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Bane's Blade-Chapter Nine(b)


Bane's Blade-Chapter Nine(b)

Genre: action, romance.

©Bunmi B. Gabriel.

Jin-Ju (Apple)
I ducked my head into the class and spied, Seo-Jun was busy teaching the class, something about rapping. I didn't belong here but I forgot something very important with Ji-Seon and she's somehow an average rapper so she stayed there to learn.....nay, she intentionally stayed because she knew I would come get it. I straightened myself up and placed my hand on my chest before doing the sign of the cross, I was okay by his grace.

'Young lady,' the friendly man who let me pass called chucklingly.
'Ahjussi,' I whimpered.

'What is wrong? Why aren't you going in? Have a crush on our Seo-Jun?'

'You won't understand,' I whimpered.

'Okay, come here,' I walked to him. He cupped my cheeks and looked me straight in the eyes. 'You are a strong independent girl, one who doesn't care about what anyone thinks. Now go in there and do what you came here for.' I blushed and nodded, feeling a bit confident.

'Thank you Ahjussi,' I removed his hands gently, adjusted my outfit and turned around with confident. I walked into the room with head up high, a little smile on my face. 'Oppa,' I called casually like we had been friends all our lives or rather, dating. He looked at me and smirked.

'Are you done hiding behind the door?' His question made me almost fell, I staggered forward but good thing he was close by because he caught me. A gasp broke out amongst the students or whatever they are. 'Easy there klutzy,'

'I am not klutzy,' I said sheepishly, my cheeks flushed. 'And I wasn't hiding.'

'Then what were you doing? Practicing how to yodel?' He asked like it was a normal question when it was an apparent teasing.

'Eating beans....crap! I meant, swaying my....er....shut up.' He laughed at my pathetic attempt for an excuse, his strong potato hands still wrapped around my waist.
'Okay, up on your feet,' he pulled me up to my feet properly and slid his unholy hand down to my hip. 'What are you doing here?'

'My sister took something very important from me, I can't leave a day without it so I have to get it.'

'What is that? The thing in that box you kept eating that day?'

'The thing is called drugs, very important.' I'm not that much of a healthy kid because I have selfish parents, I got really sick as a kid when mom forgot me outside at the balcony on Christmas. Since then, I couldn't stay awake for four hours without oxygen, I always had to carry one in my bag everywhere I went until I turned eight and my doctor had his scientists create a drugs for me, one I had to chew like candy every two hours. It was a weird reaction and medication but one have gotta survive. It taste terrible at first but I got use to it.

'Jin-Ju,' Ji-Seon called, Seo-Jun turned and instinctively caught the small cylinder container. He shoved it into my pocket and smirked, patting it gently.

'Jin-Ju, your name is beautiful,' he whispered.

'Thank you, can you let me go now? I'm still trying to keep my brain active before I pass out,' he laughed and let go of me, Seo-Jun was laughing because of me, do you know what that means? I'm fabulous! 'Oh me God, oh me God, oh me God,' I said in a singsong, placing my fingers daintily on my cheeks. 'I'm awesome, yay!'

'Why are you celebrating?' He chuckled. I pointed at him, poking his chest thrice before trailing my index finger to his lips and using my fingers to demonstrate how wide his smile was before giving him a thumbs up and hand fanning. He laughed again. 'You are crazy, get to class Pearl.'

'Pearl?' He shrugged. 'I like that but call me cutie!' I squealed running off with a laugh. 'Bye my twin!' I shouted. I waved Ahjussi bye before running off to my actual class which was held by Darcy. I walked in, I bowed respectively. 'Good morning unnie,'

'Why are you late?'

'I ran off like a mad woman for a reason and then remembered I forgot my drugs, it's very important for my health.' She smirked and stood up from the chair she sat, sizing me with her ugly eyes.

'So, you really think these labels need a sickle celled unfortunate bitch,' she mocked, causing everyone to laugh. I maintained my smile.

'Mianhae unnie, I take responsible for my lateness and illness. It is not one that will affect my performance here, I promise.'

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'Shut up!' She barked, glaring dagger at me. 'Ugly fools like you aren't allowed here, sick ones for that matter. You are not even beautiful yet you come here thinking you have a place! What the hell are you wearing! I strictly laid down the rules that no girl must dress more fancier or beautiful than me. If I'm ugly, you all be trolls, if I'm beautiful, then you all be ugly!'

