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Story: RAQUELIA - Episode15


Raquelia - Episode15
The final path

©Bunmi Gabriel


Raquelia's POV

I carried the luggage out of the taxi and stretched tiredly, Jena paid the taxi and he drove off
'This school is so big! I can't believe we're finally here' she shrieked excitedly, I smiled and nodded in agreement, I flung my guitar over my shoulder. 'Let's go'
'Ahem, aren't you forgetting something?' I asked upsettingly, she looked at herself and then me
'I'm here, you're here, my things are here so no'

'Who will carry the mall you brought along with you' I snapped
'Don't exaggerate, I only brought seven bags, I didn't bring the other eight, that will be like my whole wardrobe'

'You didn't bring it because Jayden seized it' I flared

'Yea that boy is too bossy' she said annoyingly

'And you aren't? Just carry these stupid bags'

'But I can't carry all on my own, I'll break a nail' she whined poutingly. 'Do me a favor and carry them for me, please sweetheart' she said cutely battering her eyelashes

'And why should I do that?'
'Because I'm your sister and you love me, duh'

'Here' I gave her my bag pack and guitar, the only thing I brought, who needs bags when you can magically change your clothes. 'Carry them' I gave her two rolling bags. 'Take care of these' she muttered something about me being insufferable and started moving away

I arranged the five bags on top of each other and carried them in my arms, I walked hastily to the dorm, it's a good thing we came earlier to get our room number and key, I opened the door and dropped everything inside, I looked around but no Jena, I went back to the gate and saw her struggling with the bags, I laughed silently

'Urgh! Why are bags so difficult' she yelled with frustration, then she looked at two guys passing. 'Hey you two, come here' they looked at each other confusedly before walking to her. 'Don't be jerks, help a lady out here' I walked back to the dorm, they will definitely help her, no one can say no to her

They walked in few minutes later
'Thanks for helping me with my bags boys, you're both handsomely sweet' she kissed them on their cheeks and they were blushing like idiots. 'Now run along' she chased them away sweetly

'We hope to see you again beautiful'

'Yea you will, byeeeee' she shut the door. 'Morons' she spat and then looked at the room. 'Sacré bleu! What is this! Ugh! Who painted the room pink? No no no, this won't do' she shouted while fanning herself with her hands
'We have a roommate, maybe she did it' I said tiredly

'Then change it'

'It's not painted' I said calmly and walked to the wall, I peeled off the wallpaper to review a shinning white paint, the wall started peeling itself at my order while we changed the bedcovers of our beds, then we took a shower after she ranted on how unkept and pink the bathroom is, a girl walked in later

'Oh hi, you must be my new roommates' she said ecstatically as she looked around. 'You peeled the walls?'

'Yes, do I look like a doll to you? Hell no, even the bathroom is too pink' Jena said complainingly
'Sorry about that, the three other girls that used to stay here were pink freaks before they got expelled, I love pink too so I just let them pink-ify the room' she said calmly. 'I'll peel of the bathroom walls as way'

'It's okay, I already took care of that, it's still pink but with purple, green and white' I said politely
'How were you able to do that so fast?'

'I'm a genius, my technology can handle that'

'She indeed is, she finished high school at fifteen and took a three years college program for extra smart kids, now she's a graduate of biography' Jena chirped

'I didn't study biography dummy'
'There's no difference between biography and bio bio whatever, all of them are just made up big words with blah blah blah, end of story' she said mirthlessly, I rolled my eyes, the girl laughed

'You girls are funny, are you sisters?'

'Yes we are' we said smilingly
'I'm Urania Del Sapporo, second year student, you can call me Ura or Nia'

'Nice to meet you rommie, my name's Jena your outfit is gorg' Jena smiled taking her hand
'Thank you and yours look fab, where did you get it from?' Nia said admirably

'From a mall, obvi but yours is one of a kind'

'Yea, I make my own clothe, I'm a fashion and theater student here'
'That is awesome! I'm a dancer, ballet especially and singer, I also know how to play anything from the violin family and a mandolin'
'Nice, well then Jena, welcome to Hollywood young stars'

'Oh thank you, I'm so excited' Jena squealed

'Great, two Jena' I murmured. 'Well I'm not here' I said sarcastically

'Oh sorry, what's your name braniac?'

'Call me that again and I'll send you to Mars' I said seriously but she laughed, eh, whatever. 'Raquelia, you can call me Lia'
'Yes because only I call her Quelly, so don't you dare call her that' Jena said warningly

'Of course, so what do you do?'
'Everything except fashion and act, I can do it but just don't want to'

'I wish I could sing too, when I sing, birds die' Nia said sadly, we giggled, I went back to my drawing. 'You can draw too?'
'She can do anything' Jena said dismissively, I was drawing our room

'So are you starting class tomorrow?'

'Tomorrow is Saturday' I replied mirthlessly, she chuckled
'I love your hair dye, suits you'
'Thank you but I didn't dye it, I was born with it'

'Seriously?' She asked incredulously, Jena nodded. 'Bah!'
'Believe it or not, your problem, I need to talk to Jayden and let him know we are not dead before he runs my battery down' Jena said disgustingly staring at her vibrating phone. 'Excuse me' she picked up the phone and walked out of the room


'Overprotective older triplet brother' I said humorously, she laughed

'I know what you mean, I have six of them, not twin, just older' she said smilingly, I nodded, we talked about the school a little before Jena walked in

'Yes Jayden, I'll remember to brush my teeth before going to bed and I won't play with a blade....yes Lia is fine and is not harming herself with her pencil....I know pencils are dangerous' she rolled her eyes. 'I won't hurt my gum while brushing my teeth either, can I go now?' She said unenthusiastically. 'I love you too, bye' she hung up and threw the phone on her bed. 'Jayden said you should be careful not to hurt yourself with your pencil' she said drily, I laughed
'Jinora must be suffering since she's living with him' I said laughingly, she chuckled, her phone vibrated, she checked it
'From Jinora, please help me Jena, Jayden is going to make me wear a floaty to my friend's pool party' we laughed. 'I'm going to commit suicide if he don't stop making me drink water from a lidded cup' Nia was laughing with us
'Just text her to bear it' I laughed, she texted her back. 'We better get some sleep I wanna go for a tour around the school tomorrow'
'I'll show you, I just love giving tours' Nia said enthusiastically
'Alright' after drawing our room, I pinned it on the wall, I took pictures of the room and sent it to Jinora and mom (Felicia) she'll show it to the rest

I have a strong hunch that life in this school will be incredibly epic


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