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Alpha Boys - Episode 13 & 14



Alpha Boys - Episode 13 & 14


"Good girl" he said, and she immediately took her hands away from his arms.

He left the button he undid, and his chest tattoos showcased themselves from there.

She tried to balance her breaths as she sat back on her seat, but his eyes didn't leave her face.

She felt uncomfortable with his eyes on her. What the hell is he thinking of doing in his messed up head again?

She started staring out the window so their eyes won't meet, and she saw the large number of girls surrounding the car, looking madly jealous.

She even heard some of them saying she'd be the first girl to enter Killian's car, and she almost screamed at that, but she bit her lip to stop herself.

Slowly, she looked back at Killian.

He picked up the condoms already and returned them to the safe, so their eyes met.

Dang it! Just what she was avoiding.

"What were you doing with Viktor?" He asked straight.

"He's my seatmate, and a friend" she replied.

"That doesn't answer my question" his brows flattened.

"We were chatting and all that" she replied, avoiding his eyes again.

Those darn empty eyes of his, there's just something about them.

"Friends?" His monotonic question came, and she looked at him to find him scoffing.

What's so wrong with being friends with Viktor? 

Oh is it because he's their enemy? The only Russian in school?

He must be kidding if he thinks he can stop her from making her friends.

Maybe boy friends will be better than girl friends afterall. 

He drove out of the school park, and that was when she became conscious of the car scent... bergamot again.

It's entering her nostrils, straight to her insides.

It's strong and yet mild. It's like it's mixed with intoxication, and it fits his emotionless character so well.

Come to think of it, she smelled this same scent last night when she was returning from the party, does that mean...

She shook her head immediately, it's impossible. Killian has no reason to follow her.

She slowly turned her face to him again, and the first thing her eyes caught is the small black earring in his ear and his damn sharp jaws, then her eyes went to his lashes.

How can a guy's lashes be that long? 

She stared down at his forearms, trying to connect the tattoos there.

1992 was written on his four fingers, one number on a finger, then a spear was drawn on  his right arm. There's a smoky cigar tattoo too, then a candle, and....

She was still counting them when he brought the arm to her.

"Stare all you want. I don't mind" he told her plainly, and her eyes widened.

He's aware that she's staring?

She quickly looked away, staring out the window before biting her lip torturously.

Killian returned the arm and almost smiled.

He stepped on the accelerator.



The girls met Priyanka waiting at the technical room when they arrived, and no matter how much she tried to hide it, it's obvious that she's scared.

"Why the f+çk did you bring Zee to Honoria's party? What stupid deal did you make with that bî+ch?" Sunny questioned lividly.

"I didn't make any deal. I only took her there to have fun and...

"Can you just listen to yourself? You only took her there to have fun but you didn't tell me about it or any of the girls. Your lies are effing annoying so just wrap it up baby!" Sunny cut her off.

"I didn't know!" Sunny shouted back.

"Didn't know what?" Britney went closer with a cold face.

"I didn't know Honoria had that mad plan. She told me she was gonna give up on the campaign and let me become the president if I brought her" Priyanka confessed, and the girls gasped.

"You sold her out cos of a stupid election?" Karen said.

"Don't act like you're innocent! Didn't you testify against her too?" Priyanka fired.

"That was because I had no choice! You want me to die? Despite the fact that helplessness made me do it, I still feel guilty till now. When Zee hasn't arrived in this school, y'all didn't even see me. Honoria and Ludo and the others had fun bullying me always till Zee joined the school. She was the first person to stretch me hands of friendship and I'll forever be grateful for that, so just do whatever you have to do and bring her back. Anything at all!" Karen said.

Her eyes were already so red as she walked out of the room.

"I'm disappointed too, Priya. You make me wanna puke right now. Bring her back, else you won't have it easy" Britney said with a glare and left too.

Sunny didn't say a word before starting to walk out, but Priyanka held her back.

"Sunny you can't...

Sunny pushed her away from herself before she could finish, and she staggered back.

"Don't come close till you fix what you caused, and I swear with the mafia black. If you win the election tommorow, then my name is not Sunny Wilde" Sunny said with a disgusting glare before walking out on her too.

Priyanka wiped the tears that fell from her eyes before rushing after her.

"Sunny!! Sunny!!!"



The boys arrived with Viktor and took him to the game room.

 Zade finally revealed his gun, making Viktor smile.

"What's that for? You gonna kill me in here?" He said confidently.

