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Golden High 2024 - Episode 77&78




Golden High 2024 - Episode 77&78

Theme: Senior Year Serenade 

Genres: High School/Romance 


Written by Summer Gold R.


"Stop!!!" Violet screamed out in tears. 

"Watch you silly mouth next time when you talk about my boyfriend,bitch" Isabella spat and stormed out of the locker room. 

Violet turned to Chelsea with a glare on her face. 

"You should have at least managed to get a little bit sense during the break" Chelsea scoffed and walked away. 

Clara rushed over to Violet immediately. 

"Are you okay?! Those two are animals,I can't believe they did that to you...."

Violet pushed her away and ran out. 



The clssroom was a hub of activity, with students buzzing around like a swarm of energetic bees. Some were huddled in groups, laughing and chatting, while others were engrossed in their books, trying to cram in some last-minute studying. The air was electric with the hum of conversation, punctuated by occasional outbursts of laughter and playful teasing.

Maxwell and his friends are sitting at the back of the class chatting,Isabella stood up from Dakota's seat and started walking to hers,Maxwell's eyes followed her. 

"You've been staring at her,don't tell me you've not gotten over her" Jerry whispered. 

"Shut up" Maxwell scoffed. 

"Lists of students and the most glow up during the three weeks break.....top five boys,,only girls are allowed to vote" Some girls in front of the class said loudly,getting everyone's attention. 

"Who's number five?" 

The girls started answering. 

👥 Jeremy!!!

Jeremy chuckled and focused back on the phone he was operating. 

"Number four??"

👥 Angelo!

👥 Leo!

"Let's vote then,who's more handsome? Leo or Angelo?? For Leo raise your hands. 

Fourteen students raised their hands,including the boys. 

"For Angelo..."

Sixteen students raised their hands. 

"That means,Leo is number four" the girl wrote it down. 

"Seriously? You all think Angelo is more handsome? Have you seen my shadow?" Leo asked loudly and everyone burst into laughter. 

"You're crazy" Angelo laughed. 

"For number three??"

👥 Maxwell!!!! 

"And top two??"

👥 Angelo of course.

👥 He's really handsome

👥 I love his new hairstyle. 

👥 Angelo I love you!

Angelo blushed and buried his face in Leo's chest,Theodore chuckled and shook his head. 

"And in number one we have......"

👥 Theodore Andrew!!!

👥 Obviously

👥 I love his long hair

👥 If you ever plan to break up with Isabella,I'm here

Theodore just smiled. 

"Are you really smiling? You want to break up with me?" Isabella asked from her seat. 

"Of course not" Theo laughed. 

"For girls.....only boys are allowed to vote please and please" 

"Our number five goes to who?" 

👥 Dakota!!

"Dakota!!" Tristan's voice louder than every boy,all eyes fell on him. 

"Oh sorry I was too loud" He muttered and they laughed. 

"I guess Tristan is crushing on Dakota" A girl said. 

"He better not" Dakota said and everyone laughed again. 

"He's not her type" Cindy added. 

"Why? I'm handsome" Tristan voiced. 

"Who lied to you?" Dakota asked. 

👥 whoaaaaaaa

👥 That hit hard

"Our number four goes to......??"

👥 Cleo!!!

"Cleo Is my number one" Angelo said and  Cleo blushed. 

👥 Awwwwnnnnn

👥 Is there something you're not telling us?

👥 Leo say something,what do you think about Angelo?

"I don't like him,as you can see we are enemies" Leo said and everyone laughed. 

"Number three??"

👥 Phoenix!!! 


👥 Chelsea!

"Top one?"

👥 Only queen of boys....Isabella!!

Isabella stood up and blew them kisses. 

Theodore shook his head and chuckled. 

The fun was interrupted when the English teacher came in and everyone settled down at once. 

"Did you see Adriel's text?" Angelo asked Theodore as the class was going on. 

"Yeah but why today? I'm not prepared at all" Theo said. 

"Just play anything,something romantic" Angelo winked. 

Theo nodded dropping his pen. 

"Don't tell me you're not gonna write" Angelo said. 

"I don't like writing,I get tired easily" Theodore muttered. 

"Somethings never change" Angelo shook his head. 



