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Alpha Boys - Episode 9 & 10



Alpha Boys - Episode 9 & 10


He pulled the trigger, shooting himself in the head.

Zinnia turned to frozen food as his cold hand kept holding hers together with the gun.

No bullet came out. It only made an empty sound.

"Your guts will make you my pawn from now on. I intend to shatter it, and I'm gonna shatter you too" he muttered, and Zinnia made to release herself, but he held her back harshly, and she froze once again.

"You can't escape, you won't be able to" he said, and she looked up at his eyes to meet the deadly smirk.

It only means one thing...he meant every word.

She gulped nervously, and he finally released her.

The gun fell, and she ran out of the room.

"That was a whole lotta drama" Hardin said.

"She sketched you with your triangle mask on. Does that mean she saw you at the park?" Zade asked.

"She did?" Jordan asked.

"Are you perhaps interested in her cos of that?" Hardin asked.

"It's between me and her" Killian replied and left the room.

"Same old answer" Zade said.

Hardin picked the fallen revolver gun and checked the cylinder.

 Shockingly, there's a bullet there.

"Holy hell" he said.

"He needs to see his therapist pretty soon" Zade replied.


Zinnia ran straight to the technical room when she got to her floor, and her tears got louder.

She squatted beside the door, not bothering to stop it.

Only gawd knows how shocked she was when he pulled the trigger on himself earlier.

What if there was a bullet? Would he have shot himself?

Just what kind of beastly unapologetic psycho did she get herself involved with? 

She was warned to stay away from him, but her stubborn head just wouldn't listen, and now she's in his devious trap.

The entry of Karen made her stand.

"Zee I'm so sorry. I...I really didn't want to testify against you but..."

Zinnia made to leave, but she blocked her and hugged her tightly.

"I'm so sorry please forgive me. Ludo threatened that she was gonna come kill me in my house tonight if I refused, and trust me i couldn't risk it" she said.

She broke the hug afterwards to look Zinnia in the eyes.

"Every single student in this school underwent trainings in their clan, but I didn't receive any. My parents ran away since I was 7 and I've been taking care of myself since then. I can't defend myself please understand me. I really don't wanna lose your friendship" she began crying too, and Zinnia sniffled before wiping her own tears.

"It's not your fault, why are you crying too? I'm the faulty one who never listens" she said.

"I'm so sorry about it, and I fixed your button" Karen pointed at it on her chest.

They switched shirts again and Karen smiled warmly.

"Oh and about the handwriting in the note yesterday. It belongs to Viktor" she quickly said.

"Viktor?" Zinnia frowned.

"Yes. Viktor Ivanov, your Russian seatmate" Karen said.

"But he has always been cold to me and...

"He's not the cold type, maybe he's just not used to you, and do you wanna hear another interesting thing?" Karen said.

"What?" Zinnia came closer.

"The Alphas hate him so much, and he hates them too. He's the only one who's not under the Italian canopy, so he comes next after the boys. He went against them once, and it resulted in a deadly fight. The school got closed down for days" Karen said, and Zinnia's eyes widened.


"Just pretend like you didn't hear that and let's go" Karen said and led the way out of the room.

Zinnia followed with lots of thoughts in her head, and shockingly, they met Viktor waiting in front of the room.

"I'll see you in class" Karen said and left fast.

"Hey, seatmate" Viktor finally spoke, and Zinnia blinked.

"I thought you were forbidden from speaking to me. You dropped that note and even gave me a seat" she said, and he smiled handsomely.

"Are you pissed?"

"Pissed? I won't be here talking to you if that's the issue" she rolled eyes, and he laughed.

"Whoa, you laugh too?" She said surprisingly.

"Of course, I'm human too, and I happen to like you cos you hate the so-called Alphas just like me" he replied, and she sighed.

"What's your point?" 

"We can talk freely from now on... Fearless" he said.

"It's Zinnia" she said.

"I'll suit myself, let's hit the class" he said, and she hissed before following him.

They entered the class together, and she received death glares from girls.

Viktor has a number of crushes in the class too so it's expected.

Britney came to her immediately.

"Are you ok? You went up to meet the Lions" she asked.

"I'm fine, Britney" Zinnia smiled.

"You kept breaking records. I wanna be like you" Britney said, and Zinnia laughed.

"You're distracting me, Brit. Go to your seat" Viktor said. 

"Russian boy, you don't get to dictate to me" Britney scoffed.

"Are you both friends?" Zinnia asked.

"Best friends" they chorused, and Zinnia gasped.

"See ya!" Britney waved at Zinnia before leaving for her seat.

Priyanka and Sunny came in immediately. They actually came late, and Zinnia giggled as they rushed to their seats.

The first period teacher came in, and the class started as they all logged in to their laptops.

