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Alpha Boys - Episode 15 & 16



Alpha Boys - Episode 15 & 16


"If I answer your first question, you're taking off your SKIRT, shall we start?" He said, standing up gallantly.

Zinnia bashed her lids repeatedly as she stared at his figure which towered above her.

She looked for a sign that what he just said was a joke, but nah, Killian Alpha is not the jovial one.

He means every word that comes out of his corrupt mouth.

"What vulgar rule is that? I refuse" she said bluntly. 

"Well then, we can go over to my questions" he replied simply, sitting back.

"You don't have plans to answer my questions anymore, right? That's why you made the rule cos you knew I wouldn't agree" she raised her lashes.

"Have you ever dated?" He asked his first question, ignoring her words.

"Huh?" She sounded, obviously not expecting that question.

"What's your ex's name? Was he Italian? " He asked, balancing his eyes on hers.

"Why should i tell you that? " She questioned back uncomfortably, and he rubbed his crotch.

"There are no limits to the questions. I see no reason why you should decline, Little Flower" he said, his voice surprisingly calm, but even the calmness is lethargic.

"I'm not gonna answer that. You can ask another question or we can go back to school" she replied and stood. taking her backpack.

She walked to the door but couldn't open it. 

She kept pulling at the knob, but it didn't work no matter how hard she tried.

She turned around to question him, and she jumped frightfully when she saw him behind herself already.

Before she could protest, he gripped her two hands and raised them up above her head, pinning them tightly on the wall while his body pressed pretty much on hers.

His scent invaded the privacy of her insides again, and his hot clean breath fanned her face. She inhaled it without planning to.

Struggling will only put ideas in his head, she knows that, so she stayed still.

"Let go of me" she talked, not looking up at him. 

Her eyes stayed on his chest, and she noticed the necklace he's wearing.

The pendant is a bullet, and there are dried bloodstains on it like it's from the 90s or something.

"You're not leaving till you answer my three questions, properly" he said gravelly, but she kept quiet.

One of the memories she wants to forget permanently is the memory of her ex. Yes, she dated once, and it ended in tears.

"I hate silence, madly. You might wanna start talking" he said in a warning tone again.


His right hand snaked under her skirt, and she gasped when she felt his fingers between her thighs.

"You always want the hard way, and have I told you that's what makes you special? Fiorella?" He said, tracing his fingers on her sensitive skin.

(Fiorella is the Italian translation of Little Flower)

Zinnia couldn't move, she kept her eyes low and her body still as his fingers went higher between her thighs.

Usually, she wears boy shorts under her skirt, but this morning...she was in a hurry to get to school early, so the only thing under her skirt right now is her net panty.

She likes net undies.

Her breathing became loud and fast, and her palms became really sweaty as his fingers moved past her mid-thighs, going up...

"You love getting touched inappropriately like this, don't you? I can feel the heat on your smooth skin, and your ragged breathing" he whispered, and she clenched her thighs, but he shoved them apart, making her gasp as he touched her deeper.

His hand stopped just below her panty, and she held her breath. Why is her body wanting more when her head is against it?

One more move of his fingers, he'd he touching her pu$$y.

She looked up at his eyes this time, and instead of the usual smirk, there's mischief,  and that kind of made her snap out of it.

"His name... His name was Tyson. He's an Italian... My ex" she quickly said, and he reluctantly dropped his hand from her middle thighs.

"Tempting me is your favorite game. You love seeing how far I can go, and it's quiet interesting" his smirk finally appeared.

"You're nothing close to a normal person, you're a beastly psycho" she said to his face.

"Never have I ever denied that, fiorella. Yes I am" he replied blankly, stroking her wrists that he's holding.

"Let go of me" she said, regretting how she allowed him to touch her some minutes ago.

How could she? And what the hell is this madman doing to her?

"Not that fast. You still have one more question to answer" he replied, and she was about to fire back when he received a call.

She bit her lip to stop herself from talking, and he retrieved his phone with his right hand, still holding her hands down with the left hand.

It's Zade calling.

"What's up? Man" he picked.

"Get back here Kill. Ray is in school, I mean...

"Russian godmother?" Killian cut him off.

"Right... You're needed" Zade replied and hung up .

"F+ck" Killian muttered, finally letting go of Zinnia's hands.

He got his shirt and dressed up.

"Are we leaving?" Zinnia asked.

"Yeah. There'll be a next time though" he replied confidently.

" I'm never coming back here with you" she said.

" I won't be the one to bring you. You'll find me" he replied, and she grimaced.

He opened the door easily, and he grabbed her hand, taking her with him out of the house.

She just allowed him to do whatever. Once they're out of here, she'd be free from this mad guy.

They got back in the car, and the silent ride back to school started, but is it weird how she can't get over the burning sensations between her thighs?