"The confidence in your voice is ticking me" Hardin spoke gravelly.

"And that's because I should be! Your father Malachi Alpha might be the overlord over the Italian mafias, but my but my mother, Ray Ivanov is the godmother over the Russian mafia organization too! Your father controls the Italians here and my mother controls the Russians in my country. They're even friends so touching me means you want an unstoppable war between Russia and Italy!" Viktor said proudly, and Hardin smiled.

"We don't mind war though. Haven't you heard the story that we don't give a fuçk about Malachi's organization? In fact, i think the country war will be interesting. I fuçking love wars" he said, and Viktor's eyes blinked 

"We all don't give a damn, but Killian is actually worse. You see... he hates Malachi more, so I'm sure if he were here, you'd have received a bullet on your chest" Jordan said with a deadly calm.

"And where in the bloody hell is that motherfûker leader of yours? Where did he take Zinnia to!" Viktor yelled.

Whatever sprinkle of patience left in Zade, he lost it immediately.

He grabbed a snooker stick and broke it into two with his knee, then he threw the sharp edge at Viktor.

Viktor avoided it by jumping over the table to the other side, but immediately he landed, the stick shoved into his chest, and his blood began dropping on the ground.

Blood stained his lips too, and he groaned painfully, holding the stick to his chest before looking up the boys.

"How many years did you train for? Three? That explains your poor fighting skills, and your dodging ability is even worse. Are you really from a mafia family? " Hardin laughed.

"Y'all won't expect where this will lead to. I swear" Viktor said, spitting out blood 

Zade went to him and forced him to his knees, his tallness overshadowing him.

"Now you tell me... Why did you send the messenger to our mansion?" Zade questioned, and Viktor smiled, his teeth so bloody.

The stick is still in his chest, and his blood is still dripping.

"You think I'll tell you that? I'm immune to pains so no amount of torture can make me speak unless you kill me which you can't even do" he replied.

"You're pretty good at underestimation" Zade replied savagely and retrieved his gun.

He almost shot him on the chest, but Hardin stopped him.

"Kill said he should be kept alive" he reminded him.

"Well he's not here right now so we might as well end him! " Zade insisted.

"Keep in your anger. We're all pissed at this bastard too but chill out bro! Today isn't just his day" Hardin held him back, and Zade clenched his fists before pushing the table down with his leg.

Jordan went to Viktor and removed the stick from his chest. His blood followed the stick out. 

"Finally letting me go?" Viktor smiled, but then Jordan hit the stick callously on his neck.

Viktor spit out blood again, and he fell from his knees to the ground limply.

Jordan threw down the stick and called in guards . 

They arrived shortly and took unconscious Viktor out to the first floor where they dropped him in the middle of the hallway.

* Oh my gawd isn't that Viktor?

* Shit! He's unconscious!

* What happened this time?

* Isn't it obvious? He crossed the Alphas lane again

* Isn't he a Russian mafia prince? Why so weak?

* He seems mysterious to me

* Call an ambulance already!

Instead of tending to him, students gathered around and began photographing him, gossiping loudly.

Britney entered the circle, and her eyes widened.

She went on her knees beside him.

"Viktor! Vik! Viktor!!" She shook him. No answer.

"Dial the school ambulance, now!!!" She yelled at the students.



The drive was starting to tire Zinnia out, but Killian didn't say a word though out.

They're now in a silent part of the city, and all she's seeing is teak trees everywhere. The smell of the tree leaves mixed with the original scent of the car, and it surprisingly felt so good.

As if Killian could read her mind, he winded down the window, and she stuck her head out, having a better look at the calm environment.

The serenity and solitude made her like it more. She smiled before she knew it, but her fantasy stopped when the car came to an halt.

She faced the front to see a really big house in the middle of the trees, and she gasped 

Killian came out, and she did the same, still staring at the property.

"What's this place?" She asked curiously.

"Cottage, for I and the boys. It's our secret place" he replied.

" Secret? Then why did you bring me? " She asked.

He gave her a indecipherable look but didn't answer before walking to the house.

She rushed after him and they went in together when he opened the door.

It's a semi-mansion, and the inside is surprisingly clean. There's a lean stairs which led upstairs, and the living room is not so wide.

There are several doors, and she wondered what they're for.

She faced him to ask the question, but she met him beside her already.

She made so step back, but he grabbed her by the throat.

It's not tight enough to hurt her though, but just to hold her in place.

 The electrifying thrill that comes with his touch hit her again, and she froze as their eyes mirrored.

