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Chronicles Of Ravenwood - Episode 17 & 18




Chronicles Of Ravenwood - Episode 17 & 18

( Fierce And Furry... ) 

Genres: Fantasy/ Werewolves/ Erotica. 

Tags: Mates,Vampires,Witches,Special Abilities,Demons,Pack,Rejected Mates,Forbidden Love,Control,Revenge,Betrayal,Obsession,Steamy,Love Triangle,Secrets. 


"I'm back" Genny sat beside Kymani on the bench with the first aid box,she grabbed his arm,trying to find the wounds and cuts but nothing like that. 

"Huh?....where are the cuts?" She asked and looked at his face. 

Kymani smiled. 

"You really expect them to be there?" He asked. 

"What are you talking about?" 

"I'm a vampire okay? And I have ability to heal myself" Kymani said. 

"Then....why were you acting like you were dying?" She asked gently. 

"I wasn't acting,I got beat up. But I'm okay now,don't worry,I should have stopped you from getting the first aid box" Kymani said. 

Genny sighed out,thinking of how she yelled at Thane earlier because she thought Kymani was in danger. 

'I'm so stupid' She thought. 

"Are you okay?" Kymani asked. 

"I will just return this,bye" She got up and walked away. 

Kymani rolled his eyes and scoffed,Zarek came to sit beside him. 


"Not in the mood" Kymani muttered. 

"Why did you challenge Thane? You knew you're no match to him in sword fighting" Zarek said. 

"Don't worry,I got what I wanted to see" Kymani muttered and stood up. 

"And what's that?" Zarek also got up. 

"I'm hungry" Kymani muttered. 

"Food or......."

"When do you ever see me enjoy those food you eat?" Kymani scoffed. 



Orion walked into the living room and met Odessa sitting down,she got up at once. 

"He don't wanna talk?" She asked. 

"Yeah,I guess you should come back" Orion muttered. 

A frown appeared on Odessa's face,then she stormed out at once. She traced Genny's scent and immediately got her location,Genny walking in the hallway when she appeared. 

Genny flinched and moved back quickly. 

"I'm not here to fight with you,I'm not like that" Odessa said and Genny took her lips in. 

"But....watch your mouth" Odessa glared at her. 

"I hate it when people say shits about my brother,I'm nice,but also not that nice to overlook some certain things,I act nice to everyone because I want to....my point is,I don't want to hate you,,my brother shouldn't be the reason why I have to,so watch what you say" Odessa said and started walking away,she turned back again. 

"Find someone else to train you......."

"But you're the...."

"I don't care,I'm not mad at you, but you shouldn't be training with the twin sister of a monster remember? I might be a monster too who knows" Odessa said and walked away. 

Genny sighed and bent down in the same position,she bit her lips. 

"You shouldn't get in Odessa's bad book too" 

Genny looked up to see Ondine and Ophelia,she sighed. 

"Odessa is the last person to get angry when it's about herself,,,but don't mess with her brother,she gets dangerous when it's about Thane" Ondine said. 

"I didn't mean to call him that....I was just......emotional and....." She sobs. 

"Kymani would definitely heal himself,don't worry about him. But I understand you anyway,it was scary to watch" Ophelia said and Genny sighed. 

"Get up,let's go get breakfast,I'm hungry" Ondine pulled her up and they walked away. 


Back in Thane's quarters,he was standing in the balcony just outside his room smoking,his mind blank,he wasn't thinking about a thing,his face blank too. 

*Are you okay?* Thorne asked. 

*I expect so much from someone like her,I wasn't mistaken* Thane scoffed. 

*I'm not a monster tho,I didn't hurt her did I?* Thorne asked. 

*Shut up,everything was your first anyway,it's annoying,get off my head* Thane said,puffing out the smoke. 

*Don't get too mad and do something crazy* Thorne said before going silent. 

Orion appeared there and stood beside Thane. 