It feels as if his cold fingers is still there, and it's torturous as she had to clench her thighs throughout, screaming at herself inwardly.

Her body isn't supposed to be react this way...not for this jerk.... never!



The front door of the office is surrounded completely by the guards, and students aren't allowed to come close.

Ray is inside the office with Malachi and the three boys.

They adults are seated though, and the boys are standing in front of them.

"I didn't know you were in Italy" Malachi said, referring to Ray.

"I've been in the country since last night for a deal, and it's a f+cking mad situation that my prince had to get beaten up by your scoundrels. It's maddening!" She replied sternly.

"My boys definitely wouldn't attack without a reason, and your son is not innocent. The last time he messed with their floor elevator, and Zade got greatly wounded, but now he sent a spy to their mansion?" Malachi defended.

"No comment, Malachi. All I know is that one more attack from your boys, then the country war we've been avoiding will actually happen" Ray replied.

"You mean we should tolerate your son's  lunacy all because he's your prince? We're princes too, and this is Italy, not Russia!" Zade spat.

"Zade! " Malachi cautioned.

"He's f+cking right! Take that motherf+çker out of this country already, he's a total bi+ch!" Hardin snapped.

"Just like his mother" Jordan added, and Ray stood in blind anger.

She drew a gun out of her gown and aimed for Jordan, but Jordan ducked, and the bullet got Killian who's just coming into the room, hitting his left arm.

The boys gasped, but he didn't stop walking.

His eyes are on Ray's, and she looks unshaken too even with his stoic appearance.

His blood soaked his uniform sleeves badly, and Ray dropped her hand.

Malachi kept sitting peacefully till Killian got to her.

He grabbed her impatiently by the throat, taking her to the chair and slamming her roughly on the glass, almost crushing her windpipe.

She kept her eyes blank, and his fingers almost dug into her neck as her skin reddened insanely.

"You might be the Russian godmother, but I've never spared f+cks about statuses, so listen, Ray. If your son trespasses one more time, I'll kill him, burn his damn body then send his ashes to you inside a champagne bottle. I swear to me" he muttered with venomously bloodshot eyes, slowly letting go of her throat.

His fingerprints appeared on her neck.

Ray stood and grabbed her purse from the table, then she gave the boys a meaningful smile that says THIS ISN'T OVER.

She gave that same look to Malachi before leaving the heated room, and the guys rushed to Killian who's bleeding so much. 

"Man, are you ok?" Zade asked.

"Sure. I'll go get some shots" he replied, walking out like that without sparing Malachi a glance.

"Meet at the castle tonight. We have to talk, Killian included" he stood, carrying himself with much agility.

He left the office, and the boys exchanged glances.



Zinnia was already thinking about the classes she missed before she even got to class, but surprisingly, there's no teacher in class.

Following the timetable, the last period should be going on right now, but nothing like that.

The students in class are not up to ten, but Sunny and Karen are part of them.

"Hey, Zee!" Karen waved, and she just nodded before looking over at Sunny who smiled at her.

"Today was declared as lecture-free. We didn't receive any lecture since you left" Karen said.

"And tommorow is the election too, so campaign grew hot today" Sunny added.

"And did you hear about what happened to Viktor? He got wounded greatly by the boys and he's currently in the hospital. He passed out" Karen said, and her eyes widened.


"He's in the school hospital with Britney" Sunny said.

"I'll go see him" Zinnia took her bag and rushed out of the class before they could stop her.

They exchanged glances, and a girl spranged up.

"Check the blog everyone! Killian got shot!" She shouted, and everyone began checking out their phones.

There's a picture of Killian's bloody arm there, and the white shirt which turned red already.

Sunny gasped, and Karen covered her mouth with her palm shockingly.

The closing alarm rang, and the hallway became full than before.

Ludo is busy helping Honoria with her campaign, but Priyanka is all alone, screaming out her guts with her poster in hand 

"Vote for Priyanka Singh tommorow!!!! "

" Vote for Honoring Bennett, bad bîtches are the best!!! " Ludo screamed.

"Honoria or no one!" Honoria added, blowing kisses around.

Sunny walked past the hallway with Karen, and they just ignored Priyanka who felt abandoned immediately. 

Honoria walked to her and smiled tauntingly.

"You're all alone. How about you give up before tommorow?" she said.

Priyanka walked out of the hallway, and Ludo began laughing.



Zinnia arrived and rushed into the hospital environment, but guards are everywhere, stopping her entry.

She almost gave up, but then Britney came out.

"Zee!" She smiled.

"Is he ok?" Zinnia asked.

"Thank gawd you're here. Can you stay with him till I'll be back? " Britney replied.

"Sure" Zinnia nodded, and the guards let her in this time around.

She rushed into his ward and saw him up in bed already.

His eyes shone immediately he saw her.

"Fearless! Gawd... I'm glad you're here"

"How're you doing? It's not much right?" She dropped her bag and felt his temperature.

