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Chronicles Of Ravenwood - Episode 15 & 16




Chronicles Of Ravenwood - Episode 15 & 16

( Fierce And Furry... ) 

Genres: Fantasy/ Werewolves/ Erotica. 

Tags: Mates,Vampires,Witches,Special Abilities,Demons,Pack,Rejected Mates,Forbidden Love,Control,Revenge,Betrayal,Obsession,Steamy,Love Triangle,Secrets. 


"I don't want to" Genny mumbled and Thane's eyes met with hers once more,like he was surprised hearing that coming from her. 

He released her blouse and his hands dropped,his eyes stopped sparkling and they became normal again,his claws also went in. 

"What are you trying to do?" His voice came out coldly. 

"I don't know" Genny shook her head lightly. 

Thane moved away from her and she tied back her blouse lace cord. 

"Are you dating Indigo?" She didn't know when that question blurted out and Thane turned back at her with a glare. 

"What did you say?" He asked. 

"I mean.......you always......do....stuffs with her" Genny mumbled,her face buried to the floor. 

Thane squeezed his face,knowing what she was talking about,the day she walked in on Indigo and him. 

"Do you have a problem with that?" He asked and she looked up,their eyes meeting again. 

"No....I just....."

"Then stop asking silly questions and focus on yourself,,worry about your carelessness instead,you might get into trouble soon" He said icely and rolled his eyes before leaving the bedroom. 

Genny bit her lips and sighed. 

'I'm so stupid,what was that? What is going on?' She thought and touched her chest,her heart beating fast,just as usual whenever she's with him. 

The rain was still falling heavily,she looked around the room,it's her first time finally being able to see how the room really looks like. Unlike their own,the room is bigger,more well decorated fitting him as the prince he is. The bed was a king sized one,she suddenly imagined how soft and comfortable it would be to sleep on it. 

Snapping out of her thoughts,she slowly sat down on the floor,ignoring the couch. 


Thane was taking a shower in the bathroom,the water pouring over him from his head downward. He brushed his full hair back from his face and sighed out. 

*You were too harsh earlier* Thorne said,using the silent moment as opportunity. 

*That's my business to handle not yours* Thane snapped. 

*You should stop acting cold to her,she's pretty......*

Thane groaned out. 

*So what if she's pretty?!! What!! Should I just lock you off forever and stop acting like a dummy anytime she's around?!* Thane snapped. 

*It's not my fault she finds me cuter than you,why are you getting mad. If you don't like her,how about we transform? I was enjoying her touch earlier before you forcefully shifted,is that normal to you?* Thorne snapped back. 

*If you never insisted on going for a run in the woods this late,you know she would never meet us there right? This is all your fault from the beginning so keep quiet,you almost made me do shit earlier,what if she start thinking I have interest in her or something? Think about it for once* Thane groaned. 

*It's not my fault that's she's too hot to resist,I was almost in heat for a moment* Thorne replied and Thane's eyes widened. 

*You better don't repeat that again,we aren't doing shit until.......*

*I know,until our mate appears* Thorne mumbled. 

*Glad you still know that,so please stop acting this way around her,it's annoying* 

*I will try* Thorne replied and it became silent. 

Thane turned off the shower and went out of the bathroom,,he entered the dressing room and wore a comfortable outfit he can sleep with,he tied a headband around his hair,preventing it from falling on his face before  returning to the bedroom. 

Genny was already laying down on the floor,sleeping. 

Thane scoffed,he ignored her and fell on his bed,the soft bed welcoming his presence. He grabbed his phone and checked it out for a minute before dropping it again,he covered himself with the duvet,he closed his eyes and slept off. 



Thane grumbled sleepily,his eyes still closed. He tried turning to another side of the bed only to notice he couldn't move,he frowned in his sleep and gently opened his eyes,he looked down and his eyes almost popped out of their sockets to see Genny sleeping right beside him,not just that,her head was on his chest and her arms wrapped around him like they are some couple. 

"Why the heck!!!!" He roared angrily. 

Genny screamed in fear and fell off the bed in shock. She opened her eyes immediately,meeting with Thane glaring at her. 

"Hey! Are you insane?!!" He yelled. 

Genny swallowed and blinked,not knowing what to say. 

"Wow,now you're hugging me in my sleep,what the fuck was that?! How did you even get on the bed?!! How!!" Thane shouted. 