"Indigo is here,I was going to tell her to leave actually,I just came to tell you because it won't be nice if you don't......."

"Let her in" Thane muttered. 


"You heard me" He said and disposed the blunt he was smoking before going into the bedroom. 

A minute later,Indigo entered,standing at a distance to talk to him. 

"You decided to allow me in and......." 

"Stop talking,come closer" Thane said. 

Indigo smirked and walked over to him,he grabbed her waist and pinned her against the wall. 

"Are you trying to use me to calm down right now?? I don't mind anyway" She smiled. 

Thane slammed his lips in hers at once,Indigo smiled into the kiss and rubbed his chest from his shirt,she moaned out as she felt his tongue in her mouth,her own tongue welcomed his own too. 

*What do you think you're doing? You said no fucking!* Thorne shouted. 

*Fuck off* Thane shut him off and depened the kiss even more harder,he lifted Indigo up and her legs wrapped around him. 

Thane broke the kiss and started kissing her neck.

"Ahh.....yes baby" Indigo moaned,wanting him badly to bite her,she wants that. 

*You're doom if you give her a bite and you know that right? Don't try it* Thorne walked as Thane tried forcing his fangs out but Thorne kept resisting. 

*Come back to your right sense idiot!! You're going to create a damn bond!!* Thorne yelled. 

Thane groaned and opened his eyes,he stopped moving and Indigo looked at him. 

"What happened?" She asked. 

Thane dropped her. 

"That's enough" He muttered.

"You fucking turned me on,you can't just leave me like this" Indigo protested and tried kissing him again.

"My no is a no,don't make things harder" Thane pushed her away. 

"Then I'm going to suck your dick" She said and Thane inhaled. 

"It's your first time not protesting" She smiled and was about going down when they heard a knock. 

Orion came in.

"Genny is here" he said and Indigo frowned. 

"How dare she come here after what she did?" 

"Let her in" Thane said and Orion went out. 

"What are you doing?" Indigo faced him. 

"You can go...let's meet later" Thane said.

*Meet later? Are you finally insane?! I'm disgusted already!! I don't like you kissing her,you better don't let her suck any shit or I will forcefully shift into......*

*Fuck off* Thane snapped him off again. 

Indigo pecked his lips and went out,she met Genny also coming in and their eyes met in a glare. 

Genny ignored her and went inside,her mind already made up,Thane is definitely mad at him,to think she totally forgot Kymani isn't even human and she can heal properly really amazes her,how could she be so dumb?? 

Getting inside the bedroom,Thane was standing somewhere across the room,his two hands stuck inside his pocket,his face,cold....as expected. 


"Why are you here?" Thane cut her off.

"I came to apologize for what I said..... It was dumb of me.....I'm sorry,I will accept any punishment you decide to......."

"I don't have any punishment to give you" Thane said and Genny looked at him. 

"Because I don't went to have anything to do with you again,how about you get lost and never think of coming here again?" Thane asked. 

Genny gulped. 

"I didn't mean to call you that,I swear....."

"You were right....I can be a monster sometimes,so you should avoid me from now on,get out" Thane cut her off. 

Genny didn't move. 

"Hey,should I show you how wicked I can be before you get out?" Thane asked. 

Genny turned and slowly walked out of the room,regretting her actions dearly. 

She met Orion in the living room,he looked up and their eyes met but he didn't utter a word,he got up from the couch and went into Thane's room. 

Genny sighed out and roughed her hair. 

"I'm so......" 

She left the quarters and started walking to class,she met Indigo on the way. She wanted to ignore her but Indigo crossed her path which made her pause. 

"I love the way you called him a monster" She smiled. 

"I didn't mean that" Genny snapped. 

"Who cares,but keep calling him that,as long as it favors me...make him hate you" Indigo smiled. 

Genny's eyss fell on her neck,she saw two hickeys there,Indigo smiled at her again before walking away.