'Is it part of the camp rules, no. You have absolutely no right to tell me or anyone else what to wear and when to wear it. It's not our fault your mother gave birth to you from the wrong side her womb, I really don't like exchanging words with hideous brats who believe the world belongs to them when they are as ugly and hapless as badluck itself. Now, you were selected to teach, not dictate. If you don't behave yourself, I'll file a report against you.' She scoffed amusedly.

'Two insults in two days, wow,' she laughed maniacally. 'Okay, go ahead and report me, I dare you.' I smirked and walked to a chair to seat.

'I will rather ignore you, for the sake of your sanity.' I brought out my phone to chat.

'Get out of my class you arrogant brat!'

'Look in the mirror bitch, let your reflection tell you who you are. You are worse than a third hand pompous bitch.' She snapped her hands, her guards ran to us.

'Get this girl thrown out of this school, now!'

'Dare touch me and you will all lose your job!' I yelled back, standing up immediately. 'Imagine the school later found out, you will be fired but she won't be touched. Do you even know who I am? Do you know whose family I belong to? Touch me and see what I can do, don't dare me.' I threatened, one thing I will always thank God for, as cute as we are, we are intimidating.

'What are you still doing? Throw her out!'

'Darcy,' I smirked. 'You know I'm more beautiful than you and that is why you want me out, you always get rid of girls that are better than you and this proves it. Didn't I show you respect when I came in? Yet this is what I get in return for my respect. Tell me then, what use is it respecting a girl that I'm better than? Especially one that keeps treating people like they are trash when they are far more better.'

'That's true,' a girl who I noticed have been dying to say something said. 'You kicked my sister out just like that, as if you own both labels when you don't. Just like us years ago, you were signed in with hope so why do you want to take our dreams away from us,' she sobbed. 'It's not fair.' A murmur broke out and soon a heated chanting as everyone – mostly girls chanted what she was doing.

'In fact, I'm calling my dad and reporting this because he is one of the sponsors of this whole thing yet I'm not priding myself over it like somebody's whose stingy father couldn't even donate a won.' A girl said angrily and stumped out, I could tell that Darcy was going to die soon. I walked out triumphantly, score one.

I paced my room anxiously, what happened back there shouldn't have happened, I am just under C-B, I don't have right to kick out anyone. The K-I-S-S and Suki, yes but not me, I have no right at all. I was freaking out, if I get warned three more times, my contract would be terminated. I need to stay, to fight both girls that insulted m....I screamed in shock as my phone's ringtone blared into my ears. I gulped when I saw who was calling, I'm so screwed. I picked up the phone and answered it with trembling hands.


'Darcy, what is wrong with you?' She asked angrily. 'How many times will I warn you to stop oppressing people with my name! Your father don't support me with a penny so why bother me so much! You have two more strikes or your contract will be terminated.'

'You can't send me home, my father is Justice Dale!' I yelled back as the prideful person I am instead of apologizing.

'Yes, the rich Russian ambassador that will never donate a penny, we all know.' She mocked before hanging up. I angrily called dad, I'm sick and tired of people mocking me because of his greediness and selfishness. He picked up.

'Hello my Angel,'

'Just donate to a fucking orphanage!!!' I roared and hung up, throwing my phone on the floor and smashing it to pieces. I screamed and pulled my hair, I need a hot session with Kris.
Where's he?

Kris (leader of K-I-S-S)

Red alert! Red alert! No, funeral alert! So, I'm an idiot, I was bored and refused to go teach class so I stayed back at the room. Then I got bored indoors and foolishly went exploring without my guards with hopes that everyone will be in class but then I also forgot my cap and now I'm being chased by girls. Next idiotic moment, I ran the wrong way so eventually, I was just running to no way in particular with them looking like a sea of ants behind me. I can swear the girls were fewer, who are these intruders?




They kept shouting as I ran for my dear life. I could see my headstone already, "beautiful Kim Seo-Jun died because of too much women." Wait, isn't Kim Seo-Jun my friend? What is my name again? Whatever my name is, my headstone was bound to have something that connects to women.

That is not a good reason to die! I repeat, it is not a good reason to die!

I didn't even sleep with them so why die because of a woman... Mm hm, women!

I spent years escaping the clutches to my four annoying cousins who keeps trying to wear me makeup and tutu. one time on my birthday, they literally kidnapped me, like sincere kidnapping and forced me to dress up like Ariel of Disney little mermaid. Do you know how I escaped? If I can survive them for thirteen years of my life, I can survive these elephants.