If there's anything Zinnia is grateful about, it's the fact that the Alphas aren't present. 

She was able to concentrate at first, but when she remembered the coldness of Killian's palm on her hand earlier, she folded her fists, and concentration became hard.



Though there's an auditorium in the fifth floor of the skyscraper, but lacrosse is an outdoor sport, and that's why the boys choose the field every time.

They're gonna play against some other gangs in the school, but they're still making preparations.

Killian sat on a chair not far from the goalpost, his sports vest of black colour looking so good on him.

He's number 5, and the number is written boldly at the back of his vest.

His head is down, and he's currently staring at Zinnia's sketch which he kept since yesterday.

The first curse is what got his attention the most...


He looked at his crotch, and something flashed in his eyes. It looks like a smile, but it's surely not it. It's a sign of intrigue.

His royal majesty will surely be mad right now. How dare she write such about it? And how could she sketch him so roughly?, and the drawing is not even complete.

Where is his baseball bat? She needs to be taught a lesson.

He was still staring at it when the lady from the students affairs office came over to him.

She's almost naked in her fishnet blouse and short skirt which barely covered her thighs. 

"Hey Killian, I heard what the filthy new girl did, and I'm sure you're mad as hell right now" she said, but he remained silent.

He didn't even look up from the sketch.

"But you don't have to worry. I gave her a punishment already, she's gonna be the one to carry her classmates bags from the park to the...

"Cancel it" he interrupted, finally looking up.


"Are you f+çking deaf? Cancel the damn punishment" he said icily, and she began trembling as he stood.

"Wildfire! The game is starting!" Zade hollered from the middle field, and he hardened his glare on the lady before leaving.

The lady rushed out of the field.



Immediately the alarm rang, Zinnia left class with the girls, and Britney joined them this time.

Priyanka suddenly pulled Zinnia away from the others.

"I said I had something to tell you remember? Do you wanna go to a party tonight? To destress" Priyanka asked.

"I've never really went to...

"Don't worry, I'll take care of your dress and everything. Just say yes" Priyanka cut her off.


"Sure" Priyanka said.

"Are the rest of the girls gonna be joining us?" 

"Yeah" Priyanka lied.

"I'm in then" Zinnia nodded and grabbed her hand.

"Let's go join the others" 



The girls are currently sitting together on a table for five, and the table is already full of delicacies.

They're chatting away, and it's really interesting. Britney is fun than Zinnia thought.

"I heard Killian has a bedroom kink" Sunny suddenly said.

"Yeah. He can't have $+x with just one girl, it's always threesome, and he doesn't do virgins" Britney replied, and the girls gasped.

"F+çk!" Priyanka said.

"He's mad, you don't expect normal things" Britney shrugged.

"But I think Jordan is the cutest among the boys" Karen said.

"You have a crush on Jordan?" They asked at once.

"What! No I dare not!" Karen defended quickly.

"I chose Killian over and over. His attitude and his frown is another level of $+xiness" Priyanka said, and they all faced Zinnia.

"Y'all aren't expecting me to pick one, right?" Zinnia said, and they all started laughing.

"And I definitely can't wait for Friday" Karen said.

"What happens on Friday?" Zinnia asked.

"There's an anonymous account on the school blog, she picks one student every Friday and posts his or her deepest secret" Britney said.

"Seriously?" Zinnia gasped.

"Trust me, the account is called Shadow Princess, and no one knows who owns it. Just wait till Friday, you'll see for yourself" Priyanka said.

Suddenly, a girl came into the cafeteria with several fliers which she poured in the air.

"Everyone! There's a party at the Alphas mansion tonight at 8! Hardin has started again!!!!" She announced, and the cafeteria scattered with screams immediately.

Girls started debating on what to wear to catch the attention of the guys.

"There's no way we're missing Alphas party cos of your bloodbath party" Ludo told Honoria.

"Don't worry. My party is 7 to 8, so we'll still catch up" Honoria replied.



Killian's car stopped in front of a steel gate in a silent street, and he came down confidently.

The gate has black guards guarding it. It's a clan gate, and inside the gate, there's a whole empire, but he's not interested in that.

"Where's your boss?" He asked one of the guards, but before he could reply, the boss himself came out to him with armed guards surrounding him.

He's a sturdy old man just like Malachi. 99 percent of mafia bosses in this country have this same build, but it's still a mystery how Malachi got every single one under his wide wings.

"I've been expecting you, Killian" he said, his black suit forming an ominous air around.

"Why was your messenger at my mansion?" Killian asked straight.

"You killed him already, I thought you buried the hatchet" the man replied, and Killian leaned on his car with ease like he's talking to his age mate.

"The only thing to bury right now is you if you don't give me the right answer" he said with a rise in his brows.

"I didn't send him that mission, but he recently became friends with a Russian. I think they had a deal or something" 

"Russian?" Killian lifted his frame from the car.