This is the first time she'd be getting a close look, and she noticed his eyes are brown like hers.

"You're not gonna hurt me...are you?" Her voice came in a whisper as his fingertips pressed on her skin.

"Are you scared, Little Flower?" He whispered back, and she blinked slowly, but she didn't reply.

"You should be" he continued, and she gulped before talking.

"My name is Zinnia, not Little whatever. I'm not little" she said.

"You are, to me" he replied, letting go of her throat to turn his back.

"Why did you kill the man at the park?" She asked immediately, and  he stopped for a while before turning back to her.

"Why should I answer that?"

"I couldn't sleep that night" she replied.

"Trade by batter? I answer one question from you, and you answer one question from me too" he said.

"Fair" she came closer, and he suddenly yanked off his shirt.

His full tattoos came to view, but the most scary one is the tattoo of a coffin at his back, then a small boy is inside the coffin, looking hopeless.

Besides that, he looks unconventionally hot while shirtless like this, and she had to quickly look away.

"Can you play chess?" He asked.

"Yeah. Pretty well" she replied, and he opened one of the doors, leading to a chess room.

Even the walls and floors are made of chessboards.

They sat facing each other with a chessboard between them.

"Only three questions are allowed" he asked, moving his first piece on the board.

"Why did you kill the man at the park?" She asked, moving her own piece too.

"He trespassed on my property" he replied simply.

"Which property?" She asked, moving her second piece.

"The mansion" he replied, moving his second too.

"Why don't you ever smile?" She asked, moving the third.

"I have no reason to" he replied, knocking her piece down on the board.

"Did you hate me at first sight at the park? Or did it start when I talked back at you on my first day?" She asked seriously, and he looked up.

Their eyes met again.

"I'm not answering that . You asked three questions already, it's over" he said, and she gasped, realizing she has really asked the three.



The ambulance came for Viktor thirty minutes ago, and calm returned to the school already.

Priyanka was looking so pissed as she entered an empty class on her floor to meet Ludo and Honoria waiting.

"I'm still seeing your posters around the school! Didn't you promise to step down if I brought Zee to the party?" She questioned.

"Are you daft? Step down for you? And you actually believed that? I'll offer my life just to be the president and you expect me to give it up? And also, Zinnia didn't get disgraced like I wanted so it's invalid" Honoria sneered.

"I should have never believed you, bloody bîtches!" Priyanka shot, and Ludo slapped her hard 

"You don't get to call us names" she seethed, and Priyanka did a swift handstand immediately.

She landed in front of Honoria and gave her a sharp uppercut.

Honoria fell on the wall, and Ludo rushed to her.

"You don't get to make a fool out of me either!" Priyanka shouted.

" How dare you!!" Ludo stood and was about to attack back when they suddenly started hearing screams from the first floor.

They rushed out of the class to join the others in the elevator rush.

Within a minute, the first floor became full of students.

The school park has 20+ black cars, and guards in black are coming out of it in threes till the last one.

That one was opened, and a tall blonde woman came out of it, wearing a afternoon gown and black long heels. The atmosphere became toxic.

Her hair is in a bun, and she's wearing sunglasses. She looks simple, yet powerful.

A guard covered her head with a black umbrella quickly.

Students gasped when they had a better view of her.

* Ray Ivanov?

* The Russian godmother!

* Viktor's mum!

Another entourage of black cars drove into the park instantly.

They're more than twenty this time, the second set of guards started coming out to open the last car too.

Malachi stepped of it, out looking sturdy and agile in his black diamond suit.

He was covered too as he walked to Ray, stopping right in front of her.

"Get your boys here right now, Malachi" Ray muttered .

* Is war coming again?

* Damn!!!

* I can't wait!!!

Students began squealing excitedly.

Zade, Hardin and Jordan came out at the same time.



"Shall we move to my questions?" Killian asked.

"No but I still have a lot to ask from you" Zinnia insisted, and it's true.

Like the meaning of the coffin tattoo on his back and who's the young boy inside it, and the meaning of the 1992 on his finger, then the reason for the boys hatred with Viktor.

There's so much to ask him.

"I'll answer three more questions, but I'll change the rule" he replied.

"What's the new rule?" She asked impatiently.

"For each question I'm gonna answer, you'll take off one of your clothes, and I'll be the one to tell you which one to take off" he replied.


"If I answer your first question, you're taking off your skirt, shall we start?" He said, standing up gallantly.


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