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Alpha Boys - Episode 11 & 12



Alpha Boys - Episode 11 & 12


Killian did what he hasn't done in years instantly.... HE SMILED.

The smile didn't last though, it disappeared as fast as it came, and he left the hall too.

His strong scent was swirling around him, getting carried by the night breeze as he walked to his car.

He drove out. 


Zinnia didn't bring her purse or phone to the party. 

Priyanka said it'd be an hour event, so she thought she'd be back at her house by 8 and Priyanka would drop her, but everything has changed.

Thankfully, the hall is not very far from her place. 

Since her purse isn't with her, she had no choice than to walk, but walking the neighborhood with bloody bum shorts and singlet will probably traumatize the people she'd come across, so she made sure she took corners.

She was literally tiptoeing to avoid being seen, and she got lucky when she came across a clothesline.

She took a long gown and scarf from there which she wore and covered herself with.

"I promise to return it tommorow... please don't get mad" she muttered, walking faster into the street.

She felt a presence behind herself immediately, and she turned back, but no one in sight.

"Am I being too sensitive?" She said to herself before resuming her walk, but the feeling that someone is following her still didn't leave.

The strange thing is the scent around her, it changed completely, and the smell of bergamot filled the air.

The hair at the back of her neck stood sensitively and made her even more suspicious.

Her body is responding to the presence. Is she being followed by a ghost?

She hastened up immediately, sprinting till she got to her place.

She literally ran in and shut the door before taking a deep breath behind it.

Fortunately for her, Gabriel isn't around, so she rushed into her room, straight into the bathroom.

She got under the shower and washed the blood away from herself, spending almost 30 minutes before getting clean.

She disposed the bloody shorts and singlet then changed into her white pyjamas before falling on the bed

She closed her eyes for a minute while thinking about her friends.

Are they really her friends?

Karen testified against her in the morning, and Priyanka sold her out to the wolves this night.

Can she trust Sunny and Britney too? Won't they do worse than Priyanka and Karen?

Maybe staying friendless would have been better than this. 

She turned on her phone and was surprised to see several missed calls and messages... 

SUNNY: I'm thinking of going to the Alphas party with you and the girls. You in?

KAREN: Zee why aren't you online? You're not picking my calls either. Sunny wants us to attend the party.

BRITNEY: Girl, aren't you going to the party? Please say you're going! please!

Zinnia smiled dryly after reading that, then she saw there's still more.

SUNNY: Zee!!!! What the hell is that on the blog!! You in Honoria's party? You killed it!! OMG I'm so proud of you!!! 

BRITNEY: I knew I didn't chose wrong when I decided to be your friend. You ate them up!!! I'm sure Honoria and Ludo are crying right now! I love you Zee!

KAREN: I was screaming while watching your bloody dance video. You were so sèxy in there. But you didn't tell us you'd be attending Honoria's party. What's up?

"I didn't know this would happen too" Zinnia muttered after reading that.

She went to the blog, and she gasped when she saw the number of likes and comments under the videos.

There are like ten videos of her dance with the caption__BLOODY DANCE.

She began smiling as she read the comments, feeling better than before.

Someone even commented that Hardin reposted it on his Instagram page, and she immediately found Hardin's handle. I'M_HARD is his username.

Truly, the video is there, receiving  lots of love too. He posted it with the caption___FAVORITE.

He even tagged Wildfire, and she immediately knew it's Killian.

Her thumb was shaking as she clicked on Wildfire curiously, and she landed on his page.

The first picture she saw was his side profile which he updated 3 hours ago, and she was about to zoom it when she left his page and dropped her phone quickly.

Her hands are still shaking as she fell back in bed.

Why the f+çk is she always trembling whenever he's involved?


There are two big teddies on top of her bed. A old white one which is just there for decor, then a pure white one which was given to her by her mum.

She named that one Ms. Cuddles cos she sleeps with it in her arms every night.

She took Ms. Cuddles and pressed a button on it's chest, then her mother's recorded voice started singing a lullaby.

She hugged it and shut her eyes, drifting to a peaceful sleep.



The main mansion is restricted to the Alphas only, so parties always happen in the big hall which is just beside the mansion.

Loud music filled the hall, and students could be seen all around the place, cups in hand as they jollied with the night.

The hall is booming, students drinking and dancing, and there's a beer pong table where a game is going on.

The players scream from time to time, shaking up the whole place.

Zade is sitting with Hardin at a side of the hall, surrounded by girls and alcohol.

One of the girls is on her knees between Hardin's legs, sucking his dîçk sultrily.

Hardin bunched her blue hair with an hand then he held his phone with the other, filming the ongoing shit.

His groans came out in shorts, and the girls surrounding them are inwardly cursing the girl right now, wishing they're the ones in her position.

"You're been on this since an hour. Suck it up man" Zade said, eating from a chips bowl on the table.

