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Bane's Blade-Chapter Nine


Bane's Blade-Chapter Nine

Genre: action, romance.

©Bunmi B. Gabriel.

Cyraila (the robotic girl)

I feel so weird, back there when I was with him, I felt happy, very happy. It was really exciting, it felt human. I found my lips stretched, I was smiling really brightly.
Friend Apple (Jin-Ju) and Raven (Ji-Seon) were up now, chattering about her dream Seo-Jun while Lyiris stared at me in awe. Even I was shocked, really shocked.

'Seriously, am I the only one noticing that Cyraila have been staring at herself in the mirror for over two hours and smiling like a complete nonentity?' Friend Raven (Ji-Seon) finally asked.

'Phew!' Friend Apple sighed with relief. 'I thought I was still under the control of the spoilt m....oooh wow! Why are you smiling so much?'

'I don't know,' I shrugged. 'My lips won't stop smiling.'

'Okay,' Lyiris stood up and walked to me, she squat in front of me and clasped our hands together. 'Tell me what happened today from the moment you left for class until now?'

'I don't know.'

'Cyrai, are you lying to me?'

'Yes, I'm sorry.'


'I don't know, Kris of K-I-S-S, he made this lips stretch like this....'
'Wait, ' Apple ran over to me. 'You met Kris?!' I nodded. '
!!! And you love him?!'

'I do not appreciate that word? It's weird.'

'You love him, right?'

'No, he just made me feel happy. Is it wrong?' A smile I know too well spread on Lyiris Shindler's lips, what is she planning now?
'Let's forget about that....'

'Are you fucking kidding me Iris!' Apple exclaimed. 'She can be my breakthrough to see Seo-Jun Oppa!'

'You already met him,'

'In my dreams,' she squealed again.

'Okay, whatever. Let's just get some sleep, tomorrow is another day.' Lyiris said standing up with her smile still intact. Am I in trouble?

I can't believe that what I've been trying to achieve for six years, someone achieved it in a day. Gosh, I need to get her closer to that Kris, he might be the antidote to her problem like a cheesy melodrama or fucking romance novel. Jin-Ju was boring me with the stupid lame song she was singing, I felt like dying. We all wore matching outfits. Pink jumpsuit and black knee high boots with black chains allover the jumpsuit and as jewelries. Our jumpsuit had hood, we should be named Black Hoods.

♪...aemaehage guljima bingbing
mwol geuri gominhae meori wi
green light naman boyeo
museun mari hago
sipeunji algo isseo
Can you feel now gihoen manhji
anheulgeol baby tonight
meomchujima swil sae eopsi
nareul yuhokhae hey hey hey
Blah blah blah
Hey mari manha
Blah blah blah
swit sigan manha
Blah blah blah
Show me what’s you got
iriwa bwa blah blah blah
Tell me what’s your dream..... ♪ Jin-Ju (Apple) sang. Ji-Seon was at the verge of fainting, the song was lame to all of us but Jin-Ju didn't think that.

'Please friend Apple, your song is setting a glitch in my system....'
'Glitch?' I snorted.

'Sorry,' she apologized looking at everywhere but my eyes.
♪ Uh mwon mari geuri manheo
Ah dwaesseo dwaesseo geunyang baro
syungsyung deureogalge sayang malgo
nega wonhaneun geol malhaebwa ppaeji malgo
Tell me what you want, show me what you got
oneulmankeumeun aecheoreom ttesseullae neowa na
dulmanui eoneoro chaewo oneulbam
urin gata siganeun jamkkan stop
Can you feel now
bamsae nunchiman bollae
Baby tonight
seollejanha buseojil deut
nareul wonhaejwo hey hey hey
Blah blah blah
Hey mari manha
Blah blah blah
swit sigan manha
Blah blah blah
Show me what’s you got
iriwa bwa blah blah blah
Tell me what’s your dream
Blah blah blah hey
Blah blah blah swit
Blah blah blah
Show me what you got
Blah blah blah
Tell me what’s your dream....♪
'Why is there so much blah blah?' I asked exasperatedly, people kept looking at us.
'That's the lyrics,' she whined. 'Don't disturb me.'
'Shut up,' Ji-Seon sighed.
♪ i sesange uriman namgyeojin geoscheoreom
Love you like a tv drama baby baby
naeiri isseulji moreuneun saramcheoreom
jigeum isungan just feeling~ oh yeah~
Blah blah blah
Hey mari manha
Blah blah blah
swit sigan manha
Blah blah blah
Show me what’s you got
iriwa bwa blah blah blah
Tell me what’s your dream
Blah blah blah....♪ she continued singing as she opened her locker door, each student had their own lockers and mine was white. God I hate white.

'Finally,' we all sighed.

'Oh come on, it's a nice song.'
'No, it's not.' We deadpanned. We heard shrieking, of course who else would it be. Jin-Ju turned around and joined them in screaming and chanting silly words. Shane and Seo-Jun were the only one passing.

'I really wanna bury myself alive than stand here listening to them scream like absolute idiots,' I said with disgust.

'And I wanna smoke my problems away,'

'You smoke?' I asked smirkingly. She shrugged.

'Life is a bitch,' she smirked. I laughed and stretched my folded fist to her, she fist bumped it happily. Seo-Jun stopped walking as his eyes met Jin-Ju, she immediately stopped screaming and his her face. 'She's good at pretending.' Ji-Seon whispered.
'Get this on video, I wanna watch this moment over and over again,'
 I whispered. Cyrai was already videoing it with her phone. Seo-Jun snapped his fingers, some guards hurried to him, he pointed at our direction. The scream from our angle sent me crashing on my locker, damn!

'Awwwn, he's going to choose a girl for the night?' A girl asked her friend. The guards came and pushed them aside after he whispered something to them, leaving a path for him to walk to Jin-Ju.

'Oh this is sweet,' Ji-Seon laughed. He walked over to the confuse her with a smile.

'Cheetah,' he called. Before she could turn around and ask if he was talking to her, he hugged her. Like a big brother hug but I am sure everyone will think they are dating. 'How have you been?' He asked looking into her eyes. She whimpered and looked at us over the shoulder.

'Unnies, I'm hallucinating again,' she whimpered.

'You still think I'm an hallucination?' He chuckled, turning her face around to see him.

'Wait, I wasn't hallucinating? I really almost died in that forest!' She yelled. 'Oh my God! Everything.....' She pushed him away and screamed, running off like a mad woman. Ji-Seon and I burst into laughter, Cyrai dropped the phone with a half smile.

'Did you see her face?' Ji-Seon laughed hitting Cyrai's shoulder. 'She was like....'

'Aaaaaaaaaaah!' We both screamed like her. I walked to Seo-Jun and patted his shoulder, still laughing.

'Did I say something wrong?'

'Not what you said wrong, more like what she did there.' I waved him off and strolled out with Ji-Seon laughing behind me.

'Cyraila, you coming?!' Ji-Seon shouted. No reply, I turned to check but she was gone, maybe after Jin-Ju.

Ji-Seon (Apple)
I cried on my bed, remembering all the embarrassing things I did in the forest, farting and pooping, telling him my deepest secrets and.....oh my God! Cyraila was there staring at me without a word.

'What do I do now Cyrai? I can't face him.'

'Running away makes no sense either, act like you don't care because he doesn't either.'

'You think he don't care?'

'I know he don't,' yes, he don't so....shit! I've disgraced myself in front of everyone.

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