Phoenix was buying Ice cream with Cleo and Chelsea,they all got chocolate ice creams and started walking back. 

"Oh so cold" Cleo mumbled. 

"Careful" Phoenix immediately gave her some of her tissues to hold it with. 

"Thanks" Cleo smiled. 

"What about me?" Chelsea blinked. 

"You didn't complain,come on" Phoenix chuckled. 

"Don't be jealous" Cleo said and Chelsea chuckled. 

"Phoenix!" They heard someone call and Phoenix turned to see Isabella. 

"Hey" Phoenix smiled. 

"You need to come with me" Isabella said. 

"Huh? What happened?" Cleo asked curiously. 

"It's a secret,you need to see....in the class" Isabella said. 

"This better not be a prank,I'm gonna kill Theodore instead of you" Phoenix mumbled. 

"Just come with me" Isabella groaned. 

"Are you coming?" Phoenix asked Chelsea and she nodded. 

The three girls followed Isabella as she led them to the class. 

They got to the entrance and their eyes widened,Phoenix's ice cream fell from her hand. 

The students filled up the class,Adriel in the middle,holding a banquet of flowers,beside the wall was papers,written on it...


Theodore started playing PERFECT,by Ed Sheeran with his violin. 

Phoenix blinked with confusion and shock.

"Come on,go closer" Isabella pulled her in gently and Phoenix entered like her legs refused to move. Adriel moved closer to her instead and stood in front of her. 

"Will you....date me? I love you so much Phoenix" He confessed. 

👥 Say yes!!

👥 Say yes!!

The students started to chant. 

Phoenix smiled helplessly and nodded

"Yesssss!!!!!!!" Adriel screamed out loudly and hugged Phoenix. He broke it and gave her the flower,she inhaled it and pecked his lips. 

Theodore was still playing the violin seriously. 

"It's okay dude,don't overdo it" Adriel said and Theo frowned. 

"You're so fucking ungrateful,what the hell?" He yelled. 

"Congrats dude" Leo and Angelo said at once. 

Cleo clapped loudly and faced Isabella. 

"You planned these with them?" 

Isabella smiled and nodded. 

"Babe,listen to this!" Theodore said to Isabella and she looked at him,he winked at her and began playing the violin again. 

I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU by Whitney Houston. 

Isabella ran to him and hugged him,he carried her at once and kissed her. 

👥 Awwwwnnn

👥 That's so romantic. 

"Guy at least let me have the spotlight just for this moment,why are you acting romantic?" Adriel asked. 

"Oh sorry" Theodore and Isabella said together and then laughed at each other. 

They were still like that when a teacher came in. 

"What's going on here!!!!!!!!!" He yelled. 

Theodore dropped Isabella and they all scattered at once. 

Adriel tried running out of the class. 

"Stop!" The teacher screamed. 

"This is not my class sir....."

"He's the one who asked a girl out sir" A girl in the class immediately said and Adriel groaned. 

"Come back here" The teacher ordered and Adriel went to stand with Leo and Angelo. 

"So you turned the class into a love island? Shooting each other with cupid arrows and ringing love alarms?!" The teacher shouted. 

"You've watched Love Alarm?" Theo and Adriel asked the teacher and the class burst into laughter. 

"Shut up!!" The teacher yelled and they were quiet again. 

"Who was playing the violin?" He asked. 

Everyone kept quiet. 

"I just asked a question!" 

"It was me sir" Theo,Angelo,Leo and Adriel all said at once and the teacher blinked in confusion. 

"Who?" He asked again. 

"I" They said at once again.

"So you mean the four you were playing violin together? Are you planning to cobfuse me right now?" He faced the rest of the students.

"Who was playing the violin?"

"I can't remember sir" 

"What? You all are going to be punished together if you don't answer me! Playing Violin during school hour?! Huh!" 

"We are sorry sir!!" They all chorused. 

The teacher sighed. 

"Arrange everywhere right now and settle down" He said and walked out. 

Everyone sighed out loudly. 

"Bye everyone" Adriel waved.

They dragged him back. 

"Clean up your mess!" 



Lionel sat down beside Adriel and their eyes met. 

"What's up?" Adriel asked. 

"Heard you finally asked your crush out,congrats" Lionel said and Adriel smiled. 


"Can't believe you didn't tell me" Lionel said. 

