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I'm Your Doom - Episode 35&36



I'm Your Doom - Episode 35&36

Theme:{I Would Rather Die...}



Jericho turned and walked away before he would think of doing anything crazy,Marigold pushed Richard away from herself. 

"Why did you do that!" She snapped and wiped her lips. 

"Do you wipe Jericho's kisses off like that too?" Richard asked. 

"That was....unexpected and besides who said I kissed Jericho? What are you talking about? You should apologize for kissing me without my permission,stop making excuses" Marigold said and made to walk away. 

Richard grabbed her arm and pulled her back. 

"If you're going to be harsh to me this way,you should do the same to him. What the fuck is it about him that you like so much?! What!" Richard shouted. 

"Don't change from the person I know......"

"I'm the same person you know...."

"Then stop acting like this!"

"You know I f+cking like you" Richard said. 

"We are friends......"

"I don't wanna be your friend" 

Marigold said nothing and pushed him off again. 

"Leave me alone" she muttered and walked away,leaving him. 

Richard roughed his hair and sighed out. 


Jericho walked into the canteen with a cold look on his face,not sparing the students murmuring his name a single glance,she walked straight to where Franco was waiting and joined him on the booth. 

"Did something happened?" Franco asked with concern. 

"If you find me fighting someone,what will you do?" Jericho asked. 

"I will support you first and ask later what caused the fight.." Franco replied. 

Jericho took the bottle of water on the table and gulped everything down at once. 

"Why did you asked? Did something happened?" Franco asked. 

"How could she just judge without asking me what the fuck happened? I'm so mad" Jericho scoffed. 

"Marigold?" Franco chuckled. 

Jericho rolled his eyes and pulled Franco's food to himself. 

"Dude,you said you want Quesadillas and Fries,not pasta" Franco said. 

"I changed my mind,you can have mine" Jericho muttered and Franco scoffed. 

"You're annoying" 

"Whatsup?" Shawn sat down and shook hands with Franco,he faced Jericho and brought out his hand for a shake. 

"When did you two started talking?" Jericho asked Franco. 

"He's not that bad" Franco whispered. 

"Wait,you think I'm bad? I might be,but at least not up to your level" Shawn said. 

Franco chuckled. 

"I saw you and Richard earlier,were you fighting?" Shawn asked. 

"You think I'm going to tell you?" Jericho asked.  

"Why not?" Shawn asked. 

"You fought with Richard? Why?" Franco also asked curiously. 

"It wasn't a fight" Jericho rolled his eyes. 

"But you hit him" Shawn said. 

"Dude shut up,your voice is annoying" Jericho snapped. 

"I was told my voice is sweet" Shawn said and Franco laughed. 

Jericho stood up. 

"Let's talk later" He told Franco and walked away.



Xavier sauntered into the office,the door opening with a soft whoosh. 

"Hey boy" Ruben smiled and got up from his seat. 

"Here is the attendance list you asked for" Xavier submitted and turned to leave immediately. 

"Wait" Ruben called and Xavier sighed before turning.

"You called for me? Why?" Xavier asked,looking so uninterested. 

Ruben came over close to him and sat down on his desk,his eyes fixed on Xavier who was in a hurry to walk out of the office. 

"You seems close to Annie" Dr Ruben said. 

"Close?" Xavier raised his brows. 

"You've been her student for years now and you two seems to get along pretty well" Ruben enunciated. 

"Then?" Xavier's voice came out soft and curious. 

"Do you think she likes me too?" Ruben inquired. 

Xavier's eyes darkened. 

"I mean,do you think she might give me a positive answer if I ask her out?" Ruben asked again. 

"You want to ask her out?" Xavier looked at him. 

"Yeah,what do you think?"

Xavier sighed,trying to say something in a calm tone and not appear rude. 

"Of course,who wouldn't like you?" Xavier said and Ruben smiled. 

"You think so?"

