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I'm Your Doom - Episode 39&40



I'm Your Doom - Episode 39&40

Theme:{I Would Rather Die...}



Jericho dropped her just after he said that,Marigold breathe out and looked down,she rubbed her arms,feeling cold already. Jericho's eyes on her all through. 

"Wait here" He mumbled and turned toward the stairs,but heard Marigold run after him,he looked back with raised brows. 

"Ahh!" Marigold screamed and held him as a thunder struck. 

Jericho scoffed and shook his head. 

"Such a baby" He mumbled and went upstairs with Marigold sticking to him like a puppy. 

They entered into his bedroom and he left her there,he returned with a shirt and threw it on her face. 

"Put it on,you are going to catch cold" he said. 

Marigold's eyes roamed over his body,staring at the tattoo of beautiful rose flower,she gulped,almost tempted to touch it. She saw his back earlier,the red dragon eyes tattoo looks so cool too.  

"Are you going to wear that or not" Jericho called her back to reality. 

"Oh.....can you...excuse me for a minute...."

"Meet me downstairs" Jericho said,picking up his shirt from the bed before walking out of the room. 

"Why is he acting cold again?" Marigold took her lips in and sighed,wondering why he suddenly stopped kissing her earlier,heaven knows she wanted more. 

She sighed and took off her wet gown,she put on Jericho's shirt and chuckled,the way the shirt can simply make up a short gown for her is funny. 

"He's so huge" she joked,raising her two arms as if to fly. 

She walked to the mirror and checked out herself,that was when she noticed the room,it's not the one she slept in the day she came here,this is definitely his own room. 

She roughed her hair and then arranged them back before going out of the room,getting downstairs,the sitting room was empty. The sound of rain could be heard on the roof and outside,it was still so heavy. 

"Tiger??" She called.

No response,she slowly walked to the kitchen and met him there. 

"Oh you're here" She smiled and moved closer to him. 

The water heater made a sound that the water was hot enough,Jericho turned it off and carried it,he poured the hot water into the tea powder in the mug.

 After mixing, he handed over to her. 

"Thank you" Marigold smiled and tried sipping from it. 

"Your tongue might have to suffer from your carelessness" Jericho muttered and she immediately dropped it. 

"Hot" She chuckled and looked around for the fridge,she left his side and walked over to the fridge,Jericho's eyes followed her but he looked away the moment she turned back again. 

She mixed it with cold water a little bit to warm it up before she started drinking. 

"Whoa! You're so good in making this" she gave him a thumb up. 

"Are you planning to sleep here?" Jericho asked. 

"It's still raining......"

"I can take you home in the car" Jericho cut in. 

Marigold shook her head. 

"I don't want to go" She mumbled. 

"You said your mom is quite strict,she will punish you again...."

"I don't care,as long as I'm with you" She grinned. 

"Why?" Jericho asked her blankly. 

"Just....because" She smiled. 

Jericho sighed. 

"I'm not a good person Kitten,don't be mistaken" He mumbled. 

"I'm a good person,like poles repels while unlike poles attracts" Marigold smiled and Jericho almost laughed but he didn't. 

"Finish that up,you know the room you always stay right? I'm going to sleep" He said and walked out of the kitchen. 

"What's with him now?" She pouted sadly. 



Marigold entered the house,her eyes locked together with her mom's own who was speaking with Kate in front of her. 

"Good morning mom" She mumbled,folding the tip of her gown. 

"Where are you coming from?" Mrs Brown asked. 

Marigold swallowed. 

"I'm sorry I left without telling you...it was....an...emergency" She stuttered in fear. 

"Emergency? One of your friends was rushed to the hospital?" 

"No,not that" She shook her head. 

"Oh I see,you're not going to lie this time around,how cute" Mrs Brown said and Marigold twitched her lips. 

"The boy you've been sneaking out for,lying to me and being dumb for...I hope he's worth it" Mrs Brown said and Marigold looked at her. 


"You heard me,he had better worth your silly love,if you make a mistake,don't think of coming here in tears,I will beat you up" Mrs Brown said and Marigold took her lips in. 

Mrs Brown went into the kitchen with Kate and Marigold sighed out,she went upstairs,she was about going into her room when she saw Xavier,he was dressed up,leaving for school already. 

Marigold stopped walking when she saw him but he didn't wait,he didn't even spare her s glance. 

"Oppa" She called,stopping him. 

Xavier turned and faced her. 

"Don't say I didn't warn you" he mumbled. 

"He's not that type of person,trust me,just this once,hmm?" 

Xavier said nothing and walked away. 

Marigold sighed out and entered her room,she fell on the bed breathlessly. 

"Gosh everyone is so scary" She shook her head. 

Milky ran into the room and jumped on the bed at once. 

"Hello milky,you missed me right?" She immediately carried the cat and poured kisses all over her. 

She suddenly gasped. 

"I have classes!!" She screamed and droopped Milky at once,she rushed into the bathroom. 