"Was he so mad that he made out with her so roughly to even get hickeys??" Genny asked nobody in particular.

"Favors her? So...Thane hating me makes her what??" She roughed her hair again before walking away. 



Two wolves suddenly stopped running,they both transformed back into human bodies,turning into Sage and Beorn. 

Beorn grimaces in pain, his legs injured from the chase,Sage immediately rushed to him and helped him sit. 

"Are you okay?" He asked,looking worried. 

Beorn looked at him and smiled. 

"What,why are you smiling? Your legs are swollen,there's no cut to heal up straight away" Sage said.

"Don't worry,I will be fine,that was amazing,it's been a while since I ran that way" Beorn muttered. 

Sage fell beside him and sat down,his eyes on Beorn legs. 

"We shouldn't stay here for too long though,we should return to our room" He said and Beorn shook his head. 


"Let's walk back" 

"Walk back how? You can't even walk right now" Sage said. 

"What about your back?" Beorn asked with a soft voice. 

"Can you stop doing that? It's annoying" Sage scoffed and he laughs. 

"Are you sure it's annoying? But I really don't want to get into the room right away" Beorn muttered. 

"How am I supposed to......." Sage looked at him to see him pouting with pleading eyes. 

"You're an headache" He said and Beorn smiled. 

Sage got up and bent in front of him. 

"Get on"

Beorn immediately climbed on his back and Sage stood up with him,he started walking slowly. 

"Did you wash your hair?" Beorn said. 

"Smell my hair again and I'm dropping you" Sage said. 

"Okay boss" Beorn muttered. 


Sage paused when he heard that,they saw Astrid and Ophelia before them. 

"Oh...what happened to Beorn?" Astrid immediately ran over to them. 

"It's nothing....just swollen leg" Beorn said. 

"It's not nothing,it's red and really swollen,what are you going to do now?" Astrid rushed her words and touched Beorn leg with worries written on her face. 

Sage rolled his eyes and dropped Beorn at once. 

"Aww" Beorn groaned. 

"Are you okay?" Ophelia asked. 

"Yeah,don't worry about me,it will be gone soon" Beorn said and smiled shortly before glancing at Sage. 

"What are you two doing here?" Beorn asked them. 

"Just taking a walk and I saw you guys" Astrid replied and that was when Beorn saw that they are already out of the woods. 

"Oh...I think we should go now,see you girls later" He said. 

"Take care of yourself" Astrid said and he nodded. 

"Bye Sage" Ophelia waved. 

"Yeah" Sage muttered while supporting Beorn to walk. 

Astrid sighed sadly,staring at them both. 



Orion's left eye closed gently as he shot the arrow and it hit right in the target. 

"Whoa!! Amazing!!" Odessa entered,clapping loudly. 

Orion turned and she smiled at him before running over to his side. 

"You've been here all along?" She asked. 

"Yeah" Orion muttered,picking up another arrow. 

"I want to do it too" Odessa muttered and Orion looked at her. 

"Are you telling me that?" He asked and she looked up at him. 

"Can I join you?" She asked. 

"I don't own this place" Orion said and shot another arrow,hitting the bullseye again. 

"How about a bet?" Odessa asked as she took the bow. 

"What bet?" Orion looked at her. 

"Let's shoot ten arrows and count the points after....if I have more points,you will hang out with me tomorrow" Odessa said,their eyes on each other. 

"Why do you want to hang out with me?" Orion asked. 

"I just.....want to" She replied. 

"Fine...deal on" Orion said and she smiled. 

They both stood next to each other and started shooting their arrow,on different targets. 

After ten shots each,they went closer to count their points. 

Orion:::: 10,10,9,8,10,9,9,10,9,10
Odessa::: 7,6,10,9,10,10,7,8,8,9

"Well....seems like I won" Orion muttered. 

Odessa bit her lips sadly. 

"Why are you so good in everything?" She mumbled and Orion chuckled. 

"Let's hang out tomorrow" He said and her eyes widened. 