Butler Finn serves chips for the boys at every party. The boys don't joke with their chips.

"My legendary c+ck needs this madly. It's not my fault you can't do public s+x" Hardin winked, groaning again as the girl deep-throated his d+ck.

"Where's Jordan by the way?" Zade asked, looking around.

"He's probably reading comics and smoking in a corner... F(çk!" Hardin groaned, pulling the girl's head up from his d+çk.

Her plump lips are wet with his c+m, and she's smiling like she just got her greatest achievement

"You're the biggest I've ever sucked" she said, licking her lips greedily.

"Of course, I've got the biggest shit in this country" he grinned and sent her away. 

He bolted his belt, and they both received a text from Jordan immediately.

• Kill is back, meet at the mansion.

"Talk of the devil" Zade said as they both stood and left the hall.

They went to the main mansion and met Killian waiting in the dark-themed living room with Jordan.

"You took long. Did something come up?" Hardin asked.

"The messenger, I got him" Killian said calmly.

"Who is it?" Zade asked suspiciously.

"It's who you're thinking" Killian replied.

"Viktor?" Hardin and Zade chorused.

"Yeah. The dimwit" Killian replied.

"Let's go end him right now! I'm enough!" Zade said angrily and started walking out the door.

"Zade" Killian called.

Zade didn't stop. 

"Zade!" Killian stood as his authoritative voice reached everyone.

Zade stopped and turned back sharply.

"Give me a reason why I shouldn't waste that motherf+ker tonight Kill. Just one! Last time he messed with our floor in school but he sent a spy to our mansion this time.. He's growing wings and they should be clipped!" Zade snapped.

"You think I'm f+çking daft? We can't attack him without a plan, and also....I don't wanna end him yet. He's definitely after something and till we find out what it is, no one is killing him" Killian said.

"Anything Wildfire says, I support. Just tell me when it's time to chase him, and I'll be ready. I'm the Chaser of this gang for a reason" Hardin said.

Jordan stayed silent. 

"Fine. We won't kill him yet, but still doesn't stop me from wounding him tommorow" Zade said and went upstairs, his forearm tattoos glossing so much.

"At this rate, i dunno who's more stubborn between Kill and Zade" Hardin said.

"No one beats Kill in everything. Isn't that why he's a madman?" Jordan finally talked.

"I forgot" Hardin said.

"Bloody wankers. Any agreement between you two is dogfood" Killian made sour faces.

"We love you too" Hardin blew him silly air kisses, and Killian almost threw up.

Jordan was laughing as Hardin pulled him out of the room, leaving just Killian.

He fell on the couch, and the paper sketch fell from his pocket.

He picked it from the ground and didn't bother to open it this time.

He folded his palm on it tightly, and her features registered in his head again.

Thin lips, cat-eyes, pointed nose, slim dimpled waist, long brown hair and gorgeous collarbones.

She probably grew without any pain, but he grew in hell.

Malachi made his childhood days hellish, and she's a big part of why it's like that.

That's not a story for today, but why did he smile the other time when he's supposed to take her smile away and make her feel what he felt?

Hatred filled his eyes immediately, and he stood.

His tall shadow towered on the wall as he walked to the burner.

He threw the sketch paper in it.



Honoria is still curled up in her bed. She literally cried herself to sleep cos her mascara is smeared all-over her face.

The ringing of her alarm made her eyes open, and she quickly jumped down the bed.

She lowered her pants, and her eyes widened when she saw it's wet with urine again.

She lifted her duvet and groaned when she saw the bedspread is wet too.

She has been like this since she was young. She's a bedwetter who can't sleep without urinating on herself before daybreak. Only Ludo is aware.

She changed her bedspread, then Ludo came in.

"Honoria you won't believe this!" She ran to show her what's currently happening in the blog, and Honoria gasped.

Bloody dance challenge is trending and students are recreating the dance, pouring animal blood on themselves.

There are over 100 videos on the blog already, and more is still coming.

"What the hell! I can't believe she's trending instead of going down!!" Honoria shouted.

"You think we'll be able to step school today?" Ludo asked, dipping her hand in her hair frustratingly.



Zinnia made sure she arrived at the school park at exactly 7 to serve her punishment of carrying her classmates bags to class.

She's the first person to get to school, and immediately students began arriving, her ears became restless with comments.

* I wish I had her figure.

* I thought Honoria was perfect, but I was wrong. Misfit is actually the perfect definition.

* What's so perfect about her? It only made me hate her more 

* That figure should belong to me, not her. I'm sure she's the daughter of a farmer or something.

* Worse! Her dad is a drunkard!

* What! Should we protest for real? We should sanction the students doing the bloody dance challenge too!

Zinnia had to pretend like she's deaf to their gossips, and then Britney's car drove in.

She's the first person to arrive in her class.

"Hey Zee! You left my messages on read and..