Felix hand was already on the doorknob when he stopped suddenly,he heard Mr Brown's voice and Clent,he withdraw his hand and listened quietly to their conversation,even though it sounds so distant. 

"Jericho is doing great these days" Clent said. 

"He's not causing any trouble as usual? How can you be so sure?" Mr Brown asked,his eyes on the file in front of him. 

"He's no more causing troubles,he's grown past all that now" Clent smiled and Mr Brown looked up. 

"Do you know how he get his money? He's not involved in any kind of illegal business right? How did he get that house he stay? The cars and bike? How is he living?" He asked. 

Clent sighed. 

"I'm afraid I can't tell you about that,why don't you call him over and ask him? He might want to tell you,or not. I'm sorry" Clent bowed. 

Felix raised his brows outside. 

"So he's not spending dad's money? Is that brat working somewhere I don't know?" He mumbled and started walking away. 

He brought out his phone and texted Cohen. 

*Find out what Jericho's work is*



Richard and Jericho arrived in school at the same time,Jericho removed his helmet and climbed down from the bike,Richard also came down of the car. 

👥 Oh My gosh!!

👥 That duo!!

👥 They look so hot!!

Jericho and Richard glared at each other. 

"What are you looking at?" Richard asked. 

"I could ask you the same,but I don't really give a fuck" Jericho replied. 

"Watch out...I'm not giving up yet" Richard uttered. 

"Good for you then" Jericho smirked. 

Richard Scoffed and walked away. 

"What's with that dude?" Shawn appeared beside Jericho and threw his arm around Jericho's shoulder,Franco also popped up. 

"Don't touch me" Jericho removed Shawn's hand roughly. 

"Easy bro!" Shawn laughed. 

"Why do you keep on hanging out with this brat?" Jericho asked Franco. 

"Why not? We are in the same department" Shawn said. 

"Really?" Jericho looked at Shawn and then Franco. 

"Yeah" Franco mumbled. 

"Call me anytime you're alone without him" Jericho said and walked.

"Whoa,He's so arrogant. Does he hate me that much? Or Is he jealous?" Shawn asked. 

"He's not the type to be jealous of such,let's go" Franco said. 

"I need to meet up with my teammate,see you in class" Shawn smiled and winked at him before walking away. 


Marigold was in a hurry,checking the time every second as she pass through the hallway to get to her morning class. 

She suddenly bumped into someone and a phone fell,not hers. 

"Oh no! I'm sorry" She apologized and looked up to see Catalina. 

"Oh...." She immediately picked up the phone and gave her,to her surprise Catalina just took it from her and walked away. 

"Wow....that's new" She mumbled but then began running again. 

"I'm late,gosh" 


Yuna was walking while pressing her phone,grinning ear to ear.

"Watch where ya going thug" Franco used his finger to stop her forehead and she looked up. 

"Oh...Franco!" She called excitedly. 

Franco sighed. 

"Can I ask you a question?" 

"Sure" She grinned. 

"Do you think....Nadia have a secret boyfriend?" 

Yuna blinked. 

"Why....are you asking?" She questioned. 

"I'm just wondering why she never gives me her attention" Franco muttered. 

"Her......attention?" Yuna mumbled with strangling eyes. 

"Yeah,I'm trying to find out how to make her like me back,do you have any idea? She's your sister" Franco said. 

Yuna swallowed and blinked out tears

"Hey,are you okay?" Franco immediately asked. 

"I got stones in my eyes,let's talk later" She mumbled and immediately walked away. 

"Stone?" Franco looked at her as she walked away hurriedly. 

He sighed and also went his own way. 



"Here's your burger" 

"Thank you" Alice smiled and took the bag,she tried to take her credit card but couldn't find it. 

"Huh?!" Her eyes widened,she searched her bag all over again but it wasn't there. 

"Oh no" 

"Here,you can use mine for her" She heard the familiar voice and looked up,Shawn was already paying. 

"Shawn" She called and he faced her with a smile. 

"Done" The female attendant gave Shawn back his card and he faced Alice. 

"Enjoy your burger" He said. 

"Thank you,you can give me your account details,I will send the money back" Alice said. 

"Wow,I feel so insulted,do you think I'm poor or something?" Shawn asked. 

"Of course not...it's your money I just...."

"I paid because I wanted to,don't pay back,you will make me feel bad" Shawn replied. 

"Thank you Shawn" Alice smiled. 

"Anytime" Shawn winked and walked away. 

"Hmm hmm" Sawyer cleared her throat behind Alice and she turned immediately. 

"Shawn just paid for my burger" Alice said. 


Their phones beeped at a time and they both checked,they exchanged glances again and ran off at a time. 

They got to where Yuna was and found her crying. 


"What happened?" Alice hugged her. 

Yuna kept crying without talking. 

"Stop crying and talk,come on"

"He likes my sister!!" Yuna cried out. 



Yuna nodded. 

"The fuck? How did you find out?" Alice asked. 

"He asked me.....how to make her like him back" She broke into tears again. 


