
Darcy was blabbing about how her nails broke when she tried to wash her own bra. I still wonder what I saw in that annoying brat. When I look at it well, I don't know what makes me still have the title of her "boyfriend." She cheats on me over and over again, apologises and acts like nothing ever happened. At first, it used to hurt me a lot, sometimes I cried because I loved her so much but with time, everything I felt for her drained and now I was just hanging around her.

'Like my nails hurt so much,' she sobbed.

'What do you expect me to do? Magically grow your nails for you,'
I scoffed.

'Can't you be caring? Kris, I'm your girlfriend....'

'Well ladidah,' I hung up, a three seconds break came before the music I was playing before she interrupted came on. I ran along covering my head with my hood, just in case anyone sees me running. It was just 6 in the morning so no one was likely to see me. I couldn't sleep because my mind refused to delete the thoughts of that girl.

Who is she? Where is she from? Who are her parents? Was she really raised by a general? If yes, then what is the name of the general? Why is she so odd?

As I ran, I saw her running. It has to be her, the gray hood and the speed. I ran after her, hoping to catch up and maybe start a conversation. She passed through a set of trees and disappeared, I stopped running and looked around. Where did she go? I turned again and screamed at the top of my voice.

'Fuck! You scared me!' She tilted her head, I couldn't see her face.
'Why are you following me?'
'I wanted to talk, thank you for your assistant.'

'Assistant? Oh, your fellow teammate and friend?'
'Yes,' I smiled. 'It was amazing the way you detected their tracks. How did you do that?'

'Years of training,'

'Were you really raised by a general?'

'I'm afraid that question is none of your business, I will advice you do not involve yourself with things that are suppose to remain hidden.'

'Okay, can I at least get your name and see your face?'

'Go home Kweo Min-Jun, stay away from me.' She turned to leave, I held her arm which was a very big mistake. Before I knew it, I was groaning in pain with hands tightly crossed and pressed against my back.

'What's your problem?' I asked upsettingly. 'Is this what normal human being do! I was just trying to be friendly and you are doing this! I'm Kris for Pete's sake!' I yelled. She released me, I stood up immediately and glared at her. 'You are a terrible person.' I stomped off, that was not only humiliating, it broke my ego and increased my curiosity. Just hold on, I'm still gonna find out who you are gray.

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Cyraila (the girl found at the dumpster

I walked back to the wooden structure I slept with Lyiris Shin.....Lyiris and the twins. I felt weird, his words somehow made me feel a way I don't understand; almost like I'm guilty. Am I really a terrible person? Of course I am but hearing it from another person is weird. Lyiris was on her bed, tossing a tennis between her hands, friend Raven (Ji-Seon) was sleeping with friend Apple, (Jin-Ju) both cuddled up against each other.

'Where are you coming from?'
'I went for a run,' I said lowly. I walked to her bed and sat down, tucking my hands between my thighs.

'What happened?' She asked with a knowing tone, she always knew when something was wrong.

'Am I a terrible person?'

'Yes, why?'

'Really?' I looked at her, my lips moving on it own accord into a pout. 'Does Lyiris also see me as a terrible person?

'Everyone does,' she replied with such nonchalance.

'If a terrible person did something unnecessary to someone trying to be friendly, what does she need to do to redeem herself?'

'A-p-o-l-o-g-i-e-s,' I cringed.

'That is such a strong word,' I gulped. 'Must I be initiated into that realm? To you and father I can utter such unfelt word but to others I rather get a rust bolt....I mean, wrinkled....er.....something humans possess.'

'If you don't want to say sorry to that person, then don't disturb me. You still remain a terrible person.'

'I'm not that terrible,' I argued.

'List one good thing you have done on your own without command or suggestion,' she said with a smirk. I stood up, that will be zero.

'Isn't apologizing also your suggestion?' She shrugged. I cocked my hips and stroke my chin. 'Then maybe I can do this my way....'

'The last time you tried to do things your way, Connor ended up with a hole in his chest and broken arm.'

'I over punched....'

'You can't just walk up to someone you offended and say "I've offended you, let's fight and make up. I challenge you to a duel Connor Spinbot, take up your weapon." Then you punch him in the arm and it falls off.'

'That can be avoided, this one is human.' I defended.

'You almost killed a level 9 android with a single blow at the chest and broke his hand with a light punch. What makes you think a human will remain in one piece after getting one dose of your death potion?'

'Okay, that makes sense. I will figure something out that do not involve physical face off or me using the inappropriate word that reflects weakness and slavery.' I said determinedly.

'Hey!' She squealed, jolting up to sit. 'Guess what?' She asked with so much enthusiasm.

'What is it?'

'You are a lost case,' she said plainly.

'Ouch,' I said with her exact tone. 'Are we going to classes today?' She looked at the twins. 'You better stay for today to show your support.'


'Yes,' I smirked. 'There is no we in affections.' I walked to the bathroom.

'Lost case!' She shouted after me. I will change that.

'You, stand over there....' I instructed the guy wearing a female red shirt. My job was to educate on how to write songs in different ways, their own ways. First, I needed to test their voices, to see if they are songwriters who aren't good at singing or the ones freaking good at it. They were all lining up horizontally. 'Good, now....' I looked at the entrance, what is she doing here now?

'Oppa,' she called with her fake sweet tone, one that used to mesmerize me. She got to me and placed a kiss on my cheek. 'You didn't come give me my usual kiss like you always do so I came to kiss you myself.'

'I wasn't in the mood and still is not.'

'Why? Who upset you?'

'Nobody, just upset.'

'Oppa, is it me? Am I the cause?'
'You certainly are the biggest,' I muttered. 'No, you are not the problem.' I said with a fake smile, why am I still dating her again?