"You were busy with....."

"Liar,you just didn't want to inform me. Same way you ignored my calls all through the break" Lionel cut in. 

Adriel sighed. 

"Don't mind me" He muttered. 

"Too bad,I wanted us to hang out" Lionel said. 

"I had fun anyway,what about you? Traveled?"

"Not at all,I was home" Lionel replied. 

Adriel saw Jayce entered and immediately called him. 

"What the heck were you thinking earlier? I was calling but you were lost" Adriel said. 

Jayce came over and sat down with a loud sigh. 

"What happened?" Lionel asked. 

"Nothing,do I look sick?" Jayce raised his brows and Adriel chuckled. 

"So now you have a girlfriend? I saw Clara crying" Jayce said. 

"She should get over it already,I was never interested in her" Adriel scoffed. 

"Hey Adriel!!" Violet walked over to them angrily. 

"How the heck do you get along with those brats in class A?! How!" She shouted. 

"What happened to your face?" Adriel asked. 

"Chelsea and Isavella did everything!" 

"What?!" Lionel and Jayce exclaimed. 

"Why? You did nothing?" Adriel asked. 

"What do you mean by she did nothing? Look at her face" Lionel said. 

"They wouldn't fight her if she did nothing" Adriel said. 

"Whoa,don't you think you should just switch class at this point? You keep supporting them" Violet said. 

"My wish" Adriel muttered. 

"I don't understand something,did Theodore use your brains or something? Why so obsessed with him?" Lionel asked. 

Adriel looked at him. 

"At least he doesn't make me feel like I'm forcing myself on him" He said. 

"I ever made you feel that way?" Lionel asked. 

"A lot,we can't be friends when I can't even tell you when you're wrong,you eventually think I am against you when it's obvious that you were doing something wrong,how are we supposed to continue being friends?" Adriel asked. 

Lionel scoffed. 

"So you really ignored my calls intentionally? Because of Theodore"

"Stop saying it's because of him,I can choose to answer your calls or not,it's my business,come on" Adriel groaned. 

"Wow,I thought we still got a chance but seems you made up your mind already" Lionel stood up. 

"You should change for the better too" Adriel said and Lionel walked away. 

"He's gonna hate Theo even more" Jayce said. 

"Not like he can be better than Theo,his hate is nothing to him" Adriel muttered. 

"Wow,you must like Theo a lot,you've been supporting him none stop" Violet crossed her arms. 

Adriel ignored her and she also walked away. 

"What are you up to these days?" Adriel asked Jayce. 

"I don't know,I just....." He was still talking when he saw Jeremy walking past their window with some group of boys,he was smiling brightly and strangely his heart skipped a beat. 

"What the hell" Jayce mumbled. 

"What's wrong?" Adriel asked and he immediately shook his head. 

"Nothing" He mumbled. 



Isabella just got back into her room,she was just taking off her uniform when suddenly the door opened. 

"What the heck!" She turned with wide eyes. 

"Hey barbie" Theodore waved and Isabella sighed out. 

"Why are you here? Still in uniform?" 

"I just left school" He replied and closed the door. 

"What are you doing here? Did something happened?" Isabella questioned and Theo shook his head. 

"I was missing you on my way to my room so I turned back" He said and Isabella groaned. 

"Stop!!!" She screamed. 

Theodore chuckled and went to hug her,he kissed her eyes and nose then her lips. 

"You're gonna eat me up one day,geez" Isabella blushed. 

Theodore hugged her,his arms enveloped Isabella in a warm embrace, pulling her close as he buried his face in the softness of her hair. He held her with a gentleness that belied the strength of his feelings, his heart beating rapidly with excitement. As he wrapped his arms around her, he felt her slender body relax into his, her head tilting to rest on his shoulder.

Theodore's hands cradled her with a tender possessiveness, as if he never wanted to let her go. He breathed in the sweet scent of her perfume, feeling his love for her swell like a tide. Isabella's arms crept around his waist, her fingers intertwining with his as she returned the hug with equal fervor.

"I love you" He muttered. 

"I love you more" Isabella smiled. 

Theodore kissed her hair and broke the hug. 

"I finally got my energy back" he said and Isabella pecked his lips. 

"I got you a gift" Theo said and her eyes widened.