"Why not me? Why?" Yuna cried. 

"Oh no" They both hugged her and she continued crying. 

"Oh gosh,I have a class! Later!" Sawyer carried her bag and ran off. 



"Your order...please" The counter girl asked,almost stuttering as she stared at Jericho's face. 

"Hot chocolate" Jericho said. 

"Oh....kay" She said. 

"Didn't know psychopaths can drink that aside smoking,this is new" Xavier appeared beside him and Jericho turned,Xavier also looked at him. They are exactly the same height.

"Why are you here?" Jericho asked. 

Xavier ignored him. 

"Here's your hot chocolate" The girl said,pushing the cup gently to him on the counter. 

"Here...remove his money from this" Xavier gave his credit card to the girl instead and Jericho looked at him. 

"You're not here to tell me to stay away from your sister again right? Wait...are you trying to bribe me so I can stay away so bad?" He asked.

"She's just nineteen....she never had a boyfriend,or ever fell in love,she's just being silly because it's her first time"  Xavier said in a serious tone and Jericho creased his brows. Xavier took back his card and faced him again. 

"You and her.....are too different. She's too innocent to be with you,don't give her hope,she will get over it once you push her away for real,you will do the same if you were her brother....I can't stand her getting hurt or seeing her tears...."

"You think I will make her cry? Is that what you think of me?" Jericho asked. 

"You know it yourself,you see she's a little bit naive and dumb,following you around,I know she was in your place last night,I hate it,I can't even stop thinking about the number of girls you've been with,my sister is not like them,you should get it straight at least. I'm begging you! Please stay away from her before it's too late,you understand me right??" Xavier asked. 

Jericho clenched his fist angrily and let out a smile. 

"I understand" He said. 

"Good" Xavier muttered and walked away. 

Jericho swallowed and went through another route,he gave a random girl the cup of chocolate in his hand and went to find a good place to smoke his mind out. 


"Baby face!" Richard called Marigold as she walked,she turned and smiled shortly. 

"Where are you going?"

"Craving milkshake" She replied. 

"Let's get one each then" Richard said. 


They started walking together in silence until Richard spoke up. 

"Are you still mad at me?" 

"Of course not" Marigold smiled. 

"Then....let me take you home after your classes are over,don't say no" Richard said. 

Marigold sighed and nodded gently. 

"You promised" Richard winked. 



Marigold walked to the parking lot where Richard was already waiting for her,her heart beating fast,hoping Jericho won't show up. 

He might probably get mad seeing them together. 

"Baby face" Richard waved from his car and she walked over to him. 

"How long have you been waiting?" She asked. 

"Just about ten minutes ago,don't worry about it" Richard smiled. 

He was about opening the car door for her when Jericho showed up,Marigold's eyes met with his own. 

Jericho looked away and said nothing,he climbed on his bike and used his helmet,he didn't even spare her a glance before driving off in full speed. 



Jericho pulled over in his house garage and got down from the bike,he removed his helmet and went into the house,just as he was about closing the door,he saw someone's leg preventing the door from getting closed. 

He opened the door and saw Marigold. 

"Why are you here?" He asked,their eyes piercing into each other's soul. 

"I didn't allow him take me home" Marigold said. 

"So?" Jericho raised his brows. 

"What??" Marigold frowned. 

"You didn't come here to tell me that right?? Thinking I have a problem with it....."

"So you are saying you don't care even if I went with him? In his car?" Marigold asked. 

"That's right,I don't care" Jericho muttered. 

"I'm trying so hard to understand you....but I just can't. What's with you acting super nice to me one time and then you start acting cold again all of a sudden? Are you playing with my feelings? Is my heart a joke to you?!!" Marigold yelled. 

"Are you saying I should have got angry and punch Richard earlier....."

"Yes!!!!! Exactly what I'm saying!!" Marigold cried. 

"You know I like you a lot,that's why you're doing this to me,you know I like you so much...."

"I never asked you to like me" Jericho said. 

"Do I look cheap to you? I'm asking if you see me as a miserable cheap girl who run after you like a dummy,is that how you see me? Is that why you keep playing with my heart? Confusing me?? Huh?" Marigold asked. 

"Yeah" Jericho blurted coldly. 

"Huh?" Tears rolled down Marigold's eyes. 

"Don't act like you don't know how I am....I don't do love,you're no different either Marigold" 

"Did you just.... Called me....tell me you're joking,tell me this is a prank,I know you like me too,you care about me a lot,remember you told me to call you anytime I'm in trouble? This doesn't even make sense......"

"Stop acting dumb!" Jericho yelled and she flinched. 

"Do I look like a good guy to you?!! I'm not the best option,stop acting like you don't know and get lost,stop acting cheap and all bitchy! If you keep acting this way,there's no difference between you and the sluts always begging me to f+ck them..you heard me...get lost...don't act like we give a f+ck about each other anymore,it's not cute" Jericho said coldly and closed the door on her face. 

Marigold screamed as tears fell freely from her eyes.


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