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I'm Your Doom - Episode 37&38



I'm Your Doom - Episode 37&38

Theme:{I Would Rather Die...}



"Marigold!!!" Yuna and Alice screamed as soon as they saw her in Jericho's arms,other students who heard about her missing also rushed to the scene,they all gasped. 

👥 What happened?

👥 Why is Jericho shirtless?

👥 Marigold's face,did something happened?

👥 Isn't that blood?!!

👥 But then,why's Jericho so fucking hot?

👥 Gosh,those abs!

👥 His tattoos makes me horny!

"Gosh they are crazy" Yuna scoffed. 

Xavier and Richard ran to the scene last,Xavier was breathing heavily and his brain almost stopped working for a minute when he saw Marigold's face.

 He moved closer

"What....happened to your face?" He asked,touching her face with trembling hands. 

Before Marigold could find her voice,they heard someone crawling on the ground,everyone's face turned at a time and the guy who tried to harass Marigold came into view,struggling to breathe,blood still spilling from his mouth. 

Everyone gasped with wide eyes,Catalina covered her mouth with her palm,not believing her eyes. 

👥 What the heck?

👥 He look dead.

👥 I think he hurt Marigold. 

"What did that bastard did to my sister?!" Xavier yelled. 

Marigold tapped Jericho to drop him and he did,she moved closer to Xavier and touched him. 

"It's fine,I'm okay now. Jericho was......."

"What happened to your clothes? What did he try to do with you?" Xavier cut her off. 

Marigold swallowed and bit her lips. 

"You can ask her later,just take her home. I called the cops already" Jericho muttered and Xavier looked at him,their eyes locked. 

Xavier looked away and carried Marigold again,taking her away. Richard and Jericho also exchanged glances. 

"Here" Franco gave his hoodie to Jericho. 

"Thanks"Jericho took it from him and wore it before turning to the guy still struggling on the ground. 

"What did you do to him?" Shawn asked. 

"Just one kick,he's weak" Jericho mumbled. 

Shawn and Franco chuckled. 

About five minutes later,the cops arrived and the guy was taken away,straight to the hospital but with cuffs in his hands. Jericho followed and was questioned as well. 

"So you mean you only kicked him once?" The cops had asked him. 

"Did you find any other bruises on his body? And besides,the victim should be your business right now not that motherfucker" Jericho had replied them. 


"Gosh,I feel so angry" He groaned as he walked out of the station. 

"At least you were there to save her,I wonder what would have happened" Franco said,leaning on the car. 

Jericho brought out a cigarette and his lighter,he light it up and puffed out the smoke before walking over to Franco. 

"Who do you think is behind this?" Franco asked. 

Jericho thought for a second but said nothing. 

"Are you taking me home or I should take a taxi?" He asked. 

"Fuck you,get in fool" Franco scoffed. 

Jericho chuckled and entered with him. 



"That bastard hurt you more than I thought,should we go to the hospital?" Xavier asked after taking care of Marigold's bruises. 

"No,I'm fine" She shook her head. 

"You should be happy mom and dad aren't home" Xavier muttered. 

"I told you right? Jericho is not a bad person,if it wasn't him,I don't know what would have happened to me" Marigold said. 

"Yes he tried,I will make sure I pay him back. But that doesn't mean I like him to keep coming after you,I still don't want him around you,try harder" Xavier said. 

Marigold sighed. 

"I want cookies" She mumbled. 

"Did you finish the ones at home?" Xavier faced her snd she nodded. 

"Don't worry,I will just get it tomorrow...."

"Wait here,I will go buy some for you" Xavier said and she smiled. 

"You're the best brother in the....." Before she finished,Xavier already went out and closed the door loudly. 

"Wow,I don't think he will get a girlfriend with this cold attitude of his" she shook her head. 

She picked up her phone to call Jericho but he didn't answer her calls,she texted him and got no replies either. 

"I thought he's no longer mad at me" She bit her lips and sighed out. Her eyes roamed around the room and they fell on Jericho's shirt,a smile escaped her lips,thinking about how he carried her earlier and how she rested her head on his chest. 

"He's hot" She mumbled and took her lips in. 

"But those tattoos.....I wish I can see them more clearly" She muttered. 



Xavier walked out of the store after getting Marigold's cookies,he was just about walking to his car when he heard his name and he slowly turned back only to find Prof Annie standing. 

"Hey" She said with a small smile. 

"Good evening miss" Xavier bowed and turned back to his car,he opened the door and dropped the cookies on the other seat. 

"Xavier" Annie grabbed his hand just as he was about getting in. 

Xavier looked at her blankly. 

"Do you want me to do anything for you?" He asked. 

"We need to talk" Annie replied. 

"I don't really have time,I came to.... "

"Ruben and I are nothing,I wasn't going to let him kiss me" Annie said immediately and Xavier blinked. 

"Then.....why.....are you telling me?" He asked. 

"You misunderstood the situation....isn't that why you've been trying so hard t avoid me?" 

