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Story: RAQUELIA - Episode14


Raquelia - Episode14
Age of her powers

©Bunmi Gabriel

Raquelia's POV

We came back home two days ago, I've been practicing endlessly, I went to Uncle Marion's gym to learn how to lift weight with my mind, gosh! It was hard

'You can do it Raquel, come on' Jena cheered, I was lifting everything in the gym at once with my mind. 'Remember, will and faith' she encouraged, I tried harder and did it, she clapped after I dropped them down, she gasped. 'Your nose is bleeding' she said worriedly, I wiped off the blood

'It'll heal' I said nonchalantly 'that was only for five seconds, I'll work harder until I get to an unstoppable record' I said boldly, she was really worried
'Don't over do it Raquel'

'I know' I smiled. I walked out to go eat, she followed me. 'I keep having this ominous feeling that something bad will happen tonight'

'Then we better keep our eyes open'

'Keep your eyes open? You can't stay awake for five minutes once 9 pm strikes'
'What do you expect from me? I'm seven, I need my beauty sleep to remain fabulous' she said with a duh tone, I sighed


'Raquelia' Gwen whispered. 'Wake up' I stood up and walked to the kitchen, I could hear whispers, I smiled to myself. I walked through the wall and saw some masked men sealing the window
'Hello Mister, what are you doing?' I asked sweetly, they gasped

'How did she get here?'

'Forget it, just capture her and take her to Marko' one said, I let them take me to their leader whose car was parked outside
'What is she doing here?' Isn't this uncle Marko? Uncle Gaylor's assistant

'We found her outside so we brought her to you' the one who carried me said

'Put he back in the house and set it on fire'

'Uncle Marko did my uncle send you here to kill me and my Mommy's family?'

'Yes, your dad was a snare to him, now you will die just like them' he said venomously
'Did you kill my parents?'
'Nope, he did, why am I even replying this little girl' he mused, I smiled and wiped my tears

'You are going to confess all your crimes with your own mouth and get my uncle arrested' I said angrily, they laughed mockingly. 'Do you wanna know how I'm going to do that?' I asked sweetly
'Just take her inside, we're wasting time' Marko snapped, I disappeared. 'Where did she go?' He asked terrified looking around

'Up here' I giggled from the air, they gasped, I was laying on a air bed

'I knew it! You're a witch' he exclaimed, I giggled

'Wrong answer, now freeze' I ordered

'W...wh...why can't I move!'
'Question, now, you're going to report yourself to my father's lawyer, Barrister Clint, tell him everything, in fact from now on, you must only say the truth but you'll forget about what you saw here, is that clear grown up maniacs'

'Yes ma'am' they echoed
'Good boys, now walk' I smiled and disappeared back to my room


Uncle Gaylor was sentenced to death, turns out that he has done a lot of bad things beside hurting me, the only thing that pained me about his death was his girlfriend Henna, she didn't deserve to be hurt so we, as in me and Jena, decided to help her find a new love

We went to see her after school, we rang her door bell, she came out a minute later, she smiled sadly

'Hello kids, it's you again' she smiled. 'Come in' we've been visiting her since uncle Gaylor died two months ago, we came in and handed her the flowers we bought. 'Thank you darlings, I still don't know why you girls are so nice to me'
'Simple, you're pretty' I said happily, she giggled

'Thank you loves, I'm happy you're not blaming me for Gaylor's crimes'

'Why will you ever think that? You loved him and that's all'
'I didn't really love him much, I was trying to because I thought he was a nice nice guy, I'm over him' she said nonchalantly sitting down, I could tell something was wrong with her
'What's wrong?' I asked curiously


'That never mind is prompted by our age, I know that's a I like a guy I can't talk to look' Jena said excitedly

'How old are you again?' She asked quizzically

'I'm smart and super boy crazy so gist me'

'I rather not'

'Come on, we can help, trust us' I said confidently
'Okay then, follow me, wait hold on let me dress up' she said and ran upstairs, she came back ten minutes later nicely dressed and too much makeup
'Where are we going?'

'To the park to see him'

'Yea this won't work out' Jena said disgustingly. 'Come with me' she orders and went upstairs, we followed her. 'If I'm right, you should never change yourself for a guy' she instructed 'you're going to wear something very simple and natural'


We arrived at the park in the evening, she sat down at a bench and pointed to a guy
'Wow! He's perfect!' Jena exclaimed, I closed my eyes and to read him, he was a good man and good for her
'He likes books and music so that should be the topic' I smiled. 'Jena'

'On it' she smiled and pulled her away, we are way too mature minded that's what you'll think, I scattered my hair and forced tears out, I walked to him

'Mr, can you help me find my aunty, I'm lost' I sobbed

'Aw! I'm so sorry dear, come' he carried me and started his long search for my "aunty" we finally got to them, Jena was crying as expected and confuse Henna was trying to calm her down

He froze, I could feel his nervousness

'That's your aunt?' He asked shakily, I nodded. 'I can't talk to her, I'll lose my voice' he thought, I smiled

'Are you scared of women?'
'That's a weird question for you to ask considering your age' he said uncertainly

'She's nice and loves books, you should talk to her about that, and music too, also art' I smiled and wiggled out of his hold, I ran to them

The rest of the details is boring but I do have something to tell, when they were laughing and chatting, I had a vision, Massey who hid in a cave and was sleeping shook her fingers, she's almost awake, I got scared

'Relax Lia, she's not waking up just yet but you must prepare yourself' Gwen said calmly. 'Keep training and believe in yourself, I won't be able to connect with you for years, I'll be back when you need me the most, I promise'

I smiled as her voice faded away, I'll be fine, I know it

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