"It was.....the floor was...cold" Genny mumbled. 

"Do I look like I give a fuck? I told you to go to your room last night but you refused,how dare you sleep beside me and even hug me with your body?"

"I didn't mean to hug you,I don't even know how it happened,the only thing I did was sleep on the bed,I wasn't even that close,I'm sorry,don't be mad" Genny said,her head bowed. 

The door opened and Orion came in. 

"Good morning......."

"Throw her out! Now!" Thane snapped. 

Orion looked at Genny almost in surprise. He wanted to ask why she was there early that morning but instead he followed Thane's instruction,he grabbed Genny's hand and started walking toward the door,Genny said nothing and just followed silently and obediently. 

They got out of the bedroom and Orion released her hand. 

"You slept on the bed with him?" He asked like he was interested to find out what happened. 

Genny nodded. 

"I swear it wasn't my intention to hug him,I'm not a pervert,it must have been a mistake and........"

"What did you do to him?" Orion's question made her look up. 


"I mean...the only thing he said is....I should throw you out. I was expecting him to throw you into the dungeon" Orion said and Genny's eyes widened. 


Orion nodded. 

"He really hate physical contact,because his wolf is a bit sensitive...you know he doesn't have a mate yet,so he wanted to keep all those moment and touch till he finds her. But you....I was surprised when I heard her saved you,carrying you in his arms,you're even making him talk a lot these days,he allowed you to sleep on the floor? Nobody ever spent the night in his room except him,He's only mad because he found you beside him and still he's not punishing you? Am I talking too much already?" Orion muttered. 

Genny blinked. 

"But anyway...you're doing well" Orion smiled and gave her a thumb up. 

"But then......I hope you don't like him the other way,He's a loyal type,He's crazily waiting for his mate" Orion smiled. 

"Oh" Genny mumbled and took her lips in. 

"You can go" Orion said. 

"I'm sorry for making him mad,can you help me apologize? I doubt he will allow me in again" Genny muttered. 

Orion nodded and Genny bowed before walking away. 

By the time Orion returned into the bedroom,Thane was already in the bathroom. 

Orion chuckled and shook his head. 



Indigo entered the room with anger,she closed the door loudly and started screaming loudly,,the whole room scattering at every screams she makes. 

By the time she was done,the room was upside down already. She slammed her palms on the table which started shaking as well,her eyes glowing in red mixed with black,she was terribly angry that if she doesn't control it,she might bring down the whole room. 

"Calm down Indigo....Calm down,calm down,let's calm down,let's calm down....." She started breathing in and out. 

"I'm going to kill her....better run away from me Genny,I will kill you,just wait for it" she mumbled and gulped. Her mind went to Thane and she sighed. 

"I need to talk to him,,I can't stand seeing him choose that bitch over me,I might die" She said in tears. 

She actually saw Genny coming out of Thane's quarters just now. 

"You can't do that to me!" She screamed and roughed her hair. 

"Don't tell me she spent the night with him,I've never even done that yet" 

She walked to the mirror to check her face,suddenly another image with the same face as hers,appeared in the mirror ,staring back at her. 

"Not now" Indigo muttered. 

"She's a rival" her image said. 

"I know,you don't have to tell me,that bitch is after what's supposed to be mine,I will never allow that to happen,never" Indigo said. 

"That's why you must get rid of her,Thane should be ours no matter what" her image said and appeared behind her. 

Indigo faced her. 

"I know,but Thane is getting harder these days,I'm going crazy already,why can't he see how much I love him? I want him so badly" Indigo said. 

"I will be here whenever you need me" Her image said and entered into her body again. 

Indigo suddenly smiled. 

"Great...let's see whoever is going to win this game Genny" She said. 



"Genny!!" Ondine and Juna rushed to her immediately she entered. 

"Where were you? Where did you slept last night?" Ondine asked. 

Genny sighed out,is she even supposed to tell them she was in Thane's room? 

"I slept in the library" She said. 


"I was reading some books and..I slept off. When I woke up it was raining so I couldn't come back" She lied fluently. 

"Oh....I was so worried when I woke up in the midnight without seeing you on your bed" Juna said. 

"Sorry for making you worried" Genny smiled. 

"You should take your bath and get ready for training" Ondine said. 

"Are we going together?" Genny asked. 

"Yeah,it's just physical training,have you ever used sword?" Juna asked. 