" Aww, your hand is so soft and small" he took the hand, and she snatched it back.

"Punk" she said, and he chuckled.

" It wasn't much, but I passed. I badly wanna end those devils for doing this to me" he pouted.

"You don't look innocent either" she replied.

" Trust me I did nothing. Fine, I sent a spy to their mansion, but I was just curious about them" he said.

" Enough of the talks about them. Just rest" she pushed him back to lay down, but he pulled her with himself, and she landed on him 

Unknown to them, Killian is by the door with the boys, though only Killian's face is by the door right now. He's watching silently.

"Maybe I'll heal quickly if you give me a kiss. Who knows?" Viktor said, and she pushed him away.

"You're a jerk" she rolled eyes, and he laughed, but then three doctors came in, and they started tidying up the ward 

"What's happening?" Zinnia asked in confusion, and Viktor sat up.

"You're not allowed to stay in the hospital anymore, Viktor Ivanov. No Russian is allowed to stay in any hospital in the city right now. You have to leave" one of the doctors replied, and Zinnia gasped.

"What! But why?"

"Isn't it obvious? The motherf+çking Alphas" Viktor said.

" Alphas? They came to the hospital? " Zinnia asked, but the doctors just kept packing.

Zinnia rushed out of the ward and ran down the hallway in search of the boys, but no sign of them, so she went the other way till she got to the front of the building where she saw them just leaving the hospital.

"Killian!!" She shouted, and they all stopped to turn.

Hardin smiled when he saw her, but the other three remained blank till she got to them.

Killian still hasn't changed his bloody uniform, so she was shocked to see his arm at first, but she brushed it off.

"You gave all the hospitals the order to send all Russians away? Why are you doing this to Viktor? He's human too! " She shouted at Killian.

"Seeing you defend him like this makes me wanna split him into two, and that's gonna f+cking happen if you keep this up. Ion f+cking care if he's a human or log of wood" Killian replied savagely.

"Do you all even have blood flowing in your systems? I hate you all especially you Killian!!! You kept getting worse the more I get to know you! You're an ...

"I dare you to finish that statement, and I'll make you unconscious for as long as I want" Killian cut her off, looking so mad already.

"You're worse than I thought... I hate you!!!!" She yelled, and he came closer.

"You're only just starting, Little Flower. You're gonna hate me more than you can handle. I'll become your worse nightmare. I told you you won't be able to escape me, you're trapped" he said somberly, and she felt her heart skipping beats as their eyes met.

He turned sharply to leave, and that was when an ambulance drove into the hospital.

A girl was wheeled out of it, covered in blood. Seems it's a fatal accident, and the father is crying so much, calling her name.

"Nica!!!" Nica open your eyes!!!! Nica!!!! "

Zinnia's head snapped. 

That was also her late mother's name, and merely hearing that triggered an episode from her past.

No matter how much she tried to fight it, the episode came, and she held her head tight...


Little Zinnia is currently hiding in the basement with her mother (Nica), hiding from her father Gabriel who's currently drunk.

Anytime he drinks, he gets violent, and times like this, Nica hides Zinnia with herself in the basement so he won't hurt them.

Gabriel got his belt, and the metal in it was slamming on each other, making creepy sounds as he searched the whole house for them, the smell of moretti alcohol filling the air.

"Nica!!!! Zinnia come out here!!!"

"Nica!!!!! Nica you can't hide from me!!!! Nica!!!! "

His yells came echoed everywhere.

The sound of his belt metal and his voice drew closer, and Nica tucked little Zinnia closer to herself.

 Zinnia is holding the pure white teddy, and she mistakenly pressed the chest button.

It began singing, and Nica's eyes widened.

She quickly stopped the song, but Gabriel found them already.

"Here you are!!" He growled, and Nica covered Zinnia with herself as he raised the belt on them.

The belt strokes landed on Nica's back repeatedly, and she started crying, begging him to stop .

Little Zinnia started crying too, holding tightly to her mother's bossom.


The traumatic episode ended, and Zinnia felt her head spinning and her eyes turning.

She lost consciousness and started falling.

Viktor came out that same minute with his guards, and Killian turned back too.

They both started running to her at a time, but Killian was faster.

She fell into his broad chest, and Viktor stopped moving.

Zinnia's wristwatch fell from her wrist, and Viktor made to take it...

"Touch it, and I'll actually slice your fvcking fingers" Killian warned, carrying unconscious Zinnia into his strong protective arms.

Viktor left the wristwatch and stood straight, looking at Killian hatefully.

"You won't have her, twat. Not in this lifetime" Killian muttered.

Hardin came to pick the wristwatch, and Killian carried Zinnia to the car.

The boys drove out, and Viktor got a gun from his jacket.

He shot down three of his guards in anger, wasting their lives without any care, and he screamed out madly.



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