"Just give me your bag" Zinnia cut her off and was about to take it when the student affairs lady came over.

"Your punishment is cancelled" she said, glaring hard at her. 

"Huh? "

" I dunno what you did to Killian to make him defend you despite your trespasses, you're not even that pretty, and I'll do everything to make you leave this school" she replied, rolled eyes at Zinnia before leaving.

"What's happening, Zinnia? I'm not understanding" Britney asked again, then Sunny's car drove in too.

 Karen's car followed, and they both came out at once.

"Zee are you ok? You haven't been active since last night" Sunny asked.

" You good?" Karen asked.

"Priyanka tricked me to that party" she replied, and their eyes widened.

" What!"

"I can't take one more betrayal so just leave me alone. I'm not a mafia princess like y'all and my dad is a lowly drunkard. I'll rather stay friendless" she said simply and left them.

Sunny gritted her teeth. 

"What are we gonna do? I can't lose Zee's friendship" Karen said.

"Me neither" Britney added.

Sunny dialled Priyanka's line immediately. She picked fast. 

"Hey Sun...

"Meet me at the technical room on our floor, now. Like now!" Sunny said angrily on phone and led the girls in.


"Hey Fearless!" Viktor's voice made Zinnia turn back when she entered the first floor, and her eyes widened at what she saw 

Viktor got a new haircut. His hair is currently blended, then he dyed it platinum colour. His uniform shirt has a new design, and his trousers are ripped. He looks hotter. 

Her eyes stayed wide till he got to her and touched her hair, bringing her back.

"Oh! Morning!" She said awkwardly, and he smiled. 

"Wanna date me?" he teased, and she scoffed. 

"You wish!"

"Your bloody dance was s+xy by the way. I enjoyed it" he said.

"Can y'all stop talking about it? I only did it to save myself, not trend" she faced him.

"I don't care, I just love it, and maybe I love you too...who knows?" He said seriously, and she frowned.

"Do you talk like this to everyone? Your charms don't work on me"

"Are you sure? Then why did you stare at me earlier?" He asked, still so serious.

She cleared her throat, not knowing what to say, and he chuckled.

He was still on it when loud screams started, indicating the presence of the boys.

Girls began pushing themselves senselessly just to get a glimpse of them, and just the mere mention of Killian made Zinnia nervous again.

She made to leave, but that was when the boys entered the building.

The screams got crazier, and when her eyes met with Killian's, she couldn't help but curse his stupid handsome face inwardly.

They stopped in front of her and Viktor, and gasps filled the hall when Killian suddenly took her hand.

The mere feel of his cold hand on her skin made her nervousness grow, but she noticed something else... his scent... bergamot!

Killian made a dangerous eye contact with Viktor, and Viktor glared, but Killian remained blank as he began dragging Zinnia out.

"Wait where are we...going...wait! Killian!" She shouted, struggling with him, but who's she kidding?

Her hands are so small, and he's hundred times stronger.

Girls couldn't believe their eyes, and they started running after them to see where he's taking her to.

"Let's talk, Viktor" Zade told him.

"On what?" Viktor cocked his head, and Jordan went closer.

"You know what this is about, so just cooperate" he muttered dangerously, and Viktor followed them into their personal elevator.

The elevator door closed, and Zade brought out his gun. He began cleaning it slowly.


"Killian! Stop I can't... I'm not... breathing .... your legs are too long... you're going too fast! You're... Killian!" Zinnia's words Fe incoherently as Killian dragged her.

Killian didn't stop till they got to the park where he released her, and she began releasing heavy breaths.

"What was...what was that... for" she panted, and he opened the car door.

" Get in" he said, and the girls around gasped, including Zinnia herself.


He kept up the bossy look, and she took a step back.

"No. I'm not going anywhere with you"

"Get in the f+cking car, Little Flower, unless you want me to touch you inappropriately in public again, but it won't be your br+àsts this time, it'd be your ...

She was already in the car before he could say it, and he closed the door before joining her on the driver's seat.

She was trying to adjust on her seat when she mistakenly hit the safe, and it opened.

Her eyes widened when more than ten condom packs fell out, and she clenched her thighs.

"What are...what are you gonna do with those?" She faced him quickly.

"Those?" His eyes narrowed on her.

"Those..." she pointed at them.

"They have a name, say it" he whispered, and she gulped.

"Stop doing this Killian!" She said loudly.

"Fine then" he replied simply, and his hand went to his shirt buttons.

He started unbuttoning it, and she gasped, shaking more.

'Stop f+cking shaking, Zinnia! Stop it!' she shouted at herself inwardly, but it didn't work.

"You're not gonna speak?" His bass voice came again, and when she still remained silent, his hand went to his belt.

He made to start unbolting it, but she quickly held his veiny hands.

"Co.. condoms!! The name is condom!!" She shouted. 

"Good girl" he said.


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