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Story: RAQUELIA - Episode13


Raquelia - Episode13
Age of her powers

©Bunmi Gabriel

Raquelia's POV

We had to stay in camp while the driver find a way to get us home, we were too scared already to be in camp, I wasn't. I shared a tent with Jena and two other girls, Piper and Regina, they were second graders who believe they could oppress us

'I want to sleep in that bed so get lost' Regina snapped

'And I want to forget my nails in your face, try me' Jena fired

'You little rat, don't you know we are your seniors' Piper snarled
'And you old fools, don't you know I don't care' Jena said seethingly. 'Now get out of my sight before I reinstall the suppose accident in your brain' the venom in her voice was scaring them but they were trying to act bold

'I'll beat up the living life out of you if you don't respect yourself' Piper flared

'News flash, Jena don't care' she pushed them out of her way and sat on the bed. 'Losers'

They looked away and went to sit somewhere else


Jena and I went for breakfast, she sat down beside a third grader and I sat beside her, they were sharing pancakes, everybody already had a share but me
'Where's mine?' I asked Miss Helene

'I already gave Tim your food to pass to you, don't pretend, please I'm not in a good mood' she said angrily and left, Jena turned to him

'Tim, where is her food?' She asked coldly

'In my plate, it belongs to me now'
'Oh really?' Jena asked with a smirk

'Yes really' he quickly licked all of them, she smiled, picked the plate and threw the pancakes on the sandy ground

'Oops, my bad' she said mischievously. 'I guess you won't eat too'

'Why you little....'

'Angel, I know, better don't look for my trouble or I'll kill you' she hissed, dragged my hand and pulled me away, we walked to the cliff of a waterfall. 'Fresh air will do' she smiled and sat down
'Jena one day you'll get beaten up' I said laughingly

'Until that day comes, I'll rock it so' she said sassily, I sat beside her and stared at the waterfall, I could hear the splashing of waters, I closed my eyes and listened. 'What the hell!' Jena exclaimed, I opened my eyes and saw a dragon made out of water dancing around. 'Wow!'

'Did I do this?' I thought, I stared at it intensely and it dropped
'That was so cool Raquel, do it again! Do it again!' She squealed
'But I didn't do it' I lied

'Was I born yesterday? Don't lie to me cuz and relax, your secret is always safe with me' she said assuredly, I smiled. 'So are you a witch?'

'Hell no!'

'Then what are you?'
'It's hard to explain, I'm just six but I've seen so much, it's killing me' I said tearily

'And I act like a teenager, who cares' she said flamboyantly, I explained everything to her and she was over excited. 'So I'm Emma, this is just too sweet! Do I get powers too?'. I chuckled
'No you don't'

'Aww' she said disappointedly and clucked sadly, I laughed. 'I won't take it, the amulet will protect me from Massey but I still need powers, powers are so cool'
'I think your powers are, authoritativene

ss, strength and smack talk'
'Yea, I am pretty fabulous' she said proudly and swung her hair, I laughed. 'Having powers would have been good but being me is much more spectacular now let's explore your powers'


'I'm positive that your powers come from your mind, what you want to happen, happens, if I'm right, in other to control it, you'll need three things'

'Which is?'

'Picture it, believe in it and then do it, boldly that is. Your powers are limited by your faith and will, so if you want it to happen, you have got to follow the rules' she said absent mindedly, wow! No wonder Gwen said I need her
'Picture it, believe in it and do it' I repeated

'Now try and remember, faith' she said calmly like a master, I took in a deep breath and stood up, I walked to the cliff and jumped off, I imagined myself flying and believed it would happen and it did

'Look Jena, I'm flying' I laughed
'Good, now try any defends mood' she shouted, I stared at my hands and fireballs grew out, cool! I stopped it and snapped my fingers at the waterfall, it turned gold. 'Hold on let me get some for my dad' she shouted, I snapped my fingers again and the gold filled endlessly into her bottle before I stopped it and changed the water back, I jumped down and shift shape to her. 'You're a fast learner' she smiled

'Runs in the family'

'Geez! You are one good looking girl' she said sassily stylishly twirling her hair, I rolled my eyes and shifted back to myself. 'See, that was easy but it will get easier as you grow because I believe there are limits to what you can do now' I shrugged. 'So what now?'

'First breakfast, then I'll train some more' I looked at the ground and a plate of roast turkey appeared. 'Bón appetite, I think' we sat down and dug in
'Well done Lia' Gwen said telepathically, I smiled, now I'll find out who killed my parents

 Gaylor's POV
'Sir, she escaped the accident again' Marko, my assistant said shakily, I slammed my fist on the table

'That lucky bastard, I've been trying to kill her since she was born but she won't die, this is so frustrating' I said angrily, my older brother Taylor always took everything from him, our parents loved him more than me even tho we were twins, he was the perfect Mr Clean Grades and Charming face, he got whatever he wanted at the snap of his fingers

I lived in his shadow for years but I endured it, he was my brother after all not until he took Melissa away from me, she was my first love, I introduced her to him and he went behind my back and won her heart even tho he knew very well that I was in love with her, then dad died and willed everything to him because he was the more responsible son, I only inherited things from mom
Revenge! Is what I wanted so I secretly poisoned her drink so she would never get pregnant but she managed to bear that lucky thing, she won't die no matter what I did, even when her parents died in the accident I planned, she didn't
'Boss, why not just kill Felicia and take everything?' Marko asked tiredly

'Everyone will know it's me, I can only get my properties back from her if the brat dies' I replied calmly

'When she returns, I'll try kidnapping her, the accidents and poison isn't working anymore'
'Instead set their house on fire after locking down every doors and windows, make it seem natural'

'Yes boss' he bowed and left, she will definitely die now so I can finally take the properties and rest

'Or you can forget about her and focus on your new future with Henna, let bygones be bygones, stop dwelling in the pass and be with the new woman you love' my stupid conscience advised, never! I must ruin the last of Taylor if it's the last thing I do


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