"Where do you expect her to see it?" Ondine asked and Juna chuckled. 

"We get trained for that,but only Rank A are given the special swords tho,they use it whenever it's needed" Juna explained. 

"Oh" Genny nodded and immediately undressed,she went into the bathroom afterward. 

Taking her bath was fast,finding something to wear was even faster,Ondine and Juna were both ready so she had to hurry up. 

She wore a tank top and a pair of joggers together with sneakers,she packed up her hair as usual. 

"You don't like make up?" Juna asked. 

"Make up? I thought we are going for training" Genny looked at her. 

"No,I'm not saying you should use it now...generally,I've never seen you using make up" Juna said. 

"I don't have" Genny mumbled. 

"What?!" Ondine and Juna explained and burst into laughter. 

"Is it weird?" She asked. 

"Not even mascara or lip gloss?" Ondine asked. 

Genny shook her head. 

"Wow,but still you look pretty,I understand" Juna smiled. 

Genny chuckled and the trio walked out of the room. 



Sage already dressed up,he turned and was almost shocked to find Beorn still sleeping. 

"Hey" Sage called,he walked over to his bed and tapped him. 

"What do you think you're still doing on bed? You're going to be late for training" He said,tapping him continuously. 

"I'm not ready yet...just....five more minutes" Beorn groaned. 

Sage scoffed and pulled off the duvet off him. 

"Cold!" Beorn screamed. 

"Cold? What cold are you talking about?" 

"My legs are cold" Beorn muttered and grabbed him,he pulled Sage on the bed beside him and hugged him. 

"Are you crazy?! Get off me" Sage snapped. 

"Five minutes" Beorn closed his eyes back and hugged him even more tighter almost making him breathless. 

Sage checked the time and relaxed his body,his eyes fell on Beorn who was busy smiling in his sleep. 

"If this is a joke,I might just kill you myself" He muttered. 

"Your body is so warm" Beorn said and opened his eyes. 

"I finally got to hug you" He said. 

Sage rolled his eyes and pushed him off. 

"Stop saying rubbish and go take your bath" He got down from the bed. 

"I honestly don't feel like going to that place this morning,that's weird" Beorn sighed and managed to walk into the bathroom. 



Everyone was busy with their swords, practicing what master Casen just thought them. Those in rank A aren't just practicing,they are already experts in sword fighting. 

Indigo and Zarek faced each other in dueling,their swords moving so fast together with their bodies,the sounds of their swords hitting and crashing against each other filled the air,but Indigo was faster and more skilled. 

She didn't take up to five minutes before Zarek fell on the ground roughly,almost injuring his back. 


Everyone applauded in amazement. 

"That was so good indigo". Master Casen said proudly. 

Indigo rolled her eyes and looked around to check if Thane was present but he wasn't. 

Genny on the other hand was standing at one corner,watching everyone. One of the masters correcting Ondine and Juna,they made some mistakes. 

"Beorn and Sage,you're playing!" Master Nyx snapped at the two.

"Sorry" They bowed and laughed at each other. 

Thane walked in with Orion. 

"Oh,Thane you came" Master Casen said. 

"Am I not allowed to?" Thane asked and his eyes fell on Genny who immediately looked away. 

"I'm back!!" Odessa ran in. 

"Hi Odessa" The students greeted and she waved back before jumping on Thane's neck. 

"Should I just kill you? You blocked my damn link" She said,ready to pressed his neck. 

"I don't think I did" Thane muttered. 

Orion chuckled. 

"Hey Orion" Odessa smiled. 

Orion nodded and walked away from them. 

Kymani walked over to meet Genny. 

"Why are you standing here?" He asked. 

"I don't even know anything,I tried holding the sword earlier and it was heavy" Genny mumbled sadly. 

Kymani chuckled and grabbed her hand. 

"Come here" 

"Huh? To where?"

"Just follow me" He dragged her to another another side where they would get enough space. 

A sword appeared in his hand and Genny gasped. 

"How did you do that?!" She clapped,looking excited.

"You're so cute when you clap like that" Kymani chuckled and stretched the sword for her to hold. 

"It's heavy......."

"Don't worry,I made it lighter for you" Kymani said and Genny took the sword from him.

"Wow! That's true its lighter now" She smiled. 

"Good....now watch me,I'm going to teach you some basics"  Kymani said,taking another sword. 