"I don't want you to be sad...but you should talk to...."

"He won't stop us,don't worry" Odessa cut in immediately.

"Fine" Orion said and she excitedly hugged him without thinking. 

Orion stood still...

"Oh....I didn't mean that" She moved away instantly and ran off. 



Maren was sitting down on one of the benches,her book beside her as she stared at the flowers for no reason. 

Someone sat down beside her and she turned.

"Why are you here?" She asked when she saw Atticus. 

"Wanted to come here all day,I guess you're faster" Atticus replied and adjusted his glasses. 

Maren chuckled and there was silence. 

"You've been quiet,is there something wrong?" Atticus asked. 

"I just......"

"Atticus!" Someone interrupted and they both turned. 

"Oh..Lia" Atticus stood up as soon as he saw Ophelia. 

"I was calling you but you didn't hear me" Ophelia said. 

"Oh...is there something wrong?" Maren asked. 

"No,we have an unfinished business" Ophelia smiled at Maren and grabbed Atticus's hand. 

"Let's talk later Maren" Atticus said and followed Ophelia. 

Maren sighed and sat down,she closed her eyes and rest her back on the bench.



Genevieve exhaled loudly,she just finished three out of the books Odessa gave her. She let out one sad sigh when she remember that Odessa doesn't want to train her anymore. 

But more sadder when she thought of Thane. 

"Today is bad....so bad" She mumbled in a broken voice,she immediately wiped the slow tears rolling down her eyes. 

She packed the books and put them aside,she got up and walked out of the library. 

Thinking of the best way to cool her head at this moment,she suddenly remembered the riverside where Kymani took her to and she started walking there. 

She saw Kymani standing from a distance,he was also there,staring at the flowing river. She almost turned to walk away without him noticing but then he called her name making her face him back. 

"Are you avoiding me?" Kymani asked. 

"Of course not" Genny replied and started walking over to him,she could have sworn she saw his eyes red just now,but getting closer,they aren't red. 

'Was that my imagination?' She thought. 

"Why did you come here?" Kymani asked. 

"I was just....bored" Genny sighed out,she suddenly got cold. 

"Maybe it might rain tonight again" She muttered. 

Kymani said nothing and smiled. 

On the other hand,Thane and Indigo were walking toward the river too,Indigo trying to hold him as they walked but she doesn't have the courage. 

"Can I...hold you...."

"No" Thane said almost immediately. 

Indigo sighed and the walk continued. 

"Then,why did you follow me when I asked you to come with me?" She asked. 

"Because I was planning to come here also....." He paused when they saw Genny and Kymani together. 

Thane sighed. 

"Why must I come across other people here at this moment?" He mumbled and turned back,he started walking away. 

Indigo stared at Kymani for a while before letting out a knowing smile. 

'That bastard is thirsty for blood' she said inwardly. 

"Wait for me Thane!" She called loud enough for Genny to hear and ran after Thane. 

Genny turned the moment she heard that,she only saw Thane's back and took a step forward forward like she would run after him but then loses her balance. 

"Ahh!" She gasped as she almost fell but Kymani caught her. 

Genny opened her eyes and saw that they are inside a room.

"Where....where are we?" She immediately moved away from Kymani. 

"My room" He replied and Genny looked at him.

"Why....why are we here?" She stuttered. 

Kymani looked at her and her eyes widened,she was right earlier...his red eyes look so bloody,she could see his sharp fangs piercing even out of his mouth. 

Genny gulped and shook her head. 

"You're not going to suck my blood are you?" She asked. 

"You won't remember anyway" Kymani said and she shook her head 

"No.....you can't do that" She muttered and rushed to the door. 

She tried opening but it was locked,she started crying loudly,banging the door but it was fruitless. 

Kymani grabbed her and pushed her against the wall,his eyes only on her neck as he leaned forward. 

"No!!!!!!!!" She screamed out. 


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