Xavier sighed and faced her completely. 

"I told you,I don't really care about your dating life....."

"Liar" Annie mumbled. 

Xavier stopped talking,their eyes on each other. 

"Are you seriously not dating him?" He asked softly. 

"No I'm not"

"You don't like him? You might consider him later..  "

"I don't like him that way" Annie replied and Xavier bit his lips,trying to hide his happy smile. 

"Are you going to keep on avoiding me now?" 

Xavier shook his head. 

"But then....if you don't like him,do you have any other crush somewhere?" He asked. 

"Why should I tell you that?" Annie asked. 

"Oh,sorry" Xavier said and she smiled. 

"You were in a hurry"

"No I wasn't,do you want me to do anything for you?" Xavier uttered immediately. 

"No,you should go home for your sister. See you tomorrow" Annie waved and walked away. 

Xavier entered his car and breathe out in relief. 

"I think I'm going crazy at this point" He chuckled before driving off. 


Richard got down from his car and went into the house,getting in he met his parents in the living room. 

"I'm home" He greeted. 

"You bastard!" Mr Robinson got up and threw a slap on Richard's face angrily. 

Mrs Robinson swallowed. 

"How dare you jeopardize your studies to follow a girl?!! How dare you try to ruin my reputation?!!!" Mr Robinson yelled. 

Richard touched his cheek with red eyes and faced his dad. 

"What did you just said?? Your reputation?" He asked. 

Mrs Robinson shook her heart,telling Richard not to talk. 

"Ahh.....sorry I forgot I'm not even allowed to breathe or eat,because I might ruin your reputation in the process,isn't that what you're trying to tell me?" Richard asked. 

"How dare you!" Mr Robinson yelled and tried slapping him again. 

"Should I start by reporting you for child abuse?" Richard asked and his hand stopped in the air. 

"Did you just say child abuse??"

"Not letting me choose the career I want,forcing me to study the course you want even when I don't want to...threatening me,hitting me,where should we start from? What do you think will happen to your so called reputation?? And who the heck said I want your damn business,companies or money?!! When did I ever told you I want any of those?!! When!!!" Richard yelled. 


"A mother who just watch his only son get maltreated without doing anything,is that one a mother?? Wait,are you even sure he's my father? What stupid father hit his son just because he gets 98% out of 100%?! Touch me again and I'm going to kill you,you know you're not stronger than me right?? I will kill you and get jailed,let's ruin each other,and let's see who will suffer the most" Richard muttered and went upstairs. 

Mr Robinson faced his wife. 

"You heard your son right? Is that the bastard you called my son?!! You heard him insulting me right?!!!" He yelled. 

"I'm sorry,I will talk to him" Mrs Robinson trembled and immediately went upstairs. 

"Richard" She knocked the door repeatedly but he didn't open. 



👥 Did you hear?

👥 Catalina and Melissa were both nominated as the best young model influencer.

👥 who do you think is going to win?

👥 I think Catalina is going to win for sure

"You heard them right? I told you,you're definitely going to won,Melissa doesn't even come close" Paige said to Catalina. 

Catalina said nothing,her arms crossed while she walked like a model she is. Her head suddenly bumped into someone and she raised her head up. 

"Jericho" Paige called with wide eyes. 

"Come with me....delay one second and you're dead" Jericho muttered and walked away.

"Huh? What happened?" Paige asked,Catalina ignored her and immediately followed Jericho. 

They entered an empty class and Catalina closed the door before facing Jericho. 

"What's......up?" She stuttered,the atmosphere was cold,she could sense nothing but anger and danger. 

Jericho brought out his blunt and light it up,he puffed out the smoke into the air and looked at Catalina with cold eyes,capable of sending her off her feet. 

"Why did you send that bastard to do that shit?" He asked calmly. 

Catalina swallowed and moved back a little. 

"What are you talking about? I don't understand" She mumbled,avoiding eye contact. 

Jericho took two steps closer to her and she tried moving back again. 

"Move if you wish for death" Jericho muttered and she stopped. 

"I didn't do anything! Why are you threatening me?! You're scaring me!" Catalina shouted. 

Jericho grabbed her neck and pinned her against the wall. She started struggling,trying to get off him as he carried her up with one hand. 

"You know I'm crazy,I was fucking you for fun,but it wasn't even that fun because you were obsessed,I hate dumb girls" Jericho mumbled,not giving a damn that she was struggling for breath. 

"If you touch her one more time,maybe you do it directly or you send any brat............Do you know the smell I love the most in life?" Jericho asked. 

"Oh,you can't answer,I'm holding your neck. But the smell I love the most is blood,I will pierce your pretty face with new blade,to make you prettier" He mumbled and released her neck. 

Catalina fell on the floor,coughing out and trying to breathe. Jericho squatted in front of her and grabbed her hair to make her face him. 

"You understand everything I said right?" 

Catalina immediately nodded. 

Jericho smiled and caress her cheek. 