"Just follow whatever I do" He said and Genny nodded immediately. 

"Yes master" She smiled. 

"What are you doing?" Thane asked Ophelia who was struggling to stand in the same position as everyone else. 

Odessa and Orion in front,teaching them some skills. 

"It's quite hard" Ophelia muttered. 

Thane took the sword from her and helped her hold it the proper way. 

"Oh...thanks" Ophelia smiled as it got easier. 

"Perfect!" Thane heard Kymani's voice and he turned to see him training Genny. 

"Stand well or you're gonna fall with your own sword" Kymani said and Genny laughed. 

"That will be embarrassing" She said. 

Kymani stood behind her and his hands curled around her waist as he helped her find a better posture. 

Thane scoffed. 

"She must really enjoy everyone touching her,what do I expect?" He scoffed. 

"I think I get it now" Genny smiled and did exactly what Kymani taught her. 

"Perfect,smooth" Kymani clapped. 

"Thank you!" Genny said happily and kept on practicing. 

Kymani turned and his eyes fell on Thane watching them,a smirk appeared on his lips,Thane ignored him and looked away. 



"Good job everyone" Master Nyx said after the training ended. 

"How about a duel?? For fun?" Master Casen asked. 

Everyone exchanged glances but nobody moved. 

"Against Thane" Master Casen added. 

"Wow....that's insane,who would dare go out?" Ondine scoffed.

"I know right?" Juna chuckled. 

Genny said nothing,her eyes fixed on Thane who was leaning on something,acting like he wasn't listening to whatever was going on. Kymani was beside her too,he followed her eyes and they landed safely on Thane. 

Kymani scoffed and twisted his sword around before going out.

"Kymani?" Master Casen asked and he nodded,glaring at Thane. 

"It's about to get crazy here" Juna stood properly. 

"What do you mean?" Genny faced them. 

"They might kill each other before they stop" Ondine replied and Genny's brows raised. 


"Just watch,you will see" Juna muttered. 

Genny faced them back,Thane already got a sword too,both of them now at the center, their eyes on each other. 

The whistle was blown by Odessa and the fight began. 

They jumped against each other and their swords clashed at once,the blades flashed in sunlight. With a swift strike,Thane sent Kymani flying across the hall room,his back slammed loudly against the wall and the wall broke a bit. 

Thane's face was totally calm and blunt,like he wasn't doing a thing. He stood there in one position and waited for Kymani to return. 

Kymani appeared behind him all of a sudden and almost slide his sword inside him,but Thane turned at once and their swords met in mid-air. They both flipped and landed on their feet again in sync. Kymani's glares piercing right into Thane's soul but he doesn't seem to get moved by that. 

They started moving faster,their swords striking loudly with elextrifying exchanges,Thane suddenly got the upper hand again,his sword cut right on Kymani's arm and everyone gasped as the blood dropped. 

"Thane....no blood" Master Casen immediately said. 

"Yaaahhhh!!!!" Kymani rushed aggressively toward Thane,targeting his neck,Thane bent right below the sword and Kymani missed him,Thane kicked his legs and stabbed another part of his arm again.  

👥 Fuck!!! 

Kymani got up again and faced Thane who doesn't feel any remorse. 

"Kymani....that's enough!" The masters tried to stop him but he didn't stop,he approached Thane again. 

"Thane is gonna kill him" Ophelia mumbled. 

"Vampires don't die anyway" Juna scoffed. 

"They surely have something against each other,it was supposed to be an harmless duel,my body is shaking" Ondine hugged herself. 

Genny on the other hand was already getting to her peak,her throat ran dry since the moment Kymani started bleeding from Thane's sword cut.  

Her eyes following every movement of his,Thane punched Kymani's face and raised his sword up as if to finish him.

"Noooo!!!!!!" Genny screamed and rushed into their middle,she covered Kymani up and faced Thane. 

"Why are you so cruel!!!! You monster!!!!!!" She yelled at him in tears. 

👥 Gasps*

Thane dropped his sword loudly,he glared at Genny angrily before walking out,Orion followed him at once. 

Odessa clenched her fists but she didn't say a word,she went out of the hall also. 

Indigo smiled from where she was standing and watching the drama. 

Genny faced Kymani and touched his bloody arm. 

"Are you okay?" She asked. 

Kymani smiled and pulled her into a hug. 


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