"Really?! Me too!" 

"Wow! You got me a gift?" Theo asked,looking surprised and she immediately nodded. 

"Let's see yours first" He smiled. 

Isabella chuckled and immediately opened her reading locker,she brought out a sealed case and gave it to him. 

"Wow" Theodore smiled. 

"What's wow? You haven't even seen it yet" Isabella pushed him. 

"Of course I would love anything you give me,it's my first time getting a gift from a girl" Theodore said and carefully opened the case. 

Theodore's eyes widened as he carefully unwrapped the sleek, black box, revealing a stunning smartwatch. The moment he lifted it out of the box, he could feel the weight of its premium quality. The watch's face gleamed with a subtle sheen, its circular screen a vibrant display of modern technology. The strap, made of supple black leather, wrapped elegantly around his wrist, exuding sophistication.

As he turned the watch over in his hand, the subtle curves and precision-crafted details caught the light, radiating an aura of luxury. The metallic accents gleamed with a subtle warmth, hinting at the watch's high-end craftsmanship. The buckle, adorned with a subtle logo, added a touch of understated elegance, completing the overall impression of refinement.

Theodore couldn't help but run his thumb over the watch's surface, feeling the smooth, matte finish that seemed to whisper "expensive" to his fingertips. 

He looked at Isabella and smiled. 

"You amaze me,seriously. How did you get the money?" He asked. 

"I spent all my allowance" Isabella said and Theodore chuckled.

"Thank you,I can't even explain how I feel,gosh" 

"Don't thank me,you're my boyfriend anyway" Isabella carefully wore it around his wrist. 

"It looks so perfect on you" She clapped excitedly. 

Theo pulled her close and pecked her lips. 

"Now mine,I can't wait to see it" Isabella said curiously and Theo laughed. 

He dropped his bag and unzipped it. He brought out a very big package and Isabella blinked. 

"I was planning to give you in your room in the morning,but when I got here,you were gone" Theodore muttered and dropped it on the bed since it seems heavy. 

Isabella immediately rushed to the bed and unwrapped the package,one was a box of new sneakers looking super expensive,she unwrapped the second one. 

Isabella's eyes sparkled as she carefully unwrapped the elegant gift box, her fingers tracing the intricate patterns etched onto the paper. As the wrapping fell away, a gasp of delight escaped her lips. Before her lay a stunning, one-of-a-kind jewelry box, its lid adorned with a delicate silver clasp and a small, shimmering diamond.

Theodore's thoughtful gesture took her breath away. The jewelry box was exquisitely crafted, its surface engraved with her name, "Isabella," in elegant, cursive script. The letters seemed to dance across the lid, radiating a sense of luxury and sophistication.

As she lifted the lid, a soft glow emanated from within, illuminating the plush, velvet interior. But her breath was taken away completely when she opened it. 

Inside, a dazzling array of precious jewels sparkled and shone, each one a masterpiece of craftsmanship and luxury.

Glittering diamonds, radiant sapphires, and luminous pearls nestled among velvet-lined compartments, their facets glinting in the light. A stunning emerald necklace lay coiled like a serpent, its vibrant green hue mesmerizing. A pair of ruby earrings, shaped like delicate flowers, seemed to bloom with inner fire,golden bracelet, adorned with a majestic pearl, gleamed with subtle elegance. Different girly hair bands and hair pins,all shades of colors,looking beautiful,Each jewel told a story of love, craftsmanship, and luxury. 

She got up and jumped on Theodore who caught her at once. She jumped down again and opened the sneakers box,it's a snow white pair of sneakers looking so expensive,just like the Jewelry box,her name was on it...Isabella,and on the second leg,Barbie. 

"Gosh,baby" Isabella faced him again. 

"These are.....too expensive....."

"No they are not, they are really cheap..."

"Should I search up for the prices then?"

"No!" Theo shouted and Isabella moved into him slowly. 

"I love you" She pouted. 

"I love you more,more than you might think,so much" Theodore said. 

"How can I thank you enough?" 

"By loving me forever,let's get married" Theodore muttered. 

"Are you proposing right now?"

"No,it's a preview" Theodore said and they both laughed. 

Theodore gently pressed his lips on her own,she closed her eyes and reciprocated at once. 


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