"Good girl" He said and frowned again before getting up,he walked out of the class.

Catalina continue coughing,Paige rushed in. 

"Are you okay?!!" She shouted. 


"Xavier!" Cassidy ran after Xavier and stopped him by standing in front of him,her face down. 

Xavier's expression was cold and blank. 

"I'm.....sorry for......everything...I never knew she was your sister,I swear I didn't touch her for once I just..."

"Get lost" Xavier mumbled in the most calmest voice you might find. 

Catalina raised his head. 


"Get lost" Xavier repeated and made to walk away. 

"Xavier wait" Cassidy grabbed his hand and he rolled his eyes. 

"Shit this is why I hate girls" He mumbled. 

"Do you....hate me?" Cassidy asked. 

Xavier's phone rang and he picked up at once. 

"Come to my office" He heard the voice....it's Prof Annie. She hung up right after she said that. 

"Xavier I...." 

Xavier ignored her and walked away. 

Cassidy sighed out koudly. 

"I told you,stop trying. I've never seen Xavier giving any girl his attention" Rylie popped up. 

"You're mistaken,I'm gonna have him this time around,I just need little time" Cassidy muttered. 



Xavier entered and closed the door gently before turning,Annie was standing right before him. 

"Good afternoon miss" He greeted. 

Annie said nothing,just staring at him. 

"Is there....something wrong?" Xavier asked. 

Annie sighed. 

"It's nothing" she mumbled and Xavier deepened his gaze on her. 

"You saw me right? That was why you called" Xavier said. 

"Who's she?" Prof Annie asked instantly. 

"Who?" Xavier raised his brows. 

Annie bite her lips. 'Gosh,am I crazy to ask that crazy question?' She said inwardly. 

"You mean...the girl I was talking to before you called?" Xavier asked. 

"No,I...mean....your sister. Who's She? I've never met her,what year is she?" Annie asked. 

"Year one,she's a freshman,English Student" Xavier said. 

"Oh" Annie nodded. 

"Are you sure that's why you called me?" Xavier asked her. 

"Yeah,that's all. Are you working on your project already? How's your group doing?"

"We haven't started" Xavier said. 

"Oh...then...you can go" Annie mumbled. 

"Bye" Xavier smiled and turned to leave. 

He walked out of the office and Annie sighed out loudly. 

"What was I doing earlier?" She roughed her hair. 



It was raining so heavily, The air was heavy with moisture,The sound was almost deafening,the window blowing so loudly. 

Mrs Scott came downstairs from Marigold's room.

"Where's Marigold?" She asked. 

"She's not in her room?" Xavier asked. 

"I'm just coming from her room,and she left her phone" Mrs Scott said. 

Xavier sighed out. 

"I will go look for her....."

"Don't go anywhere,it's raining. She will meet me here when she's back let her be" Mrs Scott muttered. 



The door bell kept ringing repeatedly,Jericho came downstairs looking unbothered,he wasn't expecting anyone. He was shirtless,with a sweatpant. 

He walked to the door and opened the door,his expression screamed shock and surprise even though he tried so hard to hide it. 

Marigold was standing right there,looking so soaked and wet. 

"What....are you doing here?" Jericho asked. 

"Are you still mad at me? You ignored my calls and messages,I wanted to hear your voice and thank you for saving me,my heart hurts so much that I couldn't sleep,I miss you so much" Marigold cried and ran into his arms,hugging him tightly. 

"Did you run away from home? Don't tell me you did" Jericho mumbled. 

"I will get my punishment later...I was so scared"

"Scared of what?"

"Of you going to the cemetery again,in the rain"

Jericho broke the hug. 

"Think about yourself and stop worrying about me....."

"I wish I can stop,and you too...you always worry about me" Marigold said,staring into his eyes. 

"Carry me" She pouted,raising her arms. 

Jericho sighed and carried her by the waist,she immediately wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. 

Marigold smiled,their Faces so close to each other as they stared endlessly into each other's eyes. Jericho maintained the blank look on his face. 

"I missed you" Marigold muttered and flashed him her pretty smile again. 

"Stop it" Jericho mumbled. 


"Are you doing this one purpose?" Jericho asked and Marigold blinked. 

"What are you talking about?" She asked. 

"You naive seducer" Jericho muttered and Marigold's heart skipped a beat. 

"I didn't mean.....to...." She bit her lips,which got red from the rain and cold. 

"Do that again and I'm going to make you scream" Jericho said. 

Marigold batted her long lashes,wondering what he was talking about. 

"Did I do something wrong?" She asked,unsciously biting her lips again. 

"Fuck..." Jericho cursed beneath his breath and pinned her against the wall,not giving her room to breathe before smashing his lips on hers,deeply taking in her lips,like he would eat her up. 

Marigold m0@ned with her eyes close,Jericho broke the kiss and lean closer to her ear. 

"That sound....might just make me wanna fuck you,don't tempt me" He whispered and she froze. 


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