'Then what is wrong?' She asked cutely, at least to others it was cute. To me on the other hand, I wanted to puke. She's not even pretty.

'I've told you already, nothing.'
'Are y....'

'Nothing!' I barked, completely irritated by her touching me. I pushed her away. 'Thank you for your concern but please stay away from me before I vent my anger on you.' She looked around embarrassedly, sure I disgraced her but whatever.

'Okay,' she feign a smile. 'Just call me when you feel better, okay?' I nodded. She turned to leave and that was when gray hood came in.
 Her hands were deep in the pocket of the gray kimono jacket with hood she wore. She wore the hoody kimono jacket over a black crazy ripped shirt and black shorts. It almost looked like the shirt and the shorts were sewn together. I could see the gray gloves she wore, why is what I don't understand but it did look good with the long box chain necklace. To finalize her dressing, she wore gray platform ankle boots with black rhinestone belts.
Geez! I love girls with style.
Darcy, a girl who envious others beauty because she's not so beautiful herself, eyed her as she walked pass.

Five, four, three, two...
'Hey, you!' She snorted contemptuously. 'Stop there!' I should stop her but once in someone's unfortunate life, they need to chew and swallow well craftily worded insults or few harsh words. Gray stopped, like a robot. 'Turn around,' she turned, almost like she twirled on her toes. 'Who are you?'


'What do you mean by somebody? Why are you dressed like that? What's your name? Take off that stupid hood this instant and look down when I'm talking to you. What's your....' She turned around back and continued walking. 'Ya! I'm talking to you!' Darcy yelled. 'Oppa!' She screamed, stomping her foot on the floor.

'Whaaaat?' I drawled.

'Do something!'

'She said I should do something, ya, terrible person....'

'Please don't call me that,' she interrupted in such a polite manner that you will think it's impossible.

'Why are you ignoring her?'
'I do not appreciate the words of nagging flies....' Some of the campers gasped.

'What! Are you trying to say I talk too much and I'm a mosquito!'
'I'm pretty sure she said nagging fly, not loquacious mosquitoes,' I said chucklingly.

'Are you laughing?' Darcy asked with disbelief. I shrugged. 'How can you laugh at your girlfriend!'
'I laugh when I see or hear something funny, caring less who the joke is on.' Some campers giggled and laughed. She screamed and stumped out, that was worth it. Not craftily worded but worth it. 'You know you just insulted someone dear to me, right?' I asked her.

'I see beyond your facade Kweo Min-Jun, (Kris) I know what is there that shouldn't and there that should be.' Can someone explain what that means?

'Seriously? What does that even mean!'

'What it means, is what you understand.' She said and that was how her mute button turned on, trust me, I tried. Turns out 70% of the songwriters were "amaaaaaazing" singers, get the sarcasm? How is that even possible? I got stuck with untalented fools and I wonder how they all got accepted in the first place. Gray on the other hand, was the last who refused to sing and no matter what I did, she kept mute so I concluded that she had a very bad voice.

'Well, since you all used your voices to fry chips....'

'I can sing,' a girl who actually tried injected.

'One, never interrupt me when I speak. Two, just because you sing better than a crying mosquito, doesn't make you good.' Everyone tittered while she bowed her head embarrassedly.

'Mianhae, Oppa.'

'Fuck your apology and bear it a son,' fuck, I'm mean and too uncultured. They laugh again. 'As I was saying, we will work on your ability to freestyle even with your horrible voices but for today, I need to rest. I've digested too much nonsense for one day.' I'll exchange class with someone else.
'Yes Oppa!' Squealed the girls while the boys replied simply. Is it me or are there more boys here than girls? Why?

'Now, troop out like an army of ants and don't look back,' they opened their mouth to talk but yeah I'm always faster. 'Shut those things you call a mouth and keep walking. No comments, no autographs request because I'm not in a good mood.' They trooped out, grabbing their things and muttering few which I could hear. More about how cute I am or something like that. Gray however refused to move from her soldier salute stand. I walked to her front and saluted, that made her move back.

'I thought I was the terrible person but Kweo Min-Jun is worse,'

'It's a gift,' I grinned.

'You possess a happy boy personality, opposite to what your cold appearance gives. Why is that?'

'Walk with me robot 2.0,' I joked walking towards the exit. She followed, almost skipping behind me.

'Why did you call me that? I am not a robot.' It almost sounded like she was unnerved.

'Are you sure?' I asked teasingly, throwing my bag at one of my guards who stood at the entrance.
'Are you teasing me or being serious?'

'Both. From now on, you are XJ9.'
'Me? But that is not my name. My name is....'

'Don't wanna know,'

'But it's....'

'Not listening.' She sighed defeatedly.

'Just like friend Apple,' she muttered. 'Why do you possess the opposite of what your appearance gives? Your appearance is cold, quiet, redrawn and cute but your true self is.....'

'Do not judge a book by it cover XJ9, it is sometimes different.'
'But, Kweo Min-Jun should possess his appearance. Robotic structures tend to be what they appear as, like Sava and Connor and.....'

'We are humans, not electronic machines. That's the difference.'

'Aigoo! Kweo Min-Jun has a brain after all,' I stopped walking. 'I thought his head was all air. Good thing something is here.' She patted my head which would have been humiliating if someone other than my guards were looking.

'Call me Oppa, not Mweo Min....is it Jung or Hang? I've forgotten again.' I asked, itching my head sheepishly. It's not everyday you see someone who forgets his own name. That is why I stuck to my English name, Kris. She giggled and clapped her hands.

'You are almost cute,'


'3 out of 100,'
'Mwo!' She laughed and ran off.
'Bye Oppa!' She shouted and broke into a skip. Did she really laugh? Wait! Is this the same girl that almost broke my arms this morning?!
 T.o be continued.

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