I ran through some corpse of trees that proves that kwashiorkor can actually hold trees, and into a a roll of hazel cabins. I barged into the first cabin my instinct said to and slid under a green bedsheets bed. I hid there, my heart thumping as I tried to catch my breath. I heard them scream and run pass, relief washing over me.

'Note to self, never take a walk or you die.' I got out from under the bed and that was when I noticed the design of the room which was against the rules. What marveled me more was the painting of those girls on the wooden wall and as usual, gray was wearing a hood. The design was beautiful, spoke them. 'Mild - wild Black,' I read out. 'More like black fire, that's a better name.'

"Check her stuffs, maybe you will find something." My evil mental voice chipped in.

"No Kris, don't do that."

"Do it."


'I make my own decisions, okay!' I said out with a pitch too high for some

one hiding for his life. I walked to the pink and black bed and checked the dresser, I only found a small photo album. I picked it out and settled on the bed which I would rather call a rock, something that will send your butt into a coma. 'Too much perfume in here,' I muttered, turning the cover open.

Cyrai's improvement album.
'Hmmm,' I flipped to the next page and furrowed a brow at the empty page. I kept flipping, it was all empty. That's odd, maybe she removed it. My instinct however was sending a different message, I shut the book and looked at the front cover which had a diamond shape jewel inside a ruby heart. I circled my thumb around the diamond and trailed my finger on the heart absent mindedly, thinking of what to do.

The next thing sent me into shock, the heart and diamond glowed, right before it thread to a new metallic form. The whole book changed, as metal clank and clacked, the book taking a metal cover, like one of those ancient book. A final bang blared, followed by a lock sound and the book was still.

'New fingerprint detected, who might you be?' I stared in awe at the book.


'You are not Ivy, why should I open up for you?

'Because I'm curious, who's Ivy?'

'I am programmed to eliminate intruders if they post as a threat, do you not want to live?'

'It's fine,' I opened the dresser back and dropped the book. I shut the dresser, clanking sound followed. I sighed, even more mysterious. 'Who are you XJ9...' I stood up and walked to the gray bed, my intention was to search but I fought against it. I sat down, what kind of book is that? I got a high intuition, I ducked under the bed intuitively and hid. The door opened, I could hear steps and a very beautiful voice....

'Oh I...I...I...

Don't understand

What exactly I am

If I knew what

Or who I am

I wouldn't do that what....' She stopped singing, silent fell on the room as she shut the door. 'I am smart enough to know when something is out of place, when there is a different scent in the midst of too much perfume. Come out Oppa.' I came out, an amuse smile on my face.

'How did you know?'

'You are the only guy I know who thinks wearing blackberry, sweetpea and lemon hand made cologne makes sense,' she replied calmly, walking to the bed. 'Plus, those armies roaming about gave me a good guess.'

'I don't make my perfume myself,' I lied with high smugness. 'It's imported from Australia.'

'Sure, whatever you say.' I hate this know-it-all attitude. She sat down on the bed and removed her hood, what the.... 'Oppa, you will have to stay here until they get tired and leave, is that okay?' I nodded like an idiot. She's so pretty! 'Oppa?'

'Hold on,' I went on my knees and clasped my hands together, sealing my eyes shut. 'Dear Lord, my mother taught me how to pray when I was six, told me that you will do many things for me if I keep myself holy. Erm, I admit that I've fornicated a lot but you can't blame me, I'm a human being but you still help me. I prayed that you keep my cousin sisters away from me and you did, even that you paralyze that stupid dog mom bought when I was seven and the dog committed suicide. I've prayed a lot and got what I wanted, a month ago I knelt down and prayed that you give me someone new to love, someone that will teach Darcy a lesson for breaking my amazing heart. I told you I wanted her to be from here, this competition and here she is, looking at me like I'm running mad. I don't blame her, she don't understand but thank you, I promise to love and cherish her all my life, thank you.' I stood up and grinned at her.

'Are you alright?' I nodded grinningly, you are God's gift to me XJ9, I'm not letting you go. She's so cute and pale looking but I can fix that. We are dating now even if she don't know that yet.

Time to break up with Darcy.

'Seriously, stop nodding your head like that with that grin, it send electricity charging through my wires.' She said with a creep out face. Wires?

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