"Viktor Ivanov" the man replied, and Killian's veins bulged immediately.

He got back in his car and drove off.

Oh Viktor...you love wars, right? Then let's have it again.

He was still driving when his phone chimed. It's a text from Hardin.

• I think Honoria has something up her sleeves involving Zinnia.

He changed his car direction after reading the text.


Zinnia felt strange throughout the drive to the party, though the gown Priyanka got for her is pretty cute, and her makeup is on point, but still...

She thought things would change by the time she arrives at the party, but it even got worse. She feels so out of it immediately they stepped into the hall.

An Italian song is playing softly on speakers.

The crowd isn't that much. They're twenty five when she counted, both boys and girls, but they're all Royal Pride students.

"I'll go get us drinks" Priyanka told her, and before she could protest, Priyanka left.

She stood still, looking lonely. Where the hell are the other girls? Aren't they coming anymore?

And why is Priyanka taking so long?

She suddenly sighted a snack bowl on one of the tables, and she went there to pick a popsicle, her favorite.

Immediately she touched the bowl, she heard a crack above, and she looked up to see a pail hanging there.

Her eyes widened cos almost immediately, the pail turned upside down, and the content poured directly on her.

It's animal blood, a dog's.

She became completely wet with the blood, her white gown turned complete red, and the blood even entered her mouth.

Laughter started in the hall immediately, and another pail poured from above, wetting her more.

She fell on her butt this time, looking so pitiful as the blood dripped off of her.

Within a minute, the students surrounded her and started making live videos of her on the blog, laughing derisively.

So... this is it. She was tricked. 

How could Priya do this...

She couldn't move, and her bloody face appeared in all the cameras.

The clicking of heels suddenly could be heard, and she looked up to see the students making way for someone.

A minute later, Honoria entered the circle with Ludo, and Ludo began laughing hard.

"How does it feel to be betrayed by a newfound friend? Heartbreaking, huh?" 

Honoria squatted in front of her and clicked her tongue.

"This bloodbath party is actually for you, and I'm glad you're enjoying in. You can't get touched by Killian and escape my wrath. You're in trouble, Zinnia Holt" she muttered.

"I don't think so" Zinnia replied boldly, taking her by surprise as she stood from the ground.

Her late mother Nica taught her a lot of things, and one of the things is to always stand her groud even amidst enemies.

She has taken enough... Honoria won't have the last laugh tonight, never.

She grabbed a wine glass from one of the students and shattered it on the ground, shocking them madly.

She picked one of the broken pieces and tore her bloody gown with it.

The gown fell from her body, revealing her bloody $+xy figure!

She's wearing a bum short and cropped singlet underneath.

Honoria gasped at her snatched tiny waist and beautiful straight legs, then her navel and flat tummy. Her collarbones looks too beautiful too, even her bloody hair is gorgeous under the lights 

She turned around, showing off the cute dimples at the back of her waist.

Students got gagged with her $+xiness, and Honoria choked on her own spit.

Ludo's phone fell from her and smashed.

At the same time, 'Mad Desire' by Den Harrow began playing on the speakers.

Zinnia began dancing, and Honoria fell on a chair without getting pushed when she started some swoonworthy crazy moves.

Her slim waist and thighs worked together with her wet hair, and it drove everyone insane!

The students making live videos are still holding their phones tight, and right now the blog is on fire with thousands of comments.

* Isn't that Misfit?

* +çk!!!!! She's ruining me!

* I love those moves madly!

* If I don't date her then my name is not my name anymore!

* I'm a girl but I want her too!

* Geez! The waist!

* The legs! Someone murder me!

* The flat tummy!

* Her collarbones are gorgeous as fuçk!

* I'm getting her a private jet tommorow!

* Oh my f+çking gawd!

The views moved from thousands to millions within three minutes, and the comments hit 10 thousand too...

When it got to the twerking part, Zinnia began shaking her arse, swirling her hair with it.

"Turn off the music!!! Turn it off!!!!" Honoria yelled dementedly.

That brought the students back to their senses, and Ludo rushed to turn it off.

Zinnia stopped the bloody dance as silence fell in the hall, and she walked back to Honoria.

Meanwhile, Killian is standing beside the door, no one is seeing him though.

He actually came in after the bloodbath, and he watched every damn thing including the dance.

Honoria's body was shaking with rage and defeat as Zinnia smiled tauntingly at her.

"You wanna destroy me?" She said, leaning in to her ear afterwards.

"Get in line, bî+ch" She whispered in her ear, and Honoria staggered.

Zinnia grabbed a cup of wine and gulped it, breaking the glass on the ground too before walking out of the hall, leaving everyone dumbfounded.

Killian instantly did what he hasn't done in years.... HE SMILED.


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