"Yeah,I mean you're handsome,old enough for her and you two would make a very great couple,a lot and........" He was still talking when Miss Annie came out from the inner office room,holding some files,their eyes locked,obviously she heard everything they discussed. 

"See? Even your favorite student seems to want us together" Ruben smiled at Annie. 

Xavier looked away from Annie and turned to Ruben,as if to murder him that second. 

"You can go boy" Ruben smiled. 

Xavier turned at once and walked out of the office. 

"Are you done with......"

"Why would you ask him something like that?" Annie snapped at Ruben as he was about talking to her. 

"What do you mean? It was just for fun....."

"That wasn't fun and it was so unnecessary,it's between you and I,if I'm gonna go out with you or not,it's none of my student's business" Annie cut in. 

"Come on,don't make it a big deal,it was just a joke" Ruben said. 

Annie said nothing and turned toward the door,Ruben immediately grabbed her hand. 

"Fine,I'm sorry" He said. 

Ruben smiled and brushed her hair behind her ear. 

"You're so pretty" He said,locking his eyes on her lips. 

He slowly cupped her cheek and began leaning his head close when suddenly the door opened and Xavier came in,his eyes widened at once and they separated. 

Xavier immediately dropped something like a book on the table and walked out of the office again. 

"Xavier...." Annie tried going after him,Ruben grabbed her hand. 

"Are you seriously going to run after him? Why?" He asked. 

Annie said nothing. 

"Weren't we just....."

"I wasn't going to kiss you,stop it Ruben,please this is a school" She snapped and walked out of the office,closing the door loudly. 

Ruben scoffed and chuckled before brushing his hair backward. 

"You don't seriously have feelings for that boy right?" He mumbled and shook his head. 



Jericho was recycling on a bench,smoking a blunt,when Xavier surfaced,appearing frazzled and worn. Jericho puffed out his smoke and continue staring at Xavier as he came closer and closer till he sat down on the bench,throwing his head backward. Jericho decided to ignore him,he wasn't in the mood to battle words with anyone at the moment. 

"Hey" Xavier called and Jericho looked at him. 

"Does that make you forget things?" Xavier asked,referring to his smoke. 

Jericho scoffed. 

"Stop asking,go to where you can buy and ask them" He muttered. 

Xavier sighed and buried his face in his palms. 

"Did someone broke your heart?" Jericho questioned. 

"Don't ask me questions like we are close,your voice irritates me" Xavier uttered. 

Jericho scoffed and dropped the remains of his marijuana and stepped on it. 

"Why the f+ck are you sitting next to me then?" 

"I'm not sitting next to you,I came to clear my mind,but you added to it" Xavier stood up. 

"Don't forget to stay away from my sister,I mean it,I can't allow my sister date someone who smokes his life out like you" Xavier said and walked away. 

"Not like your sister want to date me either" Jericho scoffed,his mind went to how Richard's lips slammed on Marigold's own and rolled his eyes. 

"Of course,she likes someone else,why bother" he mumbled. 

He was just getting up when Marigold appeared,she breathe out when she saw him. 

"I've been searching for you" Marigold said. 

Jericho ignored her and turned to go. 

"Tiger!" She ran after him and grabbed his hand. 

"Stop it" Jericho pushed her hand off him. 

"I'm sorry okay,I was wrong,judging without thinking and......"

"Who are you to judge even if I punched him? Why? Do you like him that much that you can't stand him getting hurt?" Jericho asked. 

Marigold shook her head. 

"You misunderstood the situation,I just don't want you fighting anyone......"

"That shouldn't be your business,and why are you even here? You should be with your kiss partner"Jericho said. 

"It was unexpected" Marigold mumbled,biting her lips. 

Jericho scoffed and walked away. 



Nadia was lost in thought as she walked down the hallway, her footsteps echoing off the lockers. Suddenly, a hand grasped her arm, pulling her into an empty store room. She struggled to break free, her heart racing, and a scream forming in her throat. But just as she was about to unleash it, she saw Franco's face inches from hers.

Franco's piercing gaze locked onto hers, his eyes blazing with a mix of concern and frustration. "Nadia, what's going on?" he asked, his voice low and urgent. "Why have you been ignoring my texts and calls?"

Nadia's mind raced as she tried to process the situation. She had been avoiding Franco for days, unsure of how to reply him or talk to him. But now, trapped in this small room with him, she couldn't escape the truth any longer.

"I...I just......was quite busy" she stammered, trying to sound convincing.

Franco's expression turned skeptical.

"Is that really true? Or you're avoiding me because of Reid?"  he pressed, his voice gentle but insistent.

"What are you talking about? I told you Reid and I....."

"If you're just friends,then why do you keep avoiding and ignoring me? You don't like me at all? Not even as a friend?" Franco asked,their eyes piercing into each others. 

Nadia sighed. 

"I'm sorry for ignoring your texts,I will find time to reply you. But I need to go right now,I've got a class to attend" She said and moved out of Franco's grip. 

Franco said nothing,staring at her until she walked out of the store room. 


"So he's gonna start giving you cold shoulders now?" Alice asked Marigold after she told them about her saga with Richard and Jericho. 

"But why would Richard kiss you out of the blue?" Sawyer scoffed. 

"Definitely to make Jericho jealous,but does Jericho like you that way?" Alice asked. 

Marigold shook her head. 

"I don't think so..." she mumbled. 

"What if he does,do you like him?"

"Obviously Marigold is head over heels for him" Sawyer scoffed. 

"I'm so dumb,why did I even go there?" Marigold mumbled. 

"Girls,there's a bbq party here in school tonight" Yuna announced with a wide smile playing on her lips. 

"I'm not coming" Marigold muttered. 

"Do you wanna die?why won't you come? Because of Richard and Jericho?" Yuna asked. 

"What if they fight again...."

"That's not your business,get ready by evening,we are taking my car" Alice said. 



The campus was buzzing with excitement as the BBQ night party got underway. The air was filled with the savory aroma of sizzling burgers and hot dogs, enticing everyone to come and indulge. Students gathered in the designated party area, eager to let loose and have a great time.

Groups of friends laughed and chatted as they devoured their food, enjoying the warm evening atmosphere. Some sat on picnic blankets, while others stood in circles, all united by their desire to have fun. The sound of clinking plates, chatter, and music created a lively ambiance that was impossible to resist.

Couples strolled hand-in-hand, taking romantic walks around the campus, enjoying the twinkling lights and the magic of the night. Some paused to share a kiss under the stars, while others just have fun. 

Xavier was also there,sitting at a corner,drinking. Kelly already joined some girls,not after convincing Xavier to have fun with all his heart but Xavier refused. 

A girl came over to him and almost sat down on his laps,but the bad eyes Xavier used to look at her,nobody had to tell her before she walked away. 

Catalina walked to the only bartender in the party and they talked for some minutes before she returned to meet Paige and some other girls having fun together. 

"Where were you?" Paige asked. 

"Just somewhere,trying to make the night more fun" Catalina smirked and her eyes scrolled over to where Marigold and her friends were. 

"What are you planning?" A girl asked. 

"You will see" Catalina smiled,sipping from her drink. 

"Seems like we are the only single ones" Yuna mumbled,looking around. 

"I know right,but I love it somehow" Alice chuckled,until she saw Franco and Shawn together with Jericho. 

"Gosh,they look so hot" She mumbled and her friends burst into laughter. 

The boys were dragged into the midst of some senior girls,Marigold's eyes were on Jericho throughout,their eyes met once but he looked away. 

"I'm going to get some wine" Marigold said. 

"Don't take long" Sawyer said. 

Marigold left and the remaining girls started whining slowly to the music playing. 

"Shall we take pictures?" Alice asked,setting her camera already.

"Oh,Mari isn't here" She said. 

"Let her get back" Sawyer said. 

Meanwhile,as Marigold got her glass of wine,she met Richard on her way,waiting for her,she tried to ignore him. 

"I'm sorry baby face" he grabbed her hand. 

"I'm not angry with you Richie" 

"You've been avoiding me" Richard said. 

"No I wasn't,just having fun with my friends,so....excuse me" she smiled and walked away,back to the girls. 

Her eyes moved again to where Jericho was,surrounded by girls,she sighed and decided to focus. 

"Jericho are you okay? You've been quiet" one of the girls asked,trying to touch his face,Jericho grabbed her hand in the air and looked at her. 

"Don't try it" He said and dropped her hand, the girl blinked. Jericho stood up and looked at Franco. 

"Going for a smoke,call me when you're ready to leave" He mumbled and walked away. 

"Wow,what's with him?" Shawn shook his head. 

Some moments later,

Marigold couldn't shake off the creeping sense of unease as she laughed and chatted with her friends at the party. At first, she attributed it to the glass of wine she had sipped earlier, thinking it must be the alcohol hitting her harder than expected. But as the feeling intensified, she began to feel suffocated and overwhelmed, her skin burning with an inexplicable heat.

Desperate for a reprieve, Marigold excused herself and made her way to the restroom



"Guys,it's been thirty minutes since Marigold left for the restroom" Yuna broke it out. 

"What?! I didn't notice" Alice's eyes widened. 

"What are you talking about?" Xavier asked from the back,he was walking with Richard. 

"She said she felt uneasy and went to the restroom,it's been thirty minutes and she's not back..." Before Yuna could finish,Xavier Walked away with total worries overpowering his face. 

Richard followed too with the girls. 


"Let me go!!!! Help!!!!" Marigold screamed as the strange guy carried her into the dark woods in campus,she was in tears but he didn't stop,not even for a second. 

"Please drop me!!! Let me go!!" Marigold cried. 

The guy dropped her on the ground roughly. 

Marigold tried running,he grabbed her with her hair and she screamed out. 

"Don't make your punishment heavier,start taking off your clothes,I don't have time" He said in a deep voice. 

"No....no!!" Marigold shook her head. 

"Shut up!" He slapped her and her lips bursted. 

"You should have listened when you were told to stay away from him then" The guy said and Marigold's eyes widened. 

"Please forgive me......"

"Should I force you?" The guy asked and started unzipping her blouse while Marigold screamed. 


Jericho was somewhere in the dark,smoking as usual when he began hearing screams from afar,at first he ignored it,not giving a fuck but the screams got louder and louder. 

He dropped his smoke and started tracing where the screams was coming from. He walked into the woods and the first sight he saw was the guy,trying to force himself on a girl,but then his eyes fell on the so called girl....his brain almost exploded the moment he saw Marigold's face which was almost covered with blood. 

In terror and with every anger that just built inside him,he ran to the scene and his first kick landed on the guy's throat,hitting his adams apple,he fell roughly on the ground,holding his neck,not able to make a single sound from his throat,blood pouring out of his mouth,the guy slapping and kicking on the ground like he was at the point of death. 

Marigold stood up with wide eyes. 

Jericho grabbed the guy's shirt and used it to drag him up,he hit his back against the tree,his eyes screaming fire,not caring if the guy was dying. 

"Who sent you?!!!!!" Jericho yelled,punching his face repeatedly. 

"Tiger!!" Marigold ran to him and hugged him from the back. 

"Don't do that,He's going to die,please" She cried. 

Jericho released the guy and he fell unconsciously on the ground. He faced Marigold immediately. 

"Are you okay? Are you good,did he....."

Marigold broke into more tears,Jericho's eyes fell on her torn blouse and immediately pulled off his shirt,he wasn't putting on anything inside,just his naked chest,exposing his cool beautiful tattoos,he wore it on Marigold and carried her in a bridal style. 

She buried her face in his warm chest as he walked. 

"Call my name next time......I'm gonna kill anyone who try to hurt you....in cold blood" He uttered with intensity